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August 17, 2016

Has 'Plague Of Demons' Illuminati Card Game Card Been Unleashed Upon America Or Is The Nationwide Outbreak Of Demonic Possession Due To 'Hellary'?

'This Is What Happens To Nations That Abandon God' 


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

It comes as no surprise to anyone who has been paying attention to what has long been happening to our country that we're now witnessing what some have called an unprecedented outbreak of demonic behavior at the same time as we have an individual in the running for the highest office of the land who is morally and spiritually bankrupt and a pathological liar. While war crimes charges should be awaiting her, and with American blood all over her hands, someone who many Americans believe is pure evil is the epitome of America's descent into madness today. As we read in today's headlines shared below, an America that has not only 'lost' God but has seemingly had a 'plague of demons' unleashed upon us. 

As Survival Dan recently told us, 'black magic satanists rule the world, not politicians, bankers or military heads'. What happens when the two meet? As this story from the Gate To Liberty Blog "Enough!" tells us, "Something Wicked This Way Comes..." The fact that 'Hellary' is still in the running for president, and garnering support all across the country despite the fact that she's been exposed as being a pathological liar, war-criminal and mass murderer should tell us just how far America has fallen.


Is the fall of America that we have been watching play out before our eyes due to our own leaders holding views contrary to God, 'goodness' and what is 'right'? The 1st video directly below takes a look at a graphic look at some of the demonic activity sweeping over our country, while the 2nd video further below specifically looks at the absolutely bizarre incident recently in Florida where a young man attacked strangers and was caught by police attempting to chew off one victims face. The final two videos below take a look at Hillary's health and the mainstream media coverup that is going on. Is Hellary mentally ill or demonically possessed? We also take a look below at an Illuminati Card game card called "Plague of Demons". 


As we were immediately told in this story from WND, 'I believe God is done with our once-great country'. From their story:

Carl Gallups, a pastor, talk-show host and the author of “Final Warning,” believes Christian persecution is on the increase.

He also argues the “demonic” realm is a spiritual reality and demonic activity will increase in what he believes are the end times.

“The prophetic days in which we are living are going to increasingly demand a high level of spiritual discernment from God’s people,” he told WND. “There are times when God’s people will need to act, or react, with boldness and direct and tangible action – as the case demands. However, there will be other instances when an assault by the demonic forces of evil will need to be met with prayer and supplication, giving as little public attention to the affront as possible.

“Regardless, the Word of God is clear that the last days would be marked by an unprecedented demonic outpouring. I believe we are at least in the edges of that outpouring even now – from international calls for demonic deliverance ministries to open displays of demonic and satanic rituals.”  

Warning on the video below, it is quite graphic and shows us many of the recent incidents across America where people have used the drug flakka and have been turned quite literally into mindless beasts and cannibals. The fact that this drug is also known as the 'Devil's Drug' and '$5 Insanity' says it all. Much more below. 

The story over at DC Watchdog from Theodore Shoebat is called "Hillary Clinton Is Possessed By Demons, She Is A Demonic Woman Who Wants To Destroy Christianity And To Kill Christians" and in it we're told that according to a Russian exorcist, she is definitely possessed by demons and hates Christianity. We're also told that we ourselves can tell that just by looking at her actions over the years and attitudes, especially towards Christians vs Muslims.   

While the mainstream media remains completely silent as 'Hellary' and our own government arms the ISIS terrorists who are slaughtering Christians around the world, should we even be surprised that tens of millions of Americans are caught up playing a 'pocket monster' game that will likely lead them straight to the FEMA camps while the 'cleansing of Christians' continues...and as Ray Gano over at Prophezine just warned, "wait until Hitlery gets into office".   

Since we warned you less than 10 days ago that a 'secret weapon' of the NWO globalists had been revealed, showing you how tens of millions of 'real life American zombies' were 'under control of the beast', several more cases of 'demonic possession behavior' have happened across our once great country including the recent harrowing story of a Florida State University student in Florida who recently was found 'eating his victims face'


Interestingly enough, the 'Illuminati card game' card 'Plague of Demons' seen below shows a 'pack of evil' running rampant in Washington DC. Telling us that the 'power of the attack' is 10 plus the power of the group 'summoning the demons', we're also told that if the 'attack succeeds', the target is 'devastated' or 'completely destroyed'. Is this what Hellary and the demonic globalists have planned for America?

Why has America suddenly become so seemingly 'demon possessed' and is there anything at all that can be done to reverse this course before America crashes and burns like the globalists obviously have been working towards? Or, is this simply what was bound to happen to a country whose leaders and many of its inhabitants have abandoned God?


In the 3rd video below we hear Doug Hagmann along with Alex Jones from Infowars discussing Hillary Clinton's health with an excellent question being asked, why is the mainstream media covering for her? In the final video below, Donald Trump himself brings up the facts that Hillary obviously lacks the mental and physical stamina to be the commander in chief. 

In closing, a recent story at the Washington Post was called "Why White Christian America Is Dying" and we'll contrast that with a new story from Survival Dan called "Satanist Allowed To Give Invocation At Government Assembly Meeting". With America clearly heading down the long path towards self-destruction and 'Hellary' waiting in the wings to lead that process to its logical conclusion, this 2015 story called "Demonic Possession Or Mental Illness: How Can You Tell?" offers us insight into what we're watching in America now.  

While the encounters Christ has with the possessed are dramatic, and certainly Hollywood presents horrifying, graphic representations of demonic possession, I think we face much more frightening forms of possession on a daily basis.

The evil one is very clever and subtle, so much so that we as a society have become comfortable with the concept of evil in our lives. Take a moment and consider the reaction of the townspeople when they see the formerly possessed man sitting in his right mind listening to Christ. They don’t rejoice at this man finally being free; they ask Christ to leave. Think about that for a moment. They were more comfortable with a possessed naked man in the graveyard than with Christ and His Holiness.

I’m sad to say that the devil has subtly won many battles around us, and that we are in the same category as those townspeople. While almost all of us will never experience the Hollywood level of possession, we are almost all, to one extent or another, possessed by evil things. Almost daily, we choose evil over good, even though we certainly know that this is not what is best for us and our spiritual lives.

The greatest victory that the evil one can achieve is to make us believe that evil and the demonic are not real.


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