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May 6, 2018

As 'Hypno-Lobotomized' Masses Are Numbed And Dumbed, Possible Theft From National Security Linked College Hints At Nefarious Plans & 'Plutonium Pandemonium'

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

In this concerning new story over at the Daily Mail which Steve Quayle linked to on his website Saturday morning they report that Idaho State University has admitted to losing a very small amount of weapons-grade plutonium. And while officials say the amount is far too small to make a nuclear bomb, they also warned its just the right amount for somebody to use to make a 'dirty bomb' that could still be used to terrorize Americans and spread deadly radiation while causing utter pandemonium. 

While according to this new story over at The Independent, officials believe that the plutonium ended up in a landfill for radioactive materials, as Mom1965 Proud New Grandma mentioned in a comment she left on this ANP story, "First explosives go missing and we have oil refinery explosions, now weapons grade plutonium goes missing, so when do we see our first dirty bomb on American soil?"

As the Independent story also points out and we hear in the 1st video below, "Idaho State University has a nuclear engineering program and works with the US Department of Energy’s Idaho National Laboratory, considered the nation’s primary nuclear research lab and located about 65 miles northwest of the school."

The plutonium was being used to develop ways to ensure nuclear waste containers were not leaking and to find ways to detect radioactive material being illegally brought into the US following the 11 September, 2001, terror attacks, the school said.

Was this plutonium simply 'misplaced' or, like 'Mom1965' asked, is something more nefarious at play? 


While we hope that those officials are correct and the plutonium ended up someplace that it can't do any harm, 'Mom's' comment was right on the money with numerous different events happening over the past year+ that Russian defector and former Soviet intelligence officer Viktor Suvorov might have called 'grey terror'. Such 'events' including numerous military plane crashes, US Navy ship collisions, trains being derailed, massive forest fires, oil plant refinery explosions and even building fires at Trump hotels.

Of note, nearly all of those kinds of 'events', designed to look like 'accidents', are listed in Suvorov's book "Spetsnaz First World War" which we've embedded for you to read at your convenience at the bottom of this story. As we asked on ANP back on April 27th, "is this series of catastrophic events really 'grey terror' in the build-up to full-scale war?" And a
s we warned back on March 21st of 2018 in this ANP story, "Just as Russian Defector Viktor Suvorov Warned, Communist Globalists Will Pull Out All Stops To Cause Havoc, Chaos and Mayhem Before Their 'End Game'". Are we now witnessing the build-up towards that 'end game'?


In this February of 2016 story over at the Center for Public Integrity they report that ISIS has long been seeking the components to make a dirty bomb and while such a bomb has never been detonated upon US soil, many national security experts believe it's only a matter of time before such a detonation happens, one calling it 'inevitable'. 

Imagine the havoc that terrorists, or 'enemies of America within', could cause by unleashing a dirty bomb in America. With such a bomb allowing the 'national security state' to further clamp down upon the rights of law-abiding American citizens similar to what happened after 9/11, the water in the pot called America is now boiling and the 'frogs' in it don't have a clue the temperature is no longer a 'pleasant simmer'. From this story over at the Center for Public Integrity

Many U.S. experts — including Laura Holgate, the National Security Council’s senior director for weapons of mass destruction terrorism — consider the eventual detonation by terrorists of a dirty bomb containing radiological materials to be inevitable. “I’m surprised it has not happened yet,” Holgate told a Washington symposium three years ago, because the mechanics of such a device are simple and widely-known.

“We know that it would not require a team of nuclear physicists or even a particularly sophisticated criminal network to turn raw material into a deadly weapon,” an internal Energy Department report on the threat, designated “Official Use Only,” declared in May 2013. “In many cases, a determined lone wolf or a disgruntled insider is all it might take.”

But until now, there has been no public, concrete evidence that a particular terrorist organization is aggressively pursuing the radioactive building blocks of a dirty bomb. Experts have noted that such materials are too plentiful to count precisely, but roughly estimate they are contained in more than 70,000 devices, located in at least 13,000 buildings all over the world – in many cases without special security safeguards.

