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June 18, 2015

FEMA Command Centers Seen In Texas And ADVON Vehicles Seen In Colorado - Preparation Across Country For Next False Flag To Go Live

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By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Back on April 16th, 2013, YouTube videographer TheShowmebby was coming home from work in Waco, Texas, and ran across a mysterious-looking government vehicle that he took video of as shown in the 1st video below. The vehicle he recorded was later identified as an ADVON vehicle, standing for 'advanced echelon'; the very next day, the fertilizer plant in Waco, Texas exploded. The original videos on this 'coincidence' from the videographer here. The fact that these vehicles were seen in Texas PRIOR to the fertilizer plant explosion is not a good sign.

If we choose to use history as a warning, we need to look very closely at the 2nd and 3rd videos below as they show the same kind of vehicle in Colorado only days ago, and as you'll see, the ADVON vehicle in not the only vehicle sitting mysteriously in a Colorado parking lot. Joining the ADVON in Colorado we also see a ALS unit as well as a UCS Mobile Command Center and several command cars as well, just sitting on the back of flatbed trucks in a Colorado parking lot.

Officially, Colorado has bowed out of the upcoming Jade Helm 15 'exercises'. However, with what we've learned over the past day since the horrific shooting in South Carolina, these vehicles are likely to soon be put into use here in America. An upcoming ANP story will be dealing with the likely repercussions and what we've learned. Why are these vehicles in Colorado? Are they soon expecting some kind of 'event' that they would be necessary for?

What are the ADVON, ALS and UCS Mobile Command Centers? Radio show host Pete Santilli gets into this massive build-up in Colorado in the 3rd video below in which he breaks down the 2nd video and what those vehicles are and used for. In the pictures below videos we have compiled each of these vehicles for you to check out for yourself. You can also click here to see the slideshow yourself. Simply, an ALS stands for Analytical Laborator System; it is designed to test for weapons of mass destruction. These guys are clearly preparing for something huge.

In the 4th video below we learn about the FEMA Command Centers seen a few days in Texas and asks what in the world is going on with the massive buildup across America as seen in many recent ANP stories as well as videos such as these being of mysterious military equipment being seen across America daily.

Why were US government vehicles seen in Texas PRIOR to the fertilizer plant explosion? In the information we are compiling for a story to be published on Friday, the fact that these same vehicles were seen in Colorado while FEMA command centers are seen in Texas lead us to believe that JH15 is in preparation for the next huge false flag event to go live.

Why are these SAME type of government vehicles now in Colorado? Are they expecting an 'event'?

Pete Santilli breaks down the massive buildup going on across the country.

Why are these FEMA Command Centers parked in Texas? How soon before ALL of this goes live?

Nearly each one of these vehicles was seen in Colorado recently. Why?





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