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February 11, 2016

'Dangerous New Cocktail Of Threats' Have Emerged And This 'Perfect Storm' Is A Grim Warning To The World: 'We Are At The Breaking Point'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Susan Duclos told us in a story yesterday that when the mainstream media is no longer able to hide the fact that the US and global economies are about to implode, we know that real financial doom is upon us and after watching events in the business world unfolding today and this week, we have to say there's little doubt remaining that we have finally arrived at this long-warned moment in time.

We have reported that the Baltic Dry Index is like a 'canary in the coal mine' for the global economy and for those who have not yet been paying attention, the new video below from Bloomberg Business should clue you in. Called "Perfect Storm? The Shipping Industry Has a Warning for the World Economy", we see once again a mainstream outlet putting out a warning cry that all is not well in the financial world and it may be about to get much worse.

As our videographer MoneyBags73 tells us in the 2nd video below, the global markets are crashing while the gold rush is on. As we learn in the 3rd video below which features the classic speech from the movie "Network" called "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore!", Americans would be fools to allow the banksters to take everything that we've worked our entire lives for because of their foolish mistakes.


The audio of that absolutely classic scene is played along with visuals of important current financial world news headlines to paint a picture that should leave all of us concerned about the future and investing in long-term emergency/survival food, gold and other supplies to help us weather the coming storms.

As Bloomberg tells us in this 1st video below, experts are expecting 'more storms upon the horizon' and if the state of the Baltic Dry Index is any indication at all of what's to come, we should all buckle in for a bumpy ride.

The stories across the financial world tell a story when you look at all of them combined. The following stories alone linked to this morning on the website of Steve Quayle help to tell us what the mainstream media is still trying to deny. Zero Hedge tells us 'Markets Around The World Are Crashing' while gold soars. Wolf Street warns it's "Worse Than 2008" and the shipping industry is a "bellweather for global trade" with "massive deterioration" one CEO warned. All Self-Sustained asked if "We Are Facing The End And We Just Don't Know It Yet?" Quayle also reminds, with MASSIVE GLOBAL MARKET MELTDOWNS - NEXT COMES WAR! 

Over at SHTFPlan this morning they have a new story running called "At The Breaking Point: Soon Our Stressed System Will Finally Unravel" while the Wall Street Journal tells us that Venezuela is now rationing power to shopping malls. All is not very well in Venezuela as the Washington Times tells us that the Venezuelan people are waiting in lines for at least an hour for food and the crumbling economy has put the socialist regime there in jeopardy. How long till Venezuelan food lines are the 'new normal' in America? There but for the Grace of God go we. 


We'll close it out before videos with an entire slew of Drudge Report headlines that complete this messy picture. Gold lines around the block gets us started as investors 'go bananas' for gold bars while stocks tumble. In Sweden, rates are cutting deeper into negative territory while here at home, Fed chairman Janet Yellen tells America "we wouldn't take those off the table". While Reuters keeps us updated on the plunge of stocks and bonds, The Telegraph tells us that capitalism itself is now at risk as the world cannot afford another financial crash

"That is why we must all hope that the turmoil of recent days in the financial markets, and the increasingly worrying economic news, will turn out to be a false alarm. It would certainly be ridiculously premature, at this stage, to call a recession, let alone a financial crisis. But at the very least we are seeing a major dose of the 'dangerous cocktail of new threats'.

No developed nation today could possibly tolerate another wholesale banking crisis and proper, blood and guts recession.

We are too fragile, fiscally as well as psychologically. Our economies, cultures and polities are still paying a heavy price for the Great Recession; another collapse, especially were it to be accompanied by a fresh banking bailout by the taxpayer, would trigger a cataclysmic, uncontrollable backlash. 

A new economic crisis would trigger a political backlash in Britain, Europe and the United States which could drag us all down into poverty."

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