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September 14, 2021

When The Communists Control Everything, Voting Becomes An Exercise In Futility And An Elaborate Crowning Of Their Dictators

- There Are No 'Free And Open' Elections In America When The Outcomes Are Determined Beforehand! 

By Alan Barton for All News Pipeline

There is so much to-do about voting, it seems almost hidden amongst all of the covid kill shots, Afghanistan, O’Bukphyden, huge inflation, shortages and so much more that is seems silly to bring out another problem that at first blink does not seem to involve too many of us but in actuality directly involves us all, even on the world stage.  Perhaps an interesting way of bringing it into focus might be to look at a video that the famous (or is that Infamous?) The Onion farcically brought out in this great clip.  It is short, but if you don’t want to watch it I’ll pop the title for you: “5 Things To Know About The California Recall Election”.  

Number one, “Who is the current Governor of California?  Donald Trump Jr.’s girlfriends ex-husband”.  Number two is just plain dumb as a comedy site might suggest would be the case; and number three is “Why can’t they wait until next year’s regular election?  Waiting until 2022 places an undue burden on Republicans to win a majority of the vote.”  Think about that one for a moment, it actually makes some sense.  Number four brings up the point that the huge masses of leftist street people are sleeping right next to the polls, and number five’s joke is actually backwards from the expected reality; again as only a spoof journal can do properly.

The reality is the voting is already in deep trouble with the massive Democrat/Communist fraud machine in high gear.  No wonder ‘Gavin the Mavin’ of absurdities, lies and fraud seems like he isn’t really worried about a thing, as if the election results on his recall is already sewn up tight, reminding me of the way Lil’ Joey Dementia felt no need to actually campaign.  The Communists learned from the 2016 elections that they must go way overboard to be sure that a real candidate does not accidentally get elected instead of their handpicked plug-ins.  As a side note, Gavin rhymes with mavin if you pronounce his name Gay-vin; not to disparage anyone, but rather to make my use of the word ‘mavin’ (one who is very good at what he does) more interesting and acceptable as a close enough rhyme.   His destruction of California in all respects proves he is great at what he has been charged with doing for the NWO Lucifarians.  He seems to be filling the price of his hire for their evil scheme.

General Dispatch recently had a post titled “The Steal Is On: California Republicans Not Being Allowed To Vote” where they have a Rumble video from KTLA5 TV that shows people’s problems with massive voter fraud proven firsthand by republicans living there.

One lady that was told she had already voted when she went in to vote asked “I would still like to know how I voted” when told that they would get her a provisional ballot.  Breitbart also covered that clip in this story where they said “the people she knew affected by the issue were “self-identified Republicans,” which gave her cause for suspicion.”   Yeh!  No doubt it is cause for suspicion!   We have seen that method of fraud over and over again all over the U.S.  Many others that stood in line with her said they were told the same thing, and that is just one ballot area. DryBar Comedy has a great very short standup routine on being a Republican in California.

And, of course and as expected, the Cali Republicans are ready to claim FRAUD when the recall election fails.  That would seem obvious and you can bet that the systems, plans and lawyers to file claims against the election is already well along.  Even MSN mentioned that in a typical forced smear in their article claiming such.  You can bet that their coverage of the fraudulent “win” will be a clone of the CNN, MSNBC and other leftist propaganda outlets as they have usually been on so many other topics.  

The Daily Beast a few days ago wrote concerning Tomi Lahren’s jab that “California Gov. Gavin Newsom will only survive the California recall by rigging the election, outright claiming that the “only thing” that will save him is “voter fraud.”  While that is factually correct, they go by the fabricated “polls” showing the Criminal in Chief of California leading just as the fabricated polls showed Lil’ Joey “winning” in 2020.  It seems they neglect or ignore the FACT that even the Arizona recounts show TRULY MASSIVE VOTER FRAUD was committed, and just as the preliminary reports are showing it is happening not only as bad in this one, but far more out in the open than in 2020, typical of the democrat apologist co-conspiracy communist rags that we have come to expect.  

Even the New York Times said “False Election Claims in California Reveal a New Normal for G.O.P.   In an echo of 2020, Republicans are pushing baseless allegations of cheating in the state’s recall race even before Election Day.”  Ummm – sure, whatever – like anyone intelligent or well informed believes a damned thing you have to say.

I suppose then that “In California recall, ‘votes visible through the envelope’, ballots stolen from mail boxes” is somehow normal?  The first video in this article shows exactly what that entails and they state the standard line that “The shocker would be if there were no cheating or irregularities in a California election.”  As the Cowardly Lion would say, “Ain’t it the truth”.   They then show this Twit video of “2 women caught on camera stealing CA Gov. Recall Election ballots out of apartment mailboxes using a USPS master key to open the entire mail box at once”  and mention that “Another man was caught with hundreds of ballots in Torrance as well.”   Nothing to see here folks, move along now or MSN might say you are just ‘piking’ as the Brits might say (it means “British slang - the practice of deriving sexual pleasure from watching strangers have sex in parked cars and other secluded but public places“) for the Republicans.  I’m so very sorry if that offended you but the image it portrays fits so well.

