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July 24, 2018

#WalkAway Explosive Growth Spurs Complete Meltdown By The Media & The Left Screaming 'Russian Propaganda!!!!' 

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

When Kayne West informed his 27 millions followers he loved how Candace Owens thinks, the media and liberals all across the internet went nuts, because Candace Owens is a young, black, conservative woman. We saw the media hounding West, accusing him of having a mental breakdown, while celebrities from all over Twitter harassed him for encouraging his followers to be "free thinkers." His message was simple, no one party "owns" them, or their vote, and people should research and make decisions, including how to vote, based on what is best for them, not what they were told was best for them by anyone else.

The reason that one message made liberal heads explode is because traditionally, Democrats received and overwhelming majority of the African American vote. In 2016, Hillary Clinton received approximately 86.5 percent of the black vote, with some saying it was closer to 88 percent. 

Democrats count on certain demographics during election cycles, then basically ignore those same people until the next election cycle. They suck up to Hispanics by pushing for open borders, falsely claiming that Republicans against illegal immigration hate all immigrants. They pander to the LGBT community informing them that Republicans will roll back their "protections," aka additional rights, more than average citizens who are not part of the LGBT community have. The falsely tell the black community that Republicans are all racist and/or white supremacists.

Their game is, and has been, identity politics, where they count on their core base demographic voters to focus more on identity politics, than to pay attention to actual policy proposals.

For years this has worked in their favor, which is why the left, the liberal media, and Democrats are literally melting down over the #WalkAway movement, where according to the stream of videos being created by people from all walks of life, mostly former Democrats, are explaining their reasons as to why they decided to #WalkAway from the Democrats.

Last week it was CNN and a few other liberal outlets, screaming that Russian bots were the main moving force behind the #WalkAway campaign, citing the shadowy Hamilton 68 group, composed of NeverTrumpers and Russia-haters (including John Podesta and Bill Kristol), claiming that they track 600 Russian-linked accounts and that the #WalkAway hashtag was the third most popular hashtag being used by those accounts.

1) Hamilton 68 has never revealed what accounts they claim are Russia-linked. 2) They have never offered any evidence at all that any of those accounts are linked to Russia in any way.

Disclaimer: Of course there are a number of bots on social media, there has been, there always will be and they will also use hashtags that "trend," in order to get the most exposure. They are not only Russian, but the U.S. uses them, as do a number of other countries, and it is very interesting that the only ones Hamilton even claims to be tracking is "Russian-linked," bots accounts.

Recently ANP reported that liberal sites were also citing another website along with Hamilton 68, which claims to be able to detect bot-like behavior, and as I showed, via video, their AI learning machine has a lot more learning to do before anyone should be using it, as they found that "I" exhibit bot-like behavior. I have been on Twitter since 2010, have over 13,500 followers and am definitely not Russian, nor a bot.

Here is the video where I show how flawed AI algorithms are for those that missed it.


The reason #WalkAway has seen such explosive growth has nothing to do with Twitter hashtags, or bots using them, but because real people are putting themselves out there to offer their testimonies as to what "red-pilled" them, woke them up to how they were being herded into the Democratic party and used by the party leaders just to win elections.

It began with a gay hairdresser from New York, Brandon Straka, who in a now-viral six minute-plus video, explained why he walked away from the Democratic party after being a liberal up until last year. He stated " I reject a system which allows an ambitious, misinformed, and dogmatic mob to suppress free speech, create false narratives, and apathetically steamroll over the truth."

People took to social media to start giving their testimonies as to when and why they left the Democratic party. Then the liberal media and other Democrats started screaming that "#WalkAway is Russian propaganda," which is being repeated by liberals across the internet.


Mr. Straka, who created the movement and worked his tail off to spur its growth,  responded to little Hogg, on Twitter as a direct response, saying "hey @davidhogg111 u were able 2bully constitutionalists while hiding behind identity politics as an untouchable minor, but you’re over 18 now & you just tried 2 invalidate a gay man- so game on. My movement isn’t sponsored by CNN- & trying 2hijack it won’t make you relevant again."

Then Straka offered an official statement via Big League Politics, whom he thanked via Twitter "for letting me get a response out to one of the latest attacks from the left!! "

“It is understandable that Mr. Hogg would be incapable of comprehending a movement that is born organically from the purity, positivity, and passion of the people – grassroots and free from manipulation, considering the genesis of ‘March For Our Lives,'” Brandon Straka, #WalkAway founder told Big League Politics. [.....]

“David Hogg has, once more, waged an attack on the truth, and waged an attack on the validity of the voices of real Americans as they honestly and bravely tell their stories,” Straka said. “Mr. Hogg has again become a puppet parroting the crackpot narratives of his handlers at CNN.”

Mr. Straka also spoke to The Epoch Times, explaining how, in his opinion, this constant screed of "Russia bots" by the left-wing media is going to drive more people away from the Democrats.

“The recent attempts by left-wing media to invalidate the real testimonials, feelings, and experiences of the real people who have joined the #WalkAway Campaign is yet another desperate denial of the reality that the Democratic Party no longer has anything valuable to offer the American people,” Brandon Straka told The Epoch Times.

Straka continues on to say the Russian bot narrative "will only prove to further push people who have had enough of the left away from liberalism and the Democratic Party." The left is "now embracing the claptrap rationale that anybody opposed to their nonsensical agenda must be a foreign operative robot."



Straka, who goes by the username The Unsilent Minority on Facebook, offers many testimonies by others as to why they chose to #WalkAway from the Democrats. Over on YouTube, a newly created channel called #WalkAway Fan Site, which now has over 35,000 subscribers, allows people to submit their testimonies. In the three weeks the channel has been around, there are over 100 videos, clearly showing these people are real, they are not Russians, and they certainly aren't bots.

Hispanic men and women, black men and women, straight, gay, you name it, they are explaining why they decided to #WalkAway.

In otherwords, many people from the very demographics that Democrats count on to win elections, are prepared to never, ever give the Democrats their support again.

A few of the newer testimonies uploaded over the last couple of days shown below, just to show the diversity and the type of stories that the liberal media simply wants Democratic supporters to ignore by claiming it is a "Russian propaganda campaign."

After having watched dozens of these accounts, something stands out clearly. It isn't just the screams of Russia propaganda campaign that will drive more people away, the majority, at some point highlight the media's frenzied hatred of President Trump as one of the reasons they decided to do more research, and then decided to walk away from the Democrats.

The media drove, and is still driving, Democrats away because of their one-sided biased coverage.

I am not putting 100+ videos in an article (You are welcome!), so when readers get a chance and some extra time, just hop over to the #WalkAway Fan Site, and look at the people, the different demographics, all telling their stories.


The liberal media and Democrats are doing everything in their power to invalidate this explosive #WalkAway movement, by claiming those on social media are all bots, so these very real people are taking to video to prove they are not bots, they are not Russian and they are the very people Democrats always counted on to vote for them simply because of "identity politics.

They can count on them no more, and they are desperate to keep others, just like these red-pilled people, from hearing them and seeing them, and perhaps... listening to them, so they too can #WalkAway.


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