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May 13, 2015 - LAST UPDATED August 31, 2015

Chronology Of All ANP Jade Helm 15 Articles, Related Walmart Closings, And Military Movement Across America

By All News PipeLine 


Since March 13, 2015 when All News PipeLine received and published the leaked Jade Helm 15 documents, a firestorm blew throughout the internet with Alternative Media exposing every possible connection, theory, danger and highlighting other disturbing military training exercises happening on US soil, many Americans have "woken up" to the very real possibility that the US government is actively preparing to lock down the country and declare martial law, whether it will happen during these planned exercises from July to September, or if these exercises are just one of the preparations for a later event.

Below we will list the chronology of ANP coverage on Jade Helm by both Stefan Stanford, Susan Duclos and a reader submission, the strange announcement of multiple Walmart closings, some in Jade Helm states and the possible connection to Jade Helm, and the massive military movement being seen across America since Jade Helm was exposed to the public. 

What this article is geared to do is show the evolution of information regarding Jade Helm and issues many believe are related to JH 15, since it was first exposed to the public.

Originally this article was going to be divided up into categories of Jade Helm and other "drills", Walmart Closings and Military Movement across the US, but with so many possible connections and associations, many of one category fit into another, so we divided the evolution of information into months.

Format- The date of the original articles will be to the left, then the linked article. 

(Military movement in preparation for Jade Helm 15)

Follow up with the most "Crucial Jade Helm 15 Stories From All News Pipeline - Bullet Points With Story Summaries"


2015-03-13 -- * 'Jade Helm 2015' 8-Week Summer Special Ops Exercises Prep For End Game And 'Mastering The Human Domain'

2015-03-22 -- * FEMA 'Death Domes' Popping Up Across Texas Raise Alarm As Jade Helm 15 Invades Southwestern America With Texas Listed 'Hostile'

2015-03-23 -- * Two More States Added To Jade Helm 15 Exercises - Will Include 'Surgical Strikes' And 'Extractions'

2015-03-24 -- * Plans For Conditioning Americans To Accept Military Takeover Of America In Full Swing As MSM And US Army Launch Massive Psy-Op Against The American People - 'Expect To See A Lot More Of Us'

2015-03-24 -- * Former Lt. Col.: Jade Helm 'Unprecedented And Dangerous'

2015-03-25 -- * There Is Nothing False About This Flag, Troops Movements, Foreign Soldiers And Reports From Military Insiders Indicate The US Government Is Going To War Against Its People

2015-03-26 -- * Months Away From An Event That Will Change America Forever - Jade Helm 15 Expands To 10 States As China Prepares To Take The Helm

2015-03-27 -- * Middle East And Entire World In 'Freefall' - Hawk - Jade Helm 15 Update

2015-03-28 -- * Massive Martial Law Roundup Drill Of Americans In The Streets - Florida - Please Help This Video Go Viral! 

2015-03-28 -- * Jade Helm 15 Exercises In Connecticut NOW? Crisis Actor Opportunities Abound For June! 

2015-03-29 -- * Hawk: 'Coming To Kill The Red List' - Jade Helm 15 Drills Preparing For War on Americans

2015-03-29 -- * Remember What Happened At Night In Nazi Germany! Are These Videos Proof We're About To Experience The Same Events With Jade Helm 15 Invading America?

2015-03-29 -- * Critical Alert By Gregory Mannarino - Are Final Preparations Being Made For Total Economic Collapse With Jade Helm Drills?

2015-03-30 -- * Report Of Foreign Tanks Coming Into US From Mexico As Jade Helm 15 Aligns Perfectly With 'Aztlan' States - Is The US Preparing To Give 7 States Back To Mexico?