KTLA5 also said on their website (from an APO story) that “California’s recalls are like no other elections. Voters have to decide whether to recall the officeholder — in this case, Newsom — and then answer a second ballot question over who should be the replacement. This unorthodox process has had wild outcomes before — it led to actor Arnold Schwarzenegger becoming governor in 2003.    Yeh, that Schwarzenegger, the one that recently said “Screw your Freedoms” back in August while talking about wearing masks.  

Patriot News USA story on the 13th said “Here We Go: Irregularities Reported in Newsom Recall Election” in their headline and addedNewsom bullied any Democrats to keep them from running to replace him, leaving only non-Democrats, mostly Republicans, as the declared candidates to succeed him….Team Newsom, including Hollywood, Silicon Valley, the SEIU, the usual creepy dark money men, flooded the airwaves and media with claims that the people sick of Newsom’s lockdowns, high taxes and energy prices, indulgence of open-air drugging and homelessness, are in reality January 6th “insurrectionists” and members of far-right groups.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The Republican Party is the third-most popular party after Democrats and Independents. Nearly two million people of all political stripes signed the recall petition to force the election…… Newsom’s secretary of state was ordered to flood the state with the “mail-in” ballots, resulting in possibly millions of ballots sent to addresses where a voter didn’t live anymore or was dead. Multiple votes are reported going to the same address.

One man was found passed out in his car with 300 recall ballots. Are we to assume that was a one-off? They hope you believe that.”

Nothing at all to see here folks, now run along and don’t worry about a thing, the democrats have it all well in hand.

“California Voters Already Having Trouble Casting Votes in Recall Election” said the California Globe Monday the 13th with the elections going until the 14th “It’s deja vu all over again…..“Thousands of voters in the June 7, 2016 California Primary election showed up at the polls across the state to discover their political party registrations had been changed, or dropped altogether… but only after they had received official sample ballots verifying their party registration in the mail,” I reported in January 2017. “This only could have been done within the Secretary of State’s VoteCal system.”  Indicating that they expect a replay of the massive 2016 election fraud in this special election.  Of course, Larry Elder asked “supporters to report ‘anything suspicious’ in California recall election.”

The Chicago Tribune mentioned that “In a state where Democrats outnumber Republicans 2-to-1, Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom is seen as having the upper hand in his bid to fend off the GOP-fueled recall”  and yet they are not sure of a democrat win?  First, if that were the case, then how did this special election get created, and why does Larry Elder have such huge polling numbers?  (In the real polls, not the fake leftist ones).

We could go on with this topic, but the real intent of my piece this time is distilled in the Donald J. Trump comment that "Does anybody really believe the California Recall Election isn't rigged?" Trump's statement began. "Millions and millions of Mail-In Ballots will make this just another giant Election Scam, no different, but less blatant, than the 2020 Presidential Election Scam!"

And I ask a similar question; “Does anyone actually believe that there will ever be viable, free and honest elections ANYWHERE in this nation ever again?”   With the control of elections in the hands of Democrats all across this nation, with the Chinese machines and systems in place to make any ballot show any result that they want, with the “news”, propaganda and other systems like the courts in place to defeat almost any challenge; how can the inherent fraud be defeated without major confrontations and possibly even civil war to correct it all?  What chance would we have if the democrats/communists HR1 or similar voting bill gets passed, eliminating any chance whatsoever of having real, actual elections ever again in this nation?  Why even waste the time, effort and money to even bother with supporting a good candidate if the SYSTEM cannot allow them to be voted into office?  What do you suppose it will take to reverse this insanity? Can it even be done in real life, or would such a dream be just that, a dream?

The prospect of ranked choice voting holds even more corruption and false freedom; the very fact that they REPLACE the local neighborhood caucus meetings where you and your neighbors can sit around and discuss what should be done and vote on the best candidate to obtain those desires has given way to a lottery of chance instead of an intelligent choice being made.  And considering the extremely high likelihood that those elections are also fixed with the method itself covering and hiding the scam from view and accurate scrutiny, we have NO FREE ELECTIONS left to even bother voting in on any level.

Something major needs to change in this once great bastion of Liberty and Freedom where it was once a wonderful place to live, raise a family, and hope and dream for a better life with some hard work and effort.  Now all of that is gone, the United States of American exists no longer as a Constitutional Republic as the Constitution of, by and for the People has been uprooted and trampled on almost to extinction.  We are just a mere shadow of that once glorious dream that we were born into, and we (collectively not individually) have squandered it on get rich quick schemes and socialist fantasies and satanic leadership groups and secret societies. 

Am I a Fatalist?  No, a Realist is more like it.  I pray that something peaceful may come up to fix things, but the prospect of civil war is now so very high that I do not see anything good, proper and effective happening, so why should I even bother voting?  That same question is answered in communist nations by FORCED voting, you WILL VOTE or you will be imprisoned on some charge or the other even though your vote does not matter in the greater scheme of things, and the results are already in place.

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I like using the enemies own information against them.

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