“The potential for a bad outcome when you have ISIS looking at nuclear people is substantial,” said William H. Tobey, a former deputy administrator for defense nuclear nonproliferation at the National Nuclear Security Administration. Several other experts said they are particularly alarmed that the incident occurred in Belgium, which they say has a troubled record on nuclear safety issues and lacks armed guards at its nuclear facilities.


In the famous quote seen in the graphic above from one of the most powerful men in Nazi Germany, Hermann Goering's  words show us how easily it is for government to manipulate the people into war and as he warned, "it works the same in every country".

Like George Bush rushing to war with Iraq based upon what we all now know were lies and disinformation, independent news media outlets have warned ever since President Trump got into office that the globalists have been pushing America towards 'an event' and with many of 'the masses' still utterly dumbed down by years of Operation Mockingbird mainstream media lies, we happily learned today that President Trump's administration has put an end to the funding of the 'white helmets' in Syria, one such 'disinformation campaign' whose lies were pushing President Trump to getting further involved in Syria. 

Yet as Steve Quayle tells us, the 'hypno-lobotomized' American masses are so numbed and dumbed down that they no longer seem to care about anything of real importance in the world. A dumbing down that can easily be accounted for by the massive mind control techniques being carried out upon the American 'masses' via huge expenditures and investments in the msm and other technologies being used by the globalists to create such a vacuum of critical thinking skills among the masses. 


With the globalist-think-tank-linked website Deagel now forecasting that a nice round 100 million Americans will be living here by 2025, a 'culling' that would still see 227 million Americans 'displaced' from the 327 million living here in 2017, the 'thinning out' of the US population that Deagel is forecasting still hints of a 'huge event' to come within the next 7 years. 

While the Korean peninsula has seemingly finally cooled and global tensions move to the Middle East, Iran's President Hassan Rouhani recently warned if the US pulls out of the Iranian nuclear deal, President Trump and America would regret it like never before in history as also heard in the 2nd video below. Will President Trump 'nuke' the Iran deal in just days? 

And while history will be the judge over whether or not the kinds of events we're witnessing in America today are simply unrelated events or the 'overture' warned of by Suverov in his classic book, we all serve our Father, our families and our loved ones best if we are prepared for anything and everything that could come our way in the days, weeks and months ahead. We'll close with this excerpt from Chapter 15 of Viktor Suvorov's "Spetsnaz's First World War".

All these operations — because of course none of these events is an accident — and others like them are known officially in the GRU as the 'preparatory period', and unofficially as the 'overture'. The overture is a series of large and small operations the purpose of which is, before actual military operations begin, to weaken the enemy's morale, create an atmosphere of general suspicion, fear and uncertainty, and divert the attention of the enemy's armies and police forces to a huge number of different targets, each of which may be the object of the next attack.

The overture is carried by agents of the secret services of the Soviet satellite countries and by mercenaries recruited by intermediaries. The principal method employed at this stage is 'grey terror', that is, a kind of terror which is not conducted in the name of the Soviet Union. The Soviet secret services do not at this stage leave their visiting cards, or leave other people's cards. The terror is carried out in the name of already existing extremist groups not connected in any way with the Soviet Union, or in the name of fictitious organisations.

The GRU reckons that in this period its operations should be regarded as natural disasters, actions by forces beyond human control, mistakes committed by people, or as terrorist acts by organisations not connected with the Soviet Union.

The terrorist acts carried out in the course of the 'overture' require very few people, very few weapons and little equipment. In some cases all that may be needed is one man who has as a weapon nothing more than a screwdriver, a box of matches or a glass ampoule. Some of the operations can have catastrophic consequences. For example, an epidemic of an infectious disease at seven of the most important naval bases in the West could have the effect of halving the combined naval might of the Soviet Union's enemies.

The 'overture' could last from several weeks to several months, gradually gathering force and embracing fresh regions.


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The full embed of Viktor Suvorov's book "Spetsnaz First World War" is below. 

Suvorov+ +Spetsnaz by foureyedguy on Scribd

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