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April 22, 2015

Redefining The Enemy By The Enemy Is Playing Out Right Before Our Very Eyes! - The Planned War On Americans Exposed

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine


(Targets used by US law enforcement)

How the American people became the enemy of the State and how the US Congress went along with it.

There is a reason why veterans, constitutionalists, Oath Keepers, militias, home schooling parents, Second Amendment supporters,Christians and many others are so concerned about unprecendented military exercises such as the planned Jade Helm 15 July to September operations, simply put, it is because the aforementioned groups have been systematically vilified and labeled as the "enemy" by the US government, with the support of the US Congress.

We will show below that since the discovery of the 2009 Missouri Information Analysis Report (MIAC) report villifying militia members as "right-wing extremists," we have witnessed an organized attempt to demonize any citizens of the United States of America that have not conformed to the ideology of the administration.

Via InfoWars in 2009 when the MIAC report was first leaked:

The MIAC report does not concentrate on Muslim terrorists, but rather on the so-called “militia movement” and conflates it with supporters of Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin, Bob Barr, the so-called patriot movement and other political activist organizations opposed to the North American Union and the New World Order. The MIAC document is a classic guilt by association effort designed to demonize legitimate political activity that stands in opposition to the New World Order and its newly enshrined front man, Barack Obama.

The attacks and targeting has not only continued up until present day, but have escalated exponentially as evidenced by Doug Hagmann, who has been a veteran private sector investigator for three decades recently highlighting a DHS and FBI joint bulletin which was released on April 16, 2015, just three days before the 20th anniversary of the Oklahoma City Bombing that killed 171 people. 

Two bullet points presented by Doug Hagmann basically says it all.... those are "Domestic Extremist defined," and "Islamic Terrorism Omitted."

Read Doug's entire piece here.


In 2013, an Army Reserve unit based in Pennsylvania were instructed that Evangelical Christianity, Catholicism, and some Jews were to be considered on par with the KKK, Hamas and al-Qaeda, considered "religious extremists."

(Grapic shown on page 24 of this PDF)

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of this attack against those of faith is the "importing" of our enemies into over 190 locations (see locations here) within the United States, even knowing from their own words that ISIS members are infiltrating Syrian refugees, the same terrorist group that is beheading and slaughtering Christians across the globe.

In February 2015, CNN reported the Obama administration has named a national security threat it believes is more dangerous than even the ISIS terrorists beheading, crucifying and burning innocent human beings: Right-wing extremists. 

Via CNN:

A new intelligence assessment, circulated by the Department of Homeland Security this month and reviewed by CNN, focuses on the domestic terror threat from right-wing sovereign citizen extremists and comes as the Obama administration holds a White House conference to focus efforts to fight violent extremism.

Some federal and local law enforcement groups view the domestic terror threat from sovereign citizen groups as equal to -- and in some cases greater than -- the threat from foreign Islamic terror groups, such as ISIS, that garner more public attention.

This from an administration that refuses to label violent acts and the slaughter of Christians by ISIS as "Islamic/Muslim radical extremism," and has refused to do so during his entire term


Veterans are under attack from a variety of directions, the latest proof of which are documents obtained by The Daily Caller, showing that since 2012 "The Department of Veterans Affairs is disarming America’s veterans by getting them placed on the FBI’s criminal background-check list."

 The VA sends veterans’ personal medical and financial information directly to the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, which can seize their guns in home raids.

In 2013, bombshell news which was downplayed considerably in the MSM, showed that veterans were receiving notifications letters "from the federal government informing them that because of alleged physical or mental disability their financial decisions will be made by a government-appointed “fiduciary” and they will be forbidden from “purchasing, possessing, receiving or transporting a firearm or ammunition."

This is not a warning of something that might happen; these letters are being sent out everyday by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) as part of its Fiduciary Program.

2-Page letters sent to veterans across the country shown below:



Multiple examples of police and SWAT raids against veterans can be found with simple searchs, such as a 2010 example, covered in an expose in 2012, via Washington Times, titled "SWAT rampage destroys Iraq vet's home over guns," or  a story in 2014 where a veteran's target practice in his own back yard with a pellet gun, led to "dozens of police vehicles, including an armored truck, descending on him."

Veterans are also being denied pain medication due to new rules and regulations, designed to foment public opinion that they are abusing narcotics.

When did our veterans become the enemy?


When Edward Snowden revealed the extent of Barack Obama's expanded domestic spying, including the PRISM program, those awake to the attacks on American citizens understood that it wasn't just sleeper cells and potential terrorists that these programs were targeting, but they were being used to keep tabs on "right-wingers," constitutionalists, patriot groups, militias and other political opponents.

Also exposed by Edward Snowden was the orchestrated effort to counter Alternative Media that refused to do the government's bidding as the mainstream media has, by hiring "trolls," to distract, discredit  and undermine critics.

Via WND:

“Now, thanks to the efforts of National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden and journalist Glenn Greenwald, readers no longer have to take the word of ‘paranoid’ bloggers who relate tales of paid government trolls lurking in comment sections and other concentrated top-down efforts to muddy the information provided by alternative media,” Rolley said.

He warned that the “most disturbing confirmation provided in the newly publicized intelligence documents is that spy agencies in Western nations with free speech guarantees have been given carte blanche authority from political leadership to target private individuals and organizations deemed uncooperative with the will of the state with ruthless online reputation-destruction efforts.”


On March 9, 2015, ANP published an article titled "The Endgame Is Here! America Surrenders Militarily While Preparing For War Against US Citizens," where we showed visually chilling examples of how law enforcement across America has not only been militarized, but were being taught to to consider children, pregnant women, and the elderly as targets, under the header "US GOV'T PREPARES FOR WAR ON IT'S OWN CITIZENS."

Four days after I wrote that piece, on March 13, 2015 ANP co-owner Stefan Stanford received and published leaked documents, which have now been linked to by Drudge, the military, and a large number of other high profile Internet personalities, on Jade Helm 15, which is to be an "unprecedented" military exercise to be held on US soil from July to September, naming certain US states as "hostile," to practice for "unconventional" warfare, surgical strikes, extractions and more..... on US CITIZENS.

Since March 13, 2015, when news of Jade Helm caught fire on the internet, massive military movement, again on US soil, along with photo evidence of foreign troops in full uniform,  has been reported on, with video evidence of "martial law roundup" drills in Florida having been conducted, along with a number of other bizarre events.... all reinforcing the perception that the US government is actively preparing for war on it's own citizens.

What has the US Congress done to stop all this? Nothing. They hold political theater hearings, make deals behind closed doors and allow this administration to continue to target and vilify patriotic Americans.

Question: Should the US government go to war against it's own citizens, who would be the people standing on the front line, so to speak, to protect Americans against a tyrannical government?

The Answer: The verterans, the militias, the religious, the consititutionlists....... all those being targeted, demonized and vilified by the Obama administration.

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