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December 12, 2015

Are We Witnessing The ULTIMATE DECEPTION? I Think We Might Be.... It Is Time To PAY ATTENTION!!!


By Undrtaker - All News PipeLine

Here is a photo sent to me from an ANP reader who wishes to remain anon…


Here is a picture, one of a few that were caught by Shannon


Isn’t it funny that there just so happens to be chemtrails trying to hide this?

People……. We know, as we talk every day about the events that are unfolding throughout the world, that we are indeed in very troubling times. We see things happening right before our eyes, that we never dreamt possible.

We are controlled by a Government who is purely satanic. They serve their master with everything they do. I was going to start this article in a different way, however, I was reading through the comments on Stefan’s latest article, and he responded to me about a comment I had made. In his response, he brought up the Deagel report, that states in about 9 years, there will only be 65 million people in the country.

Now…… It doesn’t take common core math to figure out that if we are going to go from 320 million down to 65 million in 9 years, there has to be a whole lot of people die in order for that to happen. So, what do they know, that we don’t?

This is such a complex issue that for me to touch on all aspects of my research, this would end up being a book instead of an article, so I am going to touch on certain things, to give you all starting places to look into. 

The first item that needs to be done is to watch this video that I am linking below. Gill Broussard is basically the leading expert on this, and this video is excellent.

Thank you PDG for bringing it to my attention.

Every video, every article and all the experts that I have ever listened to on Planet X the destroyer, the one thing that everyone says, is that in the lead up to this happening, the leaders of the world, would bring the world to war before it happened.

The Bible, in the book of Revelation also states that in these times, there will be wars and rumors of war….But here is what I am starting to think folks.
I am starting to believe, the closer this gets, that the reasons for all of this unrest in the middle east and all around the world, is all NOT what we are being told.I mean, think about a few things, and how stupid they must think that we all are to believe this garbage.

First…. ISIS….

It is known by pretty much the entire world, except for the sleeping masses of our own country, that ISIS is a 100 percent creation of the US Government and its NATO allies.

It is known by everyone who actually thinks, that IF the people in power in this world wanted ISIS gone, they could do it probably in less than a week. But…… It doesn’t happen.

Instead the governments of all countries use this fabricated threat, to lead us into this so called war. They use it to steal our freedoms here in the US. They stage FALSE FLAG attacks, that anyone who spends any amount of time looking into them, has to question if it is real or not. And the best part is that the US government is SHIPPING these people into our country at an alarming rate. 

This nineteen minute video shows what is happening in Germany and Europe. We witnessed what was probably an orchestrated event in Paris, and that country is in massive chaos right now.

 But, the groundwork is being laid, to bring this fear everywhere.

I don’t want to go too far into this, because it isn’t the main topic I want to get across. We have all seen videos of busses carrying these so called refugees. These same people who are said to have been flown in on UPS planes in the middle of the night and instead of going through customs like you or I would have to do, they get loaded on a commercial bus and taken away….. To where?

We have all heard stories the last few days of the Trac Phone purchases in MO, along with all the RC equipment being stolen in FL, the stolen LP cylinders in MO….

We all know that it is OUR government who has purposely left our borders unguarded and open for a very specific reason.What are they planning?
I asked a question to someone the other day. If these refugees pull off a major attack, and the same refugees were bought into this country, ILLEGALLY by our satanic government…. 

Who is to blame for the attack?

We all can safely bet that there is going to be another attack any day. Attacks average about once every week. This has gotten so bad, that the people pulling off these attacks don’t even care any longer if they even appear real. It is sad that there are so many here in this country that can’t see them for what they are.

These attacks are very strategic for two purposes…. 

To keep us distracted…
To take our FIREARMS…

I know that I appear to be going in many different directions here. But, it is all tied together. I hope you keep on reading and look at what I am putting out here, because it is indeed all part of this puzzle.

The US government has wanted to get rid of the Second Amendment for some time. And this satanic leader that we have right now is controlled by the very same people everyone before him was controlled by. Only, this guy has taken this to unbelievable levels.

The newest Executive orders are to do with people that are on ANY form of Government watch list. If the US government goes ahead with these executive orders, they are going to say that anyone on a watch list, not only can’t buy a gun, but they will say that person can’t possess a gun.

They made their intentions clear as a bell with the latest event in California. They stressed how these people LEGALLY bought these weapons, and it must stop.

And here was Obama’s Litmus Test….

I won’t get into the fact that this whole event stinks, and NONE of the facts line up. We here at ANP were ON IT the moment this broke, and we stuck with it for the entire day. We know that the narrative went from THREE WHITE shooters with AK-47s to this couple and now they changed the weapons to AR-15s… This is just a sample of the deceit and lies associated with this. That is why I have to categorize this as a HOAX event. Because there is ONE thing that these people don’t seem to understand…. THE TRUTH never changes.

