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August 13, 2021

Watch Out, America! A New 9/11 Is Only Weeks Away: As America Enters The 'Twilight Zone', Biden's Covid Czar Hints Something Huge Will Be Happening In 3 1/2 Weeks

- One Man Argues Only A 'Super-Event' Can Stop Our Descent Into Full Scale Tyranny

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

It appears that 'papers, please', Americans, is just around the corner. 

With two visitors to the state of Hawaii recently arrested for falsifying 'vaccination cards' for the experimental mRNA injection that isn't stopping people from getting the flu the globalists call 'Covid', nor from passing it on to others nor stopping people from dying, America has suddenly entered the 'twilight zone'.

As seen in the series of tweets in the screenshots above, one of Joe Biden's 'Covid Czar's,' Andy Slavitt, recently got into a twitter conversation about those faked vax cards, asking first "If people who go out and buy fake vaccine cards get COVID, do they expect someone to put them on a real ventilator?" 

When a government slave responded to 'dandy-boy' with "We need a way to track vaccination that isn’t on a little handwritten paper card. Something that’s very hard to falsify. You have ideas, contacts, resources I bet…Make it HAPPEN, Andy", 'dandy-boy' replied "Hold on for 3 1/2 weeks. You will see." 

Just the latest proof that Biden's government is quickly moving towards 'vax passports' that would echo the 'papers please' insanity of one of the most tyrannical regimes in world history, a whole slew of new stories out over the past two days alone give us the latest signs of where America is headed, with that 3 1/2 weeks aligning almost eerily with the 20th anniversary of 9/11, the event that helped accelerate America's fall into full-scale tyranny.

With the city of Philadelphia the latest city to move towards draconian mask mandates again, with the mayor insanely ordering the 'unvaxxed' to wear 'double-masks' despite the fact that 'the vax' doesn't stop the spread of the Covid-flu, following the city of San Francisco demanding proof of folks being 'vaxxed' to carry on many 'indoor activities', the fact that they're already pushing 'booster shots' because the vax isn't working is another sign showing us where Americans are being herded in the days, weeks and months ahead. 

As. Dr. Anthony 'Faust'i recently told Anderson Cooper over at CNN, he cannot rule out Covid booster shots for Americans going on indefinitely, further enriching the 'big pharma mafia' at the expense of the freedom of ALL Americans. 

As 'Tyler Durden' over at Zero Hedge reported in this new story titled "'Wakeup Call': Pfizer Vax Only 42% Effective Against Infection In July"this week, Dr. Fauci confirmed that "at some time in the future" everyone will likely need a booster shot for the Covid-19 vaccine due to "fading efficacy."

So with Americans being forcefully 'nudged ahead' towards either 'get vaxxed' or 'live in a bubble', and any kind of 'vax-induced herd immunity' to a coronavirus recently labeled “not a possibility” according to a a leading epidemiologist, what might happen to America should that final step towards government tyranny over our own bodies take place? 

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I recently had a very, very long conversation with a friend I've known since 2nd grade and to say that he was as angry as an enraged hornet over everything now unfolding in America would be an understatement. 

As he told me, he truly believes that only a 'super-event' will be able to stop America's slide into full scale medical tyranny. And he truly believes that 'super-event' will end up being millions of absolutely enraged Americans who've reached the boiling point putting their childrens futures over their own and taking over nearly every state Capitol across the country, and a redo of January 6th at the US Capitol, times 100,000. 

We sure pray that it doesn't have to come down to that for Americans to get any justice in 2021. 

Also telling me that he's spoken with friends in both the law enforcement fields and within the US military who also believe 'my body, my choice' when it comes to this particular rushed-out 'vax', and they'd roundly reject any un-Constitutional orders, he also warned me that America's descent into a full-scale tyrannical nightmare would be complete if the US military and law enforcement nationwide go 'fully woke', rejecting the US Constitution and the 'rule of law', just as the Democrat party and RINOS have done.

So with that '3 1/2 weeks' remark by 'dandy-boy' aligning closely with Congress' full return to 'work' in September, this new story over at The Hill titled "Fully vaccinated man dies of COVID-19, daughter says he was cautious" proves to us once again just how ludicrous a period of time we've now entered. And that story read like something straight out of the 'twilight zone'

Reporting within that story that 'it would have been worse had he NOT been vaxxed,' how much worse off could he be than 'dead'? Certainly living under full-scale tyranny in 2021/2022 and into the future, with government completely controlling our bodies, would be worse, but seriously? 

So with America now having fully entered a 'twilight zone scenario', and the 'Ministry of Propaganda' long called 'the mainstream media' upping their ante in attempts to get the 'dumbed down' to take a vax that doesn't prevent people from getting sick, passing on the 'virus' (with the 'vax' actually a 'bioweapon' as we hear from Dr. Richard Fleming in the 2nd video below) or from 'dying', ANP reader 'Icy Peacemaker' recently made an astute comment on this ANP story, responding to 'Patricat's' comment about House candidate Steve Cox babbling on insanely about shooting anti-vaxxers.:

"They are all scared sh!tless, they see the gallows coming into view....."

And as the top-voted comment on this story over at the Daily Mail reporting on the disastrous US border situation pointed out: "Can anyone say with a straight face that either Biden or Harris has any clue or intention of putting the health and safety of Americans first during this pandemic? Can anyone give one good reason why we are releasing untested people into the country in these numbers? How can anyone have faith that the government is being straight about the dangers from the delta variant when we see this mess?"

So with fall and winter and 'flu season' just ahead sure to bring us even more sick people rushing off to the hospitals with sniffles, the common cold and the flu, believing that they've 'contracted Covid' and need immediate medical attention, as we hear in the final video at the bottom of this story featuring Gerald Celente of the Trend's Research Institute, Americans better be fully prepared for 'what comes next'

And in the first video below, a very concerned American citizen calls the FDA about all of the deaths being directly caused by the 'vax', a number that trounces those of nearly every other 'vax' ever created, leaving the FDA eugenecist on the other side of the line absolutely dumbfounded. Imagine how the FDA would react if millions of Americans called them at 1-888-463-6332 to express their concerns about how quickly this 'kill shot' was rolled out in America. (Hint! Hint!)

So ANP will join Rand Paul's recent call for absolute and widespread 'civil disobedience' in America should the left and RINO's be successful at instituting  a 'two-tier freedom system', with the 'vaxxed' getting to live their lives normally while the 'unvaxxed' are punished for 'thinking for themselves'. Does anyone really believe that America will EVER 'go back to normal' considering the breakneck speed globalist government's are now traveling in lock-step towards tyranny? 

So please join us in praying for a return to sanity and that God's Intervention in the days and weeks ahead will put a final stop to the utter madness and insanity we see unfolding nationwide because tyranny will NEVER be tolerated in America. 

Please also read this very important story by 'Bart' on ANP: "The US Constitution Is A 'Higher Law' Than 'Government', And The American People Are 'The Keepers' Of The Constitution"

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Thank you and God Bless. Susan and Stefan.


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