2015-03-31 -- * 'Militias Are On High Alert' Due To Jade Helm 15 Claims Former Congressional Candidate - 'This Is Becoming Very Real, Very Quickly'

2015-03-31 -- * Was Emergency Alert Message Tied To Jade Helm 15 And Florida's Martial Law Exercises? Reports Of FEMA Body Bags, Death Trains And Strange Things Going On At A Military Base In California


(Humvees being delivered to the closed Walmart store in Livingston, TX)


2015-04-01 -- * Pastor Cruz: 'America On Brink Of Destruction' As Counter Jade Helm 15 Exercises Launched In States Across America

2015-04-03 -- * 'Operation Tyranny Response' And 'Operation Homeland Hawkeye' Announced To Counter Jade Helm 15 As Increased Military Helicopter Activity Seen From Coast To Coast

2015-04-04 -- * Red Flags Everywhere As NWO Prepares To Kill 240 Million Americans In The Next 10 Years!

2015-04-04 -- * Millions Of Military And Law Enforcement Personnel To Be Targeted By NWO For 'Blue List Elimination' After Red List Round Up? 

2015-04-05 -- * Martial-Style Law Returns To Boston Days Prior To Marathon Causing Alarm As Military Build-Up Continues Across Country Ahead Of Jade Helm 15

2015-04-07 -- * 'Operation Iron Focus' Storms Texas Ahead Of Jade Helm 15 And Christian Pastor Gives Us The Latest News On The Martial Law Takeover Plan Of America

2015-04-12 -- * Massive Military Convoy Spotted Headed Towards Texas! 'I've Never Seen Anything Like It' - More Jade Helm 15 Prep In America - See Photos Here! 

2015-04-13 -- * Jade Helm 15 FEMA Coffins And Huge Military Vehicle Buildup - Southern California

2015-04-14 -- * Are The Wal-Mart Closings In Jade Helm 15 States A Sign We've Sold Them The Rope They'll Use To Hang Us With By Shopping At Wal-Mart All These Years? 

2015-04-15 -- * Walmart Closings, Jade Helm And The China Connection- Are Some Walmart Supercenters Being Refitted Into 'Processing' Centers For Americans? 

2015-04-15 -- * The Underlying Root Of Jade Helm And Its Evil Fruit Are About Ready For The Harvest Of The Slaughter - This Explains Everything We Hear About Foreign Troops In America

2015-04-15 -- * Reader Jade Helm Submission - United States Military Preparing To Go To War Against Own Citizens

2015-04-16 -- * 'Unprecedented' - 'Red Dawn' Falls From North Carolina Skies - April 19th/20th Warning Goes Out And Martial Law Drills Kick Into Overdrive Across America

2015-04-16 -- * Mysterious Deaths Surround Jade Helm State Wal-Mart's 'Hotel California' Tunnel System Project - If They Check You In, Can You Ever Leave?

2015-04-16 -- * Are We Are Witnessing The Death Of America? Events Unfolding Right Now Indicate We Are No Longer 'The Land Of The Free'

2015-04-17 -- * They Are Preparing For Something Huge - Walmart, Jade Helm, USNORTHCOM 'Critical Infrastructure' Flashback - The Stampede Of The Trojan Horse Herd Is Now Underway!!!

2015-04-18 -- * Jade Helm Deciphered: 'Joint Assistant for Development and Execution along with Homeland Eradication of Local Militants' - It Doesn't Get Any Clearer Than This!

2015-04-19 -- * Exclusive Video Inside Closed Jade Helm State Wal-Mart Reveals Attempt To Hide Something With Cops Guarding Loading Docks And Entrances - What Is Wal-Mart Hiding? 

2015-04-20 -- * Hillary, Wal-Mart And The Red Chinese Secret Police - How The Clinton's Helped China Conquer America

2015-04-20 -- * Jade Helm, Walmart And DUMBS - Are The Closed Walmarts Being Activated As Central Command For Underground Operations?

2015-04-21 -- * MAPS - Underground Tunnels, Unexplained Booms And Mysterious 'Hums' - Has The US Government Been Setting Up Underground Facilities Throughout The United States, Right Under Our Noses?

2015-04-21 -- * MRAP On California Highway And Turkish Air Force Pilots In Combat Suits Photographed In Texas Wal-Mart As Military Buildup For Jade Helm 15 Is Biggest Ever Seen

2015-04-23 -- * Texas In Bullseye: Massive Military Movement On Texas Train And Missiles Primed For Texas Launch Ahead Of Jade Helm 15 As FEMA/ Wal-Mart Connection Becomes More Clear

2015-04-23 -- * Redefining The Enemy By The Enemy Is Playing Out Right Before Our Very Eyes! - The Planned War On Americans Exposed

2015-04-24 -- * Military Vehicles Staging Behind Midland Texas Wal-Mart As Choppers Fill Skies - Are 'Blacked-Out' FEMA Buildings Being Built In Kentucky?

