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January 17, 2016

Hollywood Warning Of 'Something Big' In 2016 With Alien Invasion, FEMA Camps And Martial Law In The Movies And On TV - Is The Illuminati Heaping More Predictive Programming Upon The Masses?


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Is Hollywood now preparing the masses for a huge event due to take place in 2016 that will leave most Americans completely devastated and in shock? As we have written of before on All News Pipeline several times, Hollywood and the 'elite' are huge into 'predictive programming' and as the brand new video below from Jason A shows us, 2016 will likely be a year for all of the ages with a major chain of events possibly unfolding very quickly that will change life as we know it. 

Just days ago, Susan Duclos told us about what some might considered Hollywood's latest attempt at predictive programming with the upcoming rebirth of the X-Files television show in which we are told in the series trailer.: "It will probably start on a Friday. What will seem like an attack on America by terrorists or Russia - Driven by a well oiled, well armed and multi-national group of elites, using alien technology the government has been hiding for 70 years." We're also told that the new X-Files will take a good, hard look at something else creator Chris Carter calls a legitimate concern, a UN takeover of the United States. Is Hollywood showing us FEMA camps and martial law are in our futures?

This new video takes a look at more signs of martial law impending in America that we're now seeing from Hollywood movies and a look at the world of the 'illuminati' who hold great influence over everything we're having consistenly shoved in our faces. Back in September, we wrote a story on ANP in which we asked if Hollywood movies have scripted out our future all along and went even further asking what if some of these movies were written by the devil himself.

In the surreal introduction of this video, a member of Hollywood and the reporter interviewing her mock the 'illuminati conspiracy'. She tells us she can't wait to organize the 'illuminati bake sale' while he tells us she can become 'illuminati' at the 'bitter end'..."you'll know because everyone will be wearing cloaks and there'll be lot more fire than there is now".

The first several minutes of this video take a look at a disturbing new 'gender bender' fashion trend of fashion outlets creating women's clothing for men and the illuminati's attempt to remove any distinction what-so-ever between the sexes in their continuous attempt to make all of us heartless, soulless, mindless borgs which they can mold into whatever they want us to be. The 2nd video below looks at more of the globalist agenda being rolled out before our very eyes.


At the 3 minute 15 second mark the video takes a look at a new 'X-Men Apocalypse' movie in which the world faces an 'extinction level event' and the 'fate of the entire world is at stake'. A powerful new team of 'mutants' is created to 'cleanse mankind and create a 'new world order' (as we see in the screenshot above). Is this new movie trying to tell us something? There is so much more!

At the 3 minute 50 second mark, the video takes a look at a new TV series coming out in 2016 called "Colony" in which we learn "the most important day in human history is coming" and with it comes a 'walled in and under curfew Los Angeles' which has 'fallen down the rabbit hole of civilation' a year after an alien invasion. Totally under martial law, we see real-life and present day Hollywood nearly under martial law at the recent Golden Globe awards as seen in the picture below and as shared more in the video at the 5 minute mark. 


Is Hollywood telling us what is coming next? Are all of these events, movies and new TV shows a warning of what is to happen or more predictive programming so that most Americans continue to remain in nearly a 'comatose state' when events such as these we see in the movies become real world events that are unfolding around them every day?

America has clearly taken a trip down the rabbit hole. Where we go from here, at least right now, nobody knows. What do ANP readers think America needs to do to get ourselves out of the hole that we are in? Is it already too late? In the 2nd video below our videographer brings up how Pope Francis and his and Barack Obama's continuous push for the 'one world agenda'.

Jason A ends this first video with a warning recently emailed to us by an ANP reader about Pope Francis' recent meeting at the Vatican with Google founder Eric Schmidt to further roll out the globalists agenda.

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