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December 2018

2018-12-16 -- * The Incredibly High Cost Of Illegal Immigration Is Being Used By The Globalists To Bankrupt America: They'll Stop At Nothing To Destroy Us And Turn Us Into A 3rd World Nation
2018-12-15 -- * Is A 'Game Changer' Ahead In The World Of 'Energy'? President Trump has not been what many of us hoped for, but his energy, regulation, and trade policies are a great improvement over the destructive policies of his predecessor
2018-12-15 -- * America's Collusion With Neo-Nazi's Could Lead To Our Annihilation: As Russia's Patience Runs Out, Russian Military Base In Caribbean And Regular Nuke Bomber Flyby's Close To US Borders May Be 'The New Normal'
2018-12-14 -- * Voting Fraud In The 'Banana Republic Of Kalifornia' Is A Huge Warning To America: If Democrats Get Their Wishes, This Method Of Stealing Elections Is Coming To A State Near You!
2018-12-13 -- * Official Report Warns The US Government And Department Of Defense May Be Blindsided By The Biggest Threat Facing Us - And Nothing Less Than Carnage, Death And Mayhem Await The Unprepared
2018-12-12 -- * More Hints Paradigm Shattering Events Await Us: 'When They Pull The Plug, Everyone's Lives Change At That Moment'
2018-12-11 -- * 8 More Ways President Trump Can 'Red Pill' The Masses: From Hiding The 'True History Of Planet Earth' To 'Human Experimentation', The American People Have Long Been Deceived
2018-12-10 -- * With The Smell Of War In The Air, Patriots Should Be Prepared To Defend Their Families And America Against Globalist Terrorists!
2018-12-09 -- * How Many Americans Has The 'Deep State' Murdered Using MKUltra Mind Controlled Shooters In Schools, Concerts And Other Large Events? Newly Released Documents Prove MKUltra May Still Be Ongoing Now And Can Work On Large Crowds
2018-12-08 -- * America Under The Globalists Became A Government Of Criminals, By The Criminals And For The Criminals
2018-12-07 -- * Insider Warns: 'Don't Trust The Intel When It Comes To Iran's Nuke Program' - 'Our Intelligence Community Appears To Have Learned Nothing From It's Spectacular Failures'
2018-12-07 -- * Crooked Cop Robert Mueller And The Deep State's Days Of Terrorizing President Trump And America May Be Numbered
2018-12-06 -- * Are We Sleepwalking Into Armageddon? Expert Warns Nuclear War Could Be Triggered By 'Trump Derangement Syndrome'
2018-12-05 -- * Another Independent Voice Silenced Proves This Hellish Dystopian Nightmare Is Leading Us Straight Into 'The Belly Of The Beast'
2018-12-03 -- * 10 Ways President Trump Can 'Red Pill The Masses' In America And Why It's More Important Now Than Ever To Prepare For The Inevitable: 'The End Of Normalcy Is Here'
2018-12-02 -- * With The Migrants Preparing To Storm The Border, This Will Not End Well - Caravan 'leaders' fully accept the lurid ideology of leftist globalists like George Soros who continue to work towards a 'One World Government'

November 2018

2018-11-30 -- * Is A Takeover Of Humanity By Robots Linked To 'Alien Technology' Happening Now? With 'Pandora's Box' Now Open, The Civilization-Destroying Potential Of A.I. Makes It A Greater Threat Than Savior
2018-11-29 -- * Freakish November Weather Is Just A Taste Of Things To Come: Solar Minimum Wreaking Havoc As Winter Misery Index Spikes
2018-11-28 -- * Is This 'Rat' Finally Cornered? 'Herr Gestapo' Robert Mueller Has Nearly Single-handedly Destroyed 'Justice' In America As Globalists Coup Attempt Continues
2018-11-27 -- * RED ALERT: 'America' Is In Peril - Those Who Seek To Enslave America In Bondage Haven't Learned The Lessons Of History
2018-11-26 -- * The New World Order Will Rise Out Of The Nuclear Ashes Of The Old World Order: Has The 'Head Luciferian' Given The Go Signal?
2018-11-25 -- * As The 'Mountain Boys' And 'Redneck Underground' Survive California Fires, The Cult Shopping Hysteria Of Black Friday Gives Us A Tiny Peek At The Chaos And Carnage That Will Be Unleashed During Globalists 'End Game'
2018-11-24 -- * The Globalists Tried To Build A Future On A Mountain Of Sand But Like All Tyrants, They'll Eventually Be Overthrown, Though Only After Creating Misery And Destruction Across America
2018-11-23 -- * Gargantuan Orwellian Censorship On An Industrial Scale Shows How Deeply Down The Rabbit Hole America Has Fallen
2018-11-22 -- * Imagine America And The World Without The 'Global Elite' And Their Diabolical Global Government Conspiracy
2018-11-21 -- * NATO Was Playing With Fire In 'Trident Juncture 18': Russia's 'Vostok 18' Dwarfed NATO's Exercises, Which Looked To Moscow Like A Sign Of Weakness
2018-11-20 -- * Democrats Voter Fraud In 2018 Was A Trial Run To Steal The Presidency For The Globalists In 2020 - Democrats Proved In 2018 They'll Stop At Nothing To Destroy The 'Rule Of Law' And America
2018-11-19 -- * NPR Says This May Be 'One Of The US Government's Most Closely Guarded Secrets' - Is Hillary Secretly Running Parts Of America? Remember! She Wanted To ASSASSINATE Julian Assange
2018-11-18 -- * This Is How George Soros Does His Dirty Work, Covered Up By Mainstream Media Treachery, As America Is Invaded
2018-11-17 -- * Enemies Of America Within Or Without Take Heed: Tens Of Millions Of Awakened, Law-Abiding And Well Armed American Patriots Will Fight Against Tyranny To The End!
2018-11-16 -- * Every Democrat And Globalist Assisting The Caravan's 'Storming Of America' Are Committing Federal Crimes While Neglecting US Veterans And Homeless Americans
2018-11-15 -- * Eerily Accurate 1994 Prophetic Word Warned Of Biblical Fires On West Coast And Brutal Cold In The East Ahead Of God's Judgement Upon America
2018-11-14 -- * The War Upon Western Civilization And Christianity Included The 'Satanic Subversion Of The United States Military' - 'High Priest Of Church Of Satan' Admitted US Military Had Been Infiltrated
2018-11-12 -- * This Shows The HUGE Difference Between Barack Obama's DHS, Which Targeted Survivalists As Potential Terrorists, And President Trump's DHS, Which Is Urging Americans To BECOME Preppers!
2018-11-11 -- * This County Is A Hot Zone For Chaos And Mass Deception As Florida Sheriff Warns Of 'The Beginning Of Anarchy'
2018-11-10 -- * Bizarre Coincidence Or Traitorous Manipulation And 'In Your Face' Buffoonery? 50 To 60 Las Vegas Shooting Survivors Were Also At Mass Shooting At The Borderline Bar And Grill
2018-11-09 -- * 'The Watchman's Rattle' And 'The Art Of War': This List Shows Who President Donald Trump REALLY Is By The Books He Reads
2018-11-08 -- * With America Still On A Very Slippery Down Slope Towards Self Destruction, The War For The Future Of Humanity Is On!
2018-11-07 -- * Has The Pentagon Been Compromised, Controlled By Globalists And No Longer Loyal To President Trump And America?
2018-11-06 -- * The War No One Is Talking About Proves The Deep State Is Alive And Well In America And Still Murdering With Impunity - These demons will fight their wars until there is no more life left on planet Earth
2018-11-05 -- * With Nothing Less Than The Future Of Our Country Hanging In The Balance, Mid-Term Elections Could Bring More Crazy To Congress Or Martial Law And Civil War To America
2018-11-04 -- * As Biblical End Times Signs Appear, We Remember This Warning From The Patriarch Of The Russian Orthodox Church: 'If Evil Prevails, The End Times Will Be Upon Us'
2018-11-03 -- * Wise Man's Parable Shows How Freedom Dies In America: This 'Nightmare' Illustrates How America Could Descend Into Civil War And Become An Imperial Dictatorship
2018-11-02 -- * Has The 'Final Tipping Point' Arrived? America In Perilous Times With Mid Term Mayhem Ahead And The MSM Being Used As A Weapon To Push Us Ever Closer To Civil War
2018-11-01 -- * Western Civilization Is A 'Dead Man Walking' As 'Truth Become Treason' In The European Empire Of Lies: 'Behold, America! This Fate Awaits Us!'

October 2018

2018-10-31 -- * Days Away From An Election That Will Help Decide The Future Of America, This Long History Of Voter Fraud Proves The Demonrats Will Resort To Crime In Attempt To Steal Back Their Lost Power
2018-10-30 -- * The Sheer Demonic Evil Is Palpable: The Globalists Plans To Kill Us And Our Families To 'Save The Planet' Might Be Derailed By A Planet-Ending Nuclear Holocaust
2018-10-29 -- * Globalist Insider Gives Blunt Warning Of More Orwellian Censorship Attacks Upon Independent Media To Come After Facebook Purge: 'This Is Only The Beginning'
2018-10-28 -- * Roundup For Breakfast: Every Kid's Breakfast Cereal Sampled Tests Positive For Monsatan's Weed Killer As Two New Studies Hint Of 'Water Wars' Ahead
2018-10-26 -- * 'What We Are Watching Is Pure Evil': Americans Have Awoken To Desperate Democrats Dirty Tricks And October Surprises
2018-10-25 -- * Russia's New Blitzkrieg Is An Electronic ‘Lightning War’ So Potentially Decisive That An Entire Civilization Could Be Overthrown In Hours
2018-10-24 -- * President Trump SLAMS The Globalists For Selling Out America As Congressman Warns Of Battle Between America And Socialism
2018-10-23 -- * CNN's Temper Tantrums Are Enabling The Left Wing Mobs: More Proof There Is Blood On Their Hands
2018-10-22 -- * TEOTWAWKI: What America Will Look Like Should The Globalists Ludicrously Pushing For War With Russia Get Their Way - Russia's Unstoppable Nuclear Weapons Are A Warning To The Psychopaths
2018-10-21 -- * Even Democrats Are Sickened By Her: Will Hillary Running In 2020 Be A Gift To President Trump Or A Curse Upon The World? A Hillary Election Steal In 2020 Would Usher In The Gulags!
2018-10-20 -- * DARPA Insider Warns: The 'Voice Of God Weapon' Is Real: Can 'Talk' To You From Nearly A Mile Away, Blind You, Or Melt Your Skin Off - Insider's Stunning Admission: 'I've Empowered The Dark Side'
2018-10-19 -- * The War For The Future Of America: US Supreme Court Agrees To Hear Case Which Could Impact 1st Amendment And Prevent Totalitarian 'Big Tech' From Censoring Conservatives Online
2018-10-17 -- * This 'Conspiracy Theory' Is Mainstream Now And The Left's Descent Into Madness Is The Result As It 'Red-Pills' America
2018-10-16 -- * New DARPA Doomsday Tech Suggests Warfare Of The Future May Use Insects To Exterminate Opponents Of The New World Order
2018-10-15 -- * Proof Globalists Are Funding Draconian Censorship Purge: Some Are Also Sources For Deagel's Shocking Forecast Of Mass Death Coming To America By 2025
2018-10-14 -- * Stay Alert With Extreme Prejudice! The 'World In 2019' Economist Magazine Cover Hints At The Arrival Of The 'End Game' - Globalist Mouthpiece's 33rd Edition Is Midnight Black!
2018-10-13 -- * Creepy Video Shows Large-Scale Mind Control Going On In The Democratic Party As 'Big Tech' Launches All Out War Upon Conservative News In Attempt To Steal Mid Term Elections And 'Stop Shocking Political News' From Going Viral
2018-10-12 -- * President Trump Pens Scathing Op Ed For USA Today: Warns Democrats Want To Turn America Into Venezuela
2018-10-11 -- * With Republicans Energized And Angry, Hillary Clinton And 'The Mob' Should Be Careful What They're Wishing For - The Very Last Thing The Moral Wasteland Called The Democratic Party Should Want Is Civil War
2018-10-10 -- * The Secret History of Dianne Slimestein Helps To Explain The Democrats Descent Into Madness: California Democrats 'Drank The Kool Aid'
2018-10-09 -- * If These 'Trigger Events' Happen, The 'Final Domino' Will Fall - The Left Is Playing Out Saul Alinsky's 'Rules For Radicals' To A Tee
2018-10-08 -- * This Is A History Lesson Every American Should Know: The Evolution of Armed America And How The 2nd Amendment Helps Protect The 'American Dream'
2018-10-07 -- * Will It Turn Into A 'Red October'? US Admiral Warns Of New Russian Submarines While NATO Launches Largest Drills Since Cold War On Russia's Front Door Step
2018-10-06 -- * UPDATE! Kavanaugh Confirmed! Pandemonium Alert! With Total Bedlam From The Left A Possible End Result Of Today's Kavanaugh Confirmation Vote, Will Violence Become A Permanent Part Of Politics In America? Watch The Live Brett Kavanaugh Confirmation Vote Here!
2018-10-05 -- * US Senator Unleashes Upon George Soros Paid Protesters - Compares Democrats Tactics To 'Brownshirts Of 1930's Germany'
2018-10-04 -- * More Proof Emerges Something HUGE Is Out There And We Are Only Seeing The Tip Of The Iceberg: 'The Goblin' Is Another Breadcrumb, Leading Us Closer To Reality
2018-10-03 -- * Will Loony Left Amass One Million People Around US Capitol To Delay Kavanaugh Confirmation Vote Until After 2018 Mid Term Elections As They Previously Threatened?
2018-10-02 -- * The Globalists Drive To Impose An 'Alternative Reality' Upon America Is Using Artificial Intelligence Mass Marketing To Spread Their Satanic Agenda
2018-10-01 -- * The Circus At The End Of The World: Things Are About To Get Down And Dirty In The USA

September 2018

2018-09-29 -- * This Is How The United Nations Is Working To Complete The Destruction Of America And Is Behind The Mass Censorship Of Conservatives
2018-09-27 -- * It's Time To Watch The Circus! The Lines Have Been Drawn, The Protesters Have Been Paid And The LIVE Stream Kavanaugh And Accuser Hearing Videos Are HERE!
2018-09-26 -- * A Chilling Look At China's New 'Digital Dictatorship' And 'Technological Tyranny' Gives Us A Peek At The 'Mark Of The Beast' System Coming To America
2018-09-25 -- * The Fascist Billionaires Club Funding The Globalist Agenda To Take Down America: The Sinister Figures Behind The 'Resistance' Using The 'Useful Idiots' To 'Divide And Conquer'
2018-09-25 -- * Critical Updates On This Whole Clown Show: Kavanaugh Accuser Whines About 'Experienced Sex Crimes Prosecutor' Slated To Question Both Her And The Judge For The Senate
2018-09-24 -- * LiberalLogic101: 'Every Woman Has The Right To Be Believed': Except Those Raped By Bill Clinton, Beaten By Keith Ellison, Groped By Cory Booker Or Killed By Ted Kennedy
2018-09-22 -- * Profiles in Treason: John Kerry - This Traitor Teamed With 'Death To America' Mullahs While Turning His Back On America
2018-09-21 -- * This Globalist Mouthpiece Fears 'What's Coming Next To The World': What Does Bill Gates Know That We Don't Know? Deagel's Forecast Continues To Suggest: Huge Changes Are Coming To America
2018-09-20 -- * Retired Prosecutor Explains 'California Crazy' Perfectly In This One Conversation And Weighs In On US Supreme Court Fight: Close Encounters Of The Fourth Kind As Pamela Piles On Kavanaugh
2018-09-19 -- * Tis The Season Of Treason In America And It's Long Past Time For Heads To Roll! A Reminder To The Corrupt Rats Attempting To Hide The Truth From The American People: 'The Only People That Don't Want To Disclose The Truth Are People With Something To Hide'
2018-09-18 -- * The 'Hollywood Of Hanoi Jane': 'In Most Countries, Traitors Are Executed - In America, They Join The Democratic Party'
2018-09-17 -- * To Autonomous AI, We Will Be Simply 'Carbon Lunch' - As Human Race Approaches 'Technological Extinction', Hollywood Inoculates Us Against The Question: 'Will Machines Take Over The World?'
2018-09-16 -- * If President Trump Is Our Last President As Many On The Left Now Fear, It Will Be Because 'America' No Longer Exists - Preparing For WW3 Level False Flag, Terrorists Film 9 Staged Chemical Attack Videos In Syria
2018-09-14 -- * Another 'Carrington Event' Could Lead To The Deaths Of Hundreds Of Thousands Of Americans On The First Day While Costing Society Over $35.7 Billion Daily!
2018-09-14 -- * Profiles In Treason: Rod Rosenstein - From Uranium One To IRS Corruption To The FISA Scandal, Rosenstein Sold Out America For Globalism While Covering Up Clinton Family Crimes
2018-09-13 -- * In May, A FEMA 'National Level Exercise' Simulated A Hurricane Which Devastated East Coast, Took Down The Grid And Severely Damaged Nuclear Power Plant - Might Reality Soon Mimic Fiction?
2018-09-12 -- * Watch Out President Trump! The Globalists Are Trying To Get You To Make The Same Mistakes Bush And Obama Made! Nothing Less Than 'Judgement Day' Awaits The Wrong Decision
2018-09-11 -- * At Least 10 And Potentially 15 Nuclear Power Plants Are In The Path Of Hurricane Florence - Is Florence An Attack Upon America?
2018-09-10 -- * The Monster Within The AI Brain - Killer Robots Are The 'Perfect Extinction Recipe For Humanity'
2018-09-09 -- * The War Upon The People: THIS Is Why If The Globalists EVER Regain Control Of America, We'll Fly At Breakneck Speed Down The Same Path Of Destruction As Europe And Canada
2018-09-08 -- * Democratic Party And Deep State's All-Out War Upon President Trump Is Orchestrated Sedition And Treason: Will It Lead To Civil War Upon US Soil?
2018-09-07 -- * Back In 2005, The US Govt Published This 'Recipe For Destruction', That Killed Nearly 100 Million People In 1918, Online - 'It Killed Violently, And Struck Down The Most Healthy People Suddenly, As If They Had Been Shot'
2018-09-06 -- * Remember! Terrorists Said They'd Use Human Guinea Pigs To Start A Pandemic - Was New York Airplane Incident A Bioterror Attack Upon America?
2018-09-05 -- * New Construction At The Denver International Airport Proves They're Throwing It In Our Faces Now - DIA: 'Speaking Of The Apocalypse, We're Ready For It'
2018-09-04 -- * Antifa Terrorists Forming 'Red Army': Call For Civil War - Quote Biggest Mass Murderer Of 20th Century As If He Were A Saint
2018-09-03 -- * Huge Mainstream Revelation! NY Times Story Adds Credibility To Claims Made By 'Targeted Individuals' Of 'Electronic Harassment'
2018-09-02 -- * As Hurricane Season Heats Up And The Mainstream Media Warns Of A 'Nightmare Winter' Ahead, Remember The Pentagon Has Confirmed: Man Can Now 'Play God' With The Weather
2018-09-01 -- * With Global War Drums Beating, The Perfect Storm Is Brewing As Radical Islamic Cleric Calls For The Overthrow Of America - How Many Globalist Leaders Have Converted To Islam And Thrown Their Countries Populations To The Wolves?

August 2018

2018-08-31 -- * 2020 Election Will Determine If America Merges Into 'The Borg' And Further Descends Into Luciferian 'New World Order'
2018-08-30 -- * The Blood Of Americans Is Once Again On This Evil Woman's Hands: Is It Just A Coincidence That More Than 20 CIA Agents In China Were Executed While China Had Real Time Access To Hillary Clinton's Emails?
2018-08-29 -- * Long Called 'Conspiracy Theory', The Exposure Of The Dark Underbelly Of The Catholic Church Proves It's Really A 'Conspiracy Of Silence'
2018-08-28 -- * The NY Times Covering Up Genocide & Forced Famine Leading To Cannibalism In The Past Hints Of Peril Ahead
2018-08-27 -- * So Eager To 'Cull The Heard', Big Pharma & Modern Medicine's Stubbornness To Recognize Alternative Medicine Ensured The Death Of John McCain
2018-08-25 -- * Americans Draw Red Line Against Deep State Coup Attempt Upon President Trump - 'That line is the impeachment of the one man who has the courage to stand up to the greatest political criminals America has ever seen'
2018-08-24 -- * Wednesday's Cascadia Quake A Wake-Up Call For Pacific Northwest: Feared Mammoth 9.0 Quake A Matter Of When, Not If
2018-08-23 -- * Investigators Are Being Murdered And Witnesses Forever Silenced As 'Clinton Body Count' Claims Another Victim
2018-08-22 -- * The 'Deep State Resistance' Throws A 'Hail Mary' - More Proof The FBI And DOJ Colluded With Hillary Clinton To Overthrow The Will Of The American People And Vanquish Freedom In America - Profiles In Treason: Bruce and Nellie Ohr
2018-08-21 -- * The 'Death Lists' Have Been Drawn Up And Exterminations Have Begun: What's Happening In South Africa Today Is A Look At America Tomorrow
2018-08-20 -- * When Did The Democrats Turn Into The 'War Party'? The Disastrous History Of False Flags Being Used To Take America Into War
2018-08-19 -- * Iranian General's Instagram Post Of Him Blowing Up The White House Hints We May Be Near The Boiling Point With Iranian Sleeper Cells Lying Dormant Across America, Ready For Jihad
2018-08-18 -- * Gargantuan FBI And DOJ Corruption Have Taken Us Down A Rat Hole America May Never Be Able To Get Out Of As Former CIA Agent Exposes The 'Shadow Government'
2018-08-17 -- * It's Time To Slay The Dragon! Patriotic Americans Can CRUSH 'Big Tech' Tyranny By Ditching YouTube, Facebook And Twitter For Real.Video, Gab And Minds
2018-08-16 -- * Profiles In Treason: The Hillary Cover-Up - This Is How The Corrupt Faction Of The Deep State Conspired To Keep Her Out Of Prison
2018-08-15 -- * Globalist Mouthpiece Hints 'Breaking Point' May Be Only 2 Years Away As Thin Veneer Of Civilization Begins To Crack
2018-08-14 -- * Profiles In Treason: James Comey - This Pathetic, Treasonous Coward Weaponized The FBI To Assist In The Destruction Of The Rule Of Law In America
2018-08-13 -- * More Evidence The 'Invasion And Overthrow Of America' Is Being Orchestrated By Our Own, Corrupt Elite Who Have, In Effect, Declared War Upon Our Nation
2018-08-12 -- * Orwellian Censorship Of Independent Media Hints Horrific False Flag May Be Ahead: 'Enemies Of America Within' Will Stop At Nothing To Take Down President Trump And Destroy America
2018-08-11 -- * Why This Serial Liar, Perjurer And Leaker Of Classified Information Hasn't Yet Met The Noose And Scaffolding Is Proof Of A Deeply Corrupted System - America's Most Wanted: Profiles In Treason - James Clapper
2018-08-10 -- * America's Most Wanted, Profiles in Treason: John Brennan - This 'Stooge For Jihad' Should Be Facing The Gallows For Subverting President Trump In Deep State Plot To Overthrow America
2018-08-10 -- * Big Tech's Full-Scale Information Warfare Backfires: Censorship Of Alex Jones And Infowars Blows Up In Their Faces!
2018-08-09 -- * Monstrous Terror Plot Thwarted In Canada: Jihadists Had Enough Chemical Weapon To Kill Every Person In North America - Why Isn't The Canadian Government Talking About This?
2018-08-08 -- * As Globalists And Big Tech 'Identify, Vilify, Nullify And Destroy', Totalitarian Attempts To Ban The 1st Amendment Could Lead To Rivers Of Blood Flowing Through The Streets Of America
2018-08-07 -- * Barack Obama And The Globalists Wanted America To Accept A MAD Suicide Pact: While The DC Elite Were Asleep At The Wheel, 'Marriage Made In Hell' Between AI And Nuclear Super-Weapons Was Consummated
2018-08-06 -- * CNN Intimidation Tactics Are A Media Pattern To Silence Americans Calling Them Out For Their 'Abusively Biased' Coverage
2018-08-06 -- * Democrats And ISIS Jihadis Keep Blabbering The Same Talking Points - ISIS Warns: 'We Will Make You Fear The Air You Breathe' - This Is How America Could Rapidly Descend Into A State Of Utter Chaos
2018-08-05 -- * The Democrats End Game For 2020 Include Mass Luciferian Sacrifice Of The Unborn And America Transformed Into A 3rd World Hell On Earth, Mired In Poverty
2018-08-04 -- * This Could Change The Face Of The International Chess Board: A U.S. Space Force Could Become The Basis For A New Philosophy Of National Security, More Consistent With The Principles Of Judeo-Christian Civilization
2018-08-03 -- * Should The Corrupt Faction Of The Deep State Succeed In Taking Down President Trump In Their Drive To Take Down America, There May Be Nothing That Can Stop The Chaos That Follows
2018-08-02 -- * WE Are The Last Line Of Defense Against Global Government Tyranny And A Boot Stamping Upon Our Human Faces, Forever - This Is Something That Should Unite ALL Freedom-Loving Americans!
2018-08-01 -- * August 4th 'Flashpoint Event' Could Cause A Chain Reaction Nationwide That Spreads Across The Country Like Wildfire