2015-04-24 -- * 'Oilfield Igniter' Explosives Go Missing From Halliburton In Jade Helm 15 Texas Sending Out Major False Flag Red Flag

2015-04-25 -- * UN Medic Units Photographed On Truck On 'Due Course' To Texas As Gun Confiscation Plans Ramp Up! 

2015-04-27 -- * The Takedown Of America Has Begun - New AARP Commercial Announces 'Martial Law Declared' - 'This Will Be A Long Summer, Everywhere' - MORE Armored UN Vehicles Seen Moving Through Georgia

2015-04-29 -- * US Army On Jade Helm 15: 'This Thing Is Getting Wired In Tight' - Confirms Training To Include 'Round-Up And Detainment Of Role Players'

2015-04-30 -- * Caravan Of Mysterious White Military Buses Seen In North Carolina As FEMA Trains With Shackles Conspiracy Theory Gets Jade Helm 15 Twist



2015-05-01 -- * Massive Military Convoy With More White Buses Seen In Indiana As White House Tries To Tamp Down Jade Helm 15 Martial Law Concerns

2015-05-01 -- * Exposing Jade Helm 15 - Internet 'Kill Switch' Being Tested For Full Activation When 'Round-Ups' Begin?

2015-05-02 -- * NOTE THE DATE! Walmart, Jade Helm, Tunnels And Processing Centers - The Vision

2015-05-03 -- * 'Bring The Guillotine Back' Call Goes Out - Major Military Movement In Texarkana, Arkansas

2015-05-03 -- * Movement To The Bunkers: 'They Know It Is Coming' - Elite Actively Practicing Bug-Out Scenario

2015-05-07 -- * 'This Is All Happening Right Under Our Noses' - Military Vehicles Patrol Closed Oklahoma Wal-Mart? Military Checkpoint In Arkansas - Tanks In Texas

2015-05-09 -- * UN Disarmament - They Are Here Now! 'They Wouldn't Be Here Now If Disarmament Of American Citizens Wasn't Getting Underway Soon!'

2015-05-10 -- * Military Convoy With Microwave Weapons Seen In Jade Helm 15 'Permissive' Nevada Provides More Evidence Of Massive Civil Unrest Preparation In America!

2015-05-10 -- * The Mother Of All Storms Is On The Horizon - Jade Helm And The MSM Lies About The Operation

2015-05-11 -- * US Army ATEC Command Vehicle At Texas Wal-Mart - Govt Tags On Truck - Jade Helm Reports Confirm Massive Build-up To Something Bad - 'They're About To Drop The Hammer'

2015-05-12 -- * The Buildup Continues! Rocket Launchers Found Off Texas Roadway - Military Humvees Delivered To Closed Texas Wal-Mart And Mysterious White Trucks In Fort Smith, Arkansas

2015-05-12 -- * Walmarts, Jade Helm And Massive Military Movement Across America! The People Are Watching, Recording And Reporting

2015-05-13 -- * Jade Helm 15 And The Coming 'Gray State' - We Were Warned! Welcome To The New World Order - Everything Changed Overnight! 

2015-05-13 -- * Document: Jade Helm Commander Plans to Operationalize The CONUS Base

2015-05-14 -- * Collapse Prep Countrywide As Entire System Is Prepared To Be Brought Down - 'There's No Way Out Of It'

2015-05-15 -- * Jade Helm: Training To Kill Mom And Take Over Our Towns

2015-05-16 -- * Foreign Tank Seen In South Texas As Pentagon Prep For Breakdown Of Society Seen Across Country

2015-05-18 -- * Children Used In FEMA Camp Round-Up Drills More Proof Of Preparation For The Worst - 'It's Undeniable'

