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October 13, 2016

US Veterans And The American People Win One Round Over Tyranny After 'The Internet Gets Really, Really Mad'

- Drug Policy Expert: 'Move By The DEA Is Shocking'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

In this day and age we're now living in, very infrequently do we get the opportunity to report good news so today will be a grand exception that we hope will soon turn into the new normal. Very infrequently within our stories on ANP do we have the opportunity to thank a federal government agency for absolutely doing the right thing but in keeping with the theme of this story, we will do so today. Very infrequently do we THANK our Representatives in Congress but a huge thanks goes out to 50+ of them this moment.

Now before you go and spew your lunch or afternoon coffee, we challenge you to read along with us as we explore a huge (if only temporary!) victory for US Veterans and the American people over tyranny that PROVES to us the ONLY way that the American people can defeat those who are seeking to permanently enslave us ALL is by doing so together. As anyone who's been paying attention to alternative news know, there really is no 'left' nor 'right', only 'awakened' Americans and those who are sound asleep and totally compliant to the elititsts seeking to 'dumb down' and destroy the human condition.


Back on September 1st we told you in a story on ANP that the United States Drug Enforcement Administration was preparing to ban a 'gift from God' to the people of our planet Earth called Kratom. Used by US Veterans to relieve pain they're suffering from due to wounds from war and millions of other law-abiding American citizens as a way to deal with their own chronic or acute pain without turning to the deadly poisons created in a laboratory by Big Pharma, the DEA had planned on scheduling Kratom into the same category as heroin, cocaine and other deadly drugs (and not-deadly drugs such as marijuana) by September 30th.

However, while much of America and many ANP readers had never even heard of Kratom before our September 1st story and this attempted Kratom ban, we've since watched an amazing story unfolding that reached its partial culmination point today as the DEA has announced a temporary backdown on their Kratom ban to accept public comment on this issue between now and December 1st.

As this Washington Post story tells us, the DEA is withdrawing their proposal to ban ANOTHER plant after the internet got really, really mad. Take close note that it wasn't the 'left' internet nor was it the 'right' internet that 'got really mad' but the ENTIRE internet! According to John Hudak from the Brookings Institution who studies drug policy in the US, the move by the DEA is 'shocking'. "The DEA is not one to second-guess itself, no matter what the facts are" Hudak tells us.

The association and the Botanical Education Alliance applauded the DEA’s reversal.

“Kratom is not an opiate.” the groups said. “There is simply no basis whatsoever for the DEA to criminalize or regulate the responsible use by consumers of this product at a time when every federal effort targeting drugs should be focused on the ongoing scourge human of opioid addiction and death.”


"This is the very definition of government overreach and it should send chills down the back of every American who is concerned about their right to live freely." Travis Lowin, Director of the Botanical Education Alliance on the attempted DEA Kratom ban

In the human race's fight against tyranny, nothing quite hits home so hard as ANY government attempting to tell free people what they can eat, drink and otherwise put inside of their body if what they're doing is hurting no one but possibly themselves. While ANP stands strongly against the abuse of substances such as alcohol or bath salts or any other products that people use and then hurt others, this new Washington Post story telling us that more people have been arrested for marijuana use than for ALL violent crimes combined should be a huge wake up call.

Proving to us that bad laws create crimes that should never be on the books in the first place, which in turn ruin the lives of far too many people who have done nothing to harm others, we see the roots of tyranny are in BAD LAWS. When laws attempting to ban plants God put upon this planet LONG before man's laws arrived here ruin countless lives, isn't it time to finally and forever put an end to the American war on drugs which is really just a war upon Americans?

While the DEA's new statement on Kratom makes it clear that they still could ban Kratom sometime after December 1st, the fact that enough American people spoke up loudly and strongly about this is a very positive step in the right direction. We now challenge the American people to decide if Kratom is something that should be banned or not and ask you to weigh in with the DEA if you feel this is a harmless product or something that should be lumped into the same category as cocaine or heroin.


We also put out an immediate challenge here to the lame duck adminstration of Barack Obama as well as opening up a conversation with both the Clinton and Trump camps and the people of America - are we going to continue to allow BAD LAWS to be used to destroy lives if nothing but 'victimless crimes' are being committed? When SWAT teams are being used to raid 'raw milk farms' while the National Guard is used to take down an 81-year old woman's marijuana plant, like frogs slowly being boiled, we clearly still have tyranny in America

To the Obama administration: You have only a few months left in your term. We challenge you to prove to the American people that you stand strongly with our freedom to choose what we put into our own bodies if the only 'crimes' being committed are 'victimless' crimes. It's time to end the federal prohibition on marijuana. We also challenge you to do the right thing and completely strike down any future attempts to ban Kratom and any other plant that God gifted to this planet to help the human condition. Banning raw milk? Let's put a final end to this tyranny.

To any future Clinton administration we have to ask you, what exactly do you mean by a 'borderless world' that you speak of and if you really do believe that America and Mexico and Canada should have no borders between us, what will your drug policy be if all drugs are soon to be legalized in Mexico and Canada is preparing to end the war on drugs as well? Will you, too, allow grandmother's to be raided by the National Guard over a plant or farmers raided for raw milk? If so, you've proven yourself to be nothing but a tyrant.


To any future Donald Trump administration we have to ask you, where do you stand on this absolutely disastrous war on drugs that has helped to destroy many inner city communities with parents being incarcerated, leaving children without fathers and mothers, simply for smoking a plant God put on our planet to help the human race? Do you agree with the DEA's attempt to ban Kratom when so many Americans, including those who consider themselves to be Democrats and those who consider themselves to be Republicans, agree that Kratom is an amazing gift to humanity?

The map below shows that Kratom has already been made illegal in certain states while in most states across America, Kratom is still completely legal and being used by millions of Americans who'd much rather use it than taking the chance of becoming dependent upon deadly drugs such as those created in a lab by Big Pharma.


Some of the comments seen below from this Washington Post story advocate the DEA actually being done away with as a federal government agency, a move that some argue could save hundreds of millions of dollars.


In closing, we sincerely thank the DEA for doing the right thing in this case, giving Americans the freedom to publicly comment on this issue before enacting another bad law that could quite literally lead to countless American deaths and a brand new 'criminal class' in America. We hope that by December, you, too, will 'see the miracle' that is Kratom rather than seeking to further enrich big pharma terrorists and further expand their absolutely deadly monopoly on pain management in America.

We'd also like to thank those in Congress who took the time to call out the DEA as outlined in this story, particularly Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah and Representatives Mark Pocan of Wisconsin and Matt Salmon of Arizona. In all, 29 Democrats and 22 Republicans signed this letter to the DEA proving to us once again, we're so much better off as a people when we're working together as one.

To the American people who have spoken up about this very important issue to so many Americans who might be needlessly suffering in grave pain when they need not, YOU are what makes America great - thank you for reminding our public servants that they are indeed only public servants who should be working for the American people, certainly not against us.

As stated earlier and is perfectly illustrated in this new story from Mike Adams over at Natural News, this battle against tyranny has only just begun. We still have much work to do but ANP wouldn't be in this business if we felt the fight against tyranny was hopeless and already lost. This small victory for humanity is just another stepping stone towards recovering what many have felt has been long lost - now, the real battle is still ahead and for Americans to reclaim our country, it will take everyone fighting on the same side against tyranny and a huge helping hand from Above.

Watching recent 'blockbuster truth events' unfolding we can easily surmise, God most surely hates tyranny.

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