July 2018

2018-07-31 -- * Surviving The Next Pandemic: Whether Natural Or Created In A Basement Lab, When The 'Vaccine Pushers' Revive Their 'Doomsday Virus' Warnings, We Should Prepare To Fend For Ourselves
2018-07-30 -- * The Left Becoming A 'House Of Horrors' Proves This 'Blueprint For The Destruction Of America' Is Now In Play
2018-07-29 -- * An Open Message To President Donald Trump: It's Time For Americans To FINALLY Get Some Truth About Barack Obama While 'Slaying' The 'Deep State, MSM Dragon' In One Fell Swoop
2018-07-28 -- * This Nightmare Scenario Is Growing Closer: Iranian Sleeper Cells 'Hibernating' For Perhaps Decades Are Waiting To Unleash Their Fury Upon America Should President Trump Bomb Iran
2018-07-27 -- * Shocked Farmer Warns: 'Nobody's Prepared For This' - More Evidence SHTF Can Happen Real Fast
2018-07-26 -- * CBS News Admits, 5G Is Already Causing Staggering Health Problems: 'A Health Calamity Unlike Anything America Has Ever Seen Before Is Waiting And Could Happen Fast'
2018-07-25 -- * Vladimir Putin Goes Off Script And Calls Out Corrupt Faction Of 'Deep State' While This Video Montage Lays Out The 'Game Changer' That Happened While Much Of America Was Sleeping
2018-07-24 -- * Another Truth Speaker Silenced After Viral Video Exposing Deep State Criminals: Purge Of Independent Voices On The Internet Indicate We Are Approaching 'The Event' - 'Dumb And Silent We Are Led Like Sheep To The Slaughter'
2018-07-23 -- * 'The Crazies Were Right, And I Was Wrong': Former Federal Prosecutor Speaks Of 'Rogue' FBI & FISA Court Abuses
2018-07-22 -- * The Left's True Agenda Revealed: The Complete Decimation Of White's, Conservatives, Christians And Western Values And Satanic Human Sacrifice On An Industrial Scale
2018-07-21 -- * Civil War Brews Within The Democratic Party As 'New Face' Of Party And Her 'Cult Of Doom' Ignore The Lessons Of History And Venezuela's Current Death Spiral With No End In Sight
2018-07-20 -- * Those Screaming 'Treason' About Peace With Russia Should Think About The Alternative: War With Russia Could Lead To The Deaths Of Every Single One Of Them
2018-07-18 -- * Globalists And Mainstream Media Blame President Trump For Deadly Pandemic That Hasn't Even Happened Yet As Scientists Discover Two New Potential 'Doomsday Viruses'
2018-07-18 -- * The Forgotten Position Of President Trump: All Of Those Within The 'Deep State' Who Have Their Own Private Political Agendas Have Already Passed Judgement Upon Themselves
2018-07-17 -- * 'Establishment' Going Into Total Meltdown Over Trump - Putin Summit Hints Of Danger Ahead: Will They Attempt To Carry Out A Coup To Complete Globalists 'Take Down' Of America?
2018-07-16 -- * Orwellian Purge Of Natural Health Facebook Pages Began The Same Time This 'Marriage Made In Hell' Was Consummated
2018-07-15 -- * If This Is True, President Trump And America Could Be In Huge Trouble! The Lunatics Are Still Running The Insane Asylums
2018-07-15 -- * President Trump Sent A Very Blunt But Hidden Message To The Whole World When He Met With Queen Elizabeth II: 'We Are Not Your Servants Or Chattel But A Free, Sovereign Nation'
2018-07-14 -- * This Viral Photograph Answers The Question: What Kind Of Person Might Plan False Flag Attacks, Murdering Innocent Americans, To Further The Globalists Gun Grab Agenda?
2018-07-13 -- * A Smorgasbord Of The Strange, Bizarre And Everything In Between: As A.I. Advances Fast And Furiously, Society Is Being Transformed Into 'The Borg'
2018-07-12 -- * Deagel's Astonishing Forecast For 2025 America Envisions A Stalin-Style Purge And The Perfect 'Communist-Muslim World' In The US - While 'Left' Calls For Socialism, Hundreds Of Millions Have Perished Under Socialist Regime
2018-07-11 -- * Remember! In 1988, Globalist Mouthpiece Predicted A Global Currency By 2018 And Warned Implementing The New System Would Unleash Massive Chaos And Civil Unrest
2018-07-10 -- * Is 'MEDUSA' Technology Being Used To Carry Out The 'Sonic Attacks' Upon US Diplomats Around The World? The US Navy Developed 'MEDUSA' In The Early 2000's
2018-07-09 -- * Treason, Treachery, And Terrorist Threats: Yes, The Mainstream Media Is The Enemy Of Free Americans And These Recent Stories Help To Reveal Their True Agenda
2018-07-08 -- * Deranged Violent Left Claiming A 'State Of Emergency' Exists In America Could Create A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: Patriot Warns Antifa Terror Could Strike Suddenly And Without Warning
2018-07-07 -- * This Is 'How It Ends': New End-Of-The-World Disaster Movie Features The Apocalyptic Destruction Of America Starting At The 'Cascadia Subduction Zone'
2018-07-06 -- * The 'Boiling Frogs Police State' In America Was Created On Robert Mueller's Watch And His Witch Hunt Against President Trump, Using 'Stasi Tactics', Is A Huge Warning To All Free Americans
2018-07-05 -- * Massive Evidence The Monstrously Evil 'Elite Class' In America, Including Bill And Hillary Clinton, Delight In Torture And Murder And Especially, The Deaths Of Young Children
2018-07-04 -- * 8 Recent Stories That Show Our World Has Gone Mad And One That Provides Us The Remedy To The Madness: Christian Prayer
2018-07-03 -- * Global Illegal Immigrant Tsunami And The Battle On The Border Prove The 'Conspiracy Theorists' Were Right All Along!
2018-07-02 -- * As The 2nd Civil War Begins In Portland, 'Death Of A Nation' Offers A Devastating Look At The 'Big Lies' Of Progressives, Exposing Hidden History And Explosive Truths
2018-07-01 -- * Rigged Wars and Manufactured Enemies Prove In The End, The Elite Have Been Fighting Just One War Against One Enemy: Us

June 2018

2018-06-30 -- * Was Friday's Massive Comcast Outage 'Coordinated Sabotage'? If They Take Down The Internet, They Can Take Down America
2018-06-29 -- * How Many 'Ticking Time Bombs' Are Walking The Streets Of America, Weaponized By Mainstream Media Lies, And Covered Up By Political Agendas?
2018-06-28 -- * As The Left Clutches Their Armageddon Pearls, Stinging Satire Offers A Look On The Bullet America Dodged Of The Prospect Of Hillary Clinton As The First Woman President
2018-06-27 -- * With Martial Law Plans Already In Place, We Could Lose America If We Don't Stop What's Happening Right Now
2018-06-26 -- * Announcing The Launch Of The 'Mad As Hell' Campaign: It's Time To Let Congress And The Mainstream Media Know That Millions Of Us Who Love America Are Sick Of Being Called 'Nazi's'
2018-06-25 -- * As The Left 'Declares War' Upon Conservatives, 'Luciferian Inversion' Is Running Rampant In America
2018-06-24 -- * Among Russia's New Invincible Nuclear Weapons, Their 'Ultimate Weapon' For The 'Day Of Reckoning' Will Be Able To Carry Out Completely Clandestine Doomsday Missions
2018-06-23 -- * As We Move Into The Heat Of Summer, The Calls For Violence Upon Law-Abiding Conservative Americans Being Made By Liberals And The MSM Could Blow Up In Their Faces
2018-06-22 -- * Brave New World Of Synthetic Biology Has Opened Pandora's Box As Threat Warned Of In New DOD Study Will Lead The Human Race To The Point Of Its Own Extinction
2018-06-21 -- * President Trump Ravages The 'Dark Cabal Of The Deep State' After Dark And Dangerous Period Of US History Revealed In IG Report - Imagine This Horrifying Alternative Reality
2018-06-20 -- * Doomsday Has A Name: Russia's Newest 'Nuclear Apocalypse Machine' Is Named 'POSEIDON' After The Greek God Of 'Oceans, Earthquakes And Tsunamis'
2018-06-19 -- * A Look Into The Eyes Of The Future And The 'Nightmare Machine': Psychopathic A.I. And Killer Robots Hint Our Days Are Numbered
2018-06-18 -- * These Stories Prove It's Well Past Time To Get America Out Of The United Nations And Put A Dagger In Their Satanic Agenda
2018-06-17 -- * Stunning Maps Show Half Of America Could Be Hit By Pandemic Within 70 Days Of An 'Outbreak' As MSM Talks 'Disease X' - Could 'Man Made Recipe For Disaster' Bring A 'Tidal Wave Of Death'?
2018-06-16 -- * Globalist Publication Hints Of Nuke Attack Upon New York As Russia Warns Of 'Chemical Weapons' False Flag In Syria
2018-06-15 -- * Big Pharma's Chemical Warfare Upon America Has Killed More Americans Than All World Wars And Acts Of Terrorism Combined! And Now We Get MORE Proof Congress Wants The 'Big Pharma Death Clock' To Keep Ticking
2018-06-14 -- * Proof 'Re-Education Camps' In America Were Created Before Our Very Eyes As Massive 'Red Pill Event' Awaits 'Trump-Triggered' America
2018-06-13 -- * Expert Warns EMP Incompetence Still Endangers America With Obama Holdovers Within The Department Of Defense Sitting On 7 EMP Commission Reports
2018-06-12 -- * End Times Headlines Ring Out In Europe And The Middle East: New Report Warns Of Massive Terror Attacks Coming To Europe Soon After Self-Proclaimed Islamic Caliph Warned Of Coming 'War Between The Crescent And The Cross'
2018-06-11 -- * A.I. And The Rise Of 'Demon Possessed Machines' Coincides With Humanity's Descent Into The Abyss And The Fall Of Western Values And Civilization
2018-06-10 -- * Mysterious Deaths Of Two Celebrities Soon After They Completed Projects Exposing The Armenian Genocide Suggests Cover-Up At The Highest Levels Is Still Ongoing
2018-06-08 -- * Populist Uprisings In Europe Suggest Tide Is Turning Against Islamo-Fascist Globalists As Their War Upon President Trump Coincides With Global Mass Awakening
2018-06-07 -- * As Mind Boggling Details Leak Out On 'Las Vegas Massacre', Any REAL Investigation Will Likely Lead Right Back To Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton And The 'Criminal Faction' Of The Deep State
2018-06-07 -- * Extreme Events Across Planet Spark Fears Catastrophic Disaster Is On The Way As Parts Of Guatemala Are Transformed Into A 'Post-Apocalyptic Hellscape Frozen In Time'
2018-06-06 -- * Can Tens Of Millions Of Well-Armed American Patriots And The 1st Amendment Stave Off This Orwellian Nightmare From Becoming America's 'New Reality'?
2018-06-05 -- * Liberal Disconnect From Reality Perfectly Illustrated In Bill Clinton Calling Himself A 'Victim' While Hillary Covers Up His Crimes
2018-06-04 -- * With The UK Having Fallen To Islamic Tyranny, It's No Surprise That All Russia-Gate Roads Lead Back To Barack Obama And Openly Totalitarian London
2018-06-03 -- * 'Silent Weapon' Technology Is Placed Into Neighborhoods All Across America As Countdown Begins To Potential National Health Crisis Of Epic Proportions
2018-06-02 -- * A Whole Lot Of Crazy In The 'Resistance' Liberal Party - There Is Something Very, Very Wrong With These People

May 2018

2018-05-31 -- * Upcoming Release Of IG Report Hints That A Massive False Flag Event May Be On The Horizon With Hammer About To Drop Upon Corrupt Faction Of Deep State
2018-05-30 -- * 'Red List Round Up' Warned Of By Courageous Police Officer Would Be Part Of Globalists 'Final Solution' For America: Huge Orwellian Nightmare Waiting If Globalists EVER Regain Control
2018-05-29 -- * Is This The Biggest 'Criminal Deep State' Cover-Up In History? Long List Of Dead Bodies And Circumstantial Evidence Tell A Tale The 'Elite' Will Never Tell And Harvey Weinstein And NXIVM Are Just The Tip Of The Iceberg
2018-05-28 -- * Will This New DARPA A.I. One Day Be Used To Hunt Down Resisters Of Global Govt? The UK's Descent Into That Tyranny Is Complete As They Coddle Islamic Grooming Gangs And Censor Truth While Dystopian-Sharia-Police-State Unfolds
2018-05-26 -- * Crop Loss Map Hints At Food Shortages Ahead - As NASA Data Confirms Two Years Of Global Cooling, The MSM Remains Silent
2018-05-25 -- * The Globalist Satanic Agenda Is Coming To A City Or Light Pole Near You: With The Rollout Of 5G Across America, 5G Death Zones Are Sure To Follow
2018-05-24 -- * MKUltra And The 'Mental Blitzkrieg' Of America: The Deep State's Mind Control Techniques Have Created Murderous Monsters And Dumbed-Down Americans As Tortured Victims Fight Back
2018-05-23 -- * President Trump Slams 'Criminal Deep State' As Spy Scandal Blows Up In Faces Of The Vermin Who Fabricated It And Former Trump Advisor Warns: 'This Is Just The Beginning'
2018-05-22 -- * From Covering Up The Crimes Of Obama, Hillary, Comey And Comrades To Hiding The Islamic Terror Network In America, Robert Mueller And The Corrupt Faction Of The Highly Politicized FBI Are Indeed The 'American Gestapo'
2018-05-21 -- * Shocking New Maps Show Globalists Takedown Of America Accelerating As Deagel's 2025 U.S. Population Forecast Confirms Luciferian Endgame Is A 'Colossal Purge Of Humanity'
2018-05-20 -- * As 5G Techno Kill Grid Is Established All Around Us, Experts Warn The Odds Of An AI Catastrophe Could Be As High As One In Ten
2018-05-19 -- * 'The Plan Is Well Underway, And So Far, It's Working Perfectly': Just Like Clockwork, Santa Fe School Shooting Takes Attention Away From 'Deep State Corruption'
2018-05-18 -- * Texas School Shooting Another Massive Distraction From Biggest Political Scandal In US History As More Evidence Proves The 'Dumbing Down Of America' Is Almost Complete
2018-05-17 -- * Sinister 'Dark State Agenda' Exposed As Expert Warns: 'We Are All Part Of A Grand And Lethal Experiment'
2018-05-16 -- * As California Suffers 'Trump Derangement Syndrome On Steroids', A 2nd Trump Term To Liberals Would Be Tantamount To A Disaster Rivaling The Darkest Greek Tragedies
2018-05-15 -- * As The Church Slept, Satan Crept In And The Masses Embraced The Doctrines Of Demons - When The Church Went Blind, Lucifer Danced And The World Descended Into Darkness
2018-05-15 -- * The Masses Are Being Fully Indoctrinated Into The 'Beast Of Revelations' System As AI Hemorrhages Any Vestiges Of True Biblical Living
2018-05-14 -- * Seismic Symphony Of Mayhem Happening Now Is A Wake Up Call As We Enter A Tumultuous, Perilous And Ominous Future
2018-05-13 -- * All That Stands Between Humanity And The Ultimate Catastrophe Is A Thin Red Line Of Well-Armed American Patriots
2018-05-12 -- * The 'Most Horrific Scenarios' Warned Of By 'Watchmen' Confirmed In Newly Declassified EMP Commission Report
2018-05-10 -- * The Secret Societies That DO Control America And Their Plans Are Plain For All To See As Hillary Clinton Linked NXIVM Sex Cult Gives Us A Peek At How Deep The Rabbit Hole Goes
2018-05-10 -- * Movie Rejected By Hollywood Cabal Warns Of The 'Imminent Self-Destruction Of Humanity' And 'America On The Dystopian Road To Ruin' Should Democrats Win Presidency In 2020
2018-05-09 -- * Food Prices Expected To Skyrocket As Planet Earth Awakens - Astonishing Number Of 'Earth Change' Events Planetwide As 'Unstoppable Force' Reclaims What Humans Have Taken
2018-05-08 -- * Ancient Prophecies Foretelling The Destruction Of Damascus And All-Out War In The Middle East Say The Time Draws Near
2018-05-07 -- * 'Incompetent Purveyors Of Politicized Intelligence' Are Enabling The Building Of The 'Islamic Bomb' And Corrupting President Trump's National Security Council
2018-05-06 -- * As 'Hypno-Lobotomized' Masses Are Numbed And Dumbed, Possible Theft From National Security Linked College Hints At Nefarious Plans & 'Plutonium Pandemonium'
2018-05-05 -- * 'Cloning Hatcheries' Become Closer To Reality As Scientists Create 'Life' Out Of 'The Void' And Our 'Brave New World' Brings In Emerging Horrors
2018-05-04 -- * Narcissism's Role In The Fall Of America And Pearls Of Wisdom To Fix What Is Broken: This Is Why We Are Where We Are Now
2018-05-03 -- * End Times Expert Warns Things Are About To Get Biblical As Age Old Hotbed Of Unrest Smolders
2018-05-02 -- * Deagel Makes Mysterious Changes To 2025 Population Forecast For America As Bill Gates Launches 'Grand Challenge': The 'Holy Grail Of Influenza Research' And 'Bridging The Valley Of Death'
2018-05-01 -- * Pandora's Box Blown Wide Open As We Creep Closer To The Completion Of The Globalists 'Ultimate Seduction' For Humanity

April 2018

2018-04-30 -- * The Fuse On The 'Powder Keg Of The Planet' Has Been Lit And Our World Set Upon A Collision Course With Armageddon
2018-04-29 -- * Insiders Warn 'Deep State Treason' Has Put Entire Country In Danger As America Faces Tectonic Shift Of Political Landscape - As Democrats Pay Huge Money For 'Fake News' On Trump, Their Lips Tell Us Everything
2018-04-28 -- * A New Look At A Report Used To Enslave Every Man, Woman And Child In America - The Deep State's Case For Perpetual War And Their Blueprint For Tyranny Exposed
2018-04-27 -- * Is This Series Of 'Catastrophic Events' Really 'Grey Terror' In The Build Up To Full-Scale War? Americans Should Be Fully Prepared For Almost Anything In This Time Of Potentially Great Danger
2018-04-26 -- * Black-Robed Tyrants In US Court System Protect Elite Criminals In High Places While 'Declaring War' Upon The American People
2018-04-26 -- * It's Time For Supporters Of The 2nd Amendment And The US Constitution To 'Strike Back' Against Corporate Gun Grabbers - Get The Message, Yeti?
2018-04-25 -- * Nuclear Expert Has Ominous Warning For America: 'If We Are Not Prepared For This, There Will Be No Coming Back'
2018-04-24 -- * In The Cosmic Battle We're In Between Good And Evil, As We Close In On The Culmination Of History, To Understand Today's Headlines, We Must Understand Yesterday
2018-04-24 -- * As China Builds Single Biggest Weather Modification Project In The World, Incredibly Courageous Medical Doctor Warns Of 'Emerging Medical Condition Across Society' - This Is One Of The MOST Important Videos On YouTube!
2018-04-23 -- * Is This Proof School Shooters Are Being 'Programmed' By The Luciferian Elite? Fusion Center's Release Of 'Remote Mind Control' Documents Goes Way Beyond MKUltra
2018-04-22 -- * We Are Closing In Upon A 'Trigger Event' That Could Unleash Total Pandemonium In America As 'Deep State' Warns 'Massive Terror Attack' Coming
2018-04-21 -- * The Stage Has Been Set For The Obliteration Of Our Species As The Precipitous Rise Of A.I. Will Take Humanity To The Brink Of Extinction
2018-04-20 -- * Patriot Warns America Is In Extraordinary Danger And Needs An Extraordinary President To Lead Us Out Of The Abyss
2018-04-19 -- * With Great Trouble Dead Ahead, End Times Characters Jockey Into Position As 'Epic Event With Prophetic Implications' Happens Next Month - As We Head For A Date With Destiny, The Month Of May Be The Tipping Point That Kicks It All Off
2018-04-19 -- * Chilling Confirmation The 'Conspiracy Theorists' Were Right All Along As James Comey Verifies The 'American Hydra' Is Real
2018-04-18 -- * Globalists Telegraph Their Next Move: An Attack Upon Our Electrical Grid, Attributed To Russia
2018-04-18 -- * Once A Country Is On The Road Towards Destruction, Is There Any Turning Back? It's Business As Usual For The Depraved Minds Of 'Slimy Swamptown'
2018-04-17 -- * They Weren't Kidding When They Said They'd 'Own The Weather By 2025'! Is Full-Scale Weather Warfare Inducing Global Famine?
2018-04-16 -- * One False Flag Away From TEOTWAWKI, Is Covert Underground WW3 Preparation Now Taking Place? As Vladimir Putin Warns Of 'Global Chaos', Mysterious Underground Booms Return To America
2018-04-15 -- * Creepy Video Gives Confirmation Of What Has Long Been Warned: Google AI Is Always Listening! This Dark Scenario Awaits The Future Of The Human Race
2018-04-14 -- * Risky Game Of Cat And Mouse Could Lead To Unexpected Destruction As President Trump Treads Perilous Waters - Pentagon Targets President Trump's Core Supporters As 'Russian Bots'
2018-04-13 -- * 'Judgement Day' And 'The Underground World' Are Hot Russian TV Topics As Former Russian General Warns, 'If Russian Blood Is Spilled In Syria, Russia Will Retaliate'
2018-04-12 -- * A Net Has Been Cast Across The Planet And The Monster That Has Been Created Seeks To Destroy Us - Amazing Facebook 'Coincidence' And Links To DARPA Take Us Further Down The Rabbit Hole
2018-04-11 -- * As We Stagger Towards The 'Day Of God's Wrath' And All-Out War, Most Of The World Doesn't Have A Clue About The Abyss We Are Plunging Into
2018-04-10 -- * California Goes To Hell And Liberals Want America To Follow: Expanding Authoritarianism Is A 'Test Run' For The Despotic Tyranny Left Wants To Unfurl Upon The Rest Of Country
2018-04-09 -- * The General Public Is About To Get Blindsided: The Change That Is Coming Will Unleash Widespread Chaos And Mass Civil Unrest And Nobody Will Be Able To Stop It
2018-04-08 -- * We've Entered The 'Season Of Blood Sacrifice', When The Globalist Cabal Bathe The Earth In The Blood Of The Innocent
2018-04-07 -- * Was CDC Doctor's Mysterious Death Tied To Luciferian's Release Of The 'Doomsday Reaper Virus' And The 'Depopulation Agenda'? CDC Whistle-blowers Warned 'Rogue Interests' Have Made CDC 'Hopelessly Corrupt'
2018-04-06 -- * Our Dangerous World Has Gotten Even More Dangerous As Russia's Nuclear War Preparation Includes 'Strategic Surprise' And Lessons Learned From The 'Great Fatherland War'
2018-04-05 -- * Will This Be 'The Trigger' For The 'Last War' Of The Human Race? Apocalyptic Islam Believes 'The Mahdi' Will Only Come When The World Is Engulfed In Chaos And Carnage
2018-04-04 -- * Did These Prophetic Vision's Of America's Destruction Foresee Russia's Unstoppable Nuclear Weapons That Could Incinerate New York Or Texas In One Strike? How Far Will Russia Be Pushed Before Unleashing 'Hellfire' Upon America?
2018-04-03 -- * Is 'Caravan Invasion' An Act Of War Upon America? 'Unarmed Invasions' Are The 'Grand Strategy' Of Covert Warfare
2018-04-02 -- * This Is Why People Are Now Preparing For World War 3: Russia's 3rd Generation Nuclear Weapons Are Vastly Superior To Any Other Nuclear Weapons In The World
2018-04-01 -- * Will US Military 'Bounce Back' Under President Donald Trump After Barack Obama's Purge And Pussification?

