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June 12, 2015

Jade Helm In Washington State? All White 'Attack' Chopper Convoy Seen In Sky - UN Choppers Are White! Why's The UN Flying Over America?


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

In the excellent new videos below from MyKidsFuture and Libertys Champion we see what BOTH of our videographers call a 'Jade Helm helicopter convoy' over the state of Washington, both consisting of 7 choppers, and as one of the very astute observer clearly points out SEVERAL times in the 1st video, the helicopters are all white! "They look like Apache's but they're all white" we're told by a second observer.

In doing a quick Google image search for United Nations helicopters, we weren't surprised to learn that UN choppers are also white as seen on this linked page and in the photographs below. The 2nd video also shows 7 choppers over Washington state from a different source and from the word we have gotten from a retired US Navy SEAL source, they ARE likely United Nations choppers. With both China and Russia high ranking UN Security Council members, we echo the words of Libertys Champion in the 2nd video: This "is not normal and seems very out of place to me."

unwhch.jpeg unwhcho.jpeg

While we cannot confirm that the chopper convoy seen in these videos are made up of United Nations helicopters, we point you to the Seattle, Washington chapter of the United Nations Association of the United States of America. Coincidentally, or not, they were holding a board meeting on June 10th, the same day that the videos below were both taken.


We also have to ask if they are following up on their plans for global gun confiscation before and after the planned coming economic collapse. With China and Russia now celebrating the dawn of the un-American century and both leading members of the UN Security Council, the warnings of Russian and Chinese troops plans of invading America once the economy collapsed to collect their spoils go back many years but have largely fallen upon deaf American ears. Meanwhile, each and every day we are learning of more and more events across America, from UN choppers to massive military drills to convoys from coast to coast to warnings of coming martial law.

Are these UN choppers in these videos? If so, what are they doing over in convoy over the state of Washington? In Jade Helm, are we witnessing the implementation of agenda 21 and world (govt) dictatorship before our very eyes?

It's quite clear to several observers that the choppers are white and in fact, the videographer himself makes mention that he believes that UN choppers are white, though he only mentions this AFTER it has already been pointed out several times by others that the choppers seen in this video are white. After finding the 2nd video from a different source also in Washington state, we can see it is quite clear, these are white helicopters. In the 3rd video below, Alex Jones tells us about why UN gun confiscation in America is so closely tied to civil war.

These two screenshots are from 2nd video and appear to show white helicopters in this convoy. Do they look white to you?



The video screenshot below from 1st video seems to show the choppers as white rather than black or another color.


From this viewpoint, they look black to us but judging by the reactions of those who saw the procession in person, the choppers were white, and certainly Apache style. Thoughts from US Veterans and military members?


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