2015-05-19 -- * US Navy SEAL: Govt Prep For 'Big Event' Due To Return Of Planet X - More On Jade Helm 15, Martial Law And Govt Underground Food Storage Due To The Coming Return Of Nibiru

2015-05-20 -- * 'Something Very Unusual Is About To Happen' - Largest Military Convoy Since World War 2 To Hit Colorado Highways For 'Raider Focus' War Games

2015-05-21 -- * Police Militarization: Preparation for Economic Collapse, Food Shortages, Civil Unrest and Martial Law

2015-05-21 -- * Colorado/Wyoming In Jade Helm Bullseye - 1/4 Mile Long Military Train Completely Loaded Down - Exclusive All News Pipeline Pictures

2015-05-21 -- * The 'Red List' Starts With Veterans - When Our First Line Of Defense Is Gone, The Rest Will Be Led Like Sheep To The Slaughter!

2015-05-23 -- * Exclusive ANP Pictures Of Closed Florida Wal-Mart - Is This A Prison Cell? Retired Brigadier General Speaks Out On Jade Helm

2015-05-24 -- * Wal Mart Home Office Admits Jade Helm 15 Ties - 'There's Plenty Of Those (Wal Mart Stores) Available To Them - They've Got That Handled Already'

2015-05-24 -- * What Is Going On In Wyoming/Colorado? Massive Military Movement And Strange Noises, Sirens - NOTE THE DATES! - [Update] - 'Strategic Blocking Of View Integrated Into Train Movements Through Town'

2015-05-26 -- * Is Texas Under Attack By The U.S. Government For Resisting Jade Helm? 'Weather Warfare Right Before Our Very Eyes'

2015-05-27 -- * Veterans Warn Jade Helm Not A Drill As ANP Receives Disturbing Email And FEMA Invades Texas

2015-05-28 -- * Blue Bell Ice Cream 'Refrigerated Morgue Trucks' Join Military Convoy In Colorado Weeks After Listeria Outbreak Shuts Down Ice Cream Production

2015-05-28 -- * Closed Wal Marts All Within Miles Of Railroad Tracks - Massive Military Convoy In Colorado - Jade Helm Confirmation Arrives

2015-05-30 -- * Former State Trooper Warns Of End Of The World As We Know It And The Final Move To Enslave The American People

2015-05-31 -- * Call For US Veterans And 'Red Listers' To Go Into 'Ghost Mode' With Obama's Martial Law Plans Exposed And 'Strange Happenings' Increasing Across Country 


2015-06-01 -- * US Military Confirms Jade Helm 15 Is About Infiltration Of America As Blue Bell Ice Cream Caught In Huge Lie 

2015-06-03 -- * Another Florida Wal Mart Mysteriously Closes Tied To China's Secret Wal Mart Bunker Data Centers - Secret Translation: Jade Helm Means 'God's Hand'

2015-06-03 -- * Hundreds Of Miles Of Razor Wire On Convoy Trucks - Will It Be Used To Divide Colorado For Reconquista Or FEMA Camps For Those Who Rebel Against What's Coming?

2015-06-04 -- * Veterans Sound Jade Helm Alarm - X22Report With Dahboo7 - Military Convoys In 3 States - Baltimore With 15 Fuel Trucks, Fuel Trucks Seen In Texas Convoy And Mysterious Van Leads Colorado Convoy, Too!

2015-06-05 -- * Is Jade Helm, Raider Focus About Pre-Positioning Foreign Troops On U.S. Soil? Raider Focus Convoy Troops Missing Unit Patches, Veteran Warns This Is 'VERY Big' Issue And 'War Has Already Begun'

2015-06-06 -- * Jade Helm: 'It's Getting Real - Our Final Warning' America Under Massive Cyber Attacks As Bilderberg Prepares To Ban Cash And Entire Financial System Threatened

2015-06-06 -- * Beyond Jade Helm 15 - Exercises Go Nationwide

2015-06-08 -- * Bilderberg 2015: Elite Prep For Worldwide Bank Runs And Nuclear And Economic Devastation

2015-06-09 -- * Latest Warning To 'Be Prepared' Comes From MSM - Food Shortages, Disease, Riots and Martial Law On The Doorstep

