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May 12, 2015

The Buildup Continues! Rocket Launchers Found Off Texas Roadway - Military Humvees Delivered To Closed Texas Wal-Mart And Mysterious White Trucks In Fort Smith, Arkansas


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

UPDATE: All News Pipeline has determined that the mysterious units seen above and shown in the video below are actually rocket launchers and the location that these were videotaped is very close to the Red River Army Depot in Texarkana, Texas. It is still unknown exactly why these units were placed so close to this roadway.

With the alternative media and specifically All News Pipeline under organized attack recently by an entire army of trolls attempting to discredit anything Jade Helm and lull the American people back to sleep, Facebook's Scott Hoyt has shared the following video below that should put an end to the thought that 'there's nothing going on down there in Texas'. Sharing right off the bat that he's not a conspiracy theorist, Hoyt tells us that seeing whatever this is is simply "one of those things that will make you go hmmmmm......

With absolute proof now emerging that military humvees are INDEED being sent to one of the recently closed Wal-Mart stores in Texas coming to us today from Intellihub, what are we looking at in the picture and video above, hidden in the Texas woods off of a lone-star state highway? Speculation has ranged from portable prison cells to some other sort of building construction material.

With all of the trolls and stalkers from the govt and US Army recently visiting ANP en masse, we'll put the question to you, what are these units seen hidden in the woods off of the side of a Texas highway? The series of photos below show the Humvees being delivered to the closed Walmart store
in Livingston, Texas via Intellihub, another confirmation that the closed Wal-Marts somehow tie into US military maneuvers in America and Jade Helm 15. More below.


All News Pipeline has also received the photograph below which show a parking lot of mysterious white trucks with Pennsylvania license plates sitting at the Hampton Inn in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Back on April 27th we published another story detailing a huge buildup of mysterious white SUV's in the deep south. What are these vehicles being stored in Fort Smith, Arkansas, on the Oklahoma border?


In the next video below, All News Pipeline friend American Contractor tells us about an exercise going on in South Carolina this week that has special forces working with local law enforcement during late-night and early-morning drills that will feature the loud sounds of explosions and gun shots though we're told that those will ONLY be blanks.

Interestingly enough, the patch design for the special forces included by the US Army in this linked story describing the exercises looks eerily similar to the Jade Helm 15 design. For those wanting to know the meaning of 'DE OPPRESSO LIBER,' it does not mean 'To Free The Oppressed' but, according to means.:

The motto: “De Oppresso Liber” is thought to translate to “To Liberate the Oppressed”. In actuality, the word liber is an adjective ‘free’ that could be translated ‘a free man’, and ‘de oppresso’ would be more an overwhelmed man. The phrase would therefore be more accurately translated, “from a caught man, a free man’.

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