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August 7, 2021

UPDATED: Did Eerily Accurate Classic Video Show Us How They Were Going To Take Over The World? Highly Controversial Video Warned: 'The People Who Own The Banks, Own The Hospitals, This Is Their Plan To Own YOU!'

By Alan Barton aka Bart's Bantering for All News Pipeline

UPDATE: It appears that the video in question could be fake, according to State Of The Nation, who states it "was an excellent portrayal of OPERATION COVID-19 and Pandemic Hoax". 

Yet it also appears that this video was created long before Covid arrived. Did this eerily accurate classic video show us how they were going to take over the world? Please let us know what you think in the comment section below.  

Original article below:

We all seem to know the history of covid-19 because we have been subjected to it over and over the last year and a half, like it or not. I’ll not dwell on the popular versions of this tale as it is just too much bull to stomach, but I will cover lesser known aspects to better understand what we are dealing with. Things are moving so very quickly now that it is hard to keep up and we seem not to have the time to study things the way we used to, and even being retired, I still find that the truth. 

To get an overall understanding of this insane attack, let us first look at a cartoon, one from the early days of animation in 1930 found on Vimeo – titled “How To Take Over The World” that gives a great overview of what we are now witnessing. 

An Early Warning Cartoon: How to Take Over The World from Valletta.TV on Vimeo.

That was fun to watch, and helpful to see things were as well understood then as now. 

Although widely denied by the MSM and “fact checkers” (which actually means official NWO pro-propaganda rebuttal groups), earlier this year we saw a few articles documenting the fact that the Rothschild’s patented Covid-19 biometric tests in 2015 and 2017. Specifically Richard A. Rothschild, whose Face Book page states that he “Owns the World”. Wait – when was Covid revealed to the world? End of 2019? Officially perhaps, but it has been in the planning and initial preparation stages far longer than that. 

"Proof The Rothschilds Patented Covid-19 Biometric Tests In 2015 & 2017” by “Rights and Freedoms” is one among a number of sources that show the first registration in 2015 in the Netherlands, including Dutch Government patent registration proofs, titled “System and Method for Testing for Covid-19” was filed (funny they used the “-19” appendage rather than a generic one that early).


The Second registration is a US one from 2017 (a PDF is available to download from Google Patents) and note that both are dated well before the emergence of C19. A third registration is also dated 2017, with “actualization” of 2015. Note the dates on this graphic, a screen shot that shows WITS – World Integrated Trade Solution – a Rothschild group, showing they were shipping test kits labeled COVID-19 but later relabeled as “Medical Test Kits 300215” only when they were caught, before 2017. 

Interesting, is it not, that even with direct proof it is still a “hoax”

Fauci and Gates among others were telling the world that a man made bug would hit the world very soon, Fauci said it would be in Trumps First Term! I had the video stored on that, and FB had removed it when I went to get the URL to post with this article. 

We then note a story in a few sites that “Fully-Vaxxed Gibraltar Sees 2500 PERCENT SPIKE in COVID-19 Cases Per Day, Initiates New Lockdowns” according to the Big League Politics headlined story where they mention that “The nation of Gibraltar, which achieved a 99 percent vaccine compliance rate as of June 1, is now seeing an astounding spike in cases. 

The number of COVID cases per day have increased by an astounding 2500 percent since June 1, in the latest bit of evidence that the vaccine regime is not all it’s cracked up to be” which is quite a statement. This included Tweet shows just what they are up against. 

Just how is it that being all but fully vaccinated and they get such a massive outbreak? 

Could it be we are not dealing with the same thing as they claim? Similar things are happening in many places, and in the USA we are being told that “CDC Discusses Confinement, Internment Camps for Those at High Risk of China Virus” where The New American mentions that the CDC is talking about “Green Zones” “in which those at “high risk” of contracting the virus will be housed. CDC’s euphemism for the internment is “shielding.” The goal is to “protect high-risk populations from disease and death.””. What, like those people in Gibraltar were protected? 

The CDC website has a paper describing “Interim Operational Considerations for Implementing the Shielding Approach to Prevent COVID-19 Infections in Humanitarian Settings” where they describe “implementing the shielding approach in humanitarian settings as outlined in guidance documents focused on camps, displaced populations and low-resource settings” but remember there are no “internment camps”

They say The shielding approach aims to reduce the number of severe COVID-19 cases by limiting contact between individuals at higher risk of developing severe disease (“high-risk”) and the general population (“low-risk”). High-risk individuals would be temporarily relocated to safe or “green zones” established at the household, neighborhood, camp/sector or community level depending on the context and setting. They would have minimal contact with family members and other low-risk residents, but no internment camps. LIARS! 

Now consider the effect the massive invasion by criminal invaders over our Southern border will have on getting those internment camps going, with the so-called covid and so many other non-described diseases coming in (there have been cases of Plague, various Pox, Tuberculosis, and so many others that we had at one time eliminated from our borders). 