March 2018

2018-03-31 -- * As Global Elite Manipulate Events To Bring Chaos And Wars That Could Bring Catastrophe, What Can We Do?
2018-03-30 -- * Our 'Final Invention' May Lead To The 'Final Solution' As Artificial Intelligence Prisons Are Rolled Out For Dissidents In China - Transhumanism And AI Are The 'Dead End' Of Humanity As We Know It
2018-03-29 -- * New 'Currency' In Decimated Socialist Venezuela Is The Machete - Children Joining Gangs In Desperate Attempt To Survive As Shortage-Plagued Dystopia Is A Warning To America
2018-03-28 -- * 'President Trump, Here's How To Eliminate An Existential Threat That Could Kill Up To 90% Of Americans By Starvation'
2018-03-28 -- * Gun-Grabbing Event Backfires On Gun Control Activists - NRA Membership And Donations Spike As Gun-Grabbing Proponents Rile Up Second Amendment Supporters
2018-03-27 -- * The Creepiness Of Social Media Giants Are Hitting New Levels Of Crazy - Facebook And Twitter Are Doing Some Very Strange Things
2018-03-26 -- * From Eating Tide Pods To Calling For Revolution, 'March Against Our Rights' Shows 'Open Totalitarianism' In America Seeks To Destroy Everything Within Its Devilish Path
2018-03-25 -- * With This Clear, Irrefutable Proof The FBI Set Up A False Flag & Planned To Let People Be Murdered, Would They Allow Millions Of Americans To Die To Complete Globalists Agenda?
2018-03-24 -- * President Trump 'Loads For Bear' As His Latest Personnel Moves Indicate Hillary Clinton, Uranium One And The 'Muslim Brotherhood In The White House' Are In His Cross-hairs
2018-03-23 -- * George Orwell Meets 'The Matrix' At Samsung: Is 'Big Tech' Now 'Programming' The Next 'School Shooter'? Sinister 'Mass Brainwashing' Technology Unveiled
2018-03-22 -- * As Globalists Cement Final Blocks Of Tyranny Into Place, Creepy Feeling Of Impending Doom Spreads Across America
2018-03-21 -- * Communists Pulling Out All Stops To Cause Havoc, Chaos And Mayhem Everywhere Before 'End Game'
2018-03-20 -- * These Haunting Words From The Gulag Have Come To Pass In America As The 'Last Bastion Of Freedom' Has Become Dreadfully Degraded
2018-03-18 -- * Is California's Governor Preparing To 'Wage War' On Conservatives In California? 'Be Careful What You Wish For, Jerry'
2018-03-17 -- * Hillary Clinton's Treason Could Lead To America's Extermination As President Trump Admits Corruption Existed At Highest Levels Of Obama's DOJ, FBI And State Dept
2018-03-16 -- * Was 'Last Days Pestilence', A Doomsday 'Reaper Virus', Created And Released? 'Pandemic Would Quickly Assume Disaster Movie Proportions' - Pandemic Prepping Open Thread
2018-03-15 -- * As 'Global Armageddon Amplifier' Cranks Up To Full Blast, Everyone Should Be Prepared For WW3 Level False Flag Event
2018-03-15 -- * Has The Wrath Of God Been Unleashed Upon Decadent & Depraved California? Mass Exodus From State More Proof Liberal Politics Are A Death Cult
2018-03-14 -- * Expert Warns: 'MAD Is No Longer Mutual' - Thanks To 8 Years Of Barack Obama, America Is Now Unilaterally Vulnerable To Nuclear Destruction
2018-03-13 -- * 'Total Control Kill Grid' And 'Pandora's Box Of Trouble' To Be Unleashed As 5G Brings Frequency Warfare To America
2018-03-12 -- * The Dumbing Down Of America Is Paving The Way For The Antichrist And Continues Right On Schedule
2018-03-11 -- * Rivers Of Blood Flowing Through The Streets Of America Could Be The End Result Of A 'Stalinist Purge' Of The 1st Amendment
2018-03-09 -- * Scientists Warn This Alarming Trend Is An Urgent Wake Up Call And Straight From A Dystopian Nightmare
2018-03-08 -- * Thanks To Barack Obama, Russia Has Achieved The Holy Grail Of Nuclear Superiority: 'Escalation Dominance'
2018-03-07 -- * These 'Tools Of Tyrants' Are Hidden In Plain Sight Within Our Homes And Controlled By A Diabolical Power: 'Brain Meltdown' By 'Telepresence' Has Lobotomized The Masses
2018-03-06 -- * Pieces For Apocalyptic War Have Been Moved Into Place: Kick-Off Of All-Out, Biblical War Awaits Just The 'Trigger Event'
2018-03-06 -- * Something Incredibly Strange Is Going On In The Gulf Of Mexico As Temperatures Hit 130 Degrees Repeatedly In One Location - Is Long Dormant Volcano Awakening Or Just A Bizarre Anomaly?
2018-03-05 -- * A Plague Has Been Unleashed On America And We May Not Be Able To Survive It - Colossal Red Alert Issued As Globalists Prepare 'Final Event' To Complete Their 'Take Down' Of America
2018-03-04 -- * 'Dystopian Horror Show' In Venezuela Leads To Massive Exodus And Offer More Dire 'End Times Warning Signs' To America
2018-03-02 -- * Is 'Deep State' Already Planning Their Next Massacre Of Americans? Real Investigation Of Florida Shooting Would Expose Satanic Secrets And Crimes Of Hillary Clinton And The DNC!
2018-03-02 -- * Republican Senator Warns 'War Of Biblical Proportions' May Be Unavoidable: 'If This Thing Starts, It's Going To Be One Of The Worst Catastrophic Events In The History Of Our Civilization'
2018-03-01 -- * Perfect Storm Brewing As Secret 'ISIS Kill List' Provides Plausible Deniability To Those 'Manipulating And Facilitating Events' To Round Up & Execute 'Red-List' Americans

February 2018

2018-02-28 -- * These Horrors Hidden For More Than 40 Years Prove That The 'Deep State' Is Capable Of Having Children Murdered In 'False Flag Event' To Disarm America
2018-02-27 -- * With The Impossibility Of Repaying The Mostly Phony National Debt And The Sheer Insanity Of The Criminal Federal Reserve, Will Eating Our Own Children Loom In The Future ?
2018-02-27 -- * We've Now Reached 'Freedom's Last Stand' - Attacks Upon 2nd Amendment Coincide With Attacks Upon 1st Amendment
2018-02-26 -- * As 'Day Zero' Approaches And The Seals Of Judgement Are Prepared To Be Opened, More Signs Emerge The 'Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse' Have Begun Their Gallop Across The Globe
2018-02-26 -- * With Global Government 'Conspiracy Theory' Proven True, World Govt Summit Says 'Future Plans Do Not Include America'
2018-02-25 -- * Fascinating 'Map' Outlines 6,000 Years Of Hidden History - Does It Also Confirm An 'Empire Beneath The Ice' And These Other, Long-Held 'Conspiracy Theories'?
2018-02-24 -- * Cowardly Companies That Caved To BoycottNRA Campaign Learn That Patriots Don't Threaten, They Act Accordingly
2018-02-23 -- * It's Time For President Trump To Strike Hard And Purge The Vermin From High Places For Should He Not, The 'Forces Of Evil Within' Will Complete Their Destruction Of America
2018-02-22 -- * MSM Cover-Up Of Catastrophic Earth Changes Fully Underway Illustrated By Huge Number Of West Coast EQ's And Global Weather Changing Volcanic Events - Will 2018 Be A 'Year Without A Summer'?
2018-02-22 -- * Expert Warns The Blind Are Leading The Blind Towards The EMP Abyss: 'Erroneous Speculation & Misinformation By Non-Experts Could Get Millions Of Americans Killed'
2018-02-20 -- * If America Is Nuked And Completely Destroyed, This Must-See Graphic Shows Us Who'd Be Responsible For TEOTWAWKI - Has The War Of Gog And Magog Begun?
2018-02-20 -- * This 'Matrix-Shattering Event' Would Lead To 'The Great Awakening' - Is President Trump Preparing To Take Down The 'Clinton Crime Family'?
2018-02-19 -- * With 'Nanoweapons Of Mass Destruction' Having Moved From Science Fiction To Reality, Globalists Could Use This 'Invisible' Technology To Kill Off A Huge Part Of The Population Without The Masses Even Knowing What Hit Them
2018-02-18 -- * With These Numbers Showing A 'Future American Holocaust', Why Did CIA Censor 1965 Book Titled 'The Adam And Eve Story'?
2018-02-17 -- * Behold! 1991 Book Warned Us 'Secret Government' Would Use School Shootings To Disarm Americans! Was Florida Shooter 'MK-Ultra-Cated'?
2018-02-16 -- * Is Globalists Suppression Of Alternative Technologies That Could Heal Millions And Provide Endless 'Clean Energy' Among The Most Monstrous Crimes In History?
2018-02-15 -- * Are 'Global Elite' Sending Occult Messages To The World, Hidden In Numbers And Through 'Hell's Headlines'? Globalists Continue Push Towards 'End Times' War Along The 33rd Parallel
2018-02-14 -- * Traitors In Congress Put President Trump's Base In Their Crosshairs - Are Globalists Hoping To 'Round Up' Peaceful, Patriotic Americans By Lumping Us In With Violent Extremists In New 'Domestic Terrorism Bill' In Congress?
2018-02-13 -- * 'QAnon' Hints That 'Big Pharma Mafia' Carried Out 'White Powder Attack' Upon The Trump Family And Promises: 'Response Forthcoming'
2018-02-13 -- * Obama Portrait: The 'Serpent In The Garden' - Strange Hidden Occult Imagery, Six Fingers, Horns And...... Sperm On His Head?
2018-02-12 -- * MSM Celebrates Communist Death Camps And Slavery As The 'War Upon Truth' Reaches 'Twilight Zone' And 'MK-Ultra-Cated' Left Falls Ever Further Off Deep End
2018-02-11 -- * These Are Red Flags We Are In The Last Days: As President Trump's HUD Secretary Warns 'The Purge' Could Turn Real, Socialist Venezuela Descends Into 'Mad Max' Violence And Total Chaos - A Huge Warning To America
2018-02-10 -- * As Medical Experts Warn 'Worst Yet To Come' With 'Flu' Already Killing 4,000 Americans A Week, Deep State Will Allow Tens Of Millions Of Americans To Die To Get Out Of The Mess They're In
2018-02-08 -- * Over 100 Years Of Govt And The 'Criminal Elite' Terrorizing The American People Documented Here
2018-02-08 -- * FDA Tyrants Declare War Upon The 1st Amendment And The American People While Promoting 'Big Pharma Mafia' And Their Deadly Poisons That Have Killed Millions Of Americans
2018-02-07 -- * Is It Time To Head To 'Higher Ground'? With Ring Of Fire Thundering And The 'Big One' Long Overdue, How Long Till These Prophetic 'Visions Of Destruction' Come To Pass?
2018-02-06 -- * As Russia Develops 100-Megaton Tidal Wave Robot Bombs And Super EMP's, Holdovers From Obama, Politically-Correct Pseudo-Scientists, Are Derelict In Duty
2018-02-05 -- * A 'Disaster Waiting To Happen' - Minnesota Dept Of Health Was Doing 'Enhanced Infectious Disease Research' Super Bowl Week
2018-02-04 -- * Are Globalists Preparing Mass Sacrifice At 'Little Mogadishu Super Bowl'? Appearances By 'The Owl Of Moloch' And Global Mercenary Firm G4S Have 'Conspiracy Theorists' Concerned Everything Aligning For 'An Event'
2018-02-03 -- * Was Newsweek's Recent 'Coming Pole Flip' And 'Planet-Wide Blackout' Story A Solemn, Ominous Warning To Prepare For TEOTWAWKI Or 'Utter Codswallop'?
2018-02-02 -- * With FISA Memo Released, Is 'A Great Awakening' Ahead For Our Country? President Trump Hints At 'Traumatic Event' Ahead As Globalists Plan Massive False Flag Attacks To Stop Rebirth Of America - Full Memo Embedded Here!
2018-02-01 -- * Shocking Story From West Virginia Proves 'Big Pharma' Is The Biggest 'Drug Pusher' In America - Is President Trump Preparing To Take On 'The Big Pharma Mafia'?
2018-02-01 -- * This Is How Hillary Can Crash Planes, Trains And Automobiles - Remember Journalist Michael Hastings Deadly Car Crash Before He Could Publish Devastating Obama Expose

January 2018

2018-01-31 -- * Former US Army Colonel Warns 'Danger Is Close' And 'Rogue Sleeper Cells May Be Being Activated' As Democratic Party And Deep State 'Enemies Of America Within' Get Ready To Be Slammed With The 'Release Of The Memo'
2018-01-30 -- * 'Secretive Army of Darkness' Is Dedicated To The Enslavement, Impoverishment And Extermination Of Every Human On Earth
2018-01-29 -- * BOOM! Top Dogs At FBI Confirm They're Corrupt With This Official Release Proving To Americans The Tyranny We're Up Against
2018-01-28 -- * Is America Closing In Upon 'Pitchforks Time'? If The Globalists Launch World War 3, There Will Be No Stopping The Massive Culling That Is Coming - Hundreds Of Millions Of Dead Americans Perfectly Suits The Globalists 'End Game'
2018-01-27 -- * Remember! Hillary Clinton Wanted Wikileaks Journalist Julian Assange Assassinated - Is The Punishment For Treason In America Still 'Hanging By The Neck Until Dead?'
2018-01-26 -- * This Is Why The Next Civil War In America May Already Be Written In Stone - Is It Also Written In The Sky? Matt Drudge Tweets: 'Winds Of War'
2018-01-25 -- * Intel Agencies Go Rogue - OIG Recovers FBI Agents Missing Five Months Of Texts As Names From Classified Memo Are Leaked Online
2018-01-24 -- * Mainstream Media Warns Stopping Weather Modification Programs Could Lead To 'Extinction Level Event' But Won't Admit Such Programs Are Now Ongoing
2018-01-23 -- * Mysterious Diseases Morphing Into Extinction Level Events As The Killing Fields Are Turning Into The Great Culling Fields Of The Globalist Grim Reapers
2018-01-23 -- * Did Missing FBI Texts Hint At Assassination Plot Upon President Trump? What Is Happening Is Treason - Heads Need To Roll
2018-01-22 -- * Has 'Death By Clinton' Hit Big Pharma? Murdered Billionaire Couple From Canada Did Work For Clinton Foundation As FDA Tyranny Strikes Out At Homeopathic Medicine
2018-01-22 -- * Is This The Biggest Cover-Up In US History? The Nazi - NASA Connection And Trillions Of Missing Dollars: Ultra-Secret Projects, Exotic Technologies, Mars And The Secret Space Program
2018-01-21 -- * Humanity Is Under Full Scale Attack As Experts Warn: 'The Dangers Are Real' - Are The '5G Killing Fields' That Are Coming To America Part Of The Globalists Depopulation Agenda?
2018-01-20 -- * As Noose Tightens Around Necks Of Corrupt Members Of Deep State, February Olympics In South Korea Provide A Perfect False Flag Opportunity To Kick-Off World War 3
2018-01-19 -- * Nuclear War, Weather Catastrophe, Fires And Deadly Plagues Foreseen In Pastor's Vision Of The Destruction Of America
2018-01-19 -- * With World 'At The Brink', Was Wells Fargo 'Glitch' Another Sign They're Preparing To Bring Everything Crashing Down? Only 'Nuclear Options' May Soon Remain For Globalists To Bring About Our Sudden, Cataclysmic End
2018-01-18 -- * Would Christians And Conservatives Be In The Gulag By Now Had Hillary Clinton Won The Election? Newsweek Reports Hillary Could Still Be President If Russia Probe Finds Conspiracy
2018-01-17 -- * Flu Descriptions Including 'War Zone' And 'Flu-Pocalypse' Hint At Weaponized Variant - Google And Globalists Funding 'Universal Flu Vaccine' Research As Dollar Signs Dance In Their Heads
2018-01-16 -- * Leaked Pentagon Report Confirms 'Radioactive Tsunami' Is Not Just A 'Conspiracy Theory': Most Devastating Russian Secret Weapon Could Kill Millions
2018-01-15 -- * This Alarming Video Footage Should Concern Us All If This Is What The Future Holds - Vast Potential Of Unintended Consequences Proves The 'Beast System' Is Materializing Before Our Eyes
2018-01-14 -- * Will The Greatest Scam Ever Perpetuated Against The American People Turn Into The Most Destructive 'Trojan Horse' In History?
2018-01-14 -- * Was There More Going On In Hawaii Than Meets The Eye? Freakish Coincidence And BETA Test Come Along With 'Apocalypse's False Alarm'
2018-01-13 -- * Will Turmoil Or Outright Rebellion Lead To Massive Deployment Of Private Military Contractors Into America's Run-Down Cities?
2018-01-12 -- * As Flu Deaths Soar, Big Pharma Pushes Their Answer: 'Death By Lethal Injection' - Has The 2018 Flu Been Genetically Manipulated?
2018-01-11 -- * Days Before Massive 7.6 Caribbean Quake, The Ocean Disappeared In Locations Almost 2000 Miles Apart, Nearly Directly North And South Of Earthquake Epicenter- If Our Planet Earth Is Trying To Tell Us A Story, What Might That Story Be?
2018-01-10 -- * 'We Are On A Very Dangerous Path Of Self-Annihilation' Warns Head Of Russian Orthodox Church: 'If Evil Prevails, End Times Will Be Upon Us'
2018-01-09 -- * Will The 'Impossible' Soon Come True? While Upcoming OIG Report Shows Comey, Lynch And Clinton In Crosshairs, A Nuclear Holocaust In America Would Quickly End All Investigations
2018-01-08 -- * Liberals 'Red Pilled' By President Trump Blaming Their Own Descent Into Madness Upon Him As Massive 'Soft Coup' Effort Picks Up With Talk Of Using 25th Amendment To Remove Him From Office
2018-01-07 -- * As CDC Preps America For Nuclear War Despite Upcoming Peace Talks We're Reminded: 'While People Are Saying Peace And Safety, Destruction Will Come On Them Suddenly, As Labor Pains On A Pregnant Woman, And They Will Not Escape'
2018-01-06 -- * Chelsea Clinton And The 'Church of Satan' Connection Follows The Clintons Long History Of Satanic Affiliations
2018-01-05 -- * Nightmarish Scenario Predicted By Arrogant Elite Puppetmasters Hints At Many More Calamities To Come To Achieve The Population Pillage They Foresee
2018-01-05 -- * God's 'Cold Fury' Unleashed - Was A Prophetic Word Given 23 Years Ago, In Great Detail Coming To Pass, And Are The Great Quakes Next?
2018-01-04 -- * MSN Warns Huge Number Of People Are Now Preparing For Doomsday And TEOTWAWKI But These Statistics Also Show Some Alarming Numbers
2018-01-03 -- * Massive 'Red Flag' Alert! Globalists Move To Permanently Silence Independent News And Slay Their Latest Victim
2018-01-03 -- * Was Huma Abedin The Ultimate Spy, One Of The Greatest Traitors To America In US History? It's Time To Take Down 'The Enemies Of America Within', President Trump!
2018-01-02 -- * Two Plane Crashes Take The Lives Of Business Executives Who Had Ties To Hillary Clinton And The 'Deep State' As Julian Assange's Cryptic Tweet Hints At Bombshell Story Ahead
2018-01-01 -- * Urgent New Year's 'Red Alert' To Patriots Across America: 'As We Enter A Time When Anything Is Possible', These Things Prove 'We Had Better Keep Our Powder Dry'

