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December 23, 2018

CNN Tops Fake News List For 2018 As The 'Egregious' Lies Of The Liberal Establishment Media Are Brutally Exposed†

- This Is Why Independent Media Is Needed Now More Than Ever

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

On Saturday, the The Daily Caller published an extensive list of 32 of the most "egregious" fake news stories of 2018, and while I will add another to the list, it comes as no surprise to this writer that in breaking down the numbers, one network surpassed all others in their list of 32.

CNN, yet again, takes the another "Fake News" of the year award with nine mentions out of the 32 listed......and there is still more than a week to go!


Before detailing some of the most egregious lies the liberal media pushed onto Americans, one that I remember clearly isn't mentioned by The Daily Caller, which was when multiple media outlets deliberately took President Trump's remarks, calling MS 13 gang members "animals," out of context and claimed in articles, or in tweets about their articles, that the President was talking about immigrants over all.

The AP at the time was one of the few that corrected their original tweet by deleting it, then explaining why they deleted it, while others continued to allow their audiences to believe the initial fake news.


The reason this was so† egregious in my opinion, is because they had the original comments yet they deliberately headlined with things like CBS's title on their video, stating "Trump calls some illegal immigrants "animals" in meeting with sheriffs," yet in that very same video, we hear the Fresno Sheriff speaking about the problems they have reporting MS 13 gang members to ICE because of conflicting laws. That was what President Trump was responding to.

The reason I consider this so egregious of an example is because the media manufactured outrage, then spent almost a week capitalizing on the fallout of their very fake news, with Democratic politicians weighing in, until liberals across the Internet were enraged, yet again.


As you can see above, the liberal establishment media had a field day pushing their fake news.

Ironically, it was CNN, who produced the most fake news in 2018, that not only got it right, but then gleefully took the AP, NYT, Wapo and ABC to task for their misleading headlines and/or promotional tweets, then took others, including CNN itself to task for failing to "include in tweets the entire context for Trump's remark."

Related:†Donald Trump is right. MS-13 members are 'animals.'


In no particular order, the list from The Daily Caller calls out CNN as a whole, and specific liberal journalists by name in some instances, from† (1) pushing claims against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearing, that had already been retracted, (2) to publishing dubious reports on additional Kavanaugh allegations, along with (3) falsely claiming that Never-Trump Republicans were responsible for initial funding of the salacious Steele dossier.

Other demonstrable fake news by CNN (4) was it's silly claim that Ted Cruz was "scared" to come on to their programs in the wake of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, when Ted Cruz had sat down for an interview for CNN just the day before, but the network didn't air the interview. (5) CNN also spread false statistics about school shootings in 2018.

The number (6) CNN mention by The DC, as can be seen below, is when CNN's white house correspondent Jim Acosta, known for his argumentative grandstanding, insisted that the caravan illegal immigrants would "not be" trying to climb over the U.S.-Mexico border wall, as President Trump's campaign ads showed them doing. Acosta makes that claim starting at around the 55 second mark below.

Not only was Acosta wrong, as footage from over two years ago from multiple sources actually showed illegal immigrants scaling border walls and fences, but multiple images were published by the DC less than a week after Acosta made that claim, showed them doing exactly what Acosta claimed they didn't and wouldn't do.

Other examples where The DC specifically mentioned CNN or one of their journalists was (7)†CNN anchor Chris Cuomo spread a false story claiming that a 20-year-old student was able to purchase an AR-15 rifle without going through a background check, and (8)†Trump attorney Michael Cohen was prepared to tell special counsel Robert Mueller that the president had knowledge in advance of a Trump Tower meeting, but Cohen's attorney blew that out of the water, yet CNN continued spreading their lies.

Number (9) had to be the silliest media frenzy over a manufactured story to date, and that is saying a lot. The entire liberal establishment media went on Melania watch after the First Lady underwent kidney surgery, . While she was recovering the media went into complete "conspiracy" mode with outlandish speculation claiming she may have moved away from the White House, or was recovering from plastic surgery.

CNN's Brian Stelter even went so far as to put out a graphic titled "Melania M.I.A." with a picture of Melania Trump under a sign saying "LAST SEEN" and under her photo was the date "MAY 10." Along side of that was a calendar from May 11 to June 3rd, with each date hold a question mark.


To use a word I have seen President Trump use.....SAD!


The second highest on the list of mentions by The DC was Washington Post with five, and NBC/MSNBC with a combined five. Others included were The Hill, Boston Globe, NYT, McClatchy, NPR, Time magazine, Mic, New Yorker, Daily Beast and AP, with general "media" fake news mentioned.†

See the full list over at The Daily Caller†to see the most egregious fake news of 2018, where establishment media is exposed.


With the establishment media getting worse with their manufactured outrage, outright fake news stories, misleading headlines and selectively edited quotes and videos, it is more important than ever to have Independent Media either correcting the record, or pushing back against the false news being streamed almost 24/7 by the establishment media. It is the job of the media to† question the official narratives, not to blindly repeat them, then later go back to correct, edit, change or delete stories, after the lies have already been spread like wildfire across the Internet.

Granted, Independent Media holds their own set of biases, and we are all human and make mistakes from time to time, but generally most reliable IM sites will offer direct links to sources, or if possible embed original documents, or provide video showing we are not misrepresenting specific quotes, to allow readers to research for themselves to render their own determinations and judgments, which is something the establishment media does not do... they simply expect the public to "trust" them, which as the limited examples above prove conclusively, should not be done.

Support your favorite Independent Media sites in any way you can, share their stories, email them to friends, comment on their sites, share on social media if you use those platforms and services, donate if you have the means..... every little bit helps, and take it from us here at ANP, every single method used to support us, is appreciated more than words can express.

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