"The CDC has proven that its name is a lie. It is a political organization that is barely acquainted with science. We have learned far more about COVID-19 through the studies and commentaries published by a myriad of authors on the internet. And it’s very likely that without the CDC, we would have thousands of loved ones still alive the NoQ Report said a few days ago, and I agree. The error is, does the Covid19 even exist? We have looked at that question before and concluded it does NOT exist as portrayed. But what does exist then? 

A great Conservative writer Kevin Jackson noted in “Flu History and the Wuflu Scamdemic“ the same thing we noted in the ANP story of July 14th where “… suddenly, in the 2020/2021 flu season, there were mysteriously no flu and very few pneumonia cases or deaths. And the curves of the covid cases followed the normal flu curves almost exactly, with just a slight rise in numbers. Hospitalizations have been for covid, but we already know the test swabs are completely fake, they do NOT show covid but only that there may have been some bits and pieces from some virus or the other present. Therefore, I conclude that the so-called Covid is just the seasonal flu, with some proof that the bio-weapon does exist, it seems to have petered out in Wuhan China or has become so weak it is just a part of the normal flu season” and I stand by that statement. 

Mr. Jackson goes through and shows how the Flu has been far worse in history than the more or less normal flu season mistaken for the covid19 “pandemic” and adds “the single deadliest year for the flu in history was 1918. That’s the year the Spanish flu swept the globe. During the pandemic, life expectancy in the United States dropped by 12 years because so many people were dying. The flu killed more people than World War I, which was being fought in Europe at the time. Half a billion people were infected with the virus, and it killed somewhere in the order of 50 to 100 million people, three to five percent of the world’s total population at the time.” 

That was an actual flu Pandemic, not the pretend one we have now. 

Doctor Jack Stockwell and his wife Mary Stockwell have great Podcasts, and this most fascinating particular one from July 2020 shows that The Germ Theory of Disease is Not True! 

I will not go through it, but just note that they are real experts, not me, and note that “140 years ago, doctors and scientists understood that germs and viruses played a secondary role in human health, but somehow over the decades, this knowledge moved to the center of disease theory, where it now reliably distorts our understanding, and our mitigation of viral and bacterial outbreaks. No matter what else changes in the coming years about the medical establishments, we must strive to move the focus beyond the germ. Beyond the virus. For this very special 200th episode, Dr. Jack and Mary take us on a tour de force of the history of the Germ Theory of Disease, from it’s corruption of the original science, to its corruption in the hands of profitable disease treatment.” Then remember that the CDC is only “a political organization that is barely acquainted with science” as we noted above. His Wednesday radio show 8/4/2021 is on the End Game. It is also an excellent one to listen to and covers some of what I am now. 

Now we have the “Delta” variant, the “Epsilon” and more – remember the July 26th ANP story “Highly Censored Doctor Warns: 'The Genocidal Lunatics, The Horsemen Of The Apocalypse Who Planned This Fraud, Are Leading Us To Armageddon' - Revisiting The News From About 14 Months Ago Shows How Much We've Been Lied To” by yours truly among so many other stories here and elsewhere, noted that the so-called “vaccine” is the real problem, not the seasonal flu blamed for it. Those variants are just advertising, a marketing ploy, to get people to succumb to the Kill Shot. Kevin Jackson in another great column notes that it is only a con job, “There is no “Delta variant” That’s a MARKETING TERM

Viruses morph. And the Wuflu virus is no different than say…THE FLU! My bet is the average American has no idea how many different flu viruses exist. Do you? …. So Wuflu is 10X more deadly than the flu, if you believe the CDC “estimates.” But the NAME they have given it is just a MARKETING TERM. 

And when you are being marketed to, then somebody is trying to SELL you something. In this case, the Fed wants to SELL you on the idea of giving up your FREEDOM…AGAIN! So they package the NEW supposed world-ending disease that will kill us all. 

So what the FIRST WAVE didn’t kill enough of us to declare it a PANDEMIC! 

This NEW one is FAR WORSE. Think of the old commercials where the newer version of the product was NEW AND IMPROVED. Well the new DELTA VARIANT is new and improved…TO GET YOUR MONEY! So get those masks back out, and wait for us to tell you just how deadly this new virus is.” 

There have been many stories covering the FACT that the C19 tests are not accurate in any measure, they are a total scam that was not even meant to test for a disease that cannot be measured. As we know that is the truth, then how can they test for a variant that does not even exist either? “How is the Delta Variant Spreading If There is No Direct Delta Variant Test?” asks Larry Johnson of the Gateway Pundit, “But I find one thing very troubling–news media, pundits and some health organizations insist the culprit behind the latest breakout of COVID cases is the DELTA variant but there is no test for the DELTA variant. It would be one thing if the media reports told the story of people being tested and then, a day or two later, learn belatedly they are carrying the dreaded DELTA variant. But that is not what is being reported.” 

