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December 29, 2018

Man To Be 'Re-Educated' For 'Wrongthink' In Unique Legal Settlement That Could Provide A National Model & Showing Just How Far Down The Orwellian Rabbit Hole America Has Fallen

- And Has The 'War Upon Independent Media' Devolved Into Killing The Truthtellers?


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

In this incredibly sad story over at the Daily Mail this morning we learn that rising-star Conservative journalist Bre Payton from the website The Federalist and a frequent guest on Fox News, CNN and the One America News Network has passed away from H1N1 at the very young age of 26.

Found unconscious and barely breathing inside her apartment, she passed away just one day later and as this fundraising page for Bre's family over at Caring Bridge reports, she also had developed meningitis due to the H1N1 infection.

A vibrant Christian who openly shared her faith with anyone, the readers of one website immediately warned that Bre's death could have very well been foul-play, with Bre not only Conservative but allegedly an anti-vaccination proponent, while another reader warned Bre herself may have been targeted with an individual-specific ethnic bioweapon as part of a purge of the independent media. 

While other commenters warned that we should keep our eyes wide open to see if other prominent members of the independent/Conservative media meet their sudden and untimely end in the near future, another warned that Democrats have killed many to maintain their power and would surely do so again, especially to members of the independent media which helped propel President Trump into office and lead to Hillary's defeat.

Another simply said: "There is no way a healthy young woman like that dies for no reason."

And while Bre's passing could very well be due to just a horrific and untimely illness and a terrible tragedy, we'll explore below more new censorship of Conservatives and an eye-opening new legal settlement out of Portland, Oregon that one attorney believes could become a model for the nation in which a so-called 'white supremacist' has agreed to be 're-educated' for 'wrongthink' as we hear in the 2nd video at the bottom of this story in which we hear just how far down the 'Orwellian rabbit hole' America has fallen.  


With 2018 one of the most deadly years for journalists on record and the danger shifting to the West as this NY Times story had reported, we look back to an SQnote left by Steve Quayle when linking to this story over at the Gatestone Institute titled "Big Tech Snuffing Free Speech; Google's Poisonous 'Dragonfly'": "First they censor the truth tellers, then they kill them! Note the disappearance and murder of investigative journalists that are increasing worldwide?" 

And with truth telling a revolutionary act in the increasingly dystopian America that we're living within, is it really out of the realm of possibility that journalists like Bre, who was well liked and extremely good at her job, might be targeted by an increasingly totalitarian 'elite' who lost part of their control over America when President Trump was elected and will do absolutely anything to get it back to 'cement' their dictatorial 'new world order' back into place?

As Quayle had also mentioned while linking to this censorship story over at Activist Post titled "Facebook Building “War Room” to Monitor Midterm Elections in Real-Time", "The faces of death gang are revealing their hand - they are building unimaginable and evil algorithms against the truth tellers". 

Why such hatred of 'independent thought' by the entire 'establishment'? With big tech and the mainstream media in the pocket of the Democratic party, who'll happily lie to the American people and use propaganda against us without hesitation to achieve their agenda as John C. Velisek had reported in this December 28th ANP story, we've entered the period of time that George Orwell warned us about long ago with the 'elite' actually attempting to 'manufacture' perceived truths out of their lies.

And as we'd previously reported on ANP, much of that it is due to 'luciferian inversion' running rampant in America with Christianity and Christmas attacked by the left as somehow 'bad' while many on the left flock to satanism. As Velisek had also warned in this December 26th ANP story, with progressive socialism having produced the brown shirts of our time and what they're attempting to usher in here a well practiced plan through history, if the global elitists have their way, "death by socialism" will be coming to America. 


And we see several other new stories of Conservatives being censored and hounded with Red Right Videos reporting today that twitter has just taken unbelievable actions against triple-amputee US Veteran Brian Kolfage and his attempt to use Go Fund Me to build the wall, marking his tweets as potentially harmful and in violation of twitter's policies, showing us once again that twitter is a globalist concoction attempting to sway US politics and national security policies and anything but 'pro-free speech'. 

