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June 23, 2016

Will Warnings Of Global Chaos Now Come True After Brexit Passed? Madness In America Already Unfolding! 

The Collapse Hasn't Even Hit Full Force - What Happens When There Is No More Food To Eat? 


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

While 'big-gun' globalists including George Soros and Jacob Rothschild pushed warnings of doom if yesterday's Brexit vote was successful, we learn in the 1st video below from Gary Franchi's Next News Network that a 'global black swan event' was likely approaching whether or not the UK voted to leave the European Union. As we learn in the additonal videos below, we're already seeing more chaos unfolding in America with two recent violent events in US restaurants seeing front page Drudge Report coverage.

Now that Brexit has passed, we're already seeing more and more 'cracks in the system' with Dow futures pointing to a plunge this morning and gold jumping that lead us to believe that all of the military activity countrywide that we've been reporting on ANP are signs of government preparation 'for the end' as heard in the 2nd video below. 

According to this OPed piece in The Times from Rothschild, "all the evidence shows that Brexit would be a disaster" as the globalist continued their campaign of fear that Brexit could quickly lead to Frexit and Auxit and Italexit as the 1% continue to watch their dreams of a global government dictatorship with them in control falling apart. 

According to Soros, a Brexit will make "all of you poorer," telling the world that the standards of living of those in the UK would plummet if Brexit wins, thus launching more threats against humanity in an obvious attempt to scare the 'stay' side into a win and keep their dreams of global dictatorship intact. Telling us that a vote to exit the EU could bring about a 'black Friday', we're told in the 1st video below why we may only be days away from a major financial event. 

Now that Brexit has passed, will we soon witness the global chaos these elitists had warned of, leading to the eventual necessity of a 'police state crackdown' upon much of the West and America? 

Even though what happened in the UK yesterday may be half-a-world away from most of us, several stories that Steve Quayle linked to on his website yesterday morning tell us what is happening in our own neck of the woods financially and include a story from that tells us that more than 11 million Americans spend at least half of their income on rent alone while another 21 million spend over 30% of their incomes on rent, a record high. We're told that the 'financial raiding of the American middle class is moving full steam ahead' as we also learn from Armstrong Economics that the US Supreme Court just created a full-blown 'police state' in America and the official "end of the USA canot be far behind."

What would an America in total collapse look like? The new story from All Self-Sustained is called "Coming To A Location Near You: Civil Unrest" and it tells us that with the economy getting worse and worse every day, leaving more Americans out of work, poor and hungry, the possibility of major civil unrest in this nation also continues to grow every day. We also see more and more signs that they're preparing for chaos at both the Democratic and Republican conventions


While most ANP readers are well aware of this possibility and are preparing for it themselves by stocking up on food, water, and other necessities should the stores be unavailable or the banking system goes down, hundreds of millions more Americans across the country are still totally clueless to such possibilities and believe that they'll always be able to get groceries from the store or get their money out of the bank or buy food with their EBT/SNAP cards. What happens when they can't any longer? We invite readers with any prepping questions you might have to sound off in the comment section below. We know that ANP readers love sharing their excellent advice on prepping with others. 

The 3rd and 4th videos below show us two recent results of chaos already happening on very small scales in a few US restaurants when disagreements arise. Imagine what might be happening in these same places and grocery stores all across America if the food supply in our country suddenly became like it is in Venezuela! Keep in mind, these videos show a man in Texas threatening to kill a fast food worker after becoming upset about a milkshake she had fixed for him as well as two sisters working within an IHOP restaurant in Memphis, Tennessee who started the massive brawl as seen in the final video below.

These videos show really stupid actions taken over very small things. If they're freaking out over a milkshake, what happens when these people can't get ANYTHING to eat? Watching events like this we can clearly see, and understand exactly why, the US military and law enforcement across America are wisely preparing at the very highest levels for what is likely to come to America once we reach a full-force economic collapse. 


As we learn in the 2nd video below from YouTube videographer TruthUnveiled777, what is to come isn't good as we edge ever closer to total collapse and a 'dictatorial police state' as warned of in the previously linked Armstrong Economics story. Our videographer tells us that Americans should be 'preparing for the end' because all around us, we see government doing the same thing. What does the government know that most Americans don't yet see? 

"What they're not telling us are their plans to eventually microchip every American they possibly can, using these microchips to track, surveil, and monitor our every move and introducing these chips when the staged collapse and civil unrest begin to ensue" we are told. "Not to mention how they plan to shut down America via civil unrest and staged riots while ridding all stores of food and water so that upheaval can commence." Already having a 'solution' to the chaos they have caused, we're told why it will likely take the military to 'restore order' with microchips 'the final solution'.  

Also sharing with us a recent story from The Sun informing us that the US Navy actually had high level discussions to 'fit humans with microchips to track our every move', we have to ask if 'robots' and 'transhumanists' will also be tracked in such a manner as well? The Navy had these high level meetings with a US presidential candidate, Zoltan Istvan, a transhumanist who participated with Navy Vice Admiral James Wisecup, who now works for a secretive Navy office called the Chief of Naval Operations Strategic Studies Group which was created to devise “revolutionary warfare concepts”. Why would that group want to track the American people and is this more proof our public servants have something sinister in mind? 

In his letter, Vice Admiral Wisecup said the meeting broadened “our understanding… of the merger of humans and machines”.

“Your personal perspectives were interesting and timely as we begin our research process,” he wrote.

“You have had a direct impact on our viewpoints for future concepts.”


As Susan Duclos warned this morning in a story on ANP, artificial intelligence disasters are already going a long way towards proving why the human race may one day be 'extinguished' by what we create. Knowing that the US Navy is now dabbling in such technology and believes that every human should be implanted and tracked shows us just how far along the road towards a total 'technology tyranny' we already are here in this summer of 2016.

We also continue to stress 'location, location, location' as the best way of dealing with possible civil unrest. Any place with a huge population is much more likely to turn into a spot that law-abiding American citizens don't want to be once collapse hits us full force. Seeing the videos below only gives us a small taste of what might be coming but as we can see in the final video, even an innocent crying baby can get in the line of fire if chaos breaks out unexpectedly. Simply watching videos like the final two below helps to confirm our decisions to live as far away from the masses as we possibly can. Imagine it happening on a nationwide scale. 


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