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July 14, 2016

Sheriff: Dallas Was 'Mission Accomplished' For Black Lives Matter - White House Now Working Directly With Domestic Terrorist BLM Leader 


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Wisconsin Sheriff David Clarke penned an op-ed published over at Fox News, which is a must-read and starts with the following paragraph: "Here’s a sobering thought for Americans to contemplate as we now deal with the aftermath of the horrific murders of law enforcement officers in the name of Black Lives Matter in Dallas, Texas: this was mission accomplished for Black Lives Matter, not an aberration."

The whole article is well worth the read, short, concise and to the point, but the following portion proves that Clarke, an African American himself, understands that Black Lives Matter (BLM) supporters are being used and abused by the movements so-called "leaders" and those pulling the strings behind the scenes.

You see, Black Lives Matter is proving itself to seek only one end – and that is discord, alienation among Americans, rise in hate, and destruction of community bonds. The relative increase in justice afforded black Americans is of little concern, save as a convenient veneer for their anti-democratic mission.

Proof of Clarke's assertions can be seen consistently at the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag on Twitter, where watching the constant whining, complaining and "victimhood" mentality, is a lesson in how that "rise in hate" is fervently being pushed, either by useful patsies or paid provocateurs, for the sole goal of encouraging more violence against police and whites.

An example shown below, with an language warning:


The Tweet was in response to a CNN report of June Fresno shooting of an unarmed male by police, of a man named Dylan Noble, which is being investigated by internal affairs to determine if police procedures were followed and to determine whether charges should be filed against the officers in question.

Long story short, the police responded to a call about a man with a rifle, while stopped at a light a truck turned in front of them and "screeched" away, they attempted to pull over the vehicle and the driver didn't immediately comply. When Noble did stop, police approached with guns drawn, Noble didn't comply to being told to show both hands, repeatedly.

More directly from CNN:

Noble gets out of the truck again and walks away from the officers, who tell him to get on the ground. He walks several more steps then turns around. Dyer pointed out that at this point Noble has his right hand behind his back. He continues toward the officers then backs up. An officer yells for him to get down but instead he walks back toward the officers.

"What do you have in your hand?" one asks. Then he warns Noble he's going to get shot.

As Noble walks toward the officers, he hears another command to get on the ground. And Noble says, "I (expletive) hate my life."

The officer with a handgun, a veteran of 20 years, fires twice. Noble goes down and rolls onto his back.

Dyer said when he reaches for his waistband the officer fires again.

Noble squirms while he is told to not to move his hands. About 14 seconds later, the reserve officer, who has 17 years of service, fires once.

Noble didn't have a gun; he had what Dyer described as a piece of clear plastic, 4 inches by 4 inches, that contained moldable clay.

Police Chief Jerry Dyer was asked if deadly force was necessary, his answer since the investigation into the incident is not complete was "I do not have the answer for that today."

Yet as seen by the Tweet above, BLM supporters, using the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter, believe the answer is "Dallas," meaning the outright ambushing and slaughtering of police officers.

They don't need no stinkin' investigation, they don't care that police, who are being targeted across the country, didn't know what Noble was hiding behind his back, had no idea if he was armed, and were facing a man, no matter what color his skin, that was refusing to comply with instructions to show both hands.

[Update] Perhaps Mr. Smith, from the tweet screen shot above,  wouldn't have mentioned Noble at all had they realized he was a white male! Will they now start screaming #WhiteLivesMatter?

Suggestion to readers: Spend an hour and just watch the #Black Lives Matter hashtag thread, where thousands of tweets are being shown per hour, watch how the BLM supporters are deliberately trying to incide hatred, victimhood, violence and doing exactly what Clarke described in his op-ed linked at the top of this article.

A few examples shown below, from today:





Interspersed with the never-ending attempts to ratchet up racial divisions, some are attempting to point out some statistical  facts that are inconvenient to the BLM movement, such as the following graph:


Those people are either attacked or completely ignored because it doesn't "fit" with their agenda of discord, anger, societal alienation and hate.


Sheriff Clarke was one of the first, but not the last, to lay blame on Barack Obama for the anti-police sentiment running rampant across the U.S., and to state openly that Barack Obama started the war on police and we see that Obama is now continuing to incite and encourage BLM members to continue along the same path.

Five days ago Sheriff Clarke went on Fox News and made it clear that BLM members should not be appeased but need to be marginalized, and should be categorized as a hate group.

Listen below:

In yesterday's article titled "Obama's White Hate Has Led To The Present Race War Playing Out On The Streets of America," we showed how Obama's friends and "spiritual mentor" are behind his race war in America, using the Saul Alinsky "Rules for Radicals,"  and we see today that Obama is directly working with BLM in order to destroy America.

Following Obama's race-bailting speech at the memorial of the five Dallas police officers who were ambushed and slaughtered on July 7, 2016, he hosted BLM members at the White House, doing the exact opposite of what Sheriff Clarke has often suggested, rather than marginalizing the hate group that is inciting violence against police across the country, Barack Obama is encouraging them, appeasing them and opening the door to further cop killings.


One of those attendees was the radical BLM "leader" DeRay McKesson, a man who was arrested just days ago in Baton Rouge

(Obama hosts DeRay McKesson, BLM at White House)

McKesson, a man that was reportedly a "lead full-time paid protester in Ferguson, Missouri during the mass riots and looting."





McKesson was also a "lead activist," in Baltimore during the Freddie Gray riots and looting.





Another little bit of trivia about DeRay McKesson is that he lives in a home that is owned by a Soros’ Open Society board member.

Color me surprised!


Barack Obama is openly working with a man that has been involved with some of the most violent protests in the last decade, a member of a group that has supporters that are openly shooting at police officers, like convicted, violent felon March Eugene Ratney, who shot at IMPD Chief Troy Riggs home 17 times, hitting the officer’s home, patrol vehicle and fence and wearing a shirt that said "Black Lives Matter" and "F*ck the police."

Perhaps Barack and DeRay should work on "policing" their own domestic terrorist BLM members rather than trying to tell the police how to do their jobs!

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