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August 16, 2015

Mass Casualty Bus Seen In Texas As Reuters Warns Of Civil Unrest, Food Shortages: 'The Risks Of An Event Are Growing, And It Could Be Unprecedented In Scale And Extent'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

With international news agency Reuters now warning of the possibilities of worldwide food shortages leading to civil unrest, we take a look at the photographs seen above and below of a mass casualty vehicle that were recently sent to us by ANP reader Layla Harrington in the town of Longview, Texas as well as a new video out in which Jim Bakker tells us that he is preparing to go to jail because of Jade Helm 15.

Layla told us that she saw the mass casualty vehicle near Loop 281 and she also told us that store workers where the vehicle was parked saw three men in blue emergency-type suits exit the vehicle and start walking down Loop 281. She also told us that she herself approached the still running vehicle and knocked three times but got no answer.

Back on August 8th, ANP reported upon another 'mass casualty vehicle' that was seen in Louisiana and the response from the videographer who took that video who warned that he felt something very strange was going on and asked if it was somehow tied to Jade Helm 15.

With no clear answers from government representatives as to what the massive preparation taking place across the country is for, people have no choice but to speculate and the possible reasons for the preparation across America are numerous.

In the 1st video, Bakker speculates that a civil war is coming to America and that is the reason for Jade Helm 15. The Reuters story is particularly pointed when they announce: "The risks of an event are growing, and it could be unprecedented in scale and extent."

Telling us the reasons why they are expecting global food shortages, Reuters continues by confirming much that we have been reporting on ANP recently including globalism and the fall of America and the US dollar as we near September.:

Globalization and new technologies have made the world's food system more efficient but it has also become less resilient to risks.

Some of the major risks include a rapid rise in oil prices fuelling food costs, reduced export capacity in Brazil, the United States or the Black Sea region due to infrastructure weakness, and the possible depreciation of the U.S. dollar causing prices for dollar-listed commodities to spike.

Global food production is likely to be most impacted by extreme weather events in North and South America and Asia which produce most of the world's four major crops - maize, soybean, wheat and rice.

"In fragile political contexts where household food insecurity is high, civil unrest might spill over into violence or conflict," the report said.

Is Jade Helm 15 due to preparation for civil war in America as argued here by Bakker? America deserves MUCH better than another war within - we do have a political process that is supposed to create real change.

However, we'll be the 1st to admit that our 'political process' is warped as we really only have ONE politically-correct party and everyone else opposing them gets stomped out. With Donald Trump shaking up the establishment, will he, too, soon be removed as a real possible agent of change?

Is Jim Bakker right in this video when he warns that soon, we may not even be able to talk about these kinds of things? Telling us that what this is really all about is the fact that Texas is withdrawing their money from the Federal Reserve; "it's getting's getting deeper. America isn't the America we once knew as children."

Why would men emerge from this mass casualty bus wearing blue emergency suits in Texas?



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