December 2017

2017-12-31 -- * As Russia Warns 'World Faces War Worse Than Any Other In Human History', Does Deagel's 2025 Forecast Show America After The Coming War?
2017-12-31 -- * Happy New Year 2018 OPEN THREAD - May Everyone Have A Safe And Happy New Year!
2017-12-30 -- * With 220 Million Americans Now In Crosshairs Of 'Killer Cold Zone', Some Scientists Warn A Mini Ice Age Is Coming - 'Big Freeze' ANP Winter Prepping Thread
2017-12-29 -- * With President Trump, 'The Kraken', Unleashed, 2018 Is Setting Up To Be A 'Year Of Redemption' For 'Deplorables' Across America!
2017-12-28 -- * The 'Robot Genie' Has Been Released From The Bottle - Will These Self-Propelled, Mechanized Creatures Be Programmed To Carry Out A Pre-Set Mission Of Destruction?
2017-12-28 -- * CNN Stumbles And Bumbles To Delicious New Low After All Day Freak-Out Over Mysterious White Truck Blocking Video Access To President Trump
2017-12-27 -- * The Total Meltdown Has Begun - This Is Why Almost Half Of America Has Gone Freakishly Insane!
2017-12-27 -- * Media Rages In 2017 - MSM Suffers Humiliating Year Of Manufactured Outrage, Fake News And Mortifying Moments
2017-12-26 -- * As Monstrous, Parasitic Entity Sucks Lifeblood Out Of America, These Numbers Show America Is On The Road To Catastrophe
2017-12-26 -- * Absolutely Crucial Las Vegas Shooting Investigation Information: 'These Are The Same People That Investigated Hillary - They Will Lie And Cover Up Any Truth'
2017-12-25 -- * This 1859 Novel Has A Great Lesson For Americans And The World This Christmas: No Matter What Your Circumstances, No Matter How Difficult Things May Seem To You, Keep Looking Up!
2017-12-24 -- * As Two US Generals Warn We're At The Precipice Of An Enormous War We're Reminded, 'One Mistake Could Lead To Calamity'
2017-12-23 -- * These Latest Events Show It's Time To Get The United Nations Out Of America And Time To Get America Out Of The United Nations!
2017-12-22 -- * US Senator And Congressman Warn Of Conspiracy At The Highest Levels To Take Down President Trump: 'This Could Be Worse Than Watergate
2017-12-21 -- * Food For Thought This Christmas Season: 'The Star Of Bethlehem Was Also The Star Of Freedom'
2017-12-20 -- * Experts Warn 'There Is No Turning Back Now' From What Is Awaiting Humanity: 'Self Genetically Engineered Basement Bio-Borg Boys' And The 'Zombie Generation'
2017-12-19 -- * Has Patient Diplomacy On Nuclear North Korea Become A Form Of Insanity? No Matter What The 'Washington DC Elite' Might Think, Mutually Assured Destruction Is Not A Good Idea
2017-12-18 -- * Are These Events Foreshadowing A Major False Flag To Come? Transportation System Pandemonium Offers Us 'Red Flags' Of A Large Scale Event Ahead
2017-12-17 -- * Is President Trump 'Too Little, Too Late' For America? 'When The Law No Longer Protects You From The Corrupt, But Protects The Corrupt From You, You Know Your Nation Is DOOMED!'
2017-12-16 -- * Neuroscientist Warns Humanity Is Racing Towards Becoming 'AI-Induced Zombies' - Is This Why FEMA, The CDC And The Pentagon Have Been Preparing For A 'Zombie Apocalypse'?
2017-12-16 -- * Are California Wildfires Part Of God's Judgement Upon America? 'The Lord Is Going To Bring Judgment On Evil Whether By Wildfires, Earthquakes, Or Fireballs From Heaven'
2017-12-14 -- * Russia Warns 'Stand-Off Moving Towards Hot Phase' As North Korea Prepares Sunday ICBM Launch
2017-12-14 -- * This Unbelievable Tool Is Now At The Disposal Of Madmen! Called A 'WMD Threat', This Technology Could Be Used To Wipe Out The Human Race In A Very Short Period Of Time
2017-12-13 -- * Dead Bodies With Ties To Hillary Keep Piling Up! Will Mueller's 'Witch Hunt' Ensnare The Wicked Witch Or Give America Proof The 'Rule Of Law' Doesn't Apply To The 'Clinton Crime Family'?
2017-12-12 -- * Retired Prosecutor Sounds Alarm: 'President Trump Must Go On Offense Now - Step One: Fire Rosenstein, Wray & McCabe'
2017-12-12 -- * Globalists 'Ultimate Killing Machines' Are Hiding In Plain Sight - Russia Blows Whistle But The World Remains Silent
2017-12-11 -- * The Masses Are Blissfully Unaware Of The Hell That Could Be Unleashed - 'Simple Mistake Could Trigger Sequence Of Events That End With Millions Of Americans Dead And The US In Ruins'
2017-12-09 -- * The Rules Of The Game Have Changed! America's Total Vulnerability To This Existential Threat Shows How Fake News Could Help Turn America Into A Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland
2017-12-09 -- * Islamic Rage Across Planet May Leave America In The 'Bulls Eye' - Remember! Obama Prevented Investigations Of Mosques And Islamic Terror Training Camps Across Country During His Reign!
2017-12-08 -- * As Vladimir Putin And Russia Move Again To Protect Christianity, Evidence The Real Threats To Christians And Patriotic Americans Come From 'Enemies Of America Within'
2017-12-07 -- * Globalists Will Use This Dangerous New Technology To Further Imprison The Masses - As We Rush Towards The Fall Of Humanity, This Offers Them Endless Pathways Of Deception
2017-12-07 -- * MeToo Hysteria Is A 'Sexual Inquisition' Against Men By P*ssy Hat-Wearing, Lilith The Night Hag FemiNazis
2017-12-06 -- * Are We Counting Down The Hours Towards 'Two Meals And 24 Hours Away From Barbarism' In America?
2017-12-05 -- * With Mueller's FBI Team Sleeping In The Same Bed As The 'Biggest Loser', Corrupt Globalists In America Are Warned 'Remove President Trump And You'll Lose Civil War'
2017-12-04 -- * Tsunami Of Demons Or 'Old Ones' Set To Inhabit An Army Of AI Powers - 'Techno Possession' Closer Than Anyone Knows
2017-12-03 -- * Hundreds Of Unsolved Mysterious Deaths And Ritual Murders Accompany The Demonic Appetite For Human Flesh In America
2017-12-02 -- * Did Treason Lead To North Korea Becoming A Nuclear Power, A Country Poised To Send America Back To The Dark Ages?
2017-12-01 -- * Catastrophic Failure: Democrats Long-Held Strategy Of 'Divide And Conquer' Has Blown Up In Their Faces

November 2017

2017-11-30 -- * Is President Trump A 'Conspiracy Theorist' Or Just Another Angry American Who Has Had Enough With Clinton, Obama And Deep State Corruption And Wants Truth?
2017-11-30 -- * Mass Starvation And TEOTWAWKI Could Be The End Results Of The Mainstream Media Misleading The American People On This
2017-11-29 -- * 'There's Some Crazy Stuff Coming Down, Chaos Is On The Calendar' - Why Are Military Contractors Preparing To Deploy Within America?
2017-11-28 -- * Massive Cover-Up Ongoing At The Highest Levels - Fukushima Nuclear Hell Hole And 'Mass Deaths Events' - Are We Now Only Witnessing The 'Tip Of The Iceberg'?
2017-11-28 -- * Smart Cities Of The Future Will Be Like 'Nazi Germany On Steroids' - No Privacy, No Freedom, No Free Enterprise And One Step Closer To Completing The Globalists 'New World Order' Agenda
2017-11-27 -- * With 'Globalist Enemies Of America Within' Still Working Overtime To Pillage And Plunder Our Nation, All Americans Should Take A Stand Today Or There Will Be No Freedom Tomorrow!
2017-11-25 -- * Another Las Vegas Shooting Survivor Meets Untimely End Just The Latest In String Of Bodies To Drop Long After Shooting
2017-11-23 -- * Happy Thanksgiving 2017 Everyone - Open Thread
2017-11-22 -- * Is This The Greatest And Most Immediate Threat We Face, Short Of Nuclear Cataclysm? Expert Warns 'This Is As Serious As It Gets'
2017-11-21 -- * Russian Patriarch Warns 'The Signs Of The Book Of Revelation Are Apparent' And 'We're Moving Towards The Abyss' As Mysterious Booms Spread Across Planet
2017-11-20 -- * At War For 93% Of Our Existence, Will The 'Deep State' Entrap Us Into Just One More, Getting President Trump And America Into A Quagmire We Can Never Get Out Of?
2017-11-19 -- * From Russians To 'Deplorables' To Insiders Who Knew Too Much, Are 'Enemies Of The Deep State' Being Targeted For 'Elimination'? The 'Clinton Body Count' Rises Again!
2017-11-18 -- * Is This More Evidence Our Days Are Numbered? As President Trump Is Warned To Establish A New 'Manhattan Project', 'Enemies Of America Within' Set Up Our Country For A Devastating Fall
2017-11-17 -- * Global Elite Panic As They Go Down One By One - Sexual Abuse And Pedophilia Cover Ups Led Right To The Hillary Clinton State Department
2017-11-16 -- * Is THIS How They'll Eliminate Nearly 90% Of The US Population By 2025? Stunning Number Of Dead Scientists, Microbiologists And Holistic Health Practitioners Suggest Something Extremely Nefarious Is Going On!
2017-11-15 -- * This Unending Series Of Mysterious And Still Unsolved Deaths And Murders Proves Massive Corruption Still Exists In The Highest Echelons Of 'The Establishment'
2017-11-13 -- * Is This Proof Of 'White Genocide' Straight From Google? Bizarre Google Search Term Results Show Establishment's All Out War On White Christians Has Been Kicked Into Overdrive
2017-11-12 -- * As Saudi 'Purge' Expands And Chaos Grips Middle East, We're Ticking Down To Something Huge On The Horizon With All The Ducks Now Being Lined Up In A Row
2017-11-10 -- * More Signs Of Catastrophic Collapse Of Food Chain Come To Us From The Independent Media While The MSM Remains Silent And Complicit In What Could Become An 'Extinction Level Event'
2017-11-09 -- * Human Civilization Set Up For A Crisis And Collapse That Will Devastate Billions As Events Cosmic And On Earth With No Modern Historic Precedent Take Place
2017-11-09 -- * With 'Apocalyptic Islam' Pushing For The 'Return Of Their Mahdi', This Could Be The Spark That Sets Off World War 3 - 'Trigger Event' Could Unleash Global Cascade Of War And Unrest
2017-11-08 -- * Will We Avoid 'The Final Step Of America's Worst Nightmare'? With Ongoing Attempts To Breed America Out Of Existence, Insider Warns Of Massive Changes To Come!
2017-11-07 -- * The Bloodlines Of 'The Billionaires Club' Run Deep - Starting With Antifa's 'Puppet Master', This Look At Some Of The World's Richest People Is Revealing
2017-11-06 -- * An Open Warning To Churches All Across America! Think You Know Everything About Sunday's Horrifying Church Shooting In Texas? You Won't Believe What We've Found!
2017-11-05 -- * There Is Something 'Dark And Disturbing' About This Outbreak - Bizarre Coincidences And Deadly Proficiency - Part 1 Of 3
2017-11-03 -- * 'Something Has Happened And It's Very Bad' - Democrats Throwing Hillary Clinton Under The Bus Have Pundits Asking 'Is More Coming?'
2017-11-02 -- * Left-Wing Politicians And The MSM Dig Their Own Graves As DOD Prepares For A Total 'Grid Down' Scenario In America
2017-11-02 -- * Antifa Launches 'Operation Incognito' As Domestic Terrorists Plans To Overthrow President Trump, Take Down America And Unleash Chaos Are Further Examined
2017-11-01 -- * With Antifa Planning 'All Out War' On President Trump, Was ISIS Terror In New York The 'Tip Of The Iceberg'? As Americans Hit The Panic Button, Foreshadows A Coming Apocalypse

October 2017

2017-10-31 -- * Colossal 'Conspiracy Theory' Now Confirmed May Have Profound Implications For November 4th With Outright Chaos The 'Endgame'
2017-10-31 -- * Is This Proof 'Black Eyed People' Are Much More Than An Urban Legend? If The 'Eyes Are The Windows To Our Souls', Millions Of Americans Are Walking A Very Dark Road To Nowhere
2017-10-30 -- * Retired Meteorologist Says His 'BS Detection System Is Flashing Red' As Australia Prepares For 'Thunderstorm Asthma Season' And 'Weather Bomb' Strikes America
2017-10-29 -- * ANOTHER Murdered Las Vegas Eyewitness Reminds Us: Dead Men Tell No Tales! JFK Files Prove US Government False Flag Terror Is NO 'Conspiracy Theory'
2017-10-28 -- * Scientists Warn 'Something Really Big Has Shifted' That Is 'Something We've Never Seen Before' - Catastrophic Collapse Of Pacific Ocean Food Chain Found In Government Survey
2017-10-27 -- * 10 Impossible Things We Are Expected To Believe - Through The Looking Glass - The Globalists Warped Perspective Of Their Hideous Reality Proves We Live In A Land Of Luciferian Inversion
2017-10-26 -- * 'Double Plague' Outbreak Could Be Man Made? Airborne Pneumonic Plague Prompts Black Death Warnings In Nine Countries & Territories
2017-10-25 -- * Is This Former CIA Official's Statement A Harbinger Of Things To Come? 'It's Just Mystery After Mystery After Mystery'
2017-10-24 -- * More Signs Emerge We May Be Only Days Or Weeks Away From Something Huge - Prepare Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace
2017-10-23 -- * The Antarctica - Mars Connection And The Cataclysmic War Between Good And Evil - Will Energies And Technologies Long Hidden Soon Be Revealed?
2017-10-22 -- * Mass Demonic Possession Preparing To Grip America On November 8th As Democrats Obsession With Cannibalistic Hollywood Turns Terminal
2017-10-20 -- * The Grim Truth And The Grand Deception - Biblical Evidence 'Gatekeepers' Have Been Long Hiding The True Nature Of Reality
2017-10-20 -- * Liberal Media Being Taken Down - 'Male Feminist' Writers Terminated For Sexual Harassment After The Existence Of The 'Sh*tty Media Men' List Is Exposed
2017-10-19 -- * A Familiar Pattern Of Lies And Deception With Choreographed Scenes And Permanently Silenced Witnesses Lead To Two Crucial Las Vegas Questions That Remain Unanswered
2017-10-18 -- * Will A 'Great Mountain Burning With Fire' Soon Be 'Cast Into The Sea'? More Than 112 Million Americans In 'Line Of Fire' Of What Would Be The Worst Natural Disaster In Modern History
2017-10-18 -- * The Deagel Report: An Eerily Accurate View Of What America Will Look Like In 2025 With Unfolding De-Population Events Underway - You've Got To See Deagel's 2025 Forecast For North Korea!
2017-10-17 -- * Are Holdovers From The Obama Admin Still Within The US Government Blocking Proof Of Vegas False Flag?
2017-10-13 -- * Death By The Numbers - Do The Luciferians Tell Us What They're Going To Do Ahead Of Time And If So, What Do They Have Planned Next?
2017-10-13 -- * Is A 'Mass Programming' Or 'Covert Attack' Event Now Underway With 'Dangerous Sounds Manipulating Minds'? MSM Asks Audience To Listen To 'Sonic Attack Sound' That Harmed US Cuban Embassy Employees
2017-10-12 -- * From One Disaster To The Next, The Fuse Has Been Lit And The Time Is Ticking - In THIS Worst Case Scenario, EVERYTHING Would Change Before Most Knew What Happened
2017-10-11 -- * Massive Evidence The 'Harvey Weinstein' Rabbit Hole Goes Much Deeper Than The MSM And Establishment Want Us To Know - TRIGGER WARNING! A Deeper Look AT MKUltra And Monarch Mind Control In 'Hellywood'
2017-10-10 -- * America's Epitaph: Died Of Stupidity - Evidence The 'America-Hating Left' Would Prefer A Nuclear Tsunami On Both US Coasts Than Be 'Politically Incorrect'
2017-10-09 -- * This Nightmare Scenario Would Be The Total End Of America And The Western Banking System As We Know It - Vladimir Putin Gives Ominous Warning On North Korea
2017-10-08 -- * Has Huge Wave Anomaly From Antarctica To US East Coast 'Weaponized' Hurricane Nate? Bizarre Abnormalities Show Geoengineering Of The Weather Leaving 'Freeze Fry Extremes'
2017-10-08 -- * Sheriff's Deputy Warns Of Antifa All-Out War Upon The 'Innocent' And Their Goal Of Initiating The Breakdown Of Society
2017-10-06 -- * Has Earth Arrived At The 'Threshold Of Catastrophe'? 380 'Mass Animal Death Events' In 2017 Just The Latest Prophetic Signs - With The Pacific Ocean Food Chain Collapsing, Famine May Be Unfolding Before Our Eyes
2017-10-05 -- * Eerily Prophetic 2006 Movie Warned: 'One Generation From Now, Our Civilization Is In Chaos Because Our World Is Dying' - Are We Now Witnessing The Fulfillment Of The Globalists 'Master Plan' And 'Population Meltdown'?
2017-10-05 -- * Was Las Vegas Massacre 'Fast And Furious' On Steroids, A Massive Gun Running Scheme Gone Terribly Wrong?
2017-10-05 -- * With Wars And Rumors Of Wars Surrounding Us, President Trump Hints We May Be Witnessing 'The Calm Before The Storm'
2017-10-04 -- * Let's Do The Math - Numerous Mandalay Bay Anomalies Remind Us Of This One Blunt Truth: 'Dead Patsy's Tell No Tales'
2017-10-04 -- * Something Very Strange Is Happening In The New Madrid Region: The Mississippi River Is Drying Up In Some Areas - Another Warning Sign Of A Devastating Quake In The Near Future?
2017-10-03 -- * Either The 'Surveillance State In America' FAILED Terribly Or Mandalay Bay Was A Massive 'New World Order' Operation
2017-10-02 -- * Has Democrat-Sponsored Antifa Terrorism Just Exploded In America? ALL Blood Of The Innocent Spilled By Antifa Is On The Hands Of The Democratic Party And The MSM Terror Apparatus

September 2017

2017-09-30 -- * It Has Always Been About The Flag - The Big Race-Baiting NFL Lie About 'Inequality' Is A Cover Up For The Real Reason Behind The Anthem Protests
2017-09-29 -- * Is An 'Escape From New York' Scenario Unfolding? Ultra-Sonic Crowd Control Weapons May Be Part Of Mysterious Towers Popping Up In New York As 'Skynet' Moves Closer To Completion
2017-09-28 -- * NFL Chaos Is Part Of The Globalists Long-Held Plans To Divide Then Destroy America - Is It Time For The American People To Bring An End To The Globalist Institutions That Hate Our Country?
2017-09-27 -- * Are NFL Protests A Massive Distraction From The Tragedy That's Coming As World Stampedes Towards An Engineered Nuclear War That Would Initiate The Globalists Plan For The Major 'Population Reduction' They So Long For?
2017-09-27 -- * Tennessee Church Shooting Possibly Tied To Global Mercenary Firm G4S Just The Latest In String Of Mysterious Deaths - Did Hillary Just Spill The Whole Bag Of Beans?
2017-09-26 -- * Full Antifa Documentary Exposes Democrats & Allies Behind Domestic Terrorist Groups - Antifa Is The Militant Arm Of The Democratic Party
2017-09-25 -- * When Satan Became The Halftime Director Of The NF-Hell - The National Football League's Fast Descent Into Darkness Included Banning Jesus As League Plunges Into The Abyss
2017-09-24 -- * A Marriage Made in Hell - Proof The 'NWO Elite' Have Teamed With Islam In An Attempt To Overthrow America And Unleash Pandemonium Upon Planet Earth
2017-09-24 -- * Powerful Warnings For All Americans To Prepare For The 'Law Of The Jungle' - America Moves Closer To Open Warfare Within As Hysteria Arrives In Hurricane Ravaged Puerto Rico - How Does This NOT Turn Into 'The Lord Of The Flies'?
2017-09-23 -- * This Horrific Scenario Could Result In An Unimaginable Firestorm With The Possibility Of Millions Dead - MSM Globalist Mouthpiece Puts Out Story Titled 'How To Survive The Apocalypse'
2017-09-22 -- * Insider Warns ANP Massive Trucking Shutdown May Begin Within Weeks Nationwide Over Mandatory Electronic Logging Devices - 'Death Knell' For American Truck Driver Could 'Shut Down America Within Days Or Overnight'!
2017-09-21 -- * Is This Proof America Will Soon Be 'Nuked'? There Is No Easy Living With A Nuclear Armed North Korea Built With Russian And Chinese Technology
2017-09-20 -- * 'Something Is Coming Our Way And 99% Of The World's Population Will Not Be Prepared' - Amazing Documentary 'The Sign' Exposes 'Planet X' And Biblical Prophecy Coming True Before Our Very Eyes
2017-09-19 -- * Hollywood 'Stars' Drop Nuclear Bombshell Upon Future Profits As Emmy 'Hate Fest' And Illuminati's 'Luciferian War Upon God And Religion' May Guarantee President Trump A 2nd Term
2017-09-18 -- * North Korean Public Statement Confirms 'Worst Case Scenario' Fears After Many Years Of Denial By 'US Elite' - Have We Reached Our 'Rhineland Moment'?
2017-09-17 -- * Tragic Events Prove Not Having This Can Get You And Your Loved Ones Killed - Why 'Situational Awareness' Is A Key To Survival, Especially During A 'Zombie Apocalypse'
2017-09-16 -- * CBS News Reports Upon Using Lasers To Influence Weather Events As Viral Video Censored Across Planet Completely Exposes Weather Modification
2017-09-15 -- * Hillary Clinton Compares Herself To An Incestuous Murderer In New Book While Hinting At 'Fiery Vengeance On All Who Wronged Her'
2017-09-14 -- * Berkeley Braces For Antifa Riots On Thursday As Students Complain Of 'Militarized Campus' For Ben Shapiro Speech
2017-09-13 -- * 'It Begins': Experts Warn Of 'Devious New Weapons Of Mass Destruction' That Will Slaughter Without Consequence Or Remorse
2017-09-13 -- * Completely Exposed, 'Monstrously Evil', 100 Year Old Plan Confirms 'Global Elite' Embrace 'Evil For The Sake Of Evil' And Proves Our War Is Not Merely With Flesh And Blood
2017-09-12 -- * Now That Pandora's Box Has Been Opened, Outside Nationwide Repentance On The Order Of Nineveh And Turning Back To The Living God, Nothing Can Stop The Coming Carnage
2017-09-11 -- * Steve Bannon Unleashes The Wrath Of The 'Grim Reaper' On Enemies Within - 'Absolutely' Going To War With Establishment Republicans
2017-09-10 -- * Stupefying Ocean Phenomenon And Bizarre Anomalies Tied To 'Irmageddon' Show Unbelievable Force As MSM Story Reports: 'Fear Is In The Water, Spreading With New And Viral Efficiency'
2017-09-09 -- * The Coming Economic Costs Of Irma Could Be Beyond Catastrophic As 2017 Is Shaping Up To Be The Most Costly Year For Natural Disasters In US History
2017-09-08 -- * Washington Post Story Hints Of Irma Weather Warfare As FEMA Chief Warns: 'Entire Southeastern United States Better Wake Up And Pay Attention'
2017-09-07 -- * As Democratic Congressman Promises 'Fight In The Streets', Retired US Marine General Has Dire Warning For 'Enemies Within'
2017-09-06 -- * With World At The Brink Of Transhumanism, 'Get Ready, The Invasion Could Happen At Any Time!'
2017-09-05 -- * America Burns And Floods As 'Signs Are In The Heavens' - 'Unbelievable Times, Unprecedented Events And A Final Scenario'
2017-09-05 -- * EXPOSED! US Govt Agency Conducting Massive Psyop Against The American People, Reprogramming The Minds Of The Masses To Accept The Satanic Philosophy Of The New World Order
2017-09-04 -- * Google Feels The Pain For Their Censorship Practices, While Free Speech Competitor Sees Massive Gains - 'Name Them And Shame Them'
2017-09-03 -- * US Navy Website Shows Entire Planet Blanketed By Bizarre 'HAARP Anomaly' From Antarctica Including Direct Interaction With Rapidly Intensifying Hurricane Irma
2017-09-03 -- * Experts Warn 'Nuclear Earthquake' Was 'Game Changer' & Could Leave America & Canada Sitting Ducks And Sitting In The Dark
2017-09-01 -- * With Early Warnings 'Monster' Hurricane Irma May Strike New York, Remember The Massive Hurricane Off Of The Coast Of New York On 9/11/2001 That Mysteriously Changed Direction

