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November 11, 2018

Why Women Love Guns And Which Ones Many Prefer: A Woman With A Gun Levels The Playing Field Against Cowardly Attacking Goons & Leaves Them Prepared For Practically Any Situation


Submitted to All News Pipeline by Jay Chambers of the Minute Man Review

Who said that men are the only ones capable of handling guns? Although they are the dominant ones in this field, women can shoot just as well with the right knowledge and skills. This is shown by a number of women who have embraced guns, either for serious reasons, or just because they are into it.

In this article, you are going to find out why women love guns, and what type of guns and models they prefer.

The Reasons behind Womenís Love for Guns

Women are seen by some as very vulnerable beings who should only take care of household duties and family. When it comes to guns, the reason why people think women generally use guns is exactly that of vulnerability.

Women are more likely to be targeted by attackers because they are seen by some as weak, so it only makes sense that they carry guns around to keep unscrupulous people away. However, while this is one of the reasons many decide to join the ride, itís not the only thing that convinces them to do so.

Without further ado, letís explore some reasons why women fall in love with guns.


1. Protection

This is the most popular reason, which is why itís at the top of the list.

The world can be very cruel at times, regardless of the gender, and you never know what could happen. There could be a danger at every step you take, and things are always bound to happen. Therefore, a gun could be the savior in case someone attempts to ruin your life.

Personal safety should always be a concern, and if youíre attacked by a much stronger person, it would be hard to win by using physical strength. A gun is not only a good way to scare the attacker and make them keep the distance, but also harm someone who wants to harm you. Violence is never a good thing, but your safety is the most important thing.

Moreover, a gun will allow you to protect those around you as well, such as children or other family members in times of need. In other words, a woman with a gun is always prepared for practically any situation.

2. Overcoming Fear

Guns are not childís play, thatís a fact, and being scared of them is not wrong. They are dangerous items that could injure or cause someoneís death. Therefore, many women tend to be scared of weapons, which is why some choose to stay away from them.

However, many women choose to overcome their fear of shooting. They either met someone who shoots, or just want to live a life thatís not controlled by fear. So, by learning how to shoot, they get more familiar with guns, thus leading to a sense of empowerment.

3. Empowerment

Speaking of empowerment, in a world where women who use guns are seen as ďunfeminineĒ, itís hard to use one without having someone judge you for it. However, guns are a way for women to feel like theyíre in power because they have the ability to protect themselves whenever they need.

Many guys think that women are bad shooters, or that they would need a lot of help whenever they have to load their guns. By having the knowledge and skills required to use a weapon in the right way, women can prove everyone wrong. They can show that they are able to do things people doubt and that they are capable of being on par with men. It makes them feel on top of the world. In addition, considering how many headlines about violence against women make it to the front page daily, millennial women are happy to have something for self-defense.


Which Guns Do They Prefer?

When buying a gun, women take many things into consideration. Each woman is unique, meaning she may have specific requirements regarding weapons. After all, they need to have the right gun to protect themselves when walking around town.

The variables they usually take into consideration are the recoil sensitivity, hand size, location, ease of operation and reach of the controls. So, they go to the gun store and check a wide range of models to find the one that suits them.

Apparently, women tend to buy semi-automatic handguns the most, with a slight majority choosing a 9mm. Also, three of the 10 most purchased guns by women are Glocks. Historically, this wasnít known as a womanís favorite brand. However, this could show that women needing revolvers or guns of smaller caliber are only myths.


Here are some guns that women love:

1. Glock 26 9mm

This gun has a great capacity of 10 rounds and one more with a round in the chamber. Perhaps this is what makes this model so liked by people.

2. Walther PPQ 9mm

This weapon has such a good-looking design that itís hard not to like it. Also, what makes it amazing is the fact that itís not the smallest gun. So, it proves that women needing small guns is not necessarily true. They can carry larger guns around as well. This model has a big capacity of 15 + 1 for the 9mm.

3. Glock 42.380

This is the smallest and slimmest Glock pistol, and the only .380 model. Compared to other concealed handguns, it is smaller, which is probably what makes it so popular with the ladies. Itís very durable and reliable, and women seem to love the feel and attributes it comes with. It comes with a capacity of 6 + 1.

4. Glock 43 9mm

Another popular gun among women is yet another Glock manufactured item. It has a slim profile and a rugged sleek styling. The capacity it comes with is of 6 + 1, and the fact that is very reliable and durable is probably why women love it so much.

Final Thoughts

In this world, itís essential to know how to protect yourself. Women, being easier targets, often tend to become victims of various attacks. However, guns represent a way to protect themselves, which makes women love them. Moreover, it gives them a sense of empowerment, as they can show others they are able to shoot too.

Anyone can use guns, regardless of gender Ė you just need to have the proper knowledge and skills.

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