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May 30, 2016

'This Is A Bad, Bad Omen That Something Is Lurking Just Beyond The Horizon' - Is This The Warning We've Been Waiting For? Bill Gross: 'The System Itself Is At Risk' 


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

According to Gregory Mannarino in his latest interview with Greg Hunter in the 1st video below, "there's no stopping the mother of all collapses" which is now on the horizon. While we're told that no one knows the hour nor the day, we're told that we can see very clearly by looking around the world that the elite are doing everything they can to drag this out, but everything they do is only prolonging the pain, and making what we'll eventually face worse for everybody.

As legendary bond investor Bill Gross told us just days ago and is also brought up in the 1st video, the "system itself is now at risk" as he also warned "a day of reckoning is coming." The 'elite' definitely know what's coming as seen in recent massive purchases of luxury underground bunkers, private islands getaways and gold. What are the 1% 'elitists' and all of the economic experts waiting for and so alarmed about? From the 1st video featuring Mannarino and Hunter.:

“I am just waiting to see what they will do to prop this up further, or at least stop it from making a precipitous plunge. That is coming no matter what they do. The debt market here is on fire. It’s in big trouble here. Another alarm is the yield curve. The yield curve is flattening. . . . This is a bad, bad omen. . . . It’s a very ominous sign that something is lurking just beyond the horizon” Mannarino tells us.

Mannarino adds 
We’ve never seen anything like this in world history. It’s unbelievable. It’s collective collusion between world central banks and their respective governments to inflate this global bubble in debt in an attempt to stimulate growth. It has not worked. It’s very simple. If they could have fixed it, they would have fixed it by now. They can’t do it. 2008 was the ‘party over’ moment. We are existing now in a terminal side effect. . . . It’s all going to collapse at the same time.


As ordinary Americans not living among the 1%, we too can survive economic travesty if we take the necessary steps as have been detailed in many ANP stories. In the 2nd video below with Trends Forecaster Gerald Celente along with Gary Franchi of the Next News Network we're given hints on how to survive the 'retail apocalypse' now unfolding before our very eyes in America with retail stores laying off thousands and stores being boarded up across the nation. Is America headed the way of Venezuela? Celente and Franchi ask if the 'ticking time bomb' can be defused.

If this system is doomed to failure as Bill Gross has warned, what is coming next? As we hear in the final video below featuring Celente again with Franchi on the NNN, a 'cashless society' is now waiting in the wings that has all of the hallmarks of tyranny within it. If Americans think that the 'control system' that has sprung up all around us since 9/11 is bad, we haven't seen anything yet. With the US totally saddled in debt and economic thunderclouds ahead, is there anything at all that can stop the coming carnage? 


Meanwhile the news out of Venezuela recently isn't good and getting worse daily as President Maduro repays debt with gold, leaving Venezuela's gold reserves at their lowest levels ever according to this story from Zero Hedge. At ANP we have reported time and again about what is now happening in this socialist nation not too far away from here and as the mainstream media continually fails to report upon, though Venezuela is an 'extreme', in an 'extreme situation', what is happening now in Venezuela could be coming here.

As we learn in these videos, while many Americans have failed to heed the warning signs on the road ahead, the signs were very clear to those who have been paying attention, the economic experts here in America and elsewhere around the world who have warned a terminal failure of our system lays ahead of us. With the potential for mass social unrest now all across America as we enter a very heated election season in a 'perfect storm' and what should be the coming end of a very divisive 8-year presidential term only months ahead, the remainder of 2016 will be very interesting indeed and one of the most dangerous times in American history, especially for those who failed to heed the warning signs ahead. 

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