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July 11, 2015

Military Train In Texas - Fully Loaded Down - Jade Helm To Begin In Days In An America At Perpetual War With A Bigger Crisis Coming


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

With the Drudge Report linking to an interesting Houston Chronicle story out Friday called "Texan's Organize 'Operation Counter Jade Helm' To Keep An Eye On The Federal Troops," ANP takes another look at Jade Helm 15 and some new photographs emerging out of Plano, Texas, a suburb of Dallas, which show another military train, completely loaded down, deep in the heart of Texas. With the Washington Post reporting JH will not be covered live, the Houston Chronicle report that Texans will be covering JH is heartening. The American people really are the 'true media'.

America is now in a state of 'perpetual war' as shared in what is being called a 'dire warning' by two of America's top US General's in the 1st video below, as America soon has a much bigger crisis coming (staged?!) as the war and terror loom on the home front via ISIS/ISIL and financial armageddon awaits on the horizon. For those who consider themselves 'left wing' and 'antiwar', the 'selection' of Barack Obama in 2008 brought the end to protest and the end of any real anti-war movement in America. With even Obama admitting to aides that he's very good at killing people, the left wing clearly lost, as has the rest of humanity.

Telling us that America is now in grave danger with threats from Russia, North Korea and ISIS, US Army General Martin Dempsey warns the world is rapidly changing, this as the US Army prepares to slash the jobs of 40,000 soldiers, moves that we learn here will trickle down, requiring less teachers at the schools and less people working in the grocery stores as the negative economic impacts of troop cuts expand out from US military bases into communities all across America.

NOTE- With the media having no access to cover Jade Helm, it is important "we the people" keep our eye on them, so please email any first hand accounts, photos, videos or tips to

While the official kickoff of Jade Helm 15 is only days away, we see new pictures at the top of the story and below videos of a military train, fully loaded down, in Plano, Texas, near Dallas, just the latest massive military movement across America that ANP has been reporting upon for several months in an obvious buildup to something huge. Are their pieces now all in place?

Meanwhile, in the next video below, a plea from Dave Acton goes out to do a factory reset on your cell phone if you live near the Jade Helm areas (a great idea to do anywhere in America nowadays!) JUST IN CASE software has been remotely installed on your computer that could turn it into a bomb. In the 2nd video below, we get to see a cell phone being blown up and the results are not pretty. The 3rd video shows us how to do a factory reset on our phones.


With the Washington Post recently confirming that media will not be allowed to embed with the participants in Jade Helm, we hope that our readers in Jade Helm states step up their own efforts at being the media, recording events you find suspicious and speaking out if something isn't right, especially with ISIS confirmed at the US/Mexico border and all of the rest of this taking place without media attention.

We also IMPLORE you to never take the law into your own hands unless your life or the lives of others are in danger. Whether we like JH15 or not, the special forces people involved are likely all American citizens and America's finest should they choose to uphold their Oaths to the US Constitution. Americans should never do anything to put any of them in any danger.

While some might want to avoid becoming involved, the tragic shooting in Charleston, South Carolina could have easily been prevented if a friend of Dylan Storm Roof spoke out to the FBI and/or law enforcement when Roof told him he wanted to go 'shoot up' a school, the College of Charleston. Speak out if you see something happening that you know shouldn't be. Get it on video if your life isn't at risk. Photography is not a crime. Be the media. There's nothing wrong with 'little brother' watching 'big brother'.


At ANP, we've always believed that news should be reported from all
different angles. We certainly aren't here to tell our readers what to think; we only feel we should always try to look at every possible situation from every angle. With family members and good friends in the US Military, we know that their intentions are just and we support our military fully. We do not, however, support un-Constitutional actions that would put the lives and the welfare of law-abiding Americans in danger. We hope that everyone involved in these exercises remember their Oaths and remember whom they serve.





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