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January 13, 2021

They're Gunning For Us All Now! We Were Warned When They Came For Alex Jones That All Conservatives Would Be Next - Time To Create An Online Conservative Network Chain

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

First they came for Alex Jones. ANP said that back when big tech and social media colluded to deplatform him and his website, Infowars. We also pointed out that if we did not stand up and speak out, en-masse, they would eventually come for the rest of us.

I wrote back in 2018 when it first happened:

I don't care if one agrees with Alex Jones or disagrees with him, if they love him or hate him, this coordinated attack against him and his InfoWars broadcasts and social media presence should severely concern everybody that sees the abusive liberal media bias and uses Independent Media to find information the establishment media won't report.

Many did not speak out because they did not "like" him, or did not like his style. 

That is why big tech and social media used Jones and Infowars as the beta test. They knew cowardly conservatives would shy away from publicly supporting Jones, and they were right. 

More than two years later, that refusal to defend Jones' right to free speech has left us with a big tech and social media groups unchecked ability to quite literally deplatform the sitting President of the United States of America.... for no other reason than they dislike his style, and his policies.

Not only have they deplatformed President Trump, but they are terminating, suspending and banning tens of thousands of pro-Trump and conservatives accounts across a variety of platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Google play and Instagram, just to name a few.

With those actions they have affected the ability of millions that followed those accounts to receive the news, commentary and posts they chose to receive because they found them relevant, in many cases much more relevant that the establishment media that always runs with the approved official narrative by the Democrats.

This is not just an attack on conservative writers or social media influencers. 

This is an attack on all of us that expect to be able to choose what we wish to see, where we wish to see it, who we wish to follow on social media and those that have no trust from the establishment media.


While many simply despise social media for very valid reasons, when used in a manner other than creating a public dossier of their every action, meals, likes, dislikes and plans,  there are other ways to use those platforms without offering big brother every bit of information about your life.

Communication: These bans, suspensions and deplatforming has only one purpose and that is to prevent likeminded conservatives from communicating with each other, in an attempt to force Americans to only hear the "official" narrative with no one able to debunk the lies we are being told.

So, we need alternatives.  Not the same type of alternatives though, such as Facebook which makes a practice of selling user data for their gain.

What we need is an online method of communicating that cannot be disrupted by big tech.

Example: Conservative Twitter and perhaps Facebook alternative Parler, was tossed from using Amazon hosting services, just as it was seeing an explosion of new users fleeing from Twitter and Facebook. The site will be back up, but it could take time to get new hosting services.

Gab recently  reported an increase of 750% in a one day period, due to the same mass exodus from liberal social media platforms. Gab has been attacked multiple times overs over the last couple of years and have managed to bypass any dependence on big tech.

The point here is the ability to communicate.

Imagine turning on your computer, and coming to ANP to read article, talk with other regulars, share news and opinion that the establishment media hide or downplays, and we are no longer accessible, at least until we could get back up.

Where do you find each other (for those that haven't exchanged emails), where do you meet, where do you plan together, organize, etc...?

In prepping, one of the main issues is what happens if communications go down. Plans as to where and when to meet up. Alternative communications systems in case cell service or landline phone services no longer works. 

The same type of preparation is needed online.

Which means we need alternative methods of communication, gathering, planning, organizing. As Parler, Gab, Brighteon, Rumble and others, are all working on providing an online haven for conservatives to speak freely, what is needed is conservative hosting services which would guarantee that big tech is rendered unable to deplatform anyone.

What is needed are advertisers that want to advertise on conservative websites. Hosting services. More conservative media outlets to counter the overabundance of radical liberal activist journalist at all the major media outlets and publications.  

More conservative friendly search engines. Conservative chat forums, a lot like GLP but without the censorship that even they and especially reddit conduct. 

A directory of all the aforementioned services as they are created and go live.

We need a conservative portion of the internet to counter the overwhelming liberally run monopolies,   and someone with deep enough pockets to create it.

Elon Musk recently was declared the richest person in the world. Musk also had some major criticism for big tech trying to be the "de facto arbiter of free speech."

Musk or someone like him wouldn't even have to run individual websites, just creating a web hosting services which guarantees that a website could not be deplatformed just for having an opinion or style liberals do not like, would be a great start in helping conservatives even the internet playing field.  

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First they came for Alex Jones but only a small portion of conservatives dared speak out, fearing they would be "associated" with Jones' content, rather than simply looking it from a free speech point of view.

Many that ignored what was being done to Jones, also claim they are free speech proponents, but apparently like liberals, they only support speech they agree with.

They are coming for all of us now.

Now we have liberals talking about "deprogramming" conservatives, and we fully expect more extreme ideas from liberal extremists. 

It is time for mobilizing, organizing, setting up complete chains of conservative content, activism, and organization. 

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Thank you and God Bless. Susan and Stefan.


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