August 2017

2017-08-31 -- * America's Dark Fascination With The 'Culture Of Death' Is Another 'End Times Sign' Showing How Deeply Our Nation Has Already Fallen Into The Shadowy Abyss
2017-08-30 -- * The Sordid History Of The FBI And Government Sponsored Terrorism On The March Towards Total Tyranny In America
2017-08-30 -- * More Alarming Evidence Emerges Something Huge Is Ahead And Only A 'Supernatural Intervention' By God Leading To A 'Great Awakening' May Be Able To Stop It
2017-08-29 -- * America, Christianity And 'Freedom' Under Monumental Attack From George Soros And 'Enemies Of America Within' Pushing Us Towards The Cusp Of Civil War
2017-08-28 -- * Bizarre Radar Anomaly Over Corpus Christi Texas 2 Days Before Harvey Landfall Indicates Mass Weather Modification Took Place
2017-08-27 -- * Explosive 'Conspiracy Theories' Confirmed By Whistleblower Shatter Matrix And Prove Something Is Very Wrong In America
2017-08-26 -- * Riding The Giant Horse Of Extinction - As Wickedness Darkens The Land, 'Global Catastrophic Biological Risks' Are Being Created By Nefarious Agencies And Black Programs With Deep Pockets
2017-08-24 -- * Is This An Overlooked 'End Times Sign'? Experts Warn This 'Modern Day Psychological Disorder' Is Exploding Across America: Digital Addiction And The 'Zombie Generation'
2017-08-24 -- * Intelligence Expert Warns Of 'EMP Apocalypse' Ahead If We Can't Stop This 'Serial Killer': 'Disarm The Monster While We Still Can'
2017-08-23 -- * Mysterious North Korean Calendar Counts Down To Sunday, August 27th In Latest Nuclear War Threat Video That Puts President Trump In A Cemetery
2017-08-22 -- * With The Operational Phase Of The 'Attempted Overthrow Of America' Underway, Civil War Would Likely Lead To Our Invasion And Destruction By 'Enemies Within' And On The Outside
2017-08-21 -- * US Senator Warns Of A 'Powder Keg' And The 'Next Charlottesville' As More Evidence Emerges Hillary And George Soros Are Funding A 'Domestic Terror Agenda' To Overthrow America
2017-08-20 -- * We're Witnessing A 'Planned Descent Into Chaos' Driven By The Left With World Govt Set To Emerge From The Ashes
2017-08-19 -- * Is The Great American Eclipse 'God's Final Warning To Babylon' Before Disaster And Destruction? Unusual Convergence Of Events Coming Many Believe Could Be The 'Moment Of Truth' For Our Nation
2017-08-18 -- * Will The US Sacrifice Chicago And Denver To Protect Seoul And Tokyo? How Russia And China Could Win 'The New Cold War In The Pacific' Without Firing A Shot
2017-08-17 -- * Prophetic Signs In Israel - Seventy Weeks Of Years - Harbingers Of The Last Days?
2017-08-17 -- * 'Amerigeddon' Producer Sends Out Emergency Warning To President Trump As Sinister Signs Suggest Danger Ahead - 'The Alarm Bells Are Ringing Everywhere I Go'
2017-08-17 -- * If President Trump Doesn't Take Down The 'Deep State Fascists', His Presidency Is Done And So Are We - Have We Already Reached 'Too Little Too Late' Time?
2017-08-16 -- * 'The Destroyer's Agenda Hasn't Changed' - Horrific Evidence We Are Headed Towards Population Extinction
2017-08-16 -- * Black Pastor Rips 'Left Wing Media' To Shreds - The Seeds Of Truth Are Being Sown Into The Media Lies, And They Are Not Happy About It
2017-08-14 -- * Charlottesville Mayor Declared City 'A Capital Of The Resistance' To President Trump Back In February As Globalists Push America Towards Martial Law And Chaos
2017-08-13 -- * Intelligence Expert Sends Message To President Trump And Warns Of 'Smoking Gun': Iran And North Korea As 'Nuclear-Armed Terror-States' Will Become Irreversible'
2017-08-12 -- * This 'Politically Correct' But Horrific Scenario Details How The US Could Lose A War Against North Korea And End Up In Ruins
2017-08-12 -- * Is America Marching Full Speed Ahead Into Civil War? Triggered Antifa SJW's Attack As Leftist Insanity Rages
2017-08-12 -- * Pastor Shares Great 'Survival' Advice: 'Prepping For Pennies' In These Dangerous Days (Plus A Bonus Of Eternal Life!)
2017-08-11 -- * 1994 Prophecy Warned 'Korea Will Devoureth The Earth And Setteth Ablaze' As Prep To Begin For 'An Event' That Could Bring Society To Its Knees
2017-08-10 -- * More Evidence Emerges 'Demons' Are Now Surfacing And Openly Manifesting - The 'Jezebel Spirit's' Satanic Agenda
2017-08-09 -- * Government Asks Funeral Homes To Prepare For Pandemic While Warning Of Possible 'Nightmare Scenario'
2017-08-08 -- * Sean Hannity Tweets Hint At Something HUGE On The Horizon: 'Tick Tock Tick Tock' - What Does He Know That We Don't Know?
2017-08-07 -- * Warning From Over 150 Years Ago Rings Loud And Clear In 2017 - Is It 1861 All Over Again?
2017-08-06 -- * Former US Marine And Navy SEAL Predicts 'Gruesome Massacre' Ahead If 'Enemies Of America Within' Try Coup vs President Trump
2017-08-05 -- * As We March Towards Our Date With Destiny, Pastor Warns Of Coming Judgement - 'Just As It Was In The Days Of Noah'
2017-08-05 -- * 'Putin's Brain' Warns Of Diabolical, Satanic Plot To Overthrow Humanity As World Moves Closer To All-Out War
2017-08-04 -- * Is Civil War In America Ahead? Alleged Former 'Red Team Planner' For The Government Lays Out This Horrific, Worst-Case Scenario
2017-08-03 -- * Google Labels Religious Beliefs 'Toxic' With Censorship AI Program - 'This Is The Empire Of Darkness With Google Acting As SkyNet'
2017-08-02 -- * 'It Has Begun' And 'We Can't Hide From It' - End Times Signs With The 'Mark Of The Beast' Coming Here And Everywhere
2017-08-01 -- * With America And The World 'Plunging Towards The Abyss', Are You 'Fighting Or Ignoring The Giants?' A Few Thoughts On Why America Is Dying, It’s Because We Have Forgotten God
2017-08-01 -- * Counting Down The Days To The 'Opening Of Pandora's Box' Proves We're Running Out Of Time To Stop The Coming Mayhem!

July 2017

2017-07-31 -- * New Hollywood 'End Of The World' Movie Has Weather Modification Wiping Out Everything - 'There Is Nowhere To Hide' - As One State Governor Admits Weather Modification Program - A 'Conspiracy Theory' No Longer
2017-07-31 -- * Cryptic Matt Drudge Tweet Hints At A Surprise Ahead As He Also SLAMS John McCain: 'Corruption Has Many Faces'
2017-07-30 -- * One False Flag After Another - Will The 'Final Act Of The Tragedy' Be An Engineered Nuclear War That Exterminates Most Or All Of The Human Race?
2017-07-28 -- * 'Insidious Plot' To Overthrow America Reveals A 'Tsunami' Is Coming And The 'Dark State' Rats Are Getting Off The Sinking Ship
2017-07-27 -- * 'If Our Politicians Don't Understand This, Many Could Die' - UN Replacement Migration And The Coming Extinction
2017-07-27 -- * Atom Bomb Test Guinea Pig Warns 'We're Heading Towards One Heck Of A Wreck' With Dark Days And Chaos Ahead
2017-07-26 -- * We're Letting The Enemy Choose The Weapons, And The Terrain And Losing The War By Fighting With Weapons Of Paper Instead Of The Sword
2017-07-26 -- * The Prophets Have Long Warned 'A Great Shaking Is Coming' - Here Are The Dreams And Visions Of The Coming Carnage
2017-07-25 -- * Jaw-Dropping Revelations And A Massive False Flag May Await Us As The 'Russia Narrative' Falls Apart
2017-07-24 -- * Warning Goes Out: 'It's Now Or Never' - 'Great Culling' Begins As 'Enemies Of America' Prepare To 'Overthrow' President Trump
2017-07-23 -- * Experts Warn New Tech Will Create 'Invisible Killing Fields' Across America And 'Gestapo-Like Tactics' Are Being Used To Silence This Information
2017-07-22 -- * This Could Bring America To A Standstill In Days - Are These 'Doomsday Maps' Another Sign That War Is In The Air?
2017-07-20 -- * Pastor Warns 'We Are Sitting On The Edge Of The End Of The World As We Know It' - Matthew 24 Looming Large
2017-07-20 -- * Is 40% Of The Population Destined To Become 'Mind Controlled Zombies?' Remarkable Studies Prove How Little We Really Know About The Natural World Around Us
2017-07-19 -- * Could You Survive The Invasion Of America And Living Under Enemy Occupation? The 'Art Of Staying Alive'
2017-07-18 -- * Has 'Big Pharma's Medical Mafia' Struck Again? Another Dead Holistic Doctor Brings Another Mystery
2017-07-17 -- * Trump Supporting Students Rebel Against Social Justice Warrior Snowflake Teacher
2017-07-17 -- * This 'Terror Threat' Dwarfs ISIS And When The 'Syria Smoke Clears', May Present A Darker, More Ominous Shadow Of Terror Over The World
2017-07-16 -- * Hillary Clinton Told Us 6 Years Ago Why She'd Lose The Election - The Globalists Lost The 'Information War' - 'Fake News' Going Viral On Alternative News Is Only Helping The Globalists
2017-07-15 -- * Retired US General Warns: 'This Could Be Tragic On An Unbelievable Scale' - 64,000 People Could Die In The First Hours Of A War Unlike Anything The World Has Ever Seen Before
2017-07-14 -- * With The Death Of Free Speech And Thought, The 'March To The Death Camps' Would Soon Begin In America
2017-07-13 -- * Scientists Warn Of 'Frightening Assault On Foundations Of Human Civilization' - Demonic Possession Rising And The Coming 6th Extinction
2017-07-12 -- * We Have Become A Nation Of Bleating Sheep As We Are Herded Into The Slaughter House - The Vanishing Dreams Of Free Men
2017-07-10 -- * Massive East Coast War Games Coming To America Will Cover 2.6 Million Square Miles Of Land And Sea
2017-07-10 -- * Prophetic Dreams And Visions Warn Of Enemy Invasions, Governmental Crackdowns And Martial Law
2017-07-09 -- * Former Ambassador Warns 'The Day Of Reckoning Could Come Sooner Than Anyone Thinks' - Council On Foreign Relations Study May Indicate A 'False Flag Grid Down Scenario' Is On The Horizon
2017-07-08 -- * 'This Is Not Normal' - Another Rogue Planet 'Detected' May Be Within Our Solar System As 2013 'Meteor Strikes Moon' Story Is 'Recycled' In 2017 - Predictive Programming?
2017-07-07 -- * President Trump's Crackdown On Deep State Leakers In Progress And The MSM Is Totally Freaking Out
2017-07-06 -- * Foreboding President Trump Tweets Hint Of Danger Ahead After North Korea's 'Game Changer'
2017-07-05 -- * Pastor Warns Americans To Prepare For Hard Times Looming Ahead And Shares These Words Of Wisdom
2017-07-05 -- * Shocking Studies Show 'The Future Is Here' - Genetic Genocide Through Big Pharma Chemical Emasculation Shows The 'End Of Gender Is Near' And 'That Has Been The Plan All Along'
2017-07-04 -- * Experts Warn 'Alarming Trajectory' We're On May Result In Inevitable Nuclear War At World's 'Most Dangerous Time'
2017-07-03 -- * 'Insider' Warns Of Potential Devastation Ahead For West Coast While Mainstream Media Froths At The Mouth Over Yellowstone
2017-07-02 -- * With The 'Swamp Creatures' Unmasked For America To See, Will President Trump 'Empty The Rotten Waters' Before They Crawl Onto The Banks And Finish Us All Off?
2017-07-01 -- * Are Warnings From 1995 Book Called 'The Coming Plague' Now Unfolding Before Our Very Eyes? Exploring The Book Of Revelation And The 7 Last Plagues In Light Of Events Of 2017

June 2017

2017-06-30 -- * 'The Countdown To August Has Begun' - Will It Be A Red Hot Summer? 'It's About To Get Worse' Insiders Warn - Remember The Intern Found Dead In The Congress Office Of 'Psycho Joe' In The Summer Of 2001?
2017-06-30 -- * A Message To America: 'Wake Up And Hear The Prophets!' - Our Nations Descent Into Madness Is Nearly Complete - 'The Hour Has Come For You To Awaken From Your Slumber'
2017-06-28 -- * Warning: Do Not Read This Story Or Watch This Video If You Are An Easily Triggered Snowflake!
2017-06-28 -- * With Nearly 50% Of Americans Living 'On The Edge', The Financial Cataclysm Long Warned Of Is Already Here For Millions As America Is Transformed Into A 3rd World Nation
2017-06-27 -- * Vladimir Putin Sends Message To 'Russian Sleeper Agents' In West As Russia Launches Top Secret Military Satellite
2017-06-26 -- * Jaw Dropping Proof Emerges Americans Have Been Lied To For A Very Long Time - 'Operation Popeye' Confirms Weather Warfare And The Massive And Still Ongoing Cover-up
2017-06-26 -- * Has 'Fountain Of Youth' Been Found To 'Stop The Hands Of Time?' - 'Super Rich' Preparing To 'Buy Off' The Grim Reaper
2017-06-25 -- * With Man Creating Monstrous Chimeras, Is Nature Striking Back? More Bizarre Animal Attacks Upon Humans Include Savage Wave Of Man-Eating Piranha Attacks
2017-06-23 -- * This 'Pastor's Parable' Is A Critical Lesson About The Times We're Living In And Offers Us A Way To Fight Back And Win - LUNCH DOWN AT THE CHAR-BROILED and SOUL-SEARED INN (Just Quote Jesus)
2017-06-23 -- * As Former Ronald Reagan Insider Warns 'The Clock Is Ticking', This 'Alarming Scenario' Shows What'll Happen To America When The Trucks Stop Running
2017-06-21 -- * Look Up And Sound The Alarm: A 'Perfect Prophetic Storm' Is Aligning - Signs In The Heavens And The Stars Show Our Arrival At A 'Cosmic Crossroad In Time'
2017-06-20 -- * Insiders And Experts Warn TEOTWAWKI May Be Near - With Crisis On Horizon, It's Time To Kick Prepping Into High Gear - Prepping Open Thread - Please Share Your Prepping Tips And Life Saving Wisdom
2017-06-19 -- * Pastor Warns World Rushing Full Speed Ahead Into War And 'Apocalyptic Chaos' - THIS Is How The Globalists Can Kill Off 270 Million Americans And Billions Around The World
2017-06-19 -- * Company With Ties To UFO Cover-up Gets Huge Antarctica Contract - Why All The Defense Contractors And Mercenaries? Clif High Web Bot Project Shows 'A Lot Of Weird Stuff Going On' Down There
2017-06-18 -- * Public Health Announcement! This 'Scourge Of Death' Terrorizing Colombia Is Increasingly Being Used By Criminals Here In America
2017-06-17 -- * 'The Most Gruesome Symptoms' Of The Breakdown Of Society Now Manifesting Are A Huge Warning To Americans
2017-06-16 -- * Pastor Warns: 'We Need To Fix These Problems Before They Fix Us' In This 'Life Or Death Battle With Evil' For Humanity's Soul
2017-06-16 -- * This 'Game Changer' Could Lead To 270 Million Dead Americans And Foreshadows A Massive False Flag On The Horizon! Deagel Drops US 2025 Population Forecast To 54 Million - What Do They Know That We Don't Know?
2017-06-15 -- * 'Hate Map' Shows Crimes Upon President Trump Supporters Spreading - Could This Lead To Martial Law In America?
2017-06-14 -- * As More And More 'Insiders' Warn Of Civil War Coming To America, President Trump Calls For Unity
2017-06-13 -- * 'We're Witnessing A Cataclysm In Progress' - 'Signs Of The Times' Include Explosion Of 'Mass Animal Death Events' - More Animal Attacks Upon Humans As Well - Just A Coincidence?
2017-06-12 -- * Sheriff Warns Of War In America - Will These US Cities Be On The 'Front Lines' Of War Upon US Soil?
2017-06-12 -- * Rare Look At US Government's 'End Of The World Plans' Show Conspiracy Theories Confirmed, So Brace For Impact!
2017-06-10 -- * This Is How Close We Came To Nuclear Annihilation - Explosive Interviews Between Vladimir Putin And Oliver Stone Prove Americans Made The Right Decision In 2016
2017-06-10 -- * This Is What The 'Big Pharma Death Machine' Doesn't Want You To Know As America Faces Deadly Health Crisis In 2017
2017-06-08 -- * 'Biggest Hunt In History' Now Underway Could Help Confirm One Of The Biggest Conspiracy Theories And Mysteries Of Our Age
2017-06-08 -- * Are These Cities 'Marked For Destruction' When God's 'Cataclysmic Judgement' Is Carried Out Upon America?
2017-06-07 -- * With 'Death Cult' Invited Into America, We Understand Why President Trump Warns: 'It Could Get Much Worse'
2017-06-06 -- * Will Death Ride In On A Green Horse? 'The Prophesied Events Yet To Come Will Not Be Cancelled And Will Come To Pass As Surely As The Sun Will Come Up Tomorrow'
2017-06-05 -- * As Scientists Work To Reverse Death And 'Program The Human Brain', A 'Future Of Unimaginable Horrors' Awaits Us - 'The Gates Of Hell Have Opened And There's No Closing Them Now'
2017-06-04 -- * As Experts Warn 'The Descent Into Anarchy Is Only Beginning', Russian President Vladimir Putin Warns The World About Coming Changes To The Global Economy
2017-06-03 -- * Has America Just Become A 'Rogue Nation' And A 'Dire Threat To The Very Existence' Of The Rest Of The World? President Trump Triggers The Globalists
2017-06-02 -- * Is This How The 'New World Order' Could Still Obliterate The United States In The Relatively Near Future?
2017-06-02 -- * This Watchman's Warnings Before He Died Are Now Materializing Before Our Very Eyes - So, What Will We Do When The Walls Start Tumbling Down?
2017-06-01 -- * More Bizarre Animal Attacks Upon Humans As Vampire Bats Attack 40 And Kill One In Brazil Just The Latest Freakish Event

May 2017

2017-05-31 -- * These Recent Events Prove The War Upon Christians And 'America' Rages On As The Mainstream Media Shows Their True Colors - Red!
2017-05-29 -- * This 'Mad Max' Scenario Could Lead To Planes Falling Out Of The Skies As Defense Secretary Mattis Gives Us This Ominous Warning On A North Korean War: 'Catastrophic'
2017-05-28 -- * Map Shows How 8 Million Americans Or More Might Have To Be Evacuated In This 'Worst Case Scenario' - Scientists Warn Nuclear Nightmare Worse Than Fukushima May Be Ahead
2017-05-27 -- * Retired 4-Star General's Dire Warning To America Should 'Awaken' Millions! What DOES He Know That We Don't Know?
2017-05-26 -- * UPDATED! Have The Forces Of Nature Been Weaponized And Turned Against Us? Are We Seeing The Signs Of The Grisly Change In Nature's Creatures Even Now'?
2017-05-24 -- * If The Authors Of This Book Are Correct, 'Destruction' Is Coming To America - THIS Is Why We Prepare: 'It Was So Sudden, It Threw Everyone In To Complete Chaos'
2017-05-23 -- * With Warnings Of 'Much Worse To Come', Are Our Enemies Preparing To Use 'Food As A Weapon' Against America? 'Vicious Cycle' Lives On As Cowardly Warnings Of 'It Has Only Just Begun' Ring Out
2017-05-22 -- * These Staggering Facts Prove A Cataclysm Awaits Us - Experts Warn Of 'Worst Case Scenarios' Unfolding With 'Danger Zone' This Summer Through November - Without A Car, Without A Home, Without A Credit Card - It's Time For A Reality Based Discussion
2017-05-22 -- * As The Pacific Ocean Food Chain Continues To Deteriorate, New Scientific Research Papers Will Astound You
2017-05-20 -- * Video Shows How 'Mass Carnage' Could Spread Across Planet In This 'Worst Case Scenario': An 'Extinction Level Event' - More Proof Big Cities Will Become 'Sector's Of Destruction' In SHTF
2017-05-19 -- * Deep State Private Chat Intercepted, Exposes A Coup Attempt Against America By Intelligence Community Members
2017-05-18 -- * Why This Man's 'Visions From God' 30 Years Ago Are More Relevant Today Than Ever - 'The Pieces Have All Fallen Into Place Before Our Very Eyes'
2017-05-18 -- * 'This Could Be The Final Straw That Ends America' - Could It Also Lead To A Bloody And Violent Civil War Or 10 Million Americans Marching Upon Washington DC?
2017-05-17 -- * Grisly Footage Emerges From Venezuela At The Breaking Point - Is This The Future Of America? FLASHBACK! 'Concentration Camp Malls' In America
2017-05-15 -- * The Coming Nuclear War - 'One Day, Perhaps Soon, This May Well Prove To Be A Fatal Mistake For Millions'
2017-05-15 -- * 'The END Could Come In A Flash - You Have Been Warned' - WannaCry A Major Sign To Prepare - Time Is Running Out
2017-05-14 -- * Long 'Sleeping Below The Ice', They're Now 'Awakening' - Experts Warn Long Dormant Pathogens Could 'Wipe Out Humanity'
2017-05-13 -- * URGENT UPDATE! 'The Breakdown Has Begun' - Expert Warns 'This Is Not Over' - 'Atom Bomb' Of Malware May Be Just The Tip Of The Iceberg As President Trump Orders America To Prepare
2017-05-12 -- * Something Sinister And Nefarious Is Going On - Donald Trump Jr Censored By Twitter More Proof They're Trying To 'Nuke' Reality
2017-05-11 -- * The Hammer Is About To Drop On DC Elites: Panic Hits After Comey Firing - Report: Susan Rice Demands Immunity
2017-05-10 -- * 'Lock Her Up'! Never, EVER Underestimate President Trump - Timing Of Comey Firing An Act Of Political Genius
2017-05-09 -- * Eastern Half Of 'Ring Of Fire' Comes Alive As 'A Very Bad Sign' Appears In The Pacific Ocean - Inbound CME And Full Moon Arrive On May 10th
2017-05-09 -- * 'Manhattan Project' Scientists Warn: 'Clock Is Ticking, Probability Of Global Catastrophe Is Very High' - Builders Of The Atomic Bomb Echo Anonymous Warnings
2017-05-08 -- * As 'Gray Death' Sweeps Into America, The 'Remedy' Can Only Be Found In God And 'Outside The Box' - 'Elephant Tranquilizer' And A Drug That Can Kill On Contact Latest Drugs To Plague America
2017-05-07 -- * Wal Mart Free-For-All A Taste Of Things To Come? These Maps Show Us America's 'Danger Zones' When SHTF
2017-05-06 -- * 'Nuclear Attack' Upon America Rages On - Why Isn't The MSM Reporting Upon This 'Nuclear War Without A War'? Surfing Website Warns Of 'Ocean Oddities' And 'Fukushima Fallout'
2017-05-05 -- * What The Media Is Not Telling You About The Health Care Bill & The Trillion Dollar Tax Cut
2017-05-04 -- * Footage From The Front Lines: As Blood Flows In The Streets, Experts Warn Of A 'Violent End Game'
2017-05-03 -- * Map Shows What Would Be Left Of The Eastern Half Of America Should This Very Real Worst-Case Scenario Unfold - Russia's Top Secret Weapon 'Status 6' aka 'Kanyon' Could Bring A Nuclear Nightmare To America
2017-05-02 -- * 'Satan's Psyops' Turn Warped Dreams Into Nightmares - Described As 'Lord Of The Flies For Millennials', What Happens When The 'S' Really 'Hits The Fan'?
2017-05-01 -- * Is This Another Sign The Illuminati Has Chosen Their Next Sacrifice? As Much Of The World Prepares For War, Have The 'Elite' Been Tipped Off To 'Danger To Come'?

