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June 10, 2016

Could This Be The Start Of Mass Chaos? 'As Hard As Times Are Right Now, It's Only The Beginning' -†Americans Hungry After EBT/SNAP Snafu But Refugees Are Eating Fine†

'If They Don't Fix It By The 3rd Week Of The Month, There'll Be Widespread Havoc In The Cities'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Back on June 5th, Susan Duclos broke a story to the world on ANP in which she told us that many Americans across the country were unable to gain access to any funds on their government provided 'Electronic Benefit Transfer' (EBT) cards, thus warning that we were witnessing more signs of the very system itself falling apart.†Many Americans who had already 'fallen through the cracks of this broken system' were seeing their situations deteriorating as they were unable to buy groceries for their families. As we learn below, things have not improved for many Americans. We also take a look below at facts that prove that many 'illegal aliens' and refugees coming into the country are taken much better care of than the American citizens who have payed into this system for much of their lives.

Another visit to Down Detector status watch for SNAP/EBT cards shows that not only are SOME Americans still not getting their EBT funds but also gives us a look into the minds of a rapidly awakening American public, many who have left comments on that website about the possibility of forthcoming martial law in America due to economic collapse as well as many others offering very good 'prepper' advice to others who may have never heard of prepping beyond cable TV. We have sprinkled some of those eye-opening comments throughout this article. In the first video below our videographer looks at this ongoing SNAP/EBT problem and asks if this is the beginning of widespread chaos.†

We also take a look below at this EBT/SNAP story getting picked up across the alternative media including both Infowars, who asked if Barack Obama is funneling illegal aliens into SNAP/EBT to 'overwhelm the system,' as well as this story from†Zero Hedge.†We must keep in mind, though, that very little has been said about this in the mainstream media, leading us to believe that this is another regional issue showing major cracks in the system and possibly another 'beta test' of how people might react, though not a full-scale, countrywide EBT/SNAP failure.....yet. If this was nationwide at this moment, more than 8 days later, we'd surely be hearing about massive unrest in the streets as we all know only 9 meals stand between civilization and anarchy. One excellent comment from a 'non-conspiracy theorist'.†


Millions of Americans are now going through very real pain and suffering due to the well thought out and preplanned collapse of our nations economy, and several recent stories as well as a few comments left on those stories tell us what we'll never hear from govt talking heads and much of the mainstream media.

The story from the Washington Examiner on Wednesday told us that the Feds are spending $20,000 JUST to RESETTLE EVERY refugee here in America. According to a new report on the refugee situation in America, each of those refugees then becomes eligible for cash assistance, food stamps, as well as housing and medical aid.†

Another story from the Washington Examiner that might infuriate those still waiting for their EBT funds tells us that ILLEGAL immigrant households receive an average of $5,692 per year in federal welfare benefits while the average American household receives $4,431. Taking that one step further the same study found that ALL immigrant households, legal and illegal, receive an average of $6,241 in federal welfare benefits yearly, 41% more than 'normal' American families do.

While I've long believed that 'hard work is God's work' and we should do everything within our own power to 'fend for ourselves' and our families and avoid relying upon govt assistance, I've also long believed there should be some kind of a safety net to help those who are unable to help themselves. However, I'm strongly against 'welfare' becoming a career as so many have made it. Having said that, should immigrants, whether legal or illegal, receive more benefits than American citizens on welfare? If so, isn't that in itself discrimination by government against Americans citizens? One series of comments from this recent Daily Mail story about an illegal immigrant who used/abused the system in Texas and got a free ride on the back of the American taxpayer says it all:


While many Americans are suffering very real pain, others are offering some very sound and excellent advice throughout comment sections, including at 'Down Detector' where we see some comments that might be left by ANP readers. As these commenters prove, we can't rely upon government to take care of us during hard times; nothing like a little bit of good old hard work rather than relying upon something that might not be there when we need it most. Below these well thought out prepper comments we take a look at a couple other new videos that look at this 'snafu' as well as some more comments that help to show Americans are rapidly awakening to what is coming down the road.†



Have Americans finally 'figured it out'? A look at a few more of the comments from Down Detector show either that Americans are awakening to staged collapse or a whole bunch of alternative news readers flooded the Down Detector comment section for SNAP/EBT hoping to awaken more lost souls. A few of the other comments show that an awful lot of people believe that America is rapidly sleepwalking towards a dictatorial totalitarian state. We also see below these comments that many are equating what's happening now in Venezuela as being a strong possibility of coming to America.


†Is what we're now watching in Venezuela coming to America under total economic collapse? As we hear in the final video below, things aren't getting any better in Venezuela as violent hunger strikes hit the failed socialist nation. What is happening in Venezuela isn't lost on these next few commenters on Down Detector who attempt to get through to some of those people who've been collecting from the government and who may be putting themselves and their families at risk if they continue to depend on something that may not always be there.

The final series of comments we'll leave you with today from the Down Detector site for SNAP/EBT offer some more advice and warns of 'widespread havoc in the cities' if all of this isn't fixed by the third week of the month.†


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