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December 4, 2015

Warning Signs Of A Full-Out Nuclear War Growing Daily As America Is Dying - US Marines Prepare For Nuclear War - What Do They Know That We Don't Know?


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Each new day more new stories come out that show we're heading straight for disaster. The warning signs we're now seeing of a possible full out nuclear war have never been greater and are broken down in great detail in the 1st video below from Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change. With Russian bombers recently circling the US military hub on the island of Guam as shared by the Washington Free Beacon, it's no wonder US Marines are preparing for the worst with recent chemical, biological, radioactive and nuclear defense training this week at Camp Lejeune. What do the US Marines know that the American people don't know?

With Russia now telling Turkey 'they will pay' for the downing of the Russians Su-24 jet as warned in the 3rd video below, we see that things could quickly get totally out of hand as recently warned by Hawaiian Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, there is a very real chance this could all turn nuclear due to Barack Obama's dealings with ISIS terrorists. With Russia deploying a new 'doomsday plane' in readiness for nuclear war, we see the very real possibility that hundreds of millions could soon die if Russia, Turkey, the US and NATO allow things to spiral out of control. We also see how serious Russia is with Turkey as the Kremlin recently held a war-room briefing and as you can hear in the 4th video below, Russia's not too happy with countries doing 'bloody business' with terrorists.

Is a nuclear world war 3 what the criminal elite want for America and the world and is America now 'dying' as argued by Ted Nugent in the 2nd video below with Alex Jones of Infowars? Is everything we're now watching on a global scale just the transitioning to a 'new world order', a new system, as America goes the way of all dying nations and dying systems?

If tensions in the Middle East aren't bad enough we also learn that North Korea and their fearless leader Kim Jong Un seem to be preparing new nuclear tests themselves as shared in the 5th video below. Have we reached a point in time when even North Korea is going to get involved in this global chess match we're all watching? The last thing anybody needs is another hothead to set things off - we know that once it begins, it may never end.


We also recently learned from this linked Daily Mail story that the US has fallen behind Russia and China in military technology and Russia now has a new 'doomsday weapon' that could wipe Americans out; computer guru John McAfee says these new Russian 'doomsday' weapons could kill 90% of all Americans.

While we hope that our Marines are prepared for nuclear or chemical warfare, ANP is still extremely disappointed in those in power who are not giving the American people the same opportunity, especially with Russia having recently warned that if World War 3 happens, it will happen upon American soil.

Do Barack Obama and those in Washington DC think they and NATO can somehow launch hostilities against Russia that WON'T come home to haunt us? They are likely vastly mistaken though the more we look at it, the more we think that's exactly what the luciferians want, World War 3 in America as a way to 'ensure' America's death will be the final resting place for liberty as a boot prepares to stamp upon a human face forever.


Luke Rudkowski looks at the warning signs we're now seeing of a full out nuclear war in our near future.

Is America now dying? Ted Nugent thinks we're on our final legs if we can't get things turned around quickly.

The next two videos show that Russia is not happy over Turkey's downing of their fighter jet and for good reason. With the US and Turkey assisting ISIS terrorists now completely out in the open, we have to agree - doing criminal and bloody business with ISIS terrorists should land many in DC and Langley Virginia treason charges for aiding terrorists.

Is Kim Jong-un preparing to launch a nuclear war? Why is he seemingly preparing for new nuclear tests as shared in the next video below?


While this question has been asked many times, the American people have never gotten a satisfactory answer from our public servants in Washington DC. If Russia is allegedly so gung ho about war with NATO, as we see by 'just how close they put their country to NATO's military bases', why is it that they haven't been attacking NATO the last 40+ years?


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