2015-06-09 -- * Michigan Martial Law Drills Prove 'If It Can Happen Here, It Can Happen Anywhere' - Exclusive New ANP Pictures Of West Virginia Military Movement

2015-06-10 -- * Heinous Image Of FEMA 'Hanging Training' Emerges From Texas - Humanity On The Brink - 'Something Very Evil Is Coming'

2015-06-11 -- * Highly Suspicious: Saudi 'Civil Defense' Trucks On Texas Highway - Las Vegas Convoy Had Blackhawk Escort - Mysterious 2015 Wal Mart Evacuations 

2015-06-12 -- * Army Refuses To Deny 'House-To-House Gun Confiscation' Part Of Raider Focus Military Training Operation

2015-06-13 -- * Massive Convoy In Virginia; Chinook Convoy In Utah - Bilderberg And Jade Helm 15 Targeting Veterans As We Reach 'The Point Of No Return'

2015-06-14 -- * Texas Fires Warning Shot! They're Taking Their Gold Back - Retired US Navy SEAL Sends Dire Warning To Military And Govt Employees: 'They Will Kill You'

2015-06-15 -- * Massive Buildup Of Military Vehicles At Washington Wal Mart As Martial Law Train Convoy With Gun And Ammo Containers Makes Its Way Through Portland

2015-06-18 -- * FEMA Command Centers Seen In Texas And ADVON Vehicles Seen In Colorado - Preparation Across Country For Next False Flag To Go Live

2015-06-19 -- * Obama's Complete Disarmament Of America Plan Nears Completion - What Comes Next Is Beyond Words

2015-06-20 -- * 'Something Very Wrong Coming To America This Year' - Massive Military Movements Across America Directly Tied To Wal Marts Nationwide

2015-06-20 -- * Jade Helm 15 Kickoff Coincides With Cremation Of Care Ritual At Bohemian Grove - Madmen Preparing To Destroy The Entire Planet

2015-06-20 -- * Jade Helm 15 Kickoff Coincides With Cremation Of Care Ritual At Bohemian Grove - Madmen Preparing To Destroy The Entire Planet

2015-06-20 -- * 'Something Very Wrong Coming To America This Year' - Massive Military Movements Across America Directly Tied To Wal Marts Nationwide

2015-06-22 -- * FEMA Forced Relocations Coming? Mysterious Blue Shipping Containers Lead To Question: Is 'US Dept Of Relocation' Part Of Jade Helm 15?

2015-06-23 -- * Truck Driver Exposes Jade Helm Deception - Warns Of ENORMOUS Amount Of Military Equipment Being Moved Under Cover Of Darkness 

2015-06-24 -- * Jade Helm Military Participants Claim They Would Not Fire on Americans But They Have Been Programmed To Do Just That For Years!

2015-06-24 -- * Is This The 2nd Cavalry In Texas? Military Train Loaded Down And B52 Bomber Over Texas - Preparing To Conquer America And Slaughter The American People?

2015-06-25 -- * Fully Armed Military Vehicles In Montana Convoy With US Government Van As Tyranny Takes Control Across America

2015-06-26 -- * Jade Helm: Is This The Beginning Of Computers In Control Of Humanity? Human Cataloging System Able To Identify And Eliminate Threats To The NWO

2015-06-26 -- * Russia Plots To Help Texas Secede From US While Almost 50% Of Texans Believe Jade Helm 15 Will Bring Gun Confiscation And Martial Law

2015-06-29 -- * Jade Helm 15 Extended Till November? FEMA Going Door To Door In Groups Of 8 In Texas - Officer Speaks Out On Obama's Purge Upon US Military - Warns Of Hillary In 2016!

2015-07-01 -- * FEMA Camp Malls Going Up Across America As Bottom Falls Out And We Reach The Event Horizon


2015-07-04 -- * Constitutional Cops On Closed Wal Mart In Oklahoma: "They're Gutting The Hell Out Of It" - Talks About Jade Helm 15 And FEMA Camps

2015-07-10 -- * 'They Are Going To Unleash The Perfect Storm' On America! Oath Keepers Urge Americans To Prepare!

