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August 24, 2015

New 'Guard Towers' Go Up At Old Shopping Mall In Bastrop, Texas - Jade Helm 15 Update - Exclusive New ANP Pictures


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

With the US and global economies in freefall while shopping malls continue to go up across the country, an ANP reader from Texas named Bob sent us new photographs of a Bastrop, Texas strip mall that, while built 5 years ago, just added some new 'observation-type' towers to their complex.

As ANP has reported several times over the last few months, soaring towers are being built into shopping malls across the country but this is the 1st time that we've actually heard of these towers being built into already existing malls.

We have asked before, are all of these new 'shopping malls' that are going up across America really FEMA-type concentration camps that are built for dual-purposes, commercial camoflauge? With the economy† now tumbling, are we about to witness a long-held plan for America come to fruition where these guard towers and 'FEMA Camp' malls suddenly transformed into what they were REALLY created for? We also reported that a large number of these new 'malls' will be opening in October of 2015; all with 'guard towers' built in.

We've republished Bob's thoughts for you below as a† new 'Jade Helm 15' update from a concerned reader. Much more below including several new Jade Helm update videos showing more military convoys across America as well as a peak inside the completely gutted Midland, Texas Wal Mart.

While out and about in Bastrop Texas today (Aug 23, 2015) I thought I would take a few photos of some of the interesting things that are happening here outside...or possibly in connection with JADE HELM 15 activities.

The one thing I have noticed is the lack of military vehicle movement on highway 71. There was much more movement prior to the commencement of JH15. Now I am noticing more "civilian" aircraft ( all white Cessna's† and helicopters) orbits...obviously aerial surveillance.

An outdoor strip center that comprises of a LOWES, PETCO, BEST BUY, ROSS and some other box store wonders that was built some 5 plus years ago continues to add more stores... and interestingly enough the center added two of the observation type tower structures to already existing structures.†


There are two...each at either end of this line of stores that sit in the center of the outdoor strip center.† And I feel there is no obvious reason for their placement...if they wanted this as an architectural designer "theme" they would have built it at the start.

Another interesting note is about a year ago they had some big emergency situation exercise in the middle of this shopping area...helicopters and all.

I also photographed some of the latest military type vehicles complete with a large COMMAND AND CONTROL CENTER bus at the Bastrop County Sheriffs Office...note also the big Semi-in one of the photos...CJs Transportation out of Laredo Texas.
There are two SWAT trucks (one being an MRAP) and another armored jeep type personnel carrier.

I'm not the only one around here that feels like they have been getting ready for something for a while.

Thought you might be interested in some of the happenings here in Bastrop, Texas.

In the newly released videos below, we take a look at several new military convoys in the 1st video from Event Horizon as well as a look inside the Wal-Mart in Midland, Texas that has been completely gutted. Will Jade Helm 15 be 'one more wake up call' for the 99%? Are those who waited until now to 'awaken' now completely helpless with what we have been warning about and watching now upon us?†




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