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September 28, 2021

Zooming In On The Big Picture: These Earthquake Maps Show The Entire Azores Fracture Zone Is Rocking And Rolling, From The Canary Islands To The Mid-Atlantic Ridge

- Region Pyramid Found Under The Sea Believed By Some To Be Home To The Mythical 'Atlantis'

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

While the violent explosions of the volcano in La Palma on the Canary Islands suddenly stopped on Monday as reported in this Canarian Weekly story, as this story published later Monday indicated, that disruption was short lived, with the volcano roaring back with a vengeance, spewing more lava and higher, hotter, and at a faster rate than before after a series of explosions Monday afternoon, as reported by Involcan Monday evening.  

Seen in the first two videos that we've embedded at the bottom of this story, quite interestingly, that seismic activity we're witnessing now in the Canary Islands isn't the only seismic unrest we're seeing in that region, with the maps seen above and below from the IPMA showing us a series of quakes  stretching all along the East Azores Fracture Zone to the Mid-Atlantic Ridge that runs underneath the Atlantic Ocean.

With those quakes also stretching Eastward to Europe and Africa and the Strait of Gibraltar, as this Wikipedia entry reports on 'The Azores–Gibraltar Transform Fault (AGFZ)', also called a fault zone and a fracture zone, this region is a major seismic zone in the Eastern Atlantic Ocean between the Azores and the Strait of Gibraltar. It is the product of a complex interaction between the African, Eurasian, and Iberian plates.

And with this region also believed by some to be the region where the 'mythical' Atlantis was buried under the sea, with Archaeology World reporting back in January of 2021 that a ‘Sunken Atlantis Pyramid’ was allegedly discovered off the Azores Coast in Portugal, we're reminded in that article that our planet hasn't always been as it is now, and with proof of great planetary changes happening in the past, we've also got proof that such changes will happen again in the future. From that story before we continue.: 

According to an official Portuguese news article, the Portuguese Navy is exploring a massive underwater pyramid close to the Azores. If this is the abandoned city of Atlantis or whether the pyramid is of extra-terrestrial origin is still debated by some people.

Some other more grounded scholars claim this may be part of a larger map incorporating the pyramids found at Giza in Egypt.

The pyramid was found in an area of the Atlantic that has been covered by water for around 20,000 years. That time coincides with the last great ice age of the northern hemisphere where the glaciers started melting 2,000 years earlier. Whoever was living there before the ice age, human or not was probably responsible for building the pyramid. 

So far the Portuguese Navy has not determined the origins of the pyramid. It is surprising that this has not been reported before or even discovered before. Was it kept secret or had it sat there for years unnoticed? What is hard to believe is that the area is heavily studied for its volcanic activity by the NOAA, which studies volcanic behavior. You would have thought that they would have found the pyramid through sonar imaging. So was it kept secret until Diocleciano Silva found it and went public or is he the first person to actually find this incredible mystery? Pyramids are found across many continents, was this one giant civilization? 

Is this the fabled lost continent of Atlantis that connected the distant civilizations together? Or is it not man-made and perhaps Extra-terrestrial in origin?

As this Daily Star story reporting upon the pyramid reiterated, whoever was living in that region prior to the last 'Ice Age' was likely responsible for building the enormous structure, a period of time long before the creation of 'the modern technologies' we now have to build such super-structures.

The mythical city of Atlantis has long been shrouded in mystery, with debates raging over various theories on its existence. But could this be proof it was once a thriving metropolis? 

Navy crews in Portugal were summoned after a "sunken Atlantis pyramid" was discovered off the Portuguese Azores islands. The discovery was accidentally made by a local sailor who was looking for good fishing grounds. He used digital scanning devices to help him locate the hidden pyramid. 

It was found in an area of the Atlantic Ocean that has been covered by water for around 20,000 years, coinciding with the last great ice age of the northern hemisphere where the glaciers started melting 2,000 years earlier. 

Experts reckon whoever was living there before the ice age was probably responsible for building the pyramid. 

It was discovered by Diocleciano Silva between the islands of Terceira and São Miguel, the biggest island on the archipelago, and it is said that the structure is perfectly square.

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As we'd reported in this ANP story back on September 15th, in a very worst case scenario out of the Canary Islands region, what experts have warned as a potential 'mega-tsunami' could take place should the volcano unleash it's full fury into the sea, creating a gigantic series of waves that could strike Europe or the East Coast of America moving at deadly speeds.

And while we certainly won't lose any sleep over such a possibility in this day and age of 'government declaring war upon the People', as we'd warned within that story, should such a thing happen, no one would be talking any more about 'vaccine mandates' or 'vaccine passports' with a crippling wall of water heading towards the US East coast and across the entire Atlantic ocean, moving at speed estimates of up to 500 miles per hour.

With such a beast arriving in the metropolitan coastal areas such as New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington DC and south to Atlanta and Miami less than half a day following a catastrophic failure of the Western flank of the Cumbre Vieja volcano that would send millions of tons of earth crashing into the surrounding ocean, we'll continue to watch the Azores Fracture Zone quakes and what's happening now in the Canary Islands closely, fully knowing that since such Biblical events have happened in the past, they'll one day happen in the future, maybe in our lifetimes. 

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