2015-07-11 -- * Military Train In Texas - Fully Loaded Down - Jade Helm To Begin In Days In An America At Perpetual War With A Bigger Crisis Coming

2015-07-11 -- * They Have "Awakened Johnny Reb" And Started The Second Civil War! Will The Rise Of The South Defeat Jade Helm? - Dr. James David Manning

2015-07-12 -- * US Special Ops Commander Making Big Jade Helm 15 Changes Amid Public Outcry - US Military Members Speak Out On Jade Helm 15 - Will Refuse Illegal Orders

2015-07-14 -- *FEMA Camp Mall In Oregon Exposed While Doomsday Plane Flies Over DC Ahead Of Jade Helm

2015-07-14 -- *Major Red List Alert! SPEC-OP Power Center Operation To Begin - By The Time Your Power And Phone Lines Go Out It Is Too Late

2015-07-15 -- * HUGE List Of Reasons Jade Helm Should Be A HUGE RED FLAG To ALL Americans!

2015-07-15 -- * Will Jade Helm Be Used To Carry Out 'White House Kill List' And 'Final Judgement'? JH15 Expands And Special Alert Goes Out In Texas

2015-07-15 -- * Something Very Strange Is Happening RIGHT NOW! Jade Helm 15 Begins Same Day Service Outages Reported Across America By Multiple Providers! 

2015-07-16 -- * Media Silent On Strange Events Across America On The First Day Of Jade Helm 15! Were Power, Phone, Email And Cable Outages A BETA Test?

2015-07-16 -- * FEMA Buses Discovered At Back Of Oklahoma Mall - Preparing For Lockdown? Why Is Jade Helm So Secret? Warning Goes Out To Govt Employees From Retired US Navy SEAL

2015-07-18 -- * Our Last Warning? Retired US Army General Warns Of Internment Camps For Americans On MSNBC

2015-07-18 -- * FEMA Meeting Attendee Warns Of Coming 'Event' - Bank Holiday, Social Unrest And Martial Law! Scientists Warn Of 'Worst Natural Disaster In History Of Nation'

2015-07-19 -- * CBS News Talks 'Red List', 'Kill Plans' And Jade Helm 15 - Planned Satanhood And More Signs Of The End 

2015-07-20 -- * Foreign Troops On US Soil Confirmed As Northern Strike Begins - War & Depopulation Or Change? There Are No Other Choices

2015-07-21 -- * Will September 2015 Change Everything? Jeff Berwick: 'The Ship Is Going Down' - Does Jade Helm 15 Really End In September Or Has It All Been To Prepare For 'Major Disruptive Event?'

2015-07-21 -- * Eyes & Ears Of The US Army Photographed Over America - Are These Kiowa Warriors Doing Reconnaissance On The Red List Or ISIS? 

2015-07-24 -- * More Proof Something Huge Is About To Happen - Are We Witnessing A Military Takeover Right Under Our Noses?

2015-07-25 -- * Reports: Special Forces Posing As Contractors In Texas - Totally Invasive Canvassing Both By Foot And Vehicles Underway

2015-07-26 -- * Elite Trying To Overturn Reality Itself As FEMA Comes To Texas - Obama's End Game Completely Exposed: Civil War In America

2015-07-27 -- * 'They've Known About And Prepared For This For Quite Some Time' - 'Coming Into End Of Times' & The Jade Helm Planet X Connection Explored

2015-07-30 -- * September 2015 Convergence: Is There Any Connection Among the Events?

2015-07-31 -- * September 2015 In The Bullseye - Will The World As We Know It Soon Change Forever?


2015-08-01 -- * America's Date With Destruction Draws Near! Reports Canada Converting Target Stores Into Underground Military Bases

2015-08-02 -- * Wal Mart Founder Sam Walton Led Prisoner Of War Camps For US Military - More Red Flags The Whole Thing's Falling Apart

2015-08-04 -- * Danger Danger: The System Is Breaking! Dr Jim Willie - 3 Men Arrested Prepping For Martial Law & Jade Helm 15 Military Takeover Of America

2015-08-04 -- * Were Massive Cell Phone Outages Across Parts Of America Another Beta Test? Is There A Jade Helm 15 Link To What Happened?

