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July 15, 2021

This Explains The Orwellian Rush Into Medical Tyranny: Dangerous Polls Show Americans Agree, The MSM, Biden, Congress And Medical System Have Failed America Horribly

- Expect The Rush To Despotism To Be Kicked Into Overdrive As Americans 'Awaken' To 'Woke'

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

While the mainstream media plays their part by continuing to try to 'sell' an experimental 'big pharma' injection to the unvaxxed masses who clearly aren't 'buying it', a revealing new Gallup poll from July 14th shows Americans overwhelmingly have a consistent distrust in that same media, with over 3 out of every 4 Americans not believing what they read and hear in the news while only 21% trusts them.

With another recent poll by Reuters itself finding the US ranks last among 46 countries in trust in media being more evidence that the 'propaganda machine' unleashed by the globalists/democrats upon America is failing, we none-the-less have to deal with the 'after-effects' of the mainstream media's lies, a 'reality' in 2021 that borders upon 'Orwellian'

And with that same Gallup poll finding over 50% of Americans have trust in only 3 different institutions, small businesses, the police and the US military, the fact that way over 50% of Americans DISTRUST public schools, the medical system, the banks, the court systems, technology companies, organized labor, the President, big businesses and Congress show us why America is in the mess that we're now in, with America's biggest institutions largely lying to the masses for decades.

Leading to the insane and Orwellian liberal way of thinking such as the police need to be defunded, white Americans need to be 're-educated', males can 'become' females and vice versa and governments controlling 'freedom' is a 'good thing', it's alarming that those institutions who Americans have completely lost trust in still wield such enormous power over the masses. From this July 13th story over at the Tampa Free Press which also had very bad news for 'the fourth estate'.:

Former President Donald Trump spent four years complaining about “fake news,” and that the national press corps were the “enemy of the people.” The media returned the favor by denouncing Trump as a tyrannical threat to the republic and unfit for office for noting its lopsided, liberal bias against him and his followers. 

It turns out, however, that Americans may have listened more to Trump than the media, which got a double drubbing from the public in recent days, according to two public opinion polls. 

On Friday, the right-leaning Rasmussen Reports released a survey of 1,000 Americans, and found they “overwhelmingly believe ‘fake news’ is a problem, and a majority agree with former President Donald Trump that the media have become ‘the enemy of the people.’” According to Rasmussen, 58 percent “strongly” or “somewhat” agree that the national media are worthy of the title. 

Comparatively, only 36 percent disagreed. Not surprisingly, conservatives (81 percent) and Republicans (76 percent) – and they are not the same thing – sided with Trump. Liberals and Democrats rejected the idea, although perhaps by smaller margins than expected. 

Among liberals, 30 percent accepted the “enemy” argument, while among Democrats, 37 percent did. Meanwhile, when asked about “fake” news, 83 percent overall called it a “serious” or “somewhat” a problem. Regarding ideology, 91 percent of conservatives felt that way, while 73 percent of liberals did. Aside from Rasmussen, 

Reuters also delivered bad news for the Fourth Estate. In late June, Reuters released a survey of 92,000 people worldwide that found America ranked dead last among 46 nations when it came to public trust in its news providers. Just 29 percent of Americans admitted that they trust the media, based on reporting about events in 2020. 

“These findings highlight the challenges of translating 2020’s surging news usage into long-term trust-building in the highly polarised American market,” Reuters’ analysts noted.

With Congress's approval rating at an absolutely dismal 12% according to that Gallup poll at a time they continually seek to create new laws to crack down upon the masses, and the medical establishment's approval rating of only 44% while they continue to inoculate the masses, the latest 'scare stories' being pushed by the MSM that hardly anyone trusts hint at where America is being herded in the days ahead. As Congressman Devin Nunes recently warned, 'The bottom line here is is that there’s a massive erosion of the of nearly every institution in this in this country right now'.

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Just a few weeks ago on ANP, we warned in this story that all signs were pointing to a return to Covid lockdowns in our futures as this 'psyop of epic proportions' upon Americans was about to be kicked into its next stage. And now we see all across the MSM (that most Americans don't trust!) lead stories with these titles: 

Delta variant now accounts for about 58% of COVID-19 cases in US, CDC says - The proportion was estimated at approximately 3% in late May.

US COVID-19 cases rising again, doubling over three weeks

Covid-19 cases, hospitalizations rise, particularly in unvaccinated red states

Young children will pay the price if enough US adults don't get vaccinated against Covid-19, expert says

And while we don't believe those stories, as they are clearly more 'propaganda' to get Americans to take the shot, think that Joe Biden and Democrats who've been lying to the American people for decades about practically everything (thus proving why they have a 12% approval rating!) won't take those stories and run with them as they attempt to get the unvaccinated masses to 'comply'

This recent Daily Mail story titled "Majority of Americans - both Republican and Democrat - now believe COVID did leak from Wuhan lab in dramatic shift for idea once dismissed as a 'conspiracy theory'" garnered the following top-voted comments, showing a huge 'awakening'.: 

It was only a 'conspiracy theory' when Trump was in office.

So Twitter and Facebook, how many accounts did you ban or suspend over this fact?

And besides myself being completely banned from twitter for linking to anti-vax ANP stories, we can also report that we here at ANP have had a countless number of such stories 'demonetized' by ad companies for reporting 'inconvenient truths' such as those as seen in the screenshot below. This is the main reason why ANP actually NEEDS donations from our readers to stay online and we thank you so much for them. Because while the msm continues raking in the ad revenue for reporting lies and 'fake news', reporting the truth doesn't pay the bills in 2021 America. 

So while Joe Biden and Congress and the mainstream media and medical establishment, all with hugely failing trust grades from the American people, continue to try to 'sell' the 'vax' as the 'answer' to Covid, this Wednesday story over at the Daily Mail reports that 'fully vaxxed' TV personality Catt Sadler has just revealed she has fallen ill with the same Covid she was 'vaxxed' against. 

Giving free-thinking Americans all across the country another reason to NEVER take 'the vax', why would anyone want to take an experimental shot that is proven to be killing people when it won't even offer real protection from Covid? If back in the 1950's, those being 'vaxxed' against polio still fell ill with the disease, would they have kept on taking 'the vax'? The top-voted comments on that Wednesday DM story blow away the globalists narrative.:

LOL!!! These vaccinated people are nuts! I was recently told I can't attend a family wedding because I'm not vaccinated. But, if everyone there is vaccinated then why do you care if I'm not? Well we can still catch it! Then what is the point of the vaccination? ...Psychological warfare at its finest!

I'm sorry for her but just goes to show that we've not been told everything there is to know about the vaccine!! People are still getting sick. Some are sick in other ways now after getting the vaccine with problems they never experienced before and some lost their lives because of the vaccine. I think I'll take my chances and pass.

I wish people would wake up to all this.... Just look at the carry on in parliament.... One rule for the elite, another for the little people below....its over. It is over. We are now living with the virus like we do flu. If you want an experimental vaccine, have it. If you don't... Don't take it. Simple. Don't judge, just do what you think is right for you. Live your life people.... Its too short for all this carry on!

So while we'll completely agree with the main point of that last comment, that those who want to get 'vaxxed' should go ahead and do it, and those who wouldn't touch an experimental injection with a 100' pole should be allowed to 'reject it', insane TV personalities such as Geraldo Rivera recently stating "No Vaccine, no work, no school, no in-person shopping. You have a right not to be vaccinated. I have the right to protect my kids" gives Americans another strong hint of where we're we being herded: Towards full-scale medical tyranny if the globalists get their way. 

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