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December 31, 2017

As Russia Warns 'World Faces War Worse Than Any Other In Human History', Does Deagel's 2025 Forecast Show America After The Coming War? 

America's Defense Against North Korean ICBM's Has A Track Record That Will Keep You Up At Night

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

In this new story over at The Hill that the Drudge Report linked to on Saturday morning they report that North Korea has promised to continue preparing for 'pre-emptive attacks with nuclear force' in the face of what they call 'US blackmail' due to both US war drills with South Korea and economic sanctions recently levied against the 'hermit kingdom'. 

While top Russian diplomat Oleg Burmistrov recently warned that the world is now facing the potential of 'war worse than any other in human history' according to this new story over at the Daily Star, he also warns the potential of the world accidentally 'slipping into the apocalypse' is growing every day as also heard in the final video below from Evangelist Dina Amelia Kalmeta.

The situation on the Korean Peninsula is characterised by an unprecedented level of tension, there is a growing danger of slipping into an armed conflict, unprovoked, but which may begin due to accidental circumstances.

With recent warnings that America may be at war with North Korea within the next 12 weeks, by March of 2018, coming to the world from a source with ties to the CIA as Zero Hedge, Infowars and SHTFPlan have recently reported, we take a look within this story at the still-simmering North Korea situation from the viewpoint of, which still forecasts an America with only 54 million people living here in 2025 (down from 324 million in 2016!)

Also of great interest with Deagel, as we pointed out back on October 18th in this ANP story, the Deagel forecast for North Korea for 2025 has no numbers what-so-ever, as if the 'hermit kingdom' will somehow be removed from the map in between now and 2025. Does Deagel's 2025 forecast show what the world will look like after the coming war?

Also interestingly, South Korea shows more than a 25% forecast population reduction by 2025 while nearby Japan shows nearly a 20% drop off in forecast population by 2025 as well. Yet those numbers are nowhere near the forecast of close to a 90% drop for the US population by 2025, almost as if someone is betting upon America losing the coming war.

Why might some be betting against America in a coming war with North Korea? As we hear in the very interesting first video below, as also shared in this Washington Post story saved over at, if North Korea were to launch a nuclear attack against us, our $40 billion system designed to destroy such a missile is largely unproven. 

In 18 practice target launches since 1999, targets have only been hit 10 times. Called the 'Ground-based Midcourse Defense (GMD) system', should this 'work in progress' fail only once to hit an inbound North Korean ICBM, as it has failed to destroy dummy warheads, we could immediately enter a 'lights out' scenario in America. As their video reports, the GMD system has a track record that might keep us up at night as there is no proof we'll be able to intercept incoming NKorean missiles. 


In this December 29th story by Colonel Ralph Peters over at The NY Post titled "If North Korea’s nukes don’t scare you, take a look at its biological weapons", Colonel Peters begins his story quite appropriately since we're talking about a possibly disastrous war ahead.:

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse — Pestilence, War, Famine and Death — gallop through the Book of Revelation, and they’ve put in plenty of grim appearances elsewhere. Lately they’ve stabled their mounts in North Korea, where, having starved millions, a grisly dynasty preaches war, while developing not only nukes but diseases as weapons.

North Korea isn’t a country, it’s a death cult.

While definitely not fans of 'wars for the enrichment of the corporate-military-industrial complex' here at ANP, as we've previously reported in numerous stories here, North Korea is quite the different beast than Iraq, Syria, Egypt, etc.

With President Trump put into this very real 'catch 22 situation' by previous administration's policies of appeasing North Korea and Kim Jong Un, we're now in a situation where a 'madman' holds the 'toys' with which he could wipe the US off of the map. And as we hear in the 2nd video below, they're insanely threatening to launch a pre-emptive attack against us. 

The excerpt below comes to us from this story over at The Hill.:

"Do not expect any change in its policy," the state's official media arm, the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) said Saturday. "Its entity as an invincible power can neither be undermined nor be stamped out." KCNA said North Korea has been working toward "bolstering the capabilities for self-defense and pre-emptive attacks with nuclear force," in response to ongoing "nuclear threat and blackmail and war drills" by the U.S.

North Korea has tested missiles at least 16 times in 2017, and threatened the use of a hydrogen bomb small enough to fit on a missile. More than one North Korean missile flew into the air space of neighboring Japan, and new models have flown to heights that some military analysts predict could reach the mainland U.S.


Should the US and President Trump not take military action against NKorea and they launch a pre-emptive attack against us that takes down our electrical grid, this time period will go down in history as the start of the 'great culling', an EMP likely pushing America towards Deagel's 54 million population figure. Should President Trump launch a pre-emptive attack against North Korea, China and Russia will likely jump in to back North Korea as they've previously promised to do and we'd have World War 3 battle lines drawn.

Are there any good choices?

And while a US attack upon North Korea's nuclear capabilities might prevent them from launching a nuclear attack or EMP against us, as Colonel Peters warns within his story as we also reported on ANP back on December 27th, North Korea has one of the most lethal chemical and biological weapons programs in the world with anthrax likely at their disposal along with weaponized plague.

And back in the 1990's, we have absolute proof that they had at least 5 commando terror squads here in America, prepared to attack US nuclear power plants and American cities should war have broken out back then. How many more such terror squads are on US soil now? As we reported in that December 27th story, should war break out between the US and North Korea, they potentially could 'shut down' America within days  with a series of bioweapons attacks against us. 


As the Guardian reported earlier in December, we may be running out of time to prevent a devastating war with the Guardian story also putting the time we have left at likely only 3 months, also aiming at March of 2018.

And while we here at ANP hate to put potential dates upon possible future events that are totally out of our control, the fact that so many are now pointing towards that 3 month window lends even more credibility to that date period. 

With the world now hurtling towards war, we'll argue again right here, should President Trump be able to keep America out of war while somehow disarming North Korea so that their nuclear weapons are no longer a threat to the US in the future, he should win a Nobel Peace prize. And remember, Barack Obama won one - for doing absolutely nothing! 


With a recent and disturbing study determining that the medical system here in the US is in no way prepared to handle the catastrophe that a nuclear war would bring as reported in this story over at Natural News, we pray that President Trump is given great strength and wisdom over the next few months as the world heads towards outright calamity.

Should one of the worst case scenarios play out, as we see excerpted from this story at Natural News, many of our first responders have never had the kind of training needed to deal with such an attack, and many would just stay home. 

Researchers from the University of Georgia recently found that the majority of U.S. first responders have received no training in how to deal with the aftereffects of a nuclear attack, and that many are so frightened of radiation that they would be unwilling to assist in the event of such a disaster.

Shockingly, more than 50 percent of the respondents admitted that they had never received any special training in how to deal with a nuclear crisis. As a result, many were poorly informed, for example, believing that the greatest need for treatment in the aftermath of a nuclear attack would be for thermal burns, when in reality, most injuries in this type of situation are lacerations.

This lack of knowledge would leave personnel ill-prepared and under-resourced in the event of a nuclear disaster.

Another disturbing truth revealed by the survey was that a nuclear bomb would make many respondents “unwilling to come to work.” Survey participants were more terrified of a nuclear disaster than any other crisis, including a chemical or biological disaster.


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