2015-08-05 -- * Cremation Convoys And Operation Chaos - Is This How America Comes To An End?

2015-08-06 -- * Elite Are In A Panic About What's Coming To America Insider Warns - Is This Video Another Sign Of The Coming 'End Game'?

2015-08-06 -- * Convergence Of 27 Events To Happen In September And October 2015 That Show Something Big Is Coming

2015-08-07 -- * Luciferian Pressure Cooker Being Pressurized - Safety Valve Turned Off - Are You Spiritually, Mentally And Physically Prepared For The Hell & Chaos About To Be Unleashed?

2015-08-08 -- * Mass Casualty Bus In Louisiana - 3 Massive Military Trains Seen Out West - Listen To The Secretary Of Defense Talking About Jade Helm 15 - What Is He REALLY Trying To Say?

2015-08-10 -- * Were Mysterious Wal Mart Jail Cells Discovered In Texas? New TV Series Out This Fall Warns: 'Freedom Is Under Control'

2015-08-12 -- * Next Phase Of Jade Helm 15 Psyop Rolled Out - Military Train In Virginia With Strykers Stretching As Far As The Eye Can See

2015-08-14 -- * Retired US Army Colonel Warns! "Jade Helm Is A Warning To America" - Special Forces Successfully Infiltrate California Town! "Nobody Suspected A Thing"

2015-08-16 -- * Mass Casualty Bus Seen In Texas As Reuters Warns Of Civil Unrest, Food Shortages: 'The Risks Of An Event Are Growing, And It Could Be Unprecedented In Scale And Extent'

2015-08-17 -- * With September 2015 Almost Here, Does This Movie Show Us The Future Of America After 'Everything Changes Overnight?'

2015-08-22 -- * 'Just Days Away' From 'One Wild Month' - Massive Military Trains Seen In Colorado And Mississippi With 100's Of Machines Of War On America Soil - Jade Helm?

2015-08-23 -- * Is Florida Nuclear Apocalypse Drill A Sign Of Things To Come? Fort Bragg Troops Prepare For Nuclear Disaster In America

2015-08-24 -- * New 'Guard Towers' Go Up At Old Shopping Mall In Bastrop, Texas - Jade Helm 15 Update - Exclusive New ANP Pictures

2015-08-26 -- * Red Dawn 2015 Completely Exposed! The Train To Our Death And Enslavement Has Left The Station - Americans Are Running To Catch Their Ride

2015-08-28 -- * Are These UN Choppers Over Texas? Massive Military Train Carrying Strykers In Montana - Retired NY Cop Gets Strange Phone Call From 'FEMA' - Her Warning To Us Confirmed!

2015-08-30 -- * It Is Happening! FEMA Camps, Martial Law, RFID Implants, One World Global Control By The UN - Dick Morris: Those "Crazy" Conspiracy Theorists, 'Now They Are Right'

2015-08-31 -- * 'Creepy' New Mall Goes Up In Colorado With Guard Towers Close To Train Tracks - Exclusive ANP Pictures - Are Russian Soldiers Tied To Washington Fires?

We would like to thank readers who have shared these articles and contributed to them by sending emails, videos, and photos to ANP in order to keep the information flowing and to Alternative Media as a whole, including videographers like DAHBOO77, who grabbed on to this issue and made sure it received enough coverage that the MSM had no choice but to cover it, albeit dishonestly as shown on many instances.

We would also like to give a special shout out to Steve Quayle for his relentless effort to document everything related to Jade Helm, the Walmart Closings, and the massive Military Movements being reported on across the internet, making sure this information gets out to the general public.

Without the aforementioned people the Jade Helm 15 exercise might still be under the radar without the American public being aware of what the U.S. government is doing right under our noses.

For those that think reporting on these events is in any way "anti-military," please remember much of the information, including the words "unprecedented and dangerous" and the original leaked Jade Helm document published on March 13, 2015, come from veterans and/or active military members that provide information at high risk to themselves, in order to warn Americans what they see happening.

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