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July 16, 2016

Worldwide Chaos About To Peak? Russian Armageddon Convoy Practices For World War III As Warnings Ring Out Loudly: 'Something Strange Is Going On!'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The attempted overthrow last night of the Turkish government in a coup that has failed is just the latest chaotic event that we've been witnessing around the world in a buildup to what some have warned could result in a new world war while others are warning of the end of the world according to these stories. If we needed any more evidence beyond Barack Obama's latest executive order that they're getting ready for something bad to happen, we get it in spades via many recent stories including this one from Michael Snyder over at the Economic Collapse blog called "War Is Coming And The Global Financial Situation Is A Lot Worse Than You May Think"

The stories all across the mainstream and alternative media's recently show a world gone mad with the US's buildup of warships around the disputed South China Sea islands another recent event that showing a world barreling towards total destruction. As we're told in this story from Mac Slavo over at SHTFPlan, WWIII is now at stake

We're not surprised that all of this is happening now considering the warnings long given by Trends Forecaster Gerald Celente that 'when all else fails, they take us to war'. 'All else' is clearly failing. 

War appears to be devolving on many fronts while on others, we're happy to report, it may finally be starting to wain. A story from Gawker yesterday was called "Who Will Win The Upcoming Civil War" and in the story, the author gives Americans every reason to make sure we hold on to the 2nd Amendment. 

Warning that a violent confrontation may break out between 'angry Trumpies' and 'equally angry lefties', the author compares 2016 to 1968 and in so doing, gives us a breakdown of what the strengths and weaknesses are between the 'left' and the 'right' in his opinion. Meanwhile, by not pointing out that the false left-right paradigm was created by the elite to divide us all, he leaves out that possibly the only way that all of humanity wins and civil war is avoided is if we all come together AS Americans and realize that the globalists are the enemies of all of us and don't have our best interests in mind. However, not surprisingly, the author concludes his story with this statement about 'the right'.:

Now what we need to do is take away their guns...


Several very interesting new stories get us up-to-date on what may be some very good news as well as some more bad news. A brand new story this morning from the Wall Street Journal tells us that Russia and the US have come to an agreement to end the war in Syria. While details on this agreement were 'very sketchy', we hear in the 2nd video below from YouTube videographer Scott Anthony that something very strange was going on with the recent secretive, high level meetings between John Kerry and Vladimir Putin. The responses given by both officials within the US government as heard in this video certainly cause some very good questions to be asked by Scott.

While we'd love to see war come to an end in Syria and elsewhere around the world, the new story from Stars and Stripes tells us that both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton would bring a 'war-time posture to the White House'. As this NY Times story tells us, Trump wants war declared on ISIS and 'extreme vetting' of immigrants in America. According to this USA Today story, Clinton declares that the US is at war with radical jihadist groups. After prior statements made by her, has Clinton learned from Obama's mistakes or Donald Trump's recent popularity or maybe both?

While we're unhappy to report that both Trump and Clinton agree that the world is at war since humanity should be able to do much better, at least the 'enemy' that free humanity faces may have finally been clearly defined as the 'global plague of terrorism'. We pray that government realizes that the American people are not 'the enemy'


We normally don't use Popular Mechanics as a source but they've got a new story out called "Russian Armageddon Convoy Practices For World War III". While telling us that this 'Armageddon Convoy' is just 'an exercise', they also tell us that "if this were to happen for real, well, we hope you have a fall-out shelter nearby". How many people reading this do? What does Popular Mechanics know that we don't know?

Several more recent stories give us a hint. The Daily Star tells us that Putin is carrying out missile launch drills on the Russian border as mobile nuclear missile launchers are rumbling through the Russian forests. According to former USSR leader Mihkail Gorbachev, the world is flirting with disaster as "NATO has practically declared war on Russia". With China announcing they'll continue military drills in the South China Seas despite the recent UN decision and US ships now building up there, we can only pray for cooler heads to prevail while preparing ourselves for the very worst. 

What might the very worst be for Americans? As we've previously reported on ANP, a full-scale, global level nuclear war could easily lead to the deaths of a huge population of our planet. A Russian attack upon the US would, at the very least, include the unleashing of an attack that sent us back to the dark ages and could leave the entire country covered in a coating of radioactive ash. We pray that our leaders have enough sense not to go there.


A recent story from Sputnik News is called "World War III Based On 'Game Of Thrones'" and in it we are told that one possible Hillary Clinton running mate mixes a dangerous obsession with fantasy TV and NATO militarism. Warning us that Washington's aggression towards Russia is already 'dangerously detached from reality' we have to wonder if the recent emergency meetings talked about in the 2nd video below may have resolved this danger.

We're also told that possible Clinton VP choice Admiral James Stavridis would be consistent with a more hawkish White House towards Russia with possible end results that could be devastating to the entire world. We pray that govt has also realized Russia is not our enemy and we come together to fight against the enemy who has promised to destroy us all. As we're told in the 1st video below from Infowars, we are at war. It's absolutely pertinent to clearly define the enemy. Why has NATO chosen Russia as the enemy rather than ISIS? From the Sputnik News story.:

The danger of this real-life political intrigue is that the confrontation could careen into an all-out world war involving nuclear weapons.

Clinton, Flournoy and Stavridis live in the same delusional echo chamber that repetitively clangs the hollow ring of "Russian aggression". Each will reinforce one another in their collective delusional view of the world and Russia in particular. This belligerent White House mentality will, in turn, reinforce an equally belligerent and delusional NATO command, resulting in a vicious cycle of increasing hostility towards Russia.

And if that fiendish feedback loop is not bad enough, we can throw into the mix that Clinton's top aide in the White House will be a former NATO war-hawk who forms his view of the world from a fantasy TV drama featuring wicked villains.

American politics and its impact on the world is a veritable horror show. And has been for decades. Wars, coups, regime changes, assassinations and enforced poverty of billions of people to gratify a global capitalist elite.

But the ultimate horror episode could be World War III based on the delusional rantings of US political "leaders" who seem to get their understanding of the world from a Medieval soap opera.

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