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March 17, 2017

'This Beast Will Not Just Roll Over And Go Away Quietly Into The Night' Expert Warns

- 'If You're Not Prepared, You Will Feel The Full Brunt Of The Pain To Come'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

In the first of two stories that the Drudge Report linked to on Friday out of Venezuela we learn that the collapsing nation has a bread shortage and the government of Venezuela has decided that bakers are the problem. Responding to that perception by detaining bakers and seizing baking establishments, the bakers are being looked at by government as 'part of a broad economic war aimed at destabilizing the country'. 

Claiming that the bakers were selling underweight bread and using price-regulated flour to illegally bake items such as sweet rolls and croissants, we see in their story another scathing indictment of socialism, where looting and chaos continue and the arms of government power blame the little guy for the mess they're in instead of the disastrously failed system.

The 2nd story Drudge linked to from Yahoo News continues the 'bread war' theme in Venezuela, reporting the illegal brownies and pastries being made by the obviously 'anarchistic bakers' required the soldiers and military to raid the more than 700 bakeries around the capital of Venezuela this week, enforcing a rule that required 90% of wheat to be destined to bread rather than pastries and cakes.

This March 7th story from The Hill reports Venezuela is once again a world leader though not for their soccer teams or 'miss universe' winners nor oil revenues but as the true global leader in violence. Shootings, stabbings, grenades, bombs tear gas, kidnappings, gang violence, extortion, you name it obviously goes hand in hand with hunger.

This March 15th story from Town Hall reports even soldiers are eating from the trash in 'socialist utopia Venezuela'. If you think that's 'fake news', you can see people in Venezuela doing it in the final video below. One doctor described the medical system in Venezuela as 'something out of the 19th century' as it, too, is in a total state of collapse.

And while Venezuela turns to cannibalism and continues to turn more dark, draconian and totalitarian every day while the people there are literally starving to death, we get more and more signs nearly every day here in America that we may not be too far behind them. And there but for the Grace of God go we. 


As Michael Snyder reported in his Economic Collapse Blog back on March 7th, most Americans aren't paying attention to what is happening now in Venezuela and Brazil and many who aren't couldn't believe such a thing could ever happen here. Yet, as Snyder reports, the signs are all around us. Telling us that in 2016, more than 70% of the population of Venezuela lost weight due to the severe lack of food there, only a few years ago both economies were doing well with Venezuela looked at as one of the bright shining stars of socialism. Yet now, people are so hungry in Venezuela that some of them are actually slaughtering and eating cats, dogs, pigeons and zoo animals. From Snyder:

I keep telling people that this is coming to America, but a lot of people out there don’t want to believe me.

But it is most certainly coming.

Thanks to chronically empty store shelves and severe food shortages, people in Venezuela are losing weight at an astounding pace. In the United States it would be a good thing if much of the population lost this much weight, but in Venezuela it definitely is not…

The global economy is more interconnected than ever before, and pain that starts in one region can rapidly spread to others.

The biggest debt bubble that the world has ever seen is starting to burst, and over the coming years we are going to see financial pain on a scale that would be unimaginable to most of us at this moment.

But even now there are those that would suggest that this colossal debt bubble can continue growing much faster than global GDP indefinitely, and this sort of exceedingly reckless optimism is leading many astray.


The signs include the debt ceiling deadline passing on March 15th, after which Snyder warned 'the biggest test of Donald Trump's presidency begins'. As we reported on ANP back on February 27th, according to former Ronald Reagan Budget Director David Stockman, America faces a day of reckoning ahead that would begin with the March 15th debt ceiling and could lead everything to a grinding halt by summer time. Stockman told Greg Hunter in their recent interview that a fiscal bloodbath was coming and there was little to nothing that President Trump would be able to do stop it. 

As Snyder also recently reported, the Federal Reserve is setting up Trump for a recession, a housing crisis and a stock market crash. This new story from Zero Hedge reports that the 'deep state' is now USING the Federal reserve as 'their weapon of choice' against President Trump and as Snyder warns us, the Fed holds more power over the economy than anyone, even Trump! 

Most Americans do not understand this, but the truth is that the Federal Reserve has far more power over the U.S. economy than anyone else does, and that includes Donald Trump.

Politicians tend to get the credit or the blame for how the economy is performing, but in reality it is an unelected, unaccountable panel of central bankers that is running the show, and until something is done about the Fed our long-term economic problems will never be fixed.

The Federal Reserve is currently setting the stage for a recession, a new housing crisis and a stock market crash, and if those things happen unfortunately it will be Donald Trump that will primarily get the blame.


Photo credit GrrrGraphics and Ben Garrison

As Mac Slavo reported over at SHTFPlan back on March 15th, America also faces a future pension crisis that Slavo warns "is bound to be the death of us all" and is ready to "bring hell to America". The national debt clock keeps on ticking at nearly $20 trillion and according to the International Monetary Fund, the 'global debt bomb' stands at an all time high of at least $152 trillion dollars, $21,714 for every man, woman and child upon this Earth, and ready to explode. As Bloomberg recently reported, that amount is 'alarmingly high'...but is it contagious

And as we learn from Karl Denninger in the 2nd video below, 'this beast will not just roll over and go away quietly into the night'. Denninger warns the collapse of the entire system may be ahead and it may be tied to the disastrous thing that is 'Obamacare'. A collapse is coming. This is a mathematical certainty. If you’re not prepared for living independent of the system, at least in part, then you will feel the full brunt of the pain to come. In the first video below, videographer Realist News talks with us about what Denninger's warning means to us. 

That we are here now in America and elsewhere around the world with healthy food in our stomach's every day, we truly are grateful. For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To Him be the glory forever! Amen.

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