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January 19, 2017

Sean Hannity Warns: 'There's Something Sinister Going On Here' - As 'Snowflake Superstorm' Prepares To Strike America, It's Time To Prepare Like We're Running Out Of Time


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The new story from Mac Slavo over at SHTFPlan reports upon what recently happened when a minor winter storm struck the south and southeast weeks ago. Reporting that panic buying was triggered by winter's coming onslaught, leaving a result of empty shelves and madness all over a little winter storm, Slavo correctly asks, if this is how people react to an extreme cold spell, what happens when something REALLY BAD happens?

With shortages and ill-prepared people scrambling for the last resources available, Slavo reports the angry race to the checkout line probably elicited road rage, fights and arguments: "the storm that is brought out in people poses perhaps an even larger threat than the natural disaster, etc. itself."

And while the photographs seen below from this story from Waking Times showing us a near-empty Wal-Mart store in Charlotte, North Carolina soon before the minor winter storm hit prove to us Americans can still clear out the supermarket shelves on a moment's notice, they also prove how woefully unprepared most Americans still are, unable to simply make it through just a couple of days without having to go to the store.


What happens to tens of millions of Americans if, God forbid, something catastrophic happens to our nation which brings the chain of supplies to a complete halt? It's long been warned that only 9 meals separate civilization from anarchy.

And while we believe its great that some on the left have turned to prepping due to overwhelming fears of forthcoming catastrophe due to Donald Trump's election, claiming "we're tired of being seen as wusses who won't survive when SHTF", the fact that there are still so many completely clueless 'snowflakes' in America is cause for great alarm. Especially for those living in the suburbs or big cities, completely surrounded by completely unprepared people, in a SHTF situation, many of those people immediately become predators and you, your family and your preps, 'their pray'.

As we hear in the 1st video below featuring Sean Hannity along with Corey Lewandowski and Charlie Hurt from the Washington Times, a 'snowflake superstorm' is coming to America for the next 4 years (or possibly 8!) and as Hannity warns us, there's something sinister going on with the left's failure to accept the Trump presidency.

Quite literally predicting 4 to 8 years of whining, crying and attempting to delegitimize Trump, with some pushing for his impeachment before he even takes office, it's easy to see why even so many Trump supporters are warning now would be the worst time for us to let down our guards and indeed, we should be preparing as if we are running out of time.


With a chance the globalists will still attempt to bring down the US economy on Trump's watch and the possibility they'll launch a false flag to get us into another war to waste trillions more dollars on while Trump is president, we do see in the 'red pill bomb' Alibaba's Jack Ma recently dropped in Davos a sense that maybe everything will work out fine for America and the world as the global elite freak out. While we don't agree with everything he says, he makes some interesting points. You can hear Jack Ma in the final video below.

As Zero Hedge reports, the US has wasted more than $14 trillion dollars on wars over the last 30 years. Billionaire Ma's remarks in Davos came soon after he met with Trump at Trump Tower. Will we soon witness some semblance of sanity from the military industrial complex with Trump in office, 56 years after President Dwight David Eisenhower warned us in his Farewell Address of the dangers of massive military spending and the acquisition of unwarranted influence and power? It's clear the middle class is hurting tremendously largely, as has our nations infrastructure, because of trillions of dollars of expenditures upon needless 'corporate wars'.

From Zero Hedge:

And there it is, the unvarnished, raw, truth about how everything went wrong for middle class America. Since the Vietnam war, more than 45 years ago, the US has embarked on a neocon strategy of war in an effort to build a global empire.

The result of that strategy has left American infrastructure second rate, its school system in shambles, and its healthcare system a complete and utter joke.

Just imagine what America could've done with $14 trillion of investable dollars, instead of waging wars.


Coming back to the 'snow storm' in the deep south, Slavo tells us that if the photographs we see of stores with empty shelves continued to be empty for more than 12 hours, complete chaos would likely follow soon thereafter. And while everything soon returned to 'normal', what might Charlotte, North Carolina (or any other small or big city in America) look like after 3 days without being restocked?

From the SHTFPlan story:

The people you see on the streets, in your community, and especially in the big cities, would be lucky on average to make it three days with the back-up canned goods and last pickings stored in their cabinet and fridge.

After 12-72 hours without ATMs and EBT debit cards working, and without food to buy at the stores, electricity and other services, people will absolutely lose it.

There will be nothing else holding back the inner animal.

That is when everyone you in the general population becomes a threat against you, and a liability to your survival.

Do your friends and neighbors know that you prep and store lots of extra food, fuel and supplies? Will they be knocking on your door for shelter and refuge, only to eat through your carefully-stocked cache?

Will their greed, ignorance and stupidity give you away, open you up to outside attacks, get your arrested or even killed? There will be a lot revealed about the human character the next time a rise crisis hits and something lasts longer than a weekend storm.

Be prepared, and be on guard for signs like this that things are not as stable as they appear on the surface.


While we pray that 'President Trump's' inauguration on Friday goes peacefully and the days, weeks, months and years ahead see 'America redeemed' with tremendous hard work being done by all towards 'Making America Great Again', our nation is still nearly $20 trillion in debt and as Hannity tells us, there are no signs emerging that the 'snowflake superstorm' we now see arriving on our doorstep has any intention of going quietly away into the night.

In the 2nd video below, Canadian Prepper takes a look at all of the left now prepping and reminds us, the more people who are prepared for SHTF, the better. Would you rather live where everybody is prepared for SHTF or where nobody had a clue? In such a situation, those who are prepared, whether liberal, conservative or completely independent will likely be the last people you need to worry about while your unprepared neighbors search for their next meals.

In closing we take a look below at the latest SQAlert from the website of Steve Quayle who tells us all about a new survival community being built up in the Ozarks of Missouri that will be affordable to average, every day Americans who don't have millions to invest. Complete with an underground bunker system, you can learn all about My Ozark Homestead if you're looking for a 'survival community' in the alert republished below.:


An all-inclusive remnant community with an underground bunker, your own deeded lot and house coupled with stored food, seeds and the means to produce organic vegetables and livestock on a 200-acre farm is now available in the Ozarks of Missouri. For the same price as a new SUV, your family can have life assurance in the Ozarks that will provide you comfort in knowing that your family will be safe during the coming storm. You can even use your 401k/IRA to finance it or use it as an investment property. Contact for further details or to set up an appointment to visit the property. SQ: THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST REASONABLE AND WELL THOUGHT OUT DEALS IN THE COUNTRY - THE MILLIONAIRES AND BILLIONAIRES ARE BUILDING THEIR RETREATS- NOW THE AVERAGE PERSON CAN ALSO-ONCE WORD GETS OUT THIS COMMUNITY WILL SELL OUT FAST - ROSS POWELL BROUGHT THIS TO MY ATTENTION AND I HAVE PERSONALLY TALKED TO THE OWNERS AT LENGTH - CALL 844-696-9275

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