If you get your name on a NO FLY list or any US government watch list, you will NOT be able to possess a weapon. Period. And, do you think you will get your name OFF of that government watch list? NO you won’t!

So, once they pass this, and they will….. How long do you think it will be until we are all conveniently put on to some form of watchlist?Well, if they happen to use the Southern Poverty Law Center for that list…..


Here is an interesting video from Trey Gowdy. Watch the response from the woman he is questioning about this very topic. He asks a very simple question of her….  “What are the protocols that are in place to determine if someone is put on a list?”

She can’t answer…. And this lady is from the DHS!!!

Now we have covered numerous items that are happening all around the country, and the world. We are slated to be about 260 million less in about 9 years. We know that we have all been lied to about all these wars. We know that our government is shipping in the very people that they are trying to tell us are causing all of the chaos to begin with. We know the government is pulling false flag after false flag for a purely anti-constitutional and satanic reason. To take our only means of self defense from this satanic sodomite filled government away from us.

But I ask you all……. WHY???

Here is my opinion on what is happening people. We are being deceived in a way that most will not even be able to comprehend. That EVERYTHING we are witnessing going on in this world right now is all part of a MASSIVE and the MOTHERLOAD of all distractions….


Before you go any further, please watch this video from BPEarthWatch…

It is my opinion that the reason EVERY government of the world started digging all the underground facilities so many years ago is Planet X.
It is my opinion that the entire world being a stage of war right now…. Is Planet X.

It is my opinion that the reason that all the FALSE FLAGS are happening is to scare everyone so bad that they will not only give up their only means of defense, but will lean on this satanic government when it happens…. Is Planet X

It is my opinion that the constant threat of radical Islam in our country, and all countries right now is too keep our eyes from looking UP.

And finally, I believe that the reason that the US government KNOWS that the population of the country will only be 65 million in less than 9 years is because they know that we are about to have something happen that is going to kill most of us…. Again, Planet X.

The reason that they want all the guns taken away, is that they don’t have to worry about how pissed off people are going to be, when they find out that this MASSIVE deception has taken place, and the people of this nation are going to be out for BLOOD!!!

Now let me bring into the equation what was in the spotlight for half of the year. Jade Helm 15. We were all worried, something this scale had never happened before. We were all made fun of when nothing seemed to happen while it was going on. The government and MSM news organizations accomplished one major thing with Jade Helm….

They PRE- POSITIONED all the equipment for total chaos!!!



To wrap it up folks I am going to be pretty straight forward and blunt. I honestly feel that not only our government, but ALL governments of the world have known this has been coming for a very long time. They dug underground for a reason. We are NOT part of that reason.

I think that EVERYTHING we are witnessing at this time, is all a part of the largest deception that has ever happened. I think that the people that control the people that control all of us, have had this planned from the very beginning when they found out this was coming.

I think that Planet X has made its DEBUT and is on its way. Every time table that Gill and all the experts on this have told us, are playing out right before our eyes.If it keeps going according to what they have predicted, things are going to start happening real fast now. We need to be aware of our surroundings at all times, for at any moment, it could all begin.

We have all been lied to and deceived people. We have been lied to by Satan and his minions. There is only ONE way out of this, and that is to believe in God, and that this is all part of his plan. He chose us all to be here right now at this specific time for a reason that we do not yet know or understand. We need to have Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior in our hearts so strong right now, that it is the only thing that matters to us.

We are entering a tunnel right now…. We all know what is on the other side, but there is fear because the tunnel is dark and unknown. But remember….. We KNOW what is on the other side.

And it will ALL be worth it.

I am going to leave you with a description that was emailed to me by Mr. Robert Bruce. This is how he described what he saw….. Yesterday.

On Friday PM at sunset I was outside, we had a break in the rain, the clouds were still quite thick, and the chemtrails were everywhere within the clouds.BUT, just as the sun was dropping I could see it falling through the clouds that were dark gray,  with light gray mixed in, the sun brought a number of streaks of Red's, Oranges and yellow golden colors, with just a hint of blue here and there. As I watched the sun drop behind the Western side mountain, to the right of it by about 20*, I saw something much smaller but just as bright sliding down the cloud bank, and there it was, whatever this thing is called, it was as clear as day.The part that blew my mind is that it created much more reds, and purple colors in the clouds, it set very quickly, it also was sustaining the day light somewhat. I could have missed this without even skipping a beat, of what I question how many people have seen it and just gave it no thought..

Keep your minds open and think people, why would this all be happening EXACTLY as written in Revelation???

My Rant for the day…..


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