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August 8, 2015

Mass Casualty Bus In Louisiana - 3 Massive Military Trains Seen Out West - Listen To The Secretary Of Defense Talking About Jade Helm 15 - What Is He REALLY Trying To Say?


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

In catching up with several stories that we feel have been vastly under-reported, we learn from former Ronald Reagan OMB Director David Stockman of a 'huge disaster waiting to happen' after he recently told CBN that the stock market is 'teetering on the edge of a massive and unprecedented collapse' that the Fed won't be able to prevent as shared in this linked Infowars story.

With the Dow having already fallen nearly 900 points from the peak of the market as The Economic Collapse Blog reported Thursday, Zero Hedge reports the 'markets are in turmoil' with the Dow suffering its' worst streak since 2011. In Venezuela, it's become the law of the jungle with the act of merely shopping for groceries possibly becoming a life or death event.†

Meanwhile, as everyone prepares for a September event that just happens to coincide with Shemitah, we give you a Jade Helm 15 update that begins with a strange 'mass casualty bus' sighting in Baton Rouge, Louisiana as seen in the pictures and 1st video below while we also see not 1, not 2 but 3 military trains, completely loaded down, in Oregon, Idaho and Utah as seen in videos 3, 4 and 5 below. Many pictures also below.

In the 2nd video from a Pentagon press conference in which the subject of Jade Helm is brought up, please listen to Defense Secretary Ashton Carter - his tone and the WAY he speaks speak much louder than his words. As one YouTube commenter succinctly points out.:

"Ah,ah,ah,ah, to spot a liar with no ah,ah,ah,ah, trouble at all. :( "

In the brand new 1st video below from YouTube videographer Odin Rising, we see a 'Mass Casualty' bus in southern Louisiana that has 'Homeland Security' stenciled on the side of it and as our videographer asks, is this bus somehow tied to Jade Helm 15 and if not, what is this all about?

Our videographer tells us that while he is NOT a 'Jade Helm believer', there is something VERY STRANGE about this. One YouTube commenter also pointed out that a sticker with the word MAJESTIC is visible plastered on the bus. Even though this MAJESTIC likely stands for the Majestic Mortuary Service in Louisiana, it was not lost on him that Majestic is also the 'code name' of a secret committe of scientists, military leaders and govt leaders allegedly formed in 1947 that helps to secretly rule the world.


What is US Dept of Defense Secretary Ashton Carter REALLY trying to tell us in this video?

The next video below was sent to us by a US Veteran who is an All News Pipeline reader in Utah with his description.: I took this video this morning @ 1030hrs while on my way to do some climbing. I was an active duty paratrooper for 82nd Airborne division from summer of 01' to Jan 04', I am a regular visitor to your site and felt obligated to send this video to you that I uploaded on my youtube channel, feel free to do with it what you will. †

The facts are that a fairly long convoy of armored personell carriers, all tracked, loaded on rail cars were being shipped east on the union pacific rail line and it went through my area. †Proof of more military movements, who knows where their final destination is, not much on speculation myself, just find it interesting that we're seeing more and more of this.FYI, I never see military equipment in this neck of the woods, and this is a very active railway, doesn't prove anything, other than they're hauling apcs on railways in the open through Utah.†

Another military train seen in Eugene, Oregon on August 7th. More economic collapse preparation?

This next train loaded down with military vehicles comes to us from Idaho. Videographer asks 'Jade Helm?' Whether or not 'Jade Helm', we clearly are continuing to see a buildup to something HUGE in America.










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