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September 2, 2016

Hillary Threatens To 'Up Body Count' By Waging Terror Upon Those Who Expose Her Crimes Against Humanity!


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Would it be worth it to America to be completely annihilated by Russia in a nuclear attack, leaving hundreds of millions of dead Americans, to protect Hitlery's endless series of lies, war crimes and crimes against the human race?

As if America needed any more proof that Hillary Clinton is an evil-warmonger who will take America to war at the drop of a dime, we get it from her own evil mouth as shared in this recent story from the Hill and the first video below where we hear her calling for war against Russia, China or anybody else who exposes her endless war crimes and crimes against humanity

Warning that the cyberattacks that exposed her war crimes, crimes against the American people and crimes against the human race should be treated 'just like any other attack' upon America, met with US military force, we see the evil war criminal crumbling before our very eyes. Like a vampire exposed to the light of day, she could simply 'melt away' like the 'wicked witch of the West' in the 'Wizard of Oz' and the vast majority of the American people would celebrate the evil witch's demise in the streets of America. 


We have reported again and again on ANP, the 'body count' that follows Hitlery around everywhere she goes has continued to expand in 2016 - should all of the bodies of the innocent people that Hitlery is responsible of the deaths of during her time as Secretary of State be added to that list? With Hitlery now openly promising to 'up the body count' by waging war upon those who expose her criminal actions, only a 'totally insane America' would even dream of putting her into the highest office of the land so that she can wage more terror upon the world.

As Susan Duclos reported yesterday on ANP, 'demon' Hitlery has awoken the 'sleeping giant' in America. Susan told us why Conservatives across America should embrace the 'alt-right' label that Hitlery so hastily cast upon the 'alternative - right' media leading us to ask, why hasn't the 'alt-left' been more vocal in condemning the evil witch's crimes against humanity? We also have to ask, why would a supposedly 'progressive' Obama administration support her war crimes and crimes against humanity that have been going on for decades?


In the videos below, we take a look at Clinton's latest threats to launch terror upon those exposing her war crimes and her crimes against humanity in the first video while the 2nd video from Infowars tells us why Hitlery is nothing but a 'blood-thirsty war criminal in a dress' (though still in the running for the highest office in the land). In the 3rd video below, we hear from a former Secret Service officer under Clinton who shares with us more of the filth that went on in the WH during the Clinton years while in the final video, the creator of the popular comic strip Dilbert joins Infowars to talk about Hillary's threats and why he believes Donald Trump will win in November in a landslide. 


As we see in the photograph above, the 'Clinton body count' goes back to at least 1987 when two teenagers were murdered in Arkansas after stumbling upon a CIA-protected drug drop in Little Rock, Arkansas. Bill Clinton was the governor of Arkansas then and his role in covering up the murders has been well documented. Of course, no charges were ever filed against Bill, starting a long run of crimes against the American people and crimes against humanity by the 'Clinton crime family' that led him to the White House and allowed organized crime to take over America according to this linked story from former Reagan Treasury Secretary Paul Craig Roberts

With Hillary now planning on waging World War 3 against Russia or anybody else that exposes her war crimes and crimes against humanity if she somehow 'steals' her way into office in November (or should she and the globalists have Donald Trump assassinated - adding his name to the long list of 'the dead' that follows Hitlery everywhere she goes), we have to ask: Would it be worth it to America to be completely annihilated by Russia in a nuclear attack, leaving hundreds of millions of dead Americans, to protect Hitlery's endless series of lies, war crimes and crimes against the human race? 


As we have previously reported on ANP, Russia has promised that any attack at all upon their country will be met with an attack upon the country that attacked them. While Russian Insiders have explicitly stated that Russia DOES NOT WANT WAR with the United States, if Hitlery were to attack them, she'd certainly bring about the abrupt end to America.

Russian insiders living here in the US have warned that if the US were to attack Russia, we'd nearly instantly find ourselves without a banking system, an electrical grid, a public transportation system, public utilities and everything else that helps to make America a 'civilized nation'. Would it be worth it to you if suddenly you found yourself without electricity, running water, stores, food and everything else that makes America a 'modern' country in order to protect Hitlery from the war crimes and crimes against humanity she has committed? 

We have to also ask if Hitlery even has any idea how completely insane she sounds, promising to bomb the hell out of another sovereign nation for exposing her war crimes and her crimes against humanity?


While Hitlery's well-paid trolls attempt to paint anyone standing against Hitlery as a 'mysogynyst' or attempts to paint them as 'alt-right', her supporters never touch upon the fact that Hitlery herself is responsible for the deaths of a countless number of people, both here in America and around the world, and clearly has American blood on her hands from Benghazi. As Infowars recently told us, she's a 'blood-thirsty war criminal in a dress'.

Should Americans back Hitlery Clinton's rush to World War 3 with Russia that could possibly lead to total nuclear annihilation for America so that Hitlery's war crimes and crimes against America remain history's secret?

Please let us know what you think in the comment section below.  


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