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October 21, 2016

Something Very Creepy Is Rising To The Surface As The 'Event Of All Events' Is About To Begin


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

With America now one day closer to an election that has become a source of significant stress to most Americans, we see in the massive East coast cyber attack reported on by Susan Duclos in this story on ANP one of the directions Hillary, Obama and the globalists will be taking in their attempt to complete their overthrow of America while beginning to clamp down on the God-given and Constitution-supported Rights of US citizens. Anybody knowing military tactics knows the disruption of communications is an absolutely vital part of overall strategy. 

Between outright attempting to steal the election away from Donald Trump and the American people to encouraging the still-sleeping masses to commit violence and chaos if Trump legally wins and Clinton and the globalists go into meltdown mode, we're not surprised in the least bit that the globalists also continue to dangle WW3 in front of our faces at a time when they may soon lose control of America. We've long been warned, when all else fails, they bring us to war.


The new story from Mac Slavo over at SHTFPlan tells us of a leaked military tip received through back channels warning of a massive upcoming DHS/FEMA exercise that could go live at any minute and is supposed to be running from October 30th through the next 30 days after the election. Immediately, we noticed this drill has an astounding geographical coincidence to this morning's massive cyber attack.

According to the tip, this massive drill is primarily supposed to be running in the Northeast region of the US, and specifically New York, and anticipates a 'no rule of law' scenario that breaks down into complete totalitarianism in America after the election. As we're told, something very creepy is rising to the surface as we approach election day in America. From SHTFPlan:

Hi Guys,

I got some gouge from a former military colleague who is in contact with active duty personnel and he received an email about an upcoming drill. We need confirmation on this, but if we put it out there we might get a leaker to come forward and confirm:

Date: October 30th – 30 days after the election Suspected Region: Northeast, specifically New York 1st Phase: NROL (No Rule of Law) – drill involving combat arms in metro areas (active and reserve). Source says active duty and reserve service members are being vaccinated as if they are being deployed in theatre.

2nd Phase: LROL (Limited Rule of Law) – Military/FEMA consolidating resources, controlling water supply, handing out to public as needed.

3rd Phase: AROL (Authoritarian Rule of Law) – Possible new acronym or term for “Martial Law”. Curfew, restricted movements, basically martial law scenario. Source said exercise involves FEMA/DHS/Military


Was the massive cyber attack this morning a dry run for much bigger things to come? The fact that this massive cyberattack happened in the same Northeast region warned about by Slavo should be sending up massive red flags to anyone paying attention. The fact that all of this is also happening at a time when the globalists are plotting World War 3 with Russia should be the final warning sign we need to prove everything could get very nasty very soon.

While Hillary Clinton recently put more Americans in danger by releasing extremely sensitive and highly classified information to millions of Americans watching the debate on Wednesday night, and in so doing, giving our enemies nuclear launch information, this new story from Jason Ditz over at the Anti-Media should give anyone hoping for a peaceful America and a peaceful world a huge headache. As this story on Zero Hedge tells us, foreign policy elites are itching for the expansion of overseas wars under a 'President Hillary Clinton'.

According to Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. David Goldfein, America still has much more war ahead of us. “We’ve been deploying now for 15 years, we’ve probably got 15, 20 years to go,” Gen. Goldfein warned. General Goldfein also warned 'resurgent Russia and China' will drive future deployments, another dire sign to anyone paying attention that World War 3 will be fought upon US soil as Russia has promised future provocations by the US would come home to roost. Are you ready for WW3 on US soil?


As we hear from Dave of the X22Report in the 1st video below, the countdown to 'the event of all events' has already begun and we see in Russia's recent bold moves in sending warships to the coast of the UK, the Russian bear is no longer in the mood to play. As Dave tells us, each and every day of war in Syria brings us closer and closer to World War 3.

Will the globalists who've ransacked America launch a final false flag attack upon Russia that leads to nuclear war upon US soil and possibly tens to hundreds of millions of dead Americans? In the 2nd video below, we hear from fired Huffington Post writer David Seaman (who was fired for asking about Hillary Clinton's health) that nuclear war with Russia may now be imminent and it appears to him that a massive false flag is about to unfold. He's asked we spread his video far and wide.

Between an election here that has millions of Americans stressed out to the globalists pushing war with Russia to warnings of martial law in the future for America if Clinton doesn't win and the globalists become desperate, we close with this very real possibility from SHTFPlan that might show us the future of America as it already shows us our 'present'.

However, there is reason to believe that the federal government is preparing for all contingencies – including those that might lead to violence or civil unrest after the election.

With Donald Trump openly calling out the “rigged” electoral system, there is reason to think that the public may not accept a Hillary win – particularly if there is any clear evidence that the vote was rigged, manipulated or poorly counted.

Just imagine for a moment thousands or even millions of people rising up in protest.

But is the system really expecting this could happen?

All bets are off in 2016, and quite frankly, it seems like something very creepy is rising to the surface.

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