We also recently learned that youtube is suppressing the video reach of the pro-life group Live Action after an article written by a Slate reporter who complained about how her youtube search for 'abortion' brought the horrific Live Action abortion procedure videos to top results. And while those videos were medically accurate and showed what pro-abortion advocates didn't want Americans to see, now pro-abortion videos are pushed to the top of youtube while the anti-abortion videos are bumped to the bottom. You can help Live Action by signing their petition to youtube at this link

And in what may be some of the most long-term damaging news of all, as we hear in the 2nd video below from pro-America videographer James Allsup and read in this story, a so-called 'white supremacist' in Oregon has been sued by a person who he had allegedly harassed online, coming to what has been called a 'unique agreement' for this person to not only attend counseling but to renounce his 'white supremacy' and join in to help teach others the dangers of his 'wrongthink'. 

As our videographer tells us, this is nothing less than agreeing to be 're-educated' and with the left believing that this could be used as a 'national model' for dealing with 'white supremacists' (though the left freely tosses around that word, attempting to label all President Trump supporters as 'racist'), how far off are we from 'Hillary fun camps' should the left get back into the White House in 2020 with them already hoping to use 're-education' as a national model? 

A Eugene, Ore. community theater actor who allegedly cyber-harassed a black student leader has agreed to a remarkable settlement with his victim.

Evan James McCarty, 22, allegedly moonlighted on neo-Nazi websites as "Byron De La Vandal" and participated in a campaign of harassment against Taylor Dumpson, the first black woman to serve as student body president at American University in Washington, D.C.

In April, Rose City Antifa revealed McCarty's identity. Dumpson then sued him and two other men in federal court. In a settlement reached last week and reported by The New York Times, McCarty "agreed to apologize, renounce white supremacy, undergo counseling and help civil rights groups fight hate and bigotry." (ANP: Yet the left can hate and abuse Conservatives and Christians online all they want!)

Dumpson's lawsuit, filed with the assistance of the Lawyer's Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, could provide a national model for holding extremists responsible for hate speech and bullying online

Kristen Clarke, president and executive director of the Lawyer's Committee, told the Washington Post that the settlement shows a way to legally confront white supremacists. "I firmly believe that this settlement that we secured is one that is unique and provides a way to address the looming crisis that we see across the country," Clarke said. "We can't just stand back and wait for prosecutors to develop the political will to go after these folks."

McCarty has agreed to anti-hate training, and will apologize to Dumpson in writing and on video. She can use the video for "civil rights advocacy, outreach and educational activities," the Times reported.


With Hillary Clinton and the Democrats happy to outlaw or ban all independent media as her own Deputy Communications Director Christina Reynolds had suggested in a fund raising letter prior to the 2016 election, actually stating that websites such as Breitbart or Infowars (or ANP for that matter?) had "no right to exist", the very last thing that corrupt politicians like Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama would ever want are very real investigations into their wrongdoings. Investigations that the msm NEVER did into them! 

And if we take a look at history, we see that the rounding up and killing of journalists and truth tellers is also a well practiced plan that has taken place time and again during increasingly totalitarian regimes such as Adolf Hitler's 3rd Reich and the great Soviet purges under Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin. Those 'journalists' who were not spewing the propaganda of the totalitarian state were historically rounded up, imprisoned and tortured and then slaughtered for what amounted to 'wrongthink'. 

As economic expert and journalist Dr. Paul Craig Roberts told USA Watchdog's Greg Hunter back in August in a story titled "Elite Closing Down Truth Tellers",  “The agendas of the elite are hidden. They are not something the American people would support. The elite are fearful that their cover stories are so thin that if truth can be shown on their agendas, they will be discredited. They will lose their abilities to impose their agendas. So, they are closing down truth tellers in order to maintain control over explanations. Alex Jones is a threat to the elites’ control over the explanations. . . . They are sending the message that says get onboard with the official explanations or we terminate you.

So with the war for the future of America now fully on as we get ready for the plunge into 2019 and the 2020 Presidential race getting ready to kick into high gear, we sincerely thank ANP readers for helping ANP stay in this very real battle for the future of humanity via your donations, your sharing of our stories with others online and your always eye-opening comments. May God Bless You All in 2019. 

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