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March 31, 2021

With The Democrats Propaganda Arm Screaming 'You MUST Get The 'Vaccine', Americans Should Be Prepared For Barbaric Tyranny To Come Crashing Down Upon Us In The Days Ahead

Story submitted to ANP by A. Reaper

We must have the COVID Vaccine – The Shot – NOW! No time to waste; it is more important than Air, Water or Fire! It is the only item standing between people living – or dying. 

It is truly that serious. Ask any of the people running around in their silly, worthless masks. DISCLAIMER: Before you approach one of these rabid squirrels, make sure your useless piece of cloth is securely fastened to your face. Maintain a distance of at least six feet. Otherwise, I will not be held responsible for their words and actions. (And you making them cry.) 

I know people on their deathbed who are more rational. 

The Shot is EVERYTHING to them. Without it, Life is simply measured in seconds and minutes! They will surely die. The Mainstream Media – the Democratic Propaganda Arm – clearly verifies the need for The Shot. Age and no underlying health conditions still require the Need for the Needle! 

You must understand! They have heard the story from a friend of a friend of a friend who knew of a triathlete in his late twenties; this guy was in perfect health and participated in six triathlons a year. But the Deadly Virus took him out in a matter of days! 

The overall 99% survival rate doesn’t apply to these people. There is no explaining – even through stick figure drawings – how other viruses and diseases are just as deadly. Especially to those suffering from serious underlying conditions – like cancer, cardiovascular diseases, obesity and simple old-age. No. The Shot would have saved those people if only available sooner. 

The actual worrying, anxiety and depression waiting for The Shot probably kills more people than the small percentage who actual died from this Great Plague. 

And once they get The Shot? It is shouted from the mountaintops …or at the very least posted on Facebook, told to their relatives, friends and complete strangers. They are not only safe from the current virus, but any mutations which may pop-up in the near future. 

But wait a second. The Virus has kept them perpetually worried for over a year. The Shot simply can’t be the cure-all. There has to be something else out there which will cause them angst… 

I know. The people WHO choose NOT to GET The Shot! This simply can’t be allowed. Throw all logic out the window. Those who don’t get the needle are Public Enemy #1. 

Those people need to be put in their place: Travel restrictions, Requirements to obtain a Driver’s License or Passport. Maybe make them wear Pink jumpsuits, so they are easily recognizable. 

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The facts of the matter are quite simple: An individual may, under Doctor’s orders, need to stay away from the shot for allergic or other medical conditions. 

An intelligent physician could actually recommend, if the person is young and healthy, not to get the vaccine; it could better for the patient to catch COVID and build-up their own natural immune system. 

Oh, No. What are these “alleged” Doctors thinking? Don’t they understand the magnitude of the situation? Have they not listened to the GREAT Dr. Fauci! Who cares if he helped Noah build his Ark? Or saw his first patient during the Civil War? He never changes his stance on COVID… 

And the malcontents not getting The Shot? OR what about Massive Cheating! People could forge The Shot paperwork or pay a hospital employee to indicate they received the vaccination. These loopholes need to be closed! 

There is only one viable option to thwart this behavior: A tattoo of The Shot’s unique number on the forearm. No getting around permanent ink. 

And it worked wonderfully for Germans to track “Jewish prisoners “during WWII. 

For those who get The Shot, wonderful. I truly hope you live long and healthy lives. In the meantime, Shut-The-Hell-Up and worry about yourself. 

“Life is too short to worry about anything. You had better enjoy it because the next day promises nothing.” – Eric Davis 

The Shot people could concentrate on making a better tomorrow for everybody. If “that tomorrow” requires a mask, they can shove it up their …

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