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October 22, 2016

'Everything's Aligned For All Hell To Break Loose' - Vladimir Putin's Ominous Message To The American People


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Back on October 2nd, ANP reported that 40+ million Russians would be taking part in massive, 4-day long civil defense maneuvers that would involve citizens being moved to fully-stocked underground bunkers in Moscow and throughout the country as Russia prepared itself for nuclear war. In the nearly 3 weeks that have followed, we've reported that US military leaders and Russian leaders have had a series of escalating battles of words, leading to one Russian spokesman stating 'we are at end game now' while US Army General Mark Milley responded in kind, warning that the US will completely destroy any enemy that we face.

However, there's nothing quite like hearing directly from the leader of the nation who current US leaders are trying to demonize so we get to hear directly from Russian President Vladimir Putin in the fully-translated 1st video below in which he shares his thoughts and an ominous warning with the American people. We also hear James Wesley Rawles from Survival Blog in the 2nd video below warning us why he feels World War 3 is now imminent, suggesting it may have already begun, as he and Alex Jones from Infowars tell us why they feel everything is now aligned for all hell to break loose.

Telling us that what we're now witnessing in US politics is a well-practiced game of 'distraction' from the real world problems we face, Russian president Putin tells us straight out that Russia doesn't want war with America but if that's what America wants, "there will be problems". Putin also shares wisdom well known in the world of politics as stated in Saul Alinsky's 'Rules for Radicals', if there's not an enemy, the US will just 'create one' and the nation will unite against them.

putin_wisdom.PNG there_will_be_problems.PNG

The new story on Sputnik News that Steve Quayle linked to on his website this morning tells us that Washington DC seeks to 'fully destroy' relationships between the US and Russia, just the latest evidence we've gotten that those supporting ISIS-terrorists in Washington DC fully intend to complete their total destruction of America.

With tensions between the US and Russia now at fever pitch and the possibility of World War 3 breaking out at any moment and everything now seemingly in play, Vladimir Putin also has a few choice words for Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and anyone else seeking to use Russia as their 'whipping-boy' in the eye-opening 1st video below.

Putin also warns the American people that we shouldn't be falling for this game of distraction being played by corrupt politicians while implying that the recent hacks being blamed on Russia may have actually been performed by patriotic members of the US intelligence community who are sick and tired of this government's support of the terrorists who want to slaughter us and tired of the neverending series of lies coming out of the Clinton campaign's mouths.


We've taken screenshots of several of Putin's translated comments and put them into this story in which the Russian leader emphasizes several times to the American people that they DO NOT want war with America but if it's war that America wants, it's certainly war that America will get, everywhere (including US soil!!).

Putin tells us that Clinton and the current administration's jeopardizing of Russian relationships with America for 'brownie points' and risking confrontation is not Russia's choice and we'll have to agree with him, it is quite harmful and counter productive. Putin also tells us that recent statements made by Joe Biden about the US cyber-attacking Russia are not on par with established standards for international communications and they must be getting nervous about something.


As we've warned before on ANP, the very last thing that Americans should want is to go to war with Russia. Russia could completely destroy the US in half an hour via a nuclear EMP attack upon us that completely takes down our electric grid and with it, everything that makes America a 'modern' country to live in.

Imagine waking up tomorrow with no outage that might last the next 6 months to a year or more. Experts have warned that 90% of Americans would be dead within 6 to 18 months if such an attack were to occur. If tomorrow you woke up with no power and your entire town, city and state had none either, would your family be able to survive through the next 3 days? Week? Month? Year? Remember, no power anywhere via an EMP attack also means no functioning banks, ATM's, gas stations, public utilities, internet, and stores likely ransacked completely within the first few hours afterwards.

Putin shows that he understands that conflicts with the US can create 'existential threats' for not just both America and Russia but for the entire world as any such Russian attack upon America would surely be responded upon by the US. He further tells us that's not what Russia wants; what Russia wants is to find points of mutual agreement and solve the problems that we face where we have common interests at heart.


Putin also addresses both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, asking why 'war criminal Clinton' has taken up such an aggressive stance towards Russia, a country that could completely annihilate us if they really wanted to.

He also states that Trump is calling for international cooperation, at least in regards to the fight against terrorism. Why might the Obama administration (and any future Clinton administration) NOT want to fight the same terrorists who've declared war upon America and the West, vowing to bomb us out of existence?

putin_on_clinton.PNG putin_on_trump.PNG

Putin also addresses rumors that Russia has plans to interfere in US election, asking everyone to calm down, and outright stating that Russia has NO intention of influencing the turn of events in the elections here in the US.

Why would any future 'Clinton administration' want to risk the lives of tens to hundreds of millions of Americans by launching a war with a country that could send America back to the dark ages? That question is asked in the 2nd video below featuring Rawles in which we're told our psychopathic leaders here in America would rather take down the entire system and launch World War 3 than give up their power and control.

harm_relations.PNG no_influence.PNG

Soon after the video begins, Putin is asked about Joe Biden's promise to 'respond to your actions' by threatening cyberattacks against Russia and while Putin responds directly in words, his actions directly following his words are priceless as seen in the photograph series below. Telling Biden "we know how to tell each other to *&^$ off", Putin then proceeds to 'drop a bird' upon Biden's head which he dangles in front of the camera for quite some time.


Is there anything at all that the American people can now do to help prevent World War 3 and our possible nuclear annihilation? Would a Hillary Clinton presidency (if she somehow steals the election away from Trump) lead us to the final straw that begins a series of events that ends up very poorly for America and much of the world?

As Rawles and Jones tell us, Russia has done a remarkable job of restraint when all things are considered with those still in power here in America continuously pushing Russia towards war. However, as Rawles reminds us, a Hillary Clinton imposed no-fly zone over Syria that leads to Russian planes being shot down by NATO could easily be the straw that breaks this camel's back. All it will take is one match for the entire powderkeg to explode.


While we certainly understand that Putin and Russia aren't perfect, as are no man nor nation, we clearly hear from Russia's own president that the last thing Russia wants is war with America. With everything else that is now happening now in America, Putin makes it clear all of the talk about Russia influencing the US election is simply talk, a distraction from the many real world problems we face, and it may be setting us up for a calamity that we can never undo if it persists.

Are you willing to lose the lives of your friends, families and loved ones to protect Hillary Clinton and the globalists and their neverending blood-lust for power if that meant going to war with Russia that could lead to our annihilation? If so, please tell us why you'd be so willing to make such a foolish sacrifice in the comment section below.


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