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June 9, 2015

Latest Warning To 'Be Prepared' Comes From MSM - Food Shortages, Disease, Riots and Martial Law On The Doorstep

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine


If you were following the news about a far away, distant country where reports indicated that due to severe weather conditions causing crops to fail, certain foods were to be imported because of shortages, prices were increasing dramatically on basics, that they also expected a very large segment of their population to become unemployed, that certain regions were suffering from massive violent protests, that their law enforcement was being targeted and in some cases murdered on the streets and disease was spreading throughout the country.... would you assume you were watching a rapidly deteriorating society?

If then you saw news, photos, videos of their military preparing for unprecedented exercises and drills to be conducted throughout that country, would you think their government was preparing for that deterioration? Would assume they were preparing for the hungry, for the angry, for the unemployed to rise up against their leaders?

All of the above is happening.... right now, right here..... in America.

Countless Independent Media outlets have been warning people to "be prepared," for years as they saw the writing on the wall of what was happening now, and more importantly, what is coming.

The MSM is finally reporting those same warnings, from some very big names, the latest of which is billionaire Johann Rupert, who issues a dire warning of his own about technological advances leading to job losses, which in turn will lead to social unrest.

“We’re in for a huge change in society,” he said Monday. “Get used to it. And be prepared.”

I heard something the other day, cannot remember which interview it was, but one statement stuck in my head, to paraphrase......  the military trains for the war it is going to fight.

The discussion was military training on US soil, whether it is operation Raider Focus or the scheduled Jade Helm 15 exercises from July to September where multiple states in the US are listed as "hostile," and which the US military claims is preparation for operations overseas.

They are not conducting these "unprecedented and dangerous" drills and exercises overseas, they are conducting them in America.... the point being, they are preparing for the war they are going to fight right here in America

People assume those reporting on Jade Helm, those tracking the military movement where assets are being positioned all across the country, are all anti-military, but nothing could be further from the truth.

When the Jade Helm 15 document was leaked to ANP and we published it on March 13, 2015, it was leaked by a former member of the military who was disturbed and concerned over the nature of the "unconventional warfare" exercises which will include "surgical strikes and extractions." We have seen multiple warnings from veterans and in some cases, active military members.

These are not people that are "against" the military, these are veterans concerned that they are watching military training for war against its own people as the country is systematically brought to the point where implementing martial law will be framed as "protecting" America and her citizens.

There are a series of videos below, showing the rising food prices, the riots, the crop failures, robots about to replace human workers which will cause huge amounts of minimum wage workers to become unemployed and finally, one of the best compilations of massive military movements happening inside American borders.

As I asked at the beginning of this article... if you saw this all happening on the news, in another country,  would you not assume the government was preparing for something huge to happen?

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