April 2017

2017-04-30 -- * Major Anomalies Detected In Jaw-Dropping Superstorm Making Its Way Across America - Has This Beast Been Weaponized?
2017-04-29 -- * Is This Stalwart Of Radical Left Wing Bias Setting Up America For An 'EMP Holocaust'? For Misleading The American People, The National Public Radio Deserves To Be Defunded
2017-04-28 -- * Remember! North Korea Had Commando Units On US Soil Trained To Attack Nuclear Power Stations And Terrorize US Cities Should War Break Out According To Declassified Report
2017-04-27 -- * 'Mass Death Events' In Pacific Ocean Hit Highest Level Of Food Chain And Our Ocean's Greatest Predator
2017-04-26 -- * As President Trump Promises We'll Go To Mars, Will 'Stargates', Giants And Our 'True History' Soon Be Revealed?
2017-04-25 -- * Bizarre Emergency Alert System Message Another Sign We're Closing In Upon 'The Main Event'?
2017-04-24 -- * Retired US Marine General Warns 'US Under Attack From All Angles, Threats Are Relentless, Even Bigger Threats To Come'
2017-04-23 -- * Chaos, Unrest And 'The Cult Of Personality' - As 'All Hell Breaks Loose', These Stories Show History Repeating Itself And Send Another Dire Warning To America
2017-04-22 -- * Can This Secretive Russian Technology 'Blackout Entire Cities'? Russian Electronic Weapons System Already Proven To Be Able To Disable Advanced US Weapons Systems
2017-04-21 -- * 'Apocalyptic Skies' Leave An 'Atmospheric Inferno' - Another Warning Sign Of Things To Come? Proof Solar Radiation Is Leaving Artificial Colors Fading Fast
2017-04-20 -- * 'Operation Gotham Shield' Prepares For Nuclear Attack Upon New York Next Week - As Bill Gates Warns Of Bio Terror Doom Ahead
2017-04-19 -- * Map Shows Which US Cities Might Be Targeted First In Nuclear Strikes Upon America - What Should This Map Tell Us?
2017-04-18 -- * 152 'Mass Death Events' In First 108 Days Of 2017 - Does 'Deagel Intentional Population Destruction' Map Show The Results Of Fukushima Radiation Decimating The Northern Hemisphere?
2017-04-17 -- * Are We Now Witnessing The 'Normalization Of Islamic Tyranny And Terror' In Preparation Of The Overthrow Of America?
2017-04-15 -- * A 'River Of Blood' Flows Through April As We Arrive At 'The Killing Season' - Will 2017 Continue This Horrifying Trend Or Has The World Learned From The Past?
2017-04-13 -- * Does This Map Show The Planned Destruction Of 90% Of The World's Population? Map Indicates 6.5 Billion Lives Targeted For Extinction!
2017-04-12 -- * Chilling Coded Radio Messages Sent Out To North Korean Spies As The 'World Stage' Is Set For An 'Event' - Kim Jong Un Orders Immediate Evacuation Of 600,000 From Pyongyang
2017-04-11 -- * Is A Massive False Flag Being Planned To Launch WW3? 'America Is Going To Have A Mess On Their Hands' Warning Goes Out
2017-04-10 -- * World War 3 Will Set The Stage For Future Prophecies To Be Fulfilled - If Erdogan's Taking His Place Upon Satan's Throne In Pergamos, The Anti-Christ May Soon Be Revealed
2017-04-08 -- * In This Eternal Battle Between Good And Evil, Are We Now Witnessing 'The Art Of War' Played Out At The Highest And Lowest Levels?
2017-04-07 -- * New Changes To Deagel Website Suggest 'American Apocalypse' Will Happen In Next 7 Years If This 'Deep State Insider' Is Right
2017-04-06 -- * The Battle Of The Ages Has Begun - The Nature Of This War Is Supernaturally Evil - What Will The Righteous Do? Shadow Government Ramping Up Efforts To Get Trump Into WW3
2017-04-06 -- * 'Insider' Calls Out MSM For Publishing 'Fake News Article' Sugar-Coating Viral Story Warning 9 Out Of 10 Americans Could Be Dead In Year Following EMP Attack
2017-04-05 -- * These Stories Show Why We Should Continue Prepping For The End Of Life As We Know It As If There Were No Tomorrow To Do So
2017-04-03 -- * Why Are They So Afraid Of The World Finding Out The Truth About Antarctica? As More Bizarre Anomalies Emerge From The Ice At The Bottom Of The Earth, Globalist Mouthpieces Go Into 'Cover Up' Mode!
2017-04-02 -- * OOPS! The Sickening Truth Slips Out On CNN - Now We Know Why They Continue To Push 'The Russian Boogeyman' Theme!
2017-04-01 -- * Is America Being Turned Into A War Zone? The Month Of April Is Full Of Possible 'Flashpoints' In California

March 2017

2017-03-31 -- * Venezuela's 'Death Spiral' Takes Another Gigantic Leap Towards Its 'Dictatorial End Game' As More Warnings Go Out To The World - 'Famine Was The Plan All Along'
2017-03-30 -- * This Is Why Europe Is A Boiling Cauldron, Ready To Boil Over - Remember The 1915 Slaughter Of Nearly 2 Million Christians By The Islamic Government Of Turkey? WARNING: Graphic Photographs
2017-03-29 -- * America's 'Achilles Heel' Is Also Our 'Worst Nightmare' - Do You 'Dare To Prepare' For The 'End Of Life As We Know It'?
2017-03-28 -- * More Evidence Emerges 'Planet Nine' Is Really 'Planet X' aka 'Nibiru' And If That 'Conspiracy Theory' Is True, None Of The Others May Really Matter
2017-03-27 -- * Financial Expert Warns We're Closing In On 'Trigger Event' As Americans 'Bug Out' Of Big Cities And 'The Elite' Continue To Prepare For 'The Apocalypse'
2017-03-27 -- * Declassified Report Proved How Close The US Was To Nuclear War - Have We Learned From The Past? NKorean War Threats No Laughing Matter
2017-03-26 -- * Scientists To Simulate A Volcanic Eruption In Attempt To Cool The Earth In World's Biggest Geoengineering Experiment To Date - What Could Go Wrong?
2017-03-26 -- * Are 'Left Wing Death Camps' In America's Future If The Global-Left Is Successful At 'Taking Down' President Trump?
2017-03-25 -- * Former Muslim Sends Dire Warning To Entire World: 'Islamist's Only Seek Sharia-Compliant World And Whoever Is In Their Way Is Their Enemy'
2017-03-24 -- * How Will 260 Million Americans 'Disappear' In Less Than 8 Years? Deagel Has America Sitting Just Above Venezuela By 2025 With Purchasing Power Of US Dollar Ranked 78th In The World
2017-03-23 -- * Massive Cover-Up Alleged To Be Ongoing At Large, West Coast Universities As The Pacific Ocean Food Chain Collapses
2017-03-22 -- * Erdogan Threatened Europe Just Hours Before The UK Was Attacked - Massive Media Cover-Up On UK Terror Attack, Does This Man Look 'Asian' To You?
2017-03-20 -- * Over 2 Million Would Be Killed Instantly Without Them Knowing What Happened As This 'Nuclear Attack Upon New York Simulation' Proves We Don't Need Any More Simulations
2017-03-20 -- * Is Leaked List Of 'Shadow Banned' Twitter Users Proof Of Targeted Censorship Of Truth?
2017-03-19 -- * Busted! Social Media Giant Caught Protecting Pedophiles, Refuses To Remove Child Porn From Platform
2017-03-17 -- * 'This Beast Will Not Just Roll Over And Go Away Quietly Into The Night' Expert Warns - 'If You're Not Prepared, You Will Feel The Full Brunt Of The Pain To Come'
2017-03-16 -- * CDC Insider Warns Deadly Pathogens Are Increasing: 'They're New, They're Scary And They're Very Difficult To Diagnose'
2017-03-16 -- * Massive Chaos And Carnage Averted, This Time, What Happens The Next? War Drums Beating As Turkish Foreign Minister Warns: 'Holy Wars Will Soon Begin In Europe'
2017-03-15 -- * Holly-Whore Ashley 'Nasty Woman' Judd Gets Triggered, Claims Victimhood When Man Tells Her 'We Like Trump'
2017-03-14 -- * Extremely Vicious Cycle That Leads To Mass Extinctions Exposed - Is One Now Playing Out Before Our Very Eyes?
2017-03-13 -- * Sleepwalking Towards Armageddon: The Nightmare Continues Six Years Later While The Mainstream Media Remains Silent
2017-03-12 -- * Jaw-Dropping Weather Modification Revelations Come To Us From Unsuspected Sources With 50 Million Americans 'In The Bulls Eye' This Week As 'Something Wicked This Way Comes'
2017-03-11 -- * Will 'Hidden History' Of The Planet Earth Soon Be Revealed? Amazing Secrets Beneath The Ice Most Surely Await Us!
2017-03-10 -- * Gruesome Warnings Of Tribulation Now Coming True Before Our Eyes - 'Cannibal News Network' CNN Falls To New Lows - 'Martial Law And Collapse Are Still In The Cards, They Just Haven't Been Dealt Yet'
2017-03-09 -- * China Warns US And North Korea Are 'Two Trains Racing Towards A Head-On Collision' As 'Brand New Level Of Threat' Is Reached - Will Pacific Region Become A 'Nuclear War Zone'?
2017-03-08 -- * With The 'Watchmen' Vindicated, It's Time For President Trump To Take Down The 'Enemies Of America Within'
2017-03-06 -- * Heads Up! President Trump's 'War' Is 'America's War'! More Evidence Emerges We're Closing In On 'The Breaking Point'
2017-03-06 -- * The Earth Is Giving Us Ominous Signs Of Change - 'Gateways To Underworld' Open Across The Planet
2017-03-05 -- * Something Very Sinister At Play - Remember! Expert Warned: 'Obama Switched Sides In War On Terror!' - As A Banker And A Lawyer Try To Fly Out Of 9th Floor Windows In New York
2017-03-04 -- * Slow-Motion Disaster Movie Unfolding Before Our Eyes As MSM Remains Silent While Mass Animal Deaths Continue Unabated
2017-03-03 -- * Are Massive 'Immigration Crisis Drills' At Guantanamo Bay Preparing For A Forthcoming 'Huge Event'? Routine Drills Or Preparation For Something Much More?
2017-03-02 -- * Globalists Continue To Foreshadow Doomsday As 'Insider' Reveals Answer To The Question: 'Who Runs The World?'
2017-03-01 -- * Russian Insider Blames CIA For High-Ranking Russian Bodies Hitting The Floor - Is Global War Now Closing In?

February 2017

2017-02-28 -- * China's State-Run TV Depicts Nuclear Strike On America - Why The US Can't Rely Upon China To Put Leverage Upon North Korea
2017-02-27 -- * Financial Experts Warn 'Day Of Reckoning' May Be Only Weeks Away And Could Lead Everything To A 'Grinding Halt'
2017-02-27 -- * 'Devil-Wood' Joins ISIS In A Cannibal Feast - So Tell Us, Why SHOULDN'T We Be Concerned About The Way This Is Heading?
2017-02-26 -- * Mysterious Phenomenon 'Radiation Clouds' May Be Bringing 'Radioactive Rain' To America - 'Radiation Readings Off The Charts' As 'Constant Phoenix' Is Deployed To Europe
2017-02-24 -- * Globalists Ramp Up Mad Push For 'A Boot Stamping Upon A Human Face - Forever' And An Apocalyptic World War 3
2017-02-23 -- * Investigative Journalist Beaten And Threatened, Creates Video Insurance Policy 'I Am Not Suicidal'
2017-02-23 -- * This Is How It Begins! All-Out War Upon Independent Media A Sign Of Something Deeply Troubling Ahead
2017-02-22 -- * Shocking Banking Notice 'Red Pills' Customers And Proves We Don't Own Our Money Once We Put It In The Banks!
2017-02-21 -- * Expert Warns: 'This Doomsday Scenario Has Become Plausible Enough To Compel The US To Take Active Measures'
2017-02-20 -- * Are We Witnessing 'Weather Warfare' Upon California? Oroville In The Line Of Fire As Warnings Emerge 'Domino Effect' Could Bring Total Dam Failure
2017-02-20 -- * Are Russian Diplomats Being Assassinated? Globalists Continue March Towards World War 3 As Russian Ambassador To The UN Mysteriously Dies In New York
2017-02-19 -- * Triggered Liberal Snowflakes Heads Exploding All Across America - Fake News Media 'Is The Enemy Of The American People' Trump Tweet Goes Viral
2017-02-18 -- * With America Now Under A 'Full-Scale Communist Assault From Within' And More Warnings Of Civil War In The Air, Should Barack Obama Be Held Accountable For The 'Deep State Soft Coup' Attempt Against President Trump?
2017-02-17 -- * More Signs We're Coming To 'The End Of The Age' And Being 'Programmed' For Dark Times Ahead As Hollywood And The Smithsonian Push 'The Final Taboo'
2017-02-16 -- * 'LEFT-Wing Goons Have The GULAGs' Warns Trump-Hating Former 'Spook' - Is This A Threat To All Americans And Liberty By The Freedom-Hating 'Deep State' In America?
2017-02-15 -- * Dark Forces At Work To Start WW3 As War-Hungry 'Enemies Of America Within' Continue To Sabotage President Trump
2017-02-15 -- * Steps Finally To Be Taken To Prevent 'Societal Mass Destruction' As Grid-Protecting CIPA Is Enacted - But Will It Be In Time?
2017-02-14 -- * Flu Death Rates Hit Epidemic Levels In America In 2017 - Are Americans Being 'Mass Vaccinated' Via Chemtrails Against Our Will? Remember 'Operation Big City'!
2017-02-14 -- * Expert Warns 'Biblical Event' Awaits Us With The Death Of Cash Forthcoming And People, Institutions, Governments And Nations Passing Away Into Oblivion
2017-02-13 -- * Enemies Of America Prepare The Battlefield For War On US Soil - Another 'Black Lives Matter' Leader Calls For 'White Genocide'
2017-02-12 -- * Censorship Explodes To Orwellian Levels In America As President Donald Trump And The Independent Media 'Trigger' The Latest Global Establishment Assault Upon 'The Truth'
2017-02-11 -- * This One Chart Shows The Fall Of America - Still Shows A Die-Off Of 260 Million Americans In Less Than 8 Years - What Do They Know That We Don't Know?
2017-02-10 -- * US Had Terrifying Plan To Annihilate Russia And China And The Push For WW3 And Nuclear Annihilation For Millions Of Americans May Still Be On By 'Enemies Of America Within'
2017-02-09 -- * Nearly 6 Year Long MSM 'Blackout' Comes Crashing Down In 'Radioactive Truth' - Why Has The MSM Covered Up Fukushima For So Long And Is It Part Of The Globalists Depopulation Agenda?
2017-02-09 -- * Wikileaks 'Vault7 Rabbit Hole' Gets Even Deeper! Are They Preparing To Bring Down 'Ringleader' George Soros?
2017-02-08 -- * Mysterious Wikileaks Tweets Are Melting Down The Internet - What Is 'Vault 7' And Why Has It Suddenly Gone Viral?
2017-02-07 -- * 'Generation Screwed' - Why America And Liberty Are Now In More Danger Than Ever As The 'Lunatic Left' And NWO Go To War Against President Donald Trump And America
2017-02-07 -- * Might We Soon Learn Nikola Tesla's Secrets Or Is It Already Too Late? More Warnings Emerge Of An 'Electronic Doomsday' Ahead - BONUS! Nikola Tesla's 1935 Article 'A Machine To End War' Right Here!
2017-02-06 -- * Bloodbaths In Brazil And Venezuela Are More Warning Signs Of Coming Upheaval - As More Signs Emerge The Elite Are Preparing For 'The Apocalypse'
2017-02-05 -- * College Snowflakes Want 'More Violence Against Trump And His Supporters' As Professor Tells Parents 'Whorehouses And Mental Wards Would Be Much Cheaper'
2017-02-04 -- * Is This Why The Rich Are Moving To The Southern Hemisphere? Officials Warn: 'We've Reached A Very Big Turning Point'
2017-02-03 -- * Warnings Given Of An Impending 'Eruption' - Will Super Bowl Riots Be Carried Out By The Violent 'Alt-Left'? Secretive Anti-Trump Protests May Plague Houston, Texas This Weekend
2017-02-02 -- * Hold Onto Your Seats! The Next Several Years May Be A Ride Like Never Before - We Warned You 'The Snowflakes Were Becoming Weaponized' As UCB SJW's Turn To Terrorism
2017-02-02 -- * 'This Should Send A Shiver Down Everyone's Spine' - Humanity Left Folding Under Relentless Pressure As Artificial Intelligence Wins No-Limit Texas Hold'em Tournament
2017-02-01 -- * Expert Warns 'The Stars Are Lining Up For A Major Confrontation' With One American Hero Already Dead Due To 'Enemies Within'

January 2017

2017-01-31 -- * Will 'Unsettling Facts About Our Planet's Past' And 'Warnings About Our Future' Soon Be Revealed?
2017-01-30 -- * America Under Siege: Insider Warns Of 'Triggers For Islamic Uprising' As America Sits At 'Precipice Of Widespread Civil Unrest'
2017-01-29 -- * Earth Anomalies Spread As 'Huge Global Event Is Underway' - Are Growing Fissures Across The Planet Another Sign Of More Earth Turmoil To Come?
2017-01-29 -- * 'Devastating, Alarming, Dire' Situation Continues To 'Mystify And Stump' Scientists - Conditions Along West Coast Continue To Deteriorate With No Answers In Sight
2017-01-28 -- * Soon After Ben Swann's 'Pizzagate' Report Went Viral, The MSM Anchor 'Disappeared' - Now He's Back Leaving Cryptic Messages On Social Media, Warning He's Going To 'Go Dark' On February 1st
2017-01-27 -- * The 'Enemies Of America Within' Are Still Within - John McCain's Ties To George Soros And ISIS Prove America Is Still In Danger As The Globalists Become Desperate To Bring Down President Trump Via Any Way Possible
2017-01-26 -- * Is China's Hollywood Invasion Now Foreshadowing A 'Real Invasion' Or Economic Collapse And Chaos For America? Chinese Propaganda Effort Kicks Into High Gear
2017-01-25 -- * Bombshell 'Weather Modification Disclosure' Proves The 'Conspiracy Theories' Were Right All Along! Is China Waging Full Scale Weather War Against The United States? All Evidence Indicates Yes!
2017-01-24 -- * Hollywood Picks A Fight They Never Should Have - President Trump Gives Us More Proof He's A HUGE Friend Of Freedom, The 1st Amendment And The US Constitution While Taking On The NWO
2017-01-23 -- * Trump Admin Sends Loud And Clear Message To Media, Snowflakes, Rioters And Colleges: 'It Is A New Day'
2017-01-23 -- * CNN President Makes Veiled Threat At President Trump And In So Doing, Confirms CNN Pushes 'Fake News'! - Trump Supporter Surrounded At LA Women's March - You Won't Believe What Happens Next!
2017-01-22 -- * The Cold Hard Truth We'll Never Get From The MSM As Battle Between Propaganda And The Truth Movement Kicks Into High Gear - MSM Desperately Fights To Remain Relevant While Trying To Bring America Down With Them
2017-01-21 -- * Worldwide Radical Movement Seeking To Overthrow President Trump And Freedom In America Exposed - Remaining Vigilant In The Days Ahead And 'Holding Trump's Feet To The Fire'
2017-01-19 -- * DC Police Prepared To Make Mass Arrests As CNN Warns 'Doomsday Plan Now In Place If Trump And All His Successors Are Wiped Out On Day One' - What Does CNN Know That We Don't Know?
2017-01-19 -- * Sean Hannity Warns: 'There's Something Sinister Going On Here' - As 'Snowflake Superstorm' Prepares To Strike America, It's Time To Prepare Like We're Running Out Of Time
2017-01-18 -- * Heads Up Warnings & Attacks Coming From All Directions - 'It Has Started, Intel Agencies On The Warpath' - The 'Deep State' Is Desperate And Dangerous
2017-01-17 -- * Be Prepared For Independent News Blackout If All Hell Breaks Loose On Friday, Inauguration Day
2017-01-16 -- * Remember The Purge! CIA Head John Brennan Purged All Mention Of Islamic Jihad From Law Enforcement Training Manuals In 2011
2017-01-15 -- * Massive White House Press Shake-Up Coming! Trump Official Declares 'We Are Taking Back The Press Room'
2017-01-14 -- * Have The 'Elite' Found The Answer To Cheating Death? More Signs Emerge Of 'Dark Days Ahead' With 'The Movies Sudden Taste For Human Flesh' Illustrating America's Fall From God's Grace
2017-01-14 -- * 'It's Easy To Imagine How This Week Could Spiral Wildly Out Of Control' - Law Enforcement Sources Warn Of Potential 'Simultaneous Attacks Surrounding Period Of Presidential Inauguration' But DHS Says 'No Credible Threats'
2017-01-13 -- * MSM Pushing For Civil War As Inauguration Nears While Clinton Supporters In The Media Have Epic Meltdown
2017-01-12 -- * US Army Veteran Warns A 'Massive Diversion' Is Now Taking Place As Obama And NATO Push For World War III Against Russia Before Trump Gets Into Office
2017-01-11 -- * A Recipe For Disaster: Investigative Journalist Uncovers Massive ISIS Paramilitary Network Across America As The Left Prepare For 'The Biggest Riots In History'
2017-01-11 -- * Donald Trump Rips Into George Soros For Robbing Middle Class And Tears CNN Into Bits And Pieces
2017-01-10 -- * More Proof They're Preparing The World For 'Disclosure' - 'Planet Nine' Makes 60 Minutes As Astronomers Announce: 'The Solar System Has Some Tricks Up Its Sleeve'
2017-01-09 -- * 2017: The Year Of The Truth Bomb - Financial Insider Warns ATM Outages, Bank Holiday And Martial Law May Be Ahead
2017-01-07 -- * 'The Grand Deception' Is Now In Play - Whether MKUltra, Terrorism Or 'Mental Illness', What Happened In Florida Will Be Used To Clamp Down Upon The Rights Of Americans
2017-01-06 -- * With All Eyes On Russia, Globalists Have Kicked Off Their 'End Game' Revolution - John McAfee Shreds U.S. Intel Report On Russian Hacking As 'Utter Nonsense'
2017-01-05 -- * Left Calls For Martial Law To Stop Donald Trump As More Signs Emerge They're Preparing To Bring The Whole Thing Down
2017-01-05 -- * Warning Goes Out 'The Elite Are Taking This To The Next Level' As We Get Another Sign They're Pushing For A 'Lights Out Scenario'
2017-01-04 -- * The Past Day Has Proven The 'Massive Chaos To Come' We've Long Been Warning Of Has Arrived!
2017-01-03 -- * 'Red Hot' New Cure For Cancer Discovered? As Big Pharma And Their 'Satanaceuticals' Are Indicted In $100 Million Fraud Scheme, This Is How We Beat Their 'Blood Money'
2017-01-02 -- * Are We Being Set Up For Something Huge To Happen? NO US Aircraft Carriers Deployed Anywhere In The World This Week!
2017-01-02 -- * Is This More Proof We're Closing In On 'X Point'? 'The Point In Time When Only The Prepared Will Survive'- Largest Private Bunker Community In The World Is Being Built In South Dakota
2017-01-01 -- * Experts Confirm 'Internet Shutdowns Lead To Atrocities', So Why Do They Want To Shut Down The Internet For A Full Day In 2017? Donald Trump's Dire Warning To America

