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December 26, 2021

Why 2022 Will Be Unlike Any Year In Our Lifetimes: The Purge Of Conservatives In Our Military Has Set Up Our Extermination As The Globalists March In Lockstep Towards Worldwide Tyranny

- Americans Must Stand Up Tall Or We'll Perish As The Entire World Falls

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

With the year 2022 just days away and Joe Biden's first year in office about to be heaved into the trash-bin of history, the signs that 2022 will go down as one for the history books surround us.

While Michael Snyder over at the Economic Collapse Blog recently warned in two different stories "If All Of This Seems Familiar, That Is Because We Have Seen It All Before" and "This Is Going To Be A REALLY “Dark Winter” For Both America And The Entire Planet," 2022 should also be the year that the 'conspiracy theorists' are proven right, once-and-for-all, about what the 'final destination' is of the unfolding madness the globalists have been pushing upon us for decades. 

With some more of the recent stories which hint very strongly of more madness and chaos ahead for America and the world being this story over at The Sun reporting World War III fears continue to grow after Russian President Vladimir Putin approved plans for 'urgent mass graves' while Putin has moved 100's of tanks and tens of thousands of bodies to the Ukraine border in the past few weeks, all of that is happening at a time when Joe Biden's 'woke' military has launched a purge upon Conservatives and Christians, while also here on the home-front, three US military Generals warn Civil War may be triggered by the 2024 election, though many believe we'll never make it that far. 

And with what's happening elsewhere all around the world giving the American people a very strong reason to stay especially vigilant as 2021 draws to a close and 2022 rushes in as the globalists continue to march in lockstep towards one world government tyranny, it's now or never for freedom to rise up and stand strong in America or we'll be watching the entire world fall in 2022.  

Because as Steve Quayle had mentioned in an SQnote while linking to this DC Clothesline story reporting on how Biden's US military is 'purging' Conservatives and Christians from their ranks, "once this policy finishes, he will then turn his military against Christians and Conservatives in a horrific 'pogrom of killing'". Think it can't happen here? As Michael Snyder warned in this recent story, we're now watching history repeating itself, and in more ways than just one. 

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Is there anybody out there?
Roger Waters - Pink Floyd - The Wall

With one of the sure tell signs of government's attempting to push a false and untrue narrative being the unfolding of massive psychosis and insanity across the land, as the masses attempt to reconcile what they're being told to what they're actually seeing, we're witnessing just that in 2021 America. 

As the website 'Psych Central' reports in this new storythe COVID-19 pandemic has had a severe impact on mental health in the United States and beyond, increasing rates of stress, anxiety, depression, and even suicidal ideation

Reporting that according to research done in 2020, the coronavirus pandemic is associated with “highly significant levels of psychological distress" with so-called 'experts' claiming 'reducing the adverse effects on mental health should be a top priority for international public health', maybe they should start with 'the truth' about this entire pandemic, the 'v's' unveiled to deal with it that aren't working and the globalists push towards global government that millions of Americans can clearly see but the rest of the world are blinded to.

As we'd reported on ANP back on December 1st in this story titled "People Long Drowning In A Sea Of Misinformation Are Slowly Awakening As 'Cognitive Dissonance' Strikes Hard & The Globalists 'Orwellian Doublethink' Masks Melt Away", over many decades we've been witnessing nothing less than an 'Orwellian indoctrination campaign' being carried out by Democrats, RINO's and other globalists, with lies being pushed as 'the truth', causing massive 'cognitive dissonance' in those who are finally seeing with their own eyes something completely contradictory to what they're being told. 

Enough to drive anyone who still gets their news from the mainstream media quite insane, no wonder so many on the left turned to Fox News to get their news in 2021, with CNN, MSNBC and all of the rest of the talking heads in the msm completely exposed as propaganda. Yet even Fox News is still way too 'controlled' by the globalists 'advertising dollars', especially with the 'big pharma mafia' dishing out millions in ad revenue to those pushing 'the v' for them

So while we'll continue to argue that we should never give up on America, especially with many of the masses slowly awakening from their long slumber while America's Founding Fathers long ago gave Americans our 'eternal remedy to tyranny', the masses are still desperately in need of a much bigger dose of truth, with a huge part of the globalists strategy to impose tyranny being 'driving the entire world mad'.

As Roger Waters of Pink Floyd said back in 2015 of his classic song "Another Brick In The Wall", "It’s a protest song against the tyranny of stupidity and oppression, not just in schools but universally. It’s about the malign influence of propaganda. Obviously, I care deeply about education. I just wanted to encourage anyone who marches to a different drum to push back against those who try to control their minds rather than to retreat behind emotional walls." That song hits home in 2021. 

We don't need no education.
 We don't need no thought control.
 No dark sarcasm in the classroom. 
Teachers leave them kids alone.
 Hey! Teacher! Leave them kids alone! 
All in all it's just ey, another brick in the wall.
Roger Waters - Pink Floyd - The Wall

And with the full-scale 'indoctrination' of America's children into the globalists one-world government, Communist philosophy an incredibly crucial part of their plans to control the future, with fully brainwashed younger generations easy for them to 'mold' into their 'obedient slaves' while free-thinking Americans and people across the world are their worst enemies, the globalists love those who can't see what's unfolding before their own eyes as Mac Slavo reports in this new story over at SHTFPlan.  

Just because most people have eyes does not mean that they are able to see. We live at a time when global events are going haywire all around us, but the vast majority of the population is still asleep. Even though our world is being rocked by pestilence, economic troubles, wars and rumors of wars, widespread civil unrest, and great natural disasters, most people simply assume that life will eventually return to “normal” at some point. Sadly, that isn’t going to happen. 

I am entirely convinced that global events will continue to accelerate as we head into 2022, and most people will be absolutely blindsided by what is coming because they just didn’t want to believe that things could ever get so bad.

Touching then upon the global supply chain shortages that continue to get worse no matter what 'Brandon' says, there'll come a time when 'reality' is no longer able to be ignored by 'the masses'.

Of course, the entire globe has been hit by disaster after disaster during the past two years, and this has brought us to the brink of an unprecedented global food crisis. The following originally comes from the Washington Post… 

Because of the pandemic, global hunger shot up by an estimated 118 million people worldwide in 2020, jumping to 768 million people, the most since as far back as 2006. The number of people living with food insecurity — or those forced to compromise on food quantity or quality — surged by 318 million, to 2.38 billion. 

Global food supplies are going to get even tighter in 2022 and beyond, but don’t worry, because the elite are telling us that if things get bad enough we can just eat bugs.

So while we'll pass on eating bugs as long as we're able to, the fact that Bloomberg published this story on December 17th titled "Why Bugs Must Be a Bigger Part of the Human Food Chain" is another hint of where America and the world are heading if the globalists get their way, with the 'global elite' sure to continue pushing the eating of bugs for the masses as they're doing now in Europe while they themselves, like tyrants through history, hoard away the meat for themselves.  

In the first video below, Steve Bannon warns that the country of Austria has basically just made it illegal for people there to exist without having been injected with 'the v', hinting of what is ahead for America if Democrats get their way, the two videos directly below that take a look at the unfolding madness we're now witnessing in 2021 that hint of much more chaos to come in 2022.

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I don't need no 'masks' around me. 
And I don't need no 'vax' to calm me. 
We have seen the writing on the wall. 
Don't think we need corrupt government at all. 
No! Don't think we need globalism at all. 
All in all they are all just bricks in the wall. 
All in all they were all just bricks in the wall.
All credit as due to Roger Waters and Pink Floyd

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