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June 4, 2015

Veterans Sound Jade Helm Alarm - X22Report With Dahboo7 - Military Convoys In 3 States - Baltimore With 15+ Fuel Trucks, Fuel Trucks Seen In Texas Convoy And Mysterious Van Leads Colorado Convoy, Too!

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By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

From coast to coast across America, United States Veterans who have been through armed combat in locations across the world are raising alarm about Jade Helm 15 and what they are now seeing across the country with an enormous uptick in military operations and convoys seemingly everywhere recently. What we're watching isn't just in Jade Helm states, these convoys and exercises are all across America with 3 new convoys covered and events in 4 states in this story.

Many Veterans have spoken with popular YouTube videographer Dahboo7 about what they are seeing and are doing their best to sound a loud and clear alarm, a cause we at ANP also feel called upon to ring down from the mountaintops. In the 1st video below, a brand new, eye-opening report from Dave at the X22Report, Dahboo7 of Underground World News joins in to tell us what he's learning from US Vets and why it's so important that Americans awaken to what is happening across the country before it's too late...a time that many people feel we have already reached. Dahboo and Dave hold nothing back as they share we are quickly reaching the end of the road.

With explosions in Michigan during urban military training exercises there angering homeowners, we've also learned of a military convoy outside of Baltimore which consisted mainly of fuel tanker trucks, AT LEAST 16 of them in a row as seen in the 2nd video below, as well as a few other military vehicles in the convoy which we haven't yet positively identified but believe to be anti-aircraft weaponry and possibly a radar tracking system.

Meanwhile, an ANP reader from Texas sent us the pictures seen at the top of the story of a military convoy in Dallas that also had a fuel truck in the procession. As of this moment, we have yet to determine what the equipment is in the picture on top left.

In the 3rd video below, a motorcycle rider passes a military convoy in Colorado (quite possibly Raider Focus) with a large number of military vehicles that appear to be being led by a mysterious blue colored van pictured below. The convoy also contains another white 'prison bus' as seen in several previous military convoys across America.

The Baltimore convoy is identified as being on I-695, the Baltimore beltway, we can see that he is traveling northbound on the west side of the beltway while in the 2nd video below, no mention is made of where exactly he is but we believe that he is likely on I-25 heading southbound. These are just the latest 3 military convoys in America we've been made aware of as we're still 3 weeks away from summer officially beginning and 6 weeks away from the official kick off of Jade Helm 15.


An ANP reader in Springfield, Ohio, has also emailed us about strange noises that he has been hearing at his house that feels like a vibration throughout the house as shared directly below. Are all of these mysterious noises across America with loud booms and mysterious vibrations underground tunnel construction?

I been hearing booms and explosion as if an TNT going off underground. I feel the vibration through my house. As I sat in bed tonight, I felt it through my bed. This has happened more then once it HAS not been a one time deal. This has happened at day and at night. It's like something or someone is blowing something up. It reminds me of the underground tunnels that I read about that's being prepared and blown up underground for the jade helm. It's been going on I say for a month or so just I'm now just starting to wonder. I'm in Springfield Ohio. God bless

Footage of the convoy begins at the 8 second mark and immediately we see another white 'prison bus' which our videographer, obviously a non-conspiracy theorist, quickly calls out. 1st to admit, this video has a rather strange introduction.

The following images were screenshot of the video above showing a military convoy in Baltimore, Maryland that featured at least 16 fuel trucks and the other two vehicles below, tentatively though not positively identified as anti-aircrafter/radar. If others know for certain, please let us know in the comments below and we will update the story if positively identified.





While the next set of images below sent to All News Pipeline from a reader in Texas feature military vehicles that were seen entering a state in civil unrest in southern Mexico, we have to wonder if stirring up Mexico is also part of the overall plan? We were told that the trucks bringing these machines stretched for far down the road.




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