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August 17, 2015

With September 2015 Almost Here, Does This Movie Show Us The Future Of America After 'Everything Changes Overnight?'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

As September of 2015 approaches, now only two weeks away, with the build-up to a potentially huge event kicking into overdrive, ANP takes a look at several new videos that have come out recently continuing a theme we have been witnessing all across America recently, the massive transporting and buildup of military vehicles and equipment across America, as we come into the September home stretch.

With millions of Americans now having a very strong feeling in our hearts and in our guts that we are about to witness something historical in our own country, we have to ask, are we way off the mark or will America soon turn into something resembling the dystopian world featured in the movie 'Gray State' by David Crowley (now deceased) as seen in the rough cut video at the bottom of this story? The similarities we see in America today and while looking into our possible future and this movie are numbing.


In the 1st video below from Texas Watch, we see literally hundreds and hundreds of military vehicles sitting on the sides of the roadway very close to train tracks near Texarkana, Texas. While the videographer asks 'Jade Helm?' and commenters on the video share such thoughts as 'looks like war is going to break out in the US, why do they have so many vehicles staged?' and 'that's definitely not normal, why on Earth would you need that many vehicles in one location for training when normal, full war time operations don't need this much in one location?', we've determined that this video was likely taken at the Red River Army Depot and these vehicles may not be tied to Jade Helm 15 at all.

Back on March 1st, 2015, two weeks prior to the internet's very 1st Jade Helm 15 story, published by ANP on March 13, 2015, we published a story called "Thousands Of Military Vehicles Lined Up Outside Of Underground Bunkers In America - What Are They Preparing For Now?" While we have determined that the video  below was likely taken at the same Texas Army base, we're still unable to confirm exactly why all of these vehicles are lined up and as one commenter mentions:

"they are not even parked behind a locked and guarded fence. I seriously wonder if these are being left for ISIS like all the other vehicles we left for them over in Iraq. It's incredible, we have an open border with ISIS already here, and now all these vehicles just sitting there waiting for them to be taken...."

Much more below including the 2nd video, sent in to ANP by John Favere, an ANP reader who captured video in Easton, Pennsylvania of what may be gun confiscation equipment and another look at the movie 'Gray State' compared to some of the events we're now watching unfolding in America today.

The next video was sent to ANP by John Favere who was in Easton, Pennsylvania. What is the equipment seen on these trucks?

Just days ago, air travel was suspended in both Baltimore and Washington DC causing traffic delays up and down the east coast. On July 8th, United Airlines suspended all of their air traffic for several hours after a 'computer glitch'. More 'tests'? In 'Gray State' air travel and transportation largely grinds to a hault as well.


All News Pipeline has published several stories recently about what might happen should America be attacked with an EMP or should we go through a full-scale economic collapse. 'Gray State' points out that during a time of martial law/crisis, the same 'laws of survival' would likely very well apply...think about 'martial law' in America, do we really believe our grocery stores would look like anything but this?


Several months ago, ANP reported on a mysterious commercial released by the AARP in which a TV in the background announced 'martial law' in America. Was that more predictive programming? With rioting and violence going on in such places as Baltimore and Ferguson, are they expecting more lawlessness across the nation? Is there anything that we can do as awakened and peaceful Americans to make sure that this never happens here?


The 1st video below is the official Gray State concept trailer. After watching everything that we are seeing across America over the past several years, this trailer is very difficult to watch and truly brings a lump to our throats and an empty feeling to our hearts. The 2nd video below is the full 'Gray State' rough cut for those who have yet to see it. Is this what the future of America looks like after 'everything changes overnight'? Let's pray that we're way beyond this as human beings living in 2015 America.

The final set of pictures below are also screenshot from the Gray State trailer and show an America under military occupation. Of course, we pray this will never happen here - is this even possible in America?




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