He errs in that there is no test whatsoever for ANY “covid” variant. There are tests that can show probable Corona virus infection, but it is based on COMPUTER SIMULATIONS, NOT an actual, visual virus as proven in the recent Alberta Canada law suits as described in The New American and many other recent articles, “Alberta Ends COVID-19 Restrictions After Citizen’s Court Victory” blares the headline – “Without the ability to isolate the virus in humans, the government lacks standing to enforce the draconian rules intended to “protect” the populace.” 

Yes, now we are getting somewhere. Stew Peters has a great Rumble show with the man involved in the middle of it, Patrick King, that covers it all nicely. 

Jon Rappaport said “The SARS-CoV-2 virus doesn’t exist. 

The supposed diagnostic tests are meaningless

The case numbers are meaningless

The people who have died have died for multiple reasons, none of which has anything to do with SARS-CoV-2.” 

Let me repeat that - SARS-CoV-2 virus doesn’t exist … people who have died have died for multiple reasons, none of which has anything to do with SARS-CoV-2 


Jon continues in his Canada Free Press article from August third that it is like the movie Soylent Green, that it is the MURDER of OLD PEOPLE. “Open-source press reports revealed the “excess mortality” of 2020 was largely the result of elderly people dying in nursing homes 

Soon after the Italian report, the Institute of Health went dark. No more research was released. No updates. They’d spoken out of school, and someone slapped them in the head

Open-source press reports revealed the “excess mortality” of 2020 was largely the result of elderly people dying in nursing homes.” This has nothing to do with a virus.” 

“All of this is reminiscent of the election audits happening in the United States. The Democrats who claim that there was not widespread election fraud are so adamant about stopping the audits from proving them correct. Meanwhile, the pro-vaxxers are so sure the “vaccines” are safe that they are attempting to prevent the very autopsies that could prove it. 

Here’s the thing. Just as Democrats know there were major challenges to the 2020 election that would be discovered through audits, so too do the pro-vaxxers know that a close examination of people dying after they received the jabs would spark questions about the safety of the injections. Those who have nothing to hide do not try so hard to keep it all hidden. 

We must demand autopsies be performed on everyone who dies within two weeks of getting the injections. The initial data is so striking, anyone who objects to this is pushing an agenda, not science or healthcare” notes the NoQ Report last Wednesday, “Dr. Peter Schirmacher is not just an average pathologist. The German doctor is world-renowned in his field, honored by The Pathologist as one of the 100 most influential in the world. He is the acting chairman of the German Society of Pathology, director of the Institute of Pathology at Heidelberg University Hospital, and president of the German Association for the Study of the Liver. Bottom line, this professor and doctor understands pathology like very few on the planet. 

This is why it’s so perplexing that a bombshell report he released this week has been absolutely censored. Mainstream media won’t report on it and Big Tech has eliminated accounts who attempt to share it. Considering the incessant push towards universal vaccinations by government, academia, media, and Big Tech, it really shouldn’t be perplexing at all that his work is being quashed because it details mind-blowing data about the dangers of the so-called Covid “vaccines.”” 

"Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla has canceled his expected visit to Israel after it turned out he has not been vaccinated against the coronavirus. 

Let that sink in a minute: The CEO of Pfizer has not taken his own company's vaccine. 

What does that tell you about the so-called Vaccine? 

Bourla, as well as members of the delegation that was meant to accompany him during his visit were not vaccinated.” Say WHAT Hal Turner? Does Pfizer know how to spell HYPOCRIT

The Liberty Beacon said “How the experimental vaxes have primed the body to fatally over-react when it comes into routine contact with what should be relatively mild corona viruses (of which there are many not just SARA COV2). 

How the “Delta Variant” thing is a hoax designed to explain away the harm being done by the vaccines. 

How the PCR test is now thoroughly discredited. 

How there IS NO TEST that can tell you you have the Delta variant so if you are told you have it, ask what specific test was done to distinguish it from any other Corona virus and ask to see the evidence. 

Right after the Canadian court decision that the virus does not exist, the CDC tried an emergency “Cover Your Ass” move – then release a link to this atrocity – “SARS-CoV-2 Viral Culturing at CDC” while failing to mention that it has ALWAYS been just a computer model - and always will be. 

Natural News has a nice bookend of reports, the first was “Doctors share THEIR OWN vaccine injury horror stories, revealing that vaccines are devastating the medical profession and the second was US Physicians will now lose their medical license for reporting vaccine injuries and providing informed consent to patients”

Grab your @sses folks, this is getting very real and very End Times

Defy the NWO (read as the Rothschilds) and you lose. Defy the Satanic communist regime infesting our nation, and you lose. Refuse to be murdered by the Kill Shot and you lose. 

Take another look at that cartoon we started out with. 

An Early Warning Cartoon: How to Take Over The World from Valletta.TV on Vimeo.

Also see: Video clip “Vaccine Failure 

And finally, "Pandemic Control — A Global Propaganda Operation".

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