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March 8, 2021

What The Mainstream Media Has Devolved Into Since Joe Biden Got Into Office Is Absolutely Pathetic - Issuing 'Trigger Warnings' While Pushing The 'Royals' And 'Democrat Talking Points' Proves They Are But 'Propaganda'

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

For years we have watched, and documented the so-called mainstream media that acts more as liberal activists than they do a journalistic entity.

During the Trump presidency, they had two basic settings: Push Democrat priorities and attack President Trump and conservatives. Much of the time they bent over backwards to combine the two for a "winning" combination, revenue-wise, because that is exactly what their liberal audience wanted.

Without Trump to obsess over, Republicans are much less fun to attack, though they will do so, just not with the laser focus and obsessiveness they went after Trump with.

Also without Trump to attack each and every day, the stories they focus on shows that Trump was right when he said the media will tank without him.

If the stories they are reporting on is anything to go by, along with blatantly treating their audiences like children, they are on a downward track again, with not much room left before they hit rock bottom.


We hear a lot about safe spaces and trigger warnings at college campuses, well, before they decided to shut down educational institutions while allowing bars to open, treating bars as more essential than schools.

These trigger warnings, have now "graduated" from school and have been sent out into the real world, with the New York Times now offering them on their Andrew Cuomo sex scandal stories.

I am not sure if the media just thinks their audiences are so fragile they cannot handle reading something that may "upset" them, or if their audience truly is so fragile that reading the news does, indeed, "trigger" them.

Frankly I am not sure if the answer to that even matters. If their audience continues to trust them and read them even as they are being treated as children that have to have a warning if the "news" could rock their fragile little world, then they certainly deserve to be treated like children.

Considering the national and global news is "triggering" to someone, every single day, is the media going to start putting trigger warnings on everything they write and publish?

We are beyond the point of ridiculous.



It should be no surprise that the media pushes Democrat talking points, they have been doing that for decades as more than 85% of "journalists" are liberal Democrats. Analysis of political donations show that up to 97% went to Clinton in 2016.

Ballotpedia also reviewed three other analyses. The Center for Responsive Politics found that 65 percent of contributions from those identified as journalists went to Democrats in the 2010 election cycle. An analysis by found that 87 percent of the 143 donors (who made contributions from 2004 through the start of the 2008 campaign) gave to Democrats or liberal causes. The Media Research Center found that 94 percent of donors affiliated with five news outlets also contributed to Democrats between 2008 and 2016.

Ballotpedia's fact check, after reviewing all the results, concluded "That a majority of the donors or a majority of the donations (depending on the study) benefited Democrats or liberal causes."

The media denies bias, or liberals across the Internet insist the establishment media is unbiased because they tell said liberals exactly what they want to hear, and they all claim the idea of liberal bias is simply a conservative talking point as they ignore every analysis done, which all find the media favors Democrats.

The numbers don't lie, but the media certainly does. 

Trump once said the media better hope he won re-election because without him the 'media would tank." Media outlets also acknowledged the challenges they would face when they lost their "golden goose."

The point here is the media has always leaned left, but over the years they have gone from just leaning to standing at the radical left of the political spectrum.

A perfect example of this is the headlines just today at news outlets.

CNN is pushing vaccinations and lockdowns with front page headlines (linking to a story with a different headline), like: "CDC gives limited freedoms to fully vaccinated." Washington Post jump on the same bandwagon with the front page headline of "CDC issues guidelines for what people can do once fully vaccinated." The New York Times: "Vaccinated People May Meet Indoors in Small Groups but Should Still Mask in Public, C.D.C. Says."

All three of the largest major liberal news outlets are attempting to gaslight their readers into thinking the CDC has any say in what Americans do. Some governors are lifting the restrictions in their state, and newsflash: the CDC has no say in it at all.

Before moving along, anyone else find it disturbing that any news outlet would talk about any institution "giving" freedoms to Americans?

Freedoms that are our constitutional rights. Freedoms that the CDC has no right to allow or disallow. It is almost as if the MSM hasn't learned yet that state sovereignty applies here and any governor that wants to can flip them off and tell them where they can go.

Another front page headline: "The US is close to a possible Covid-19 surge, expert warns"

Yes, expect another surge, so be prepared for the Democrat/media push for initiating another round of media martial law aka "lockdowns." That will be the next major talking point.....again.

Other headlines from all three also show total support for the $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill that has more pork and Democrat pet projects than actual COVID relief or research. In fact, much of what is in the bill (like abortion) that has absolutely nothing to do with the virus at all.

I could go on, but I think it is clear that the MSM has been, and is even more so now, nothing but puppets for the Democrat party.


Another sad sign that the media has no idea what to do without President Trump to obsess over, is the inordinate amount of articles and stories about Harry and Megan, the former royal couple that decided to leave the "spotlight" of the media, just to move to America and do everything possible to get back into the spotlight of the media, as proven with their Oprah interview.

Their sense of victimhood, living large in a mansion with more money than they know how to spend, while Americans are forced into food lines, is astounding, but the MSM has decided to throw their weight into allowing the couple to cast themselves as victims. 

CNN website front page today includes the following, at the top, middle column:

That is 8 stories and then the one Royal Family in crisis, marking the 9th.

Washington Post jumped on that bandwagon as well:

One really has to wonder about the liberal support for the former royal couple, as they those same liberals spend half, or more, of their time screaming about Republicans being "Nazi's," yet images of Harry show he quite literally wore a Swastikas' as a costume, and ended up apologizing for doing so.

Using the liberals' own rules against them, wouldn't that mean Harry should be cancelled?


Look at the main website page for CNN, NYT, and Wapo, on any given day and see if you agree that the media has done exactly what Trump predicted. They not only tanked, but they have become tabloid news.

Bet they are wishing Trump was back right about now for them to obsess over.

Apparently being afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome for so many years, left lasting mental  and emotional damage. 

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