December 2016

2016-12-31 -- * Insider Warns: 'We Could Have Some Serious Problems' - Is 'Grizzly Steppe' The 'Grisly Step' The Globalists Need To Complete Their 'Takedown Of America'? POWER GRID FALSE FLAG WARNING!
2016-12-30 -- * 2017: 'The Year Everything Changes' - Will 'Fall Of World Government' Lead To The Fulfillment Of Prophecy And The Total Destruction Of America?
2016-12-29 -- * Brutal Reality Check Coming To Most Of America The First Week Of 2017 - More Proof Emerges The American People Are Being Lied To In A HUGE Way!
2016-12-27 -- * Are 'Mall Brawls' Across America Foreshadowing Chaos Or Full-Scale Revolution Ahead? Map Shows Over 20 'Mall Brawl Staged Event' Locations Spread Across Country
2016-12-26 -- * IF Barack Obama Leaves Office, He'll Slink Away Covered In The Blood Of The Innocent - Will Leave Behind Legacy Of Terrorism, Death And Destruction After 8 Years In Office
2016-12-25 -- * 'Illuminati' Plan To Destroy The Earth And All Nation States Accelerating As We Move Through One Of The Most Perilous Periods In Human History
2016-12-24 -- * Hitler Rises And Her Name Is Angela - 'They Are Merkel's Dead' To Be Censored By The New Nazi Propaganda Ministry, Dubbed 'Center Of Defense Against Fake News'
2016-12-23 -- * Mainstream Media & Washington Busted In Direct 'Fake News' Campaign Against American Public
2016-12-21 -- * Map Shows Us Where We Don't Want To Be When It All Turns Ugly - Warnings That Terror Cells Have Been Activated Worldwide And Attacks In Europe Were 'Just The Tip Of The Iceberg'
2016-12-21 -- * 'This Perfect Powder Keg Could Blow Up In Our Faces Any Time' - Have The Most Shocking New Years Predictions Of All-Time Been Issued For 2017? 'It Will Spread Very Quickly' Expert Warns
2016-12-20 -- * President-Elect Trump Warns: 'It's Only Getting Worse' - WW3 Is 'Not So Quietly' Unfolding
2016-12-19 -- * Hidden In Plain Sight: Bombshell New Evidence Emerges They're Killing Us With Chemtrails As Death Rains Down From Above
2016-12-18 -- * Warnings Issued 'Violent Insurrection With Unpredictable Consequences And Dark Days' May Be Ahead - Remember! Retired US Army Captain Warned Us In 2013 Of 'Plans To Overthrow America!'
2016-12-18 -- * 'Be Ready For The Madness' - Inauguration Day Chaos Being Orchestrated Now - Soros-Linked Group Plans 'Clusterf**k' For January 20, 2016
2016-12-17 -- * 'Extremely Disturbing Development In Washington - This Nightmare Isn't Over' - 'Everything Is Ramping Up At A Time It Should Be Ramping Down'
2016-12-16 -- * This Is How They Could Bring The Whole Thing Crashing Down! White House Goes Batsh*t Crazy, Blames Hillary's Emails And Election Loss On The Mainstream Media As War Upon Truth Reaches Final Stages
2016-12-15 -- * NASA Scientist Drops ELE Bombshell As It's Announced 'Asteroid Of Uncertain Orbit' To Skim Past Earth In Days And Government Prepares For 'Cosmic Catastrophe'
2016-12-15 -- * '72-Hour Countdown' Given To Venezuelans As 'Real-Life Hunger-Games Bloodsport' Comes To Reality TV - Are 'Human Hunting' Parties Next?
2016-12-14 -- * Ongoing And Unprecedented', When This Happened 200 Years Ago, Americans Fought Americans For Food In The Streets - 'Each Of These Is Clue And A Reminder' Expert Warns
2016-12-13 -- * More Proof Globalists Pushing America Towards Civil War To Complete Their Long-Held Plans Of Overthrowing Country - Long Ago We Were Warned We'd Leap At The Chance Of Participating In Our Own Destruction
2016-12-12 -- * One Of The World’s Greatest Mysteries May Be About To Be Revealed - Is There An 'Empire Beneath The Ice?' - In 2015, Yahoo News Reported 'Antarctica Holds Key To Mankind's Future'
2016-12-11 -- * The CIA's Secret Plans For 'President Trump' And America Exposed As YouTuber Destroys The 'Mainstream Media' - Remember! Government Propaganda Was Legalized To Be Used Against The American People Years Ago!
2016-12-10 -- * Unexplained Vibration Discovered All Over The World Leaves Earth Ringing Like A Bell - Experts Warn Of 'Alarming Scenario Of Destruction' As Disturbing String Of Earthquakes Strikes Our Planet
2016-12-09 -- * Will 'Something Crazy Happen' In The Next 6 Weeks To Keep Trump Out Of Office? CNN Worries About 'Martial Law' Under Trump While Democratic Congresswoman Destroys Them
2016-12-08 -- * A World In Chaos - Will Israel Be Divided, Setting In Motion Events Foretold In The Bible?
2016-12-08 -- * YouTube Allows Channel 'Queer Kid Stuff' To Brainwash & Indoctrinate Children Into A Gay Lifestyle
2016-12-07 -- * Something Very Strange Is Going On In Antarctica - Reports 'Operation Deep Freeze' Has Been Ongoing For 60 Years!
2016-12-05 -- * 'Operation Mockingbird Part 2' Has Been Set In Motion To Bombard The American People As Globalists Launch New War Against Truth In Their Empire Of Lies
2016-12-05 -- * 500-Bed 'FEMA Camp' Built In Texas As 'Something Bizarre Is Going On At The US Border'
2016-12-04 -- * Experts Warn Of 'Global Unrest On A Scale We've Never Seen' And An 'Unprecedented Epidemic Of Food Riots' As The World Goes Beyond The Tipping Point
2016-12-03 -- * Death Is Hanging In The Air And Killing At An Alarming Rate - New Thunderstorm Asthma Warning Issued For Parts Of Australia This Weekend - What Is Really Going On There?
2016-12-02 -- * Is The Biggest Cover-Up Of All-Time About To Come Crashing Down? They Knew Of This 'Perturber' 33 Years Ago! Why'd They 'Go Dark'?
2016-12-01 -- * UPDATED! Amazing 'Harbingers From God' Received Within A Horrifying 'Vision Of Hell' - Is Prophecy Unfolding As 'Apocalyptic Fires' Burn America And Were They Caused By Terrorism Or 'Enemies Within'?

November 2016

2016-11-30 -- * 'Russian Agent' In America Sends The World A Message And $10,000 'Bounty' Is Offered For Names Of 'News Hoaxers PropOrNot'
2016-11-29 -- * 'Insiders' Give Us More Ominous Signs Of Something Really Bad Coming - What DO They Know We Don't Know?
2016-11-28 -- * As We Approach The 'Midnight Hour', All Of Obama's Totalitarian Executive Orders Remain In Place And Now He's Trying To Jam Through More Before Trump Gets Into Office - Why Now?
2016-11-27 -- * 'RAGE Rooms' Spread Across America As Anger Grows After The 'Pillaging And Plundering Of The Masses'
2016-11-26 -- * Emergency Message Sent To Donald Trump - Shadowy Website With Ties To NATO Attempts 'Stalinesque Purge' Of 1st Amendment - How Far Will They Take It?
2016-11-25 -- * Something Very Strange Is Going On In The Pacific - A 'Perfect Cocktail' Of 'Toxic Death Dumps' - Were Nearly 10,000 Hospitalized In Australia Victims Of A Bio-Weapon Attack?
2016-11-24 -- * Massive US Death Traps Exposed On Drudge Report - 'They Can't Hold It Back Much Longer' Survival Expert Warns
2016-11-22 -- * Why Is Death Riding In On A Pale Horse With A Mushroom Cloud? 'The World In 2017' Shows Elite Terrified Of 'Planet Trump' Though Nuclear Annihilation May Await Us All
2016-11-21 -- * This Is How They Can Still 'Destroy America From Within' Before Donald Trump Gets Into Office
2016-11-20 -- * Survival Expert Warns To Double Down On 2017 Prepping - Terrifying End Game May Await The Unprepared - 'Most Of The Country Has No Idea What Might Be Coming'
2016-11-18 -- * Do Stolen Secret Service Badges And Guns Foreshadow The 'Final False Flag'? Chain Of Events Could Plunge America Into Period Of Unprecedented Chaos
2016-11-17 -- * 'Fake News' Or 'REAL News' THEY Don't Want You To Know About? It's Time America Puts The Mainstream Media Out Of Our Misery - The MSM Has Become 'Dead Lies Walking'
2016-11-17 -- * Insiders Confirm 'Doomsday Plane' Was Mysterious Airplane Seen Flying Over Denver - Designed To Be Used In Nuclear War - TACAMO Means 'Take Charge And Move Out'
2016-11-16 -- * 'Terrorists Dressed In Black' Call For Violent Uprisings On Trump Inauguration Day In Washington DC - 'DisruptJ20' Anarchists Get In The Way Of America 'Slaying The Beast'
2016-11-15 -- * FEMA And NASA Prepare For Doom - What Do They Know That We Don't Know? Number Of 'Apocalyptic Asteroids' Increases 50 Percent In 'Shock Discovery'
2016-11-14 -- * Is This An 'Apocalyptic Harbinger Of Mayhem'? Disturbing Series Of Events Across The Planet With Supermoon - Earthquake Connection A 'Showstopper'
2016-11-13 -- * Barack Obama And John Kerry Out Of Country This Week As America Burns - What Do They Know That We Don't Know?
2016-11-12 -- * Globalists Launch 'Purple Revolution' Against America As Warning Goes Out: 'Everything Is in Place' To Bring It All Down
2016-11-11 -- * Shocking Maps Prove How America Is Being Overthrown As Globalists Ramp Up Destabilization Efforts, Pushing Country Closer To Martial Law And Into Their Hands - Globalists Unleashing Evil Upon America
2016-11-10 -- * Globalists Terrified About Trump Not Being 'Bound,' Beholden And Controlled By NWO Puppet Masters
2016-11-09 -- * America Dodges A Bullet But 'It's Not Over, Not By A Long Shot' Oathkeepers Founder Stewart Rhodes Warns - 'We Are Not Out Of The Woods Yet'
2016-11-08 -- * US Military Using Underground Bunkers To Monitor 'Judgement Day' Election - Remember! Putin Ordered Russian Military Leaders To 'Prepare For Imminent War With America' If 'Satan' Hillary Wins
2016-11-07 -- * Bombshells! Barack Obama Makes Staggering Endorsement Of Donald Trump For President As Globalists Prepare To Complete Their 'Take Down' Of America And Install 'Queen Hillary'
2016-11-06 -- * Clinton Campaign KNOWS The 'Bombshell Of All Bombshells' Is About To Drop As John Kerry 'Bugs Out' Of America On Election Day And 'Globalist Operative' Is Busted At Donald Trump Rally In Nevada
2016-11-05 -- * Is Hillary Clinton Suffering From Terminal Brain Disease? Ties With Witch Covens, Cannibalism, Occult Rituals And Child Sex Trafficking Show The Darker Side Of The Clintons
2016-11-04 -- * Countdown To Chaos - Terror Attack Warning For Monday! How Far Will Obama Go To Prevent Trump From Winning The Presidency?
2016-11-04 -- * Obama Signs New Executive Order Ordering America Prepare For Global Pandemics Days Before Election As US Border Agents Warn Of Coming Cataclysm
2016-11-03 -- * Will Obama's DOJ And FBI Allow The 'Clinton Crime Family' And 'Globalist Mafia' To Complete Their Overthrow Of America? The Future Of The Republic Is At Stake - Hillary Clinton Body Count Documentary - 'Serial Killer For President'
2016-11-03 -- * CIA Insider Blows Lid Off Clinton Corruption As Angry Brits Talk 'Civil Unrest' And 'Revolution' After Globalists Try To Bury Brexit And The Will Of The People - Is THIS What's Coming To America?
2016-11-02 -- * Intel Community Fed Wikileaks Hacked Emails As Counter Coup - 'We Are Going To Stop You From Making Hillary President Of The United States'
2016-11-02 -- * Something Very Strange Is Going On - If The Watchmen Are Right, We Are Closing In Upon 'America's Worst Nightmare' Come True
2016-11-01 -- * Flashpoint Ahead! We Have Arrived At Condition Zebra - 'When This Goes Down, It's Going To Go Down Fast'

October 2016

2016-10-31 -- * Vladimir Putin Cripples The Mainstream Media And Blows A Hole In The New World Order As We Reach The Eve Of Destruction
2016-10-30 -- * 'America's Sheriff' Talks 'Revolution' And 'Civil War' As FBI Insider Warns: 'It's Like A Boiling Cauldron'- The Final Hillary Bombshells Are About To Be Dropped As America Prepares To 'Drain The Swamp'
2016-10-29 -- * Pentagon: 'We Are Not Prepared' And 'It Is Unavoidable' - Terrifying Government Video Shows 'The World Of Our Future'
2016-10-28 -- * Are The Globalists Building Their Own Private Army To Complete Their 'Takedown Of America'? Plan To 'Corral US Citizens' By Flooding America With Jihadists, Plummeting Us Into Chaos And Pushing Us Towards Martial Law Exposed
2016-10-27 -- * 'Catastrophic Consequences From Cataclysmic Failure' Could Spread Like Wildfire Experts Warn - This 'Wakeup Call To Everyone' Could Be A Prelude To Martial Law In America
2016-10-27 -- * Russian General Has Alarming Warning For Americans: 'We Are Teetering On The Brink' - Russia Warns Globalists Trying To Turn The Entire World Into 'Uncontrolled Chaos'
2016-10-26 -- * Hillary's Own Insiders Drop 'Judgement Day Bombshells' On Her Head As Globalist Insider Admits They Rig Elections - More Proof Emerges They're Prepared To Steal Election From Donald Trump And The American People
2016-10-25 -- * Anonymous Exposes 'The Grand Jihad To Overthrow America' - Calls Hillary Clinton 'The Root Of All Evil' And Uncovers 'The Sleeper' Within
2016-10-24 -- * Putin Checkmates Hillary Clinton And The Globalists As Insider Warns: 'We Might All Be Dead Soon' - Russia Unveils 'Satan 2' Country Destroying Super-Nukes
2016-10-23 -- * Obama Talks 'Martial Law' And 'Conspiracy Theory' As US Army Insider Warns Globalists Using Chaos To Bring Down America
2016-10-22 -- * 'Everything's Aligned For All Hell To Break Loose' - Vladimir Putin's Ominous Message To The American People
2016-10-21 -- * Something Very Creepy Is Rising To The Surface As The 'Event Of All Events' Is About To Begin
2016-10-21 -- * More Signs Emerge Earth Is Headed Towards Turmoil And Peril As Astronomers Warn 'Planet Nine' Tilted The Sun
2016-10-20 -- * Govt Insider Warns Of Possible 'Surprise Attack' Upon America Between Election Day And Inauguration Day Of 2017
2016-10-19 -- * 'Everything Is Now In Play' As America's Worst Nightmares Unfold - Martial Law Or Military Coup, These Scenarios Could Lead To 'The End'
2016-10-18 -- * Vladimir Putin And Kremlin Insider Issue Dire World War 3 Warnings: 'War Might Begin Before US Elections' And 'If You Want A War, You Will Get One...Everywhere!'
2016-10-17 -- * Wikileaks 'Doomsday Machine' Now Triggered, Will It Bring Down The Entire United States Government? Insider: 'People Do Not Realize How Enormous This Whole Situation Actually Is'
2016-10-16 -- * With 'Final Showdown' Ahead, Donald Trump Unveils 'Secret Weapon' As We Close In Upon 'The End'
2016-10-15 -- * More Proof Globalists Preparing Massive False Flag To Get World Into World War 3 - 'Millions Will Die For The Biggest Lie' As America Sleepwalks Towards Destruction - From Russian Roulette To FEMA Camps, Globalists Push 'End Game America'
2016-10-14 -- * Russian Insider Warns Fate Of All Humanity At Stake With US Election As Mike Pence Talks Revolution In America: 'There's A Revolution Coming November 8th, I Promise You'
2016-10-14 -- * Obama Orders Govt To Prepare For 'Space Weather Chaos' - With 'All The Hints Now In Plain Site', Is Newest Obama Executive Order Foreshadowing Coming Doom?
2016-10-13 -- * 'Bill Clinton Is A Rapist' Goes Viral - Young Hillary Voter On Clinton Sexual Abuse Allegations 'This Is The First Time It Has Been Mentioned'
2016-10-13 -- * Shocking Claims: This Extreme Chaos Scenario Would Explain UN Troops And Vehicles Pre-positioned Across America
2016-10-12 -- * Russia Launches Martial Law Drills Preparing For Nuclear War As Russian General Warns Of Full-Scale Confrontation On All Fronts - 'You Want A Confrontation? You'll Get One Everywhere'
2016-10-11 -- * 'Disturbing New Phenomenon' Emerges - Medical Experts Don't Know What It Is - Remember All Of The Dead Doctors, Scientists And Microbiologists? 'We're On A Collision Course With Destiny'
2016-10-10 -- * 'It's Happening Before Our Very Eyes!' - We Arrive At America's Most Dangerous Days As 'The Evil Minion Of Satan' Loses The Info War And Trump Dominates Like A Silverback Gorilla
2016-10-09 -- * Insider Warns Of Calamity - Jeff Berwick On The NWO Race To Destruction
2016-10-08 -- * Is US Govt Preparing To Sacrifice 260 Million Americans Lives? Russian Insider: 'We Are At End Game Now'
2016-10-08 -- * Are The Final Trumpets Sounding As Obama Betrays Israel And Worldwide War Is On The Horizon?
2016-10-07 -- * Why America's Annihilation Is Assured Even If We Defeat Russia In World War 3 - Is That Why They're Prepared To Move The US Capitol To Denver?
2016-10-06 -- * Is Matthew A Geo-engineered Martial Law Drill? The 'Skull' Says It All - More Proof Millions Unprepared For The Coming Chaos
2016-10-06 -- * From 'Code Red Alert' To The 'Red Screen': Are 44 Afghan Nationals On The Loose In America Planning An 'End Game' Attack To Be Blamed Upon Russia That Launches World War 3?
2016-10-05 -- * Nuclear Targets Map Shows 'Dead Zones' All Across America As US Army General Warns We Are Ready To Destroy Russia
2016-10-04 -- * In War Between Russia And U.S. 'America Will Burn' - Last Days Prophecies Playing Out Before Our Very Eyes
2016-10-04 -- * 'This Should Chill Everybody To The Bone' - Hillary Wants To Slaughter Americans And If She's Voted President, She'd Literally Have The Power To Take Us All Out
2016-10-03 -- * Has 'Judgement Day' Arrived? World Faces 'Most Dangerous Hour' - Future Of Entire Planet At Risk
2016-10-02 -- * Up To 100 Million Americans In The 'Line Of Fire' - Is This 'Weaponized Beast' An 'Attack Upon America'?
2016-10-02 -- * 40 Million Russians Going To Bunkers During October 4th To October 7th Drills - What Do The Russians Know That The American People Don't Know? World War 3 May Now Be Imminent
2016-10-01 -- * Sheriff David Clarke Slams Obama, Clinton And The Mainstream Media - 'A Dragon That Has To Be Slayed'

September 2016

2016-09-30 -- * A Very Strange FEMA Alert Issued As Terror Cells Are Activated In America - What The MSM Is Refusing To Report
2016-09-29 -- * 'Catastrophic And Unprecedented': Is Massive Grid Down Scenario In Australia A 'Dry Run' For America? Is Washington DC Now In 'Weather Warfare' Bullseye?
2016-09-28 -- * Code Red Alert! Something Huge Is Coming Before The Election - Infiltration Of America Completed Ahead Of NWO Endgame
2016-09-27 -- * Days Away From Internet D-Day, This Is How The Globalists Go For The Kill - Hillary Tells Americans Why We Should All Vote Trump
2016-09-27 -- * 100% Proof Emerges Next Debate Already Being Fixed For Hillary Clinton - Open Debate Coalition Deleting Top Rated Questions From Americans Regarding Benghazi, Email Scandal
2016-09-26 -- * 'If You Want To Stay Alive, Stand Up Now' - Liberals Call On Trump To Be Jailed For 'Hate Speech' As War On 1st Amendment Reaches Critical Stage In Obama's 'Orwellian' America
2016-09-26 -- * 'Continuity Of Government' Gets Beamed Into Homes Across America - Is Hollywood Foreshadowing Another Catastrophic Event? 'Predictive Programming' Or Just A 'Coincidence'?
2016-09-25 -- * Insiders WWIII Warning: 'Five Or Six Satans And The East Coast Of The US Disappears' - Globalists Pushing America And The World Closer And Closer To Nuclear Armageddon
2016-09-24 -- * Hip-Hop Artist Drops 'Revolution Bombshell' As 'Riot Zombies' In Charlotte Fan Flames Of George Soros Race War Upon Americans
2016-09-23 -- * Days Away From 'Red October', More Shocking Email Proof Emerges The Globalists Are Planning On Stealing This Election Away From Trump And America
2016-09-23 -- * Has A 'Manchurian Candidate' Just Gotten His Trigger Words? Bizarre 'Trump Will Go 26th' Video Catches Internet On Fire
2016-09-22 -- * Is The 'Nanny State' Preparing A 'Martial Law Crackdown' Upon America? 'Every Day We See We Have A Government Of Wolves, No Longer Able To Hide Their Sheep's Clothing'
2016-09-21 -- * Obama's Science Czar Warns Earth Not Ready For Asteroid Strike As NASA Talks 'Asteroid Redirect Mission' - What Do They Know That We Don't Know? Is 'Hopi End Times Prophecy' Coming To Pass?
2016-09-20 -- * Political Insider Warns: 'Hold On To Your Seats!' - 'Something Shocking Set To Rock Presidential Race'
2016-09-19 -- * Ecstatic Elite Orchestrates Terror Across America As Tanks And Weapons Of War Take To The Streets Of NY City - It's All Scripted And Right On Time To Interfere With The Election
2016-09-18 -- * Is Revelation 9 Unfolding Before Our Very Eyes? If So, 2 Billion People May Soon Die - 'Almost Impossible To Comprehend, But It's Going To Happen' - The Globalists Prepare To Push Their Most Deadly War Upon Us
2016-09-17 -- * Is Obama's 'Ace In The Hole' About To Be Played? 'It's Now Or Never Time For America - Brace For Impact'
2016-09-16 -- * National Guard 'Rounds Up' Thousands, Throws Them On 'Dracula's Bus' - Mass Arrests In Venezuela Another Warning Sign For America - Perfect Storm Brewing Across Planet Will Leave Carnage In Its Wake
2016-09-16 -- * 'Five Alarm Warning' To America And The World - 'Dark Mantle Of Death' Buys The 'Most Evil Corporation In The World' For 'Perfect Marriage Made In Chemical Hell'
2016-09-15 -- * US General Warns Of 'Trigger Event' - Possible 'Loose Nukes Dilemma On Industrial Scale' As 'Biblical Events' Continue To Unfold Across The Planet
2016-09-14 -- * Political Insider Hints: Something Massive Is About To Go Down - More Evidence Emerges Barack Obama May Be Going Nowhere In 2017
2016-09-13 -- * 'Life Under Trump, Death Under Clinton, The Choice Americans Face Is Simple' - This Is How We Stop America From Becoming A 3rd World Nation Full Of Terror, Riots, Mobs And Chaos - Michael Savage's 'Scorched Earth' - A Final Warning To America
2016-09-12 -- * Is Hillary Preparing To Drop Out Of The Race? 'Chaos Could Ensue If Vacancy Emerges Near Election Day'
2016-09-11 -- * Snowflakes, Stalkers And Segregation - This Is What Happens When You Let Children Run The Show
2016-09-11 -- * Is 'Financial Martial Law' Just Around The Corner? 'Catastrophe Of Unprecedented Proportions' Awaits Us As The 'Chickens Come Home To Roost'
2016-09-10 -- * The Clinton Campaign 'Death Watch' Begins- BOOM! National Enquirer Joins The Fray On Hillary's Health Problems
2016-09-09 -- * 'Prophesied Demonic Deluge' Seen In Increase Of News Reports Of 'Demonic' Activity
2016-09-08 -- * World At The Brink Of Disaster - Horrifying 'Sequence Of Events' Could Lead To Millions Of Americans Dead And The US In Total Ruins If Hillary Has Her Way
2016-09-07 -- * Is This Proof The UN Is Preparing To Crackdown Upon The American People? Sharia Supporter Within The UN Blames Trump For 'Colossal Violence' In The Future - A Final Warning To America?
2016-09-06 -- * Active Duty LEO Warns America To 'Prepare For A Gut Check' - This 'Worst Nightmare Scenario' For America Has Already Begun: 'Low Tech Death' - The Globalists Depopulation Agenda Unfolding Before Our Very Eyes
2016-09-06 -- * All News PipeLine Prayer Request Thread
2016-09-05 -- * Russian Government Warns Citizens To Stay Away From 'Evil Game' With 'End Game Connections' - Is This The Biggest Trojan Horse In History?
2016-09-04 -- * Quake Expert Warns Of 'Natural Disasters Of Potentially Apocalyptic Proportions' - Was 'New Madrid Quake' The Start Of Something Big? Series Of 'Overdue, High Magnitude Quakes Expected To Strike Any Moment' Along Earth’s Major Fault Lines
2016-09-03 -- * Miracles & Mountain Moving Faith In Tough Times
2016-09-03 -- * The Elite's 'Master Plan' Decoded? People Panic As 'Food Stamps' Fail And The World Goes Into Crisis Mode - Reports of SNAP - EBT Cards Failing Come In Across America
2016-09-02 -- * Hillary Threatens To 'Up Body Count' By Waging Terror Upon Those Who Expose Her Crimes Against Humanity!
2016-09-01 -- * Terrorist Arm Of 'Big Pharma' Launches All-Out 'Terror Attack' Upon Millions Of Americans By Banning A Plant God Put On This Earth To Help Mankind!
2016-09-01 -- * Here's How They Can 'Round Us All Up And Throw Away The Key' - Preparations Being Made For The Final Crackdown Upon The American People

August 2016

2016-08-31 -- * 'In The Next 2 Months, This Country Is Going To Be Rocked' - Globalists 'Going For Broke' To Steal US Election For Hillary As America Begins The Final Countdown
2016-08-30 -- * Russian Insider Warns: 'Armageddon Scenario Appears Much More Likely' - Is A 'September Event' Ahead? Former Ronald Reagan Insider Warns 'US A Dead Nation Walking'
2016-08-29 -- * Are Mysterious Mushroom Clouds Seen Worldwide Signaling World War 3? Are These 'Nucleo-Nimbus Clouds' A 'Harbinger' Of Bad News To Come? 'Terrified Residents Believed World War 3 Had Begun'
2016-08-28 -- * Paid $114 Million To Play With A Ball, NFL 'Star' Drops Bombshell On His Own Head! Colin Kaepernick Needs To Visit An Islamic Country Before He Talks About 'Oppression' - Muslim Woman Gives Americans A Dire Warning!
2016-08-27 -- * 'A Very Disturbing Series Of Events' - Are The Russians Running To Their Bunkers?
2016-08-26 -- * One Bad Move Could Lead To 'The End' - Globalists Get Ready For World War 3 And The 'End Of America'
2016-08-26 -- * Clinton Unhinged Over 'Alt Right' Exposing Her Health Issues And Her Lies, Declares War - ANP's Response To Hillary - 'Bring It On!'
2016-08-25 -- * 'Timeline Of Catastrophe Is Moving Ahead' - Bankster Warns Of 'Fatal Consequences' As 'Chaos Preparation' Continues Amid More Ominous Warnings
2016-08-25 -- * Doctors Marking You For Red List - 'Wake Up Folks, It Is Coming Soon' - Here Is How To Fight Back
2016-08-24 -- * The Ultimate Warning Is Coming - Everything Is Now In Motion - Breaking The Hold Of Fear
2016-08-23 -- * Clinton Insider Warns: Hillary's 'Worst Nightmares' Coming True!
2016-08-22 -- * 10 Days Till Impact? Open House At HAARP This Weekend!
2016-08-21 -- * Something Big Is Coming - Governments Warn People To 'Prepare'
2016-08-20 -- * 'On The Razor's Edge Of World War 3' - Clinton Insider Warns 'Only One Mistake Away' - May Hijack US Election
2016-08-19 -- * Gerald Celente On Fire - Obliterates Clinton, Obama And The Globalists - 'The Fish Rots From The Head Down'
2016-08-19 -- * Anonymous Sends Warning To Donald Trump As Hitlery's Troll Army Prepares For The Steal - Anonymous Now Backing Trump Over Globalist War Criminal Hitlery?
2016-08-18 -- * The 'Trifecta Of Trouble' Has Arrived - 'It Will Be A Miracle If We Have An Election' - Deagel 'Kills Off' 4 Million More Americans As We Reach 'The Point Of No Return'
2016-08-17 -- * Has 'Plague Of Demons' Illuminati Card Game Card Been Unleashed Upon America Or Is The Nationwide Outbreak Of Demonic Possession Due To 'Hellary'?
2016-08-16 -- * A Message From Moscow To America As Edward Snowden Warns: 'Could Get Messy Fast' - Will 'Truth Bombshells' Soon 'Rain Down' Upon Globalist War Criminals And Election Thieves?
2016-08-15 -- * 'Whatever Is Coming Is Very Close' - Open Season Has Been Declared Upon National Sovereignty - 'This Is A BETA Test For The Rest Of The World'
2016-08-15 -- * 'The Worst Has Yet To Come' - Is This God's Judgement Upon America? Warning Goes Out, 'It Is Not Over' - Is 'The Ultimate Weapon Of The Fallen Ones' Being Used Against Baton Rouge?
2016-08-14 -- * Elites Preparing For Their Final Curtain Call - The Death Of Billions Of People
2016-08-13 -- * Russia To Hide Entire City In Bizarre Military Drill - Is Russia Going Through 'Dress Rehearsal' For War With The US? Revisiting A 'Russian Insiders' Dire Warning
2016-08-12 -- * Warning Goes Out That 'Future Stalin' Hillary May Trigger Next Revolution As DNC Hires 'Crisis Communicator' To Debunk The 'Clinton Body Count' Murder Of DNC's Seth Rich
2016-08-10 -- * Why Most Americans Are Sitting Ducks - Nation Descends Into 'Death Spiral' - Deadly Toxins Found In The Water Supply Of Millions Of Americans
2016-08-09 -- * Harry Dent: 'It Has Begun' - Something Big Is Coming To America - 'Very Scary Scenarios Ahead'
2016-08-08 -- * This Is How Donald Trump Wins In November: 'Berners' Jumping On Trump Train As 'The Beast' Gets 'Shellacked' Again! 'Hillary Won't Stop Lying!'
2016-08-08 -- * 'Secret Weapon' Of The NWO Globalists Revealed: 'Real Life American Zombies' Under Control Of 'The Beast' - 'Something Very Sinister Is Going On'
2016-08-07 -- * U.S. Preparing For Huge 'Event' As Executive Order Gives Power To UN Troops To Target Americans - Are Clergy Response Teams Being Activated?
2016-08-06 -- * Strange Before/After Images Of Clintons - Global Elite Using 'Young Blood' To Live Longer As Part Of Satanic Rituals?
2016-08-05 -- * Expert Warns Of 'America Split In Half' - If Election Is 'Stolen', Will We See Civil War Upon US Soil? Globalists Prepare For The Steal As 'Hillary's Body Count' Grows Again!
2016-08-04 -- * Will 'Truth' Soon 'Slay The Beast'? Cat May Soon Be Out Of Bag After Cryptic Warning Issued On Twitter By NSA Whistleblower: 'It's Time'
2016-08-03 -- * The 'Curative Process' Has Begun Via Death Panels - The Government Is Now Planning The End Of Tens Of Millions Of Lives
2016-08-03 -- * Have The Devils Working For Hillary Clinton And The Globalists Carried Out Another 'Targeted Assassination'? Clinton Body Count Grows Again! Another 'Red-List Hit'?
2016-08-02 -- * Has Bill Clinton Been Lobotomized? Is Hillary Clinton 'Satan Incarnate On The Earth'? Wikileaks Proves The Clinton's ARE The 1% And Armed ISIS In The Process As 'The Globalists' Prepare For The Steal!
2016-08-02 -- * Alarm Bells Are Ringing! Has The Ultimate Bioweapon Been Unleashed Upon Americans? - 'Shot In The Arm, Shot In The Head, Either Way, You End Up Dead'
2016-08-01 -- * Something Very Strange Is Going On And Alternative News Readers Are Being Targeted - Have You Noticed Any Of These Symptoms?

July 2016

2016-07-31 -- * Ramping Up Of Catastrophe - Elite Trying To Keep Us Asleep In The Dark Until They're Ready To Strike
2016-07-30 -- * Dead Doctors: Has There Been A Targeted Assassination Plan Of Over 50 People In The Field Of Holistic Medicine In A One Year Period?
2016-07-29 -- * This Is How America Could Be Annihilated - If This '1st Strike' Happens, We May Not Be Capable Of Striking 2nd - An Open Letter To President Barack Obama
2016-07-28 -- * 'The Blind Leading The Blind' - Dr. Peter Vincent Pry Submission To ANP - NASA Scientist Warns: 'Be Prepared For An EMP' - What Does He Know That We Don't Know?
2016-07-27 -- * A War Unlike Any Other In The History Of Mankind, Where Everyone Other Than The Illuminists Are Targeted For Destruction
2016-07-27 -- * The Biggest Story Of The Election Year? Bernie Sanders Leaves Democratic Party, To Run As Green Party Nominee? Would Destroy The Democratic Party
2016-07-26 -- * 'This Is So Huge, It Defies My Ability To Communicate How Dangerous It Is' - 'We Only Get So Many Warnings Before Something Goes Terribly Wrong'
2016-07-25 -- * Has The 'Mother Lode Of Mystery Booms' Been Solved Or Is DUMB Work Heating Up In California? One Woman Warns The Booms 'Shake Her Very Soul'
2016-07-24 -- * CNN Reporter 'Slammed To Floor' By Wide-Awake Trump Voter - Reporter Walks Away With Tail Between His Legs - Did You See This On The 'Clinton News Network'? We Didn't Think So
2016-07-23 -- * Hillary Clinton Brain Damaged? Strange Behavior Since 2012 Indicates Traumatic Brain Injury And Ongoing Physical Manifestations Normally Attributed With Severe Head Trauma
2016-07-22 -- * America Sitting On 'Powderkeg' As World's Eyes Turn To Philadelphia - Did Hillary Have A Seizure Or Did They Turn Her Into A 'Bobblehead'? Only Trump Stands Between Americans And Hillary 'Fun Camps' In Our Future
2016-07-21 -- * Has The 'Highest Act Of Treason' Just Been Committed Against America? Is This How ISIS Gets Nuclear Weapons To Annihilate Us? 'The End' May Have Just Begun
2016-07-20 -- * Expert Warns: 'World Order Fast Unraveling!' Obama's Lack Of Seriousness An Existential Threat To America - This Is What Losing The War Looks Like
2016-07-19 -- * Hillary Clinton Skewered - 'A Path We May Not Be Able To Come Back From' - One Election Away From 'The Queen Of Blood' In The White House
2016-07-18 -- * Black Lives Matter Creating Civil War Within The Black Community - Two Very Different Messages By Two Angry Black Women
2016-07-18 -- * Spiritual Warfare & Attacks On The Mind - Survive The Onslaught
2016-07-17 -- * This Video Shows How Easily Millions Will Be Led Like Sheep To The Slaughter - The FEMA Camps Are Waiting - Virtual Mind Control Has Real Life And Death Consequences
2016-07-16 -- * Worldwide Chaos About To Peak? Russian Armageddon Convoy Practices For World War III As Warnings Ring Out Loudly: 'Something Strange Is Going On!'
2016-07-15 -- * Evidence Emerges 'Purge Of Gun Owners' And Other 'Freedom Loving Folks' May Be About To Begin
2016-07-13 -- * 4 Years Ago We Were Warned: 'Something Evil Is Coming' - Now We Have A Full Communist Revolution Underway Sanctioned By The Highest Office In The Land
2016-07-13 -- * Fiery Preaching Or Wimping Out In The Pulpit - Great Power & No Bowing To Baal -The Fire Of Elijah
2016-07-13 -- * Massive Communications Outages Coincide With Anonymous 'Day Of Rage' Protests On July 15th - Just A Coincidence Or Something More? Map Of Cities Where We Shouldn't Be On Friday Here
2016-07-12 -- * Congressman Warns We're 1000 Times More Vulnerable Than We Were 50 Years Ago To This One Event That Could Be Responsible For The Loss Of Millions Of Lives Starting As Soon As Today Or Tomorrow
2016-07-11 -- * Dallas 'Lone Gunman' Narrative Falls Apart - Multiple Shooter Reports, Misidentified Weapon, Eyewitness Accounts, All Point To A Massive Cover-Up
2016-07-10 -- * Judge Jeanine Demolishes Obama As Entire World Prepares For Riots And Unrest - More Signs Emerge That Martial Law May Be In America's Near Future As 'Painful Riot Control Systems' Sales Soar
2016-07-09 -- * This Is The Video YouTube Banned That Exposes Sharia Law And The Terror Agenda For America - More Proof We're One Step Closer To Sharia Law In America?
2016-07-08 -- * BLM Dallas False Flag - Shooters 'Appear To Have Been Militarily Trained' - Black Power Group Issues Threat 'More Will Be Assassinated In The Coming Days!'
2016-07-07 -- * The Hidden World Of 'Planet X' May Be Revealed By The End Of Summer Experts Warn - Has The 'Death Star' Returned?
2016-07-06 -- * BOMBSHELL! CIA Head Confirms Man Is Playing God With The Weather! Chemtrails And Geoengineering Proven Once-And-For-All For The Entire World To Hear - Absolute Proof Emerges They Are Poisoning Us From The Skies!
2016-07-05 -- * Mandela Effect: The 'Devil's Virtual Mental Playground' And Could Be The Ultimate Mind Control Experiment
2016-07-04 -- * 'The Deadliest Mistake The West Has Ever Made' - Guillotines, FEMA Camps And Islam - Muslim Woman Issues Dire Warning To America
2016-07-03 -- * Reports Come In Across America Of SNAP/EBT Not Working - Demands System Be 'Fixed' As Elite Create Food Crisis For Global Takeover - Food Is Being Used As A Weapon
2016-07-03 -- * Judge Jeanine Rips Hillary Clinton To Pieces - With The Entire US Justice System Now On The Brink, 'The Endgame Of Tyranny' Is Closer Than You Think!
2016-07-01 -- * Have The UN Vehicles And Their Official Denials Just Proven The UN Takeover Theory With The Attempted Assassination Of Mike Norris, Director Of The Film 'Amerigeddon'? Did Gary Heavin's Movie Amerigeddon, Which Shows The UN Takeover Of The US, Cut Too Close To Home?

June 2016

2016-06-30 -- * Is This How Martial Law Begins? Activists Warn They're 'Going To Cleveland To Start Trouble' And 'Stop Trump' As Police Unions Warn City Is Totally Unprepared For 'Summer Of Chaos'
2016-06-28 -- * Americans In The Bullseye - U.S. Government Locked And Loaded As They Prepare For Massive Civil Uprising
2016-06-27 -- * Celente: The Panic Of 2016 - Worldwide Phenomena Rattle The Elite As 2016 Sees A Civil Uprising Escalate Against Globalists
2016-06-26 -- * 'Something Bad's Going To Happen To This Country' - We Were Warned Of This Moment 28 Years Ago! Does Illuminati Card Game Prove Bill Clinton Is A Dog Being Led Around On A Leash By Hillary, 'The Queen Of Blood'?
2016-06-26 -- * Has War Been Declared Upon The American People? Massive 'UN Vehicles Sighting' In Virginia Sounds Alarm Soon After Obama And UN Announce Global Police Force To Fight 'Extremism' In America - In Obama's America, Christians And Conservatives Are Considered 'Extremists'!
2016-06-25 -- * NWO Wounded And Backs Against The Wall - Will Trump Deal Its Death Blow? 'Globalists To Launch Wave Of False Flags' To Stop The Liberty Movement
2016-06-24 -- * US Senate Candidate Provides Bombshell Evidence Hillary Clinton Created ISIS - From Benghazi To Orlando, Clinton's Hands Are Covered In American Blood - 'America Needs A President That Represents America, Not ISIS'
2016-06-24 -- * Between The Pacific Northwest Rumbling And New Madrid Shaking, Experts Warn To Prepare For 'Black Sky Days' When 'All Hell Could Break Loose' - 'The Clock Is Ticking, It's Only A Matter Of Time'
2016-06-23 -- * Will Warnings Of Global Chaos Now Come True After Brexit Passed? Madness In America Already Unfolding! The Collapse Hasn't Even Hit Full Force - What Happens When There Is No More Food To Eat?
2016-06-22 -- * Hunting Humans Could Become 'Big Game' In Future As Economy Continues To Crumble - With The Elite Now Using Food As A Weapon Against Humanity, 'Dark Tourism' Is Already Worth Billions Yearly And Set To Explode As Chaos Takes Hold
2016-06-21 -- * Do The Devil's Henchmen Have Devil's Breath? 'It Only Takes A Moment' - Are Holistic Health Practitioners Being Knocked Off By 'Scopolamine Patsies' AKA MK-Ultra Assassins?
2016-06-20 -- * As Terrorists Gear Up For 'Summer Of Blood,' US Attorney General Loretta Lynch Puts Americans In Danger Across Country - More Proof Emerges 'Orlando Event' Was Major False Flag To Continue War On Syria And Take Americans Guns
2016-06-20 -- * Hillary Clinton Absolutely Ripped To Shreds! Based On This Amazing, Must-Watch Video, 'The Party Has Just Begun'
2016-06-18 -- * Reign Of Terror Continues To Build In The Streets - Is THIS What's Coming To America? A HUGE Warning To All Americans - Their Government Disarmed The Population Because They KNEW This Was Coming!
2016-06-17 -- * 'We're Heading In A Very Dangerous Direction' - Tis The Season Of Treason In America As The Globalists Kick Their Plans To Disarm The American People Into Overdrive
2016-06-16 -- * 2018 FEMA Project Deadline Moved Up To June 30th, 2016 - Why? Do They Know Something That We Don't Know? 'It Can All Come Crashing Down Again, And It Will - Everyone Can Feel It'
2016-06-16 -- * It Is About To Get Very Ugly - Get Your Money Out Of The Bank, Buy Food, Water, And Basics And Prepare

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