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June 12, 2016

'Playing With The Toys Of Fallen Angels' - The Technology Of The Damned - From Super Soldiers To Sky Net And Mind Altering And Destroying Technology, We're Witnessing The Long-Planned Destruction Of Humanity


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The new story linked to over at the Drudge Report this morning tells us all about HBO's new project 'Westworld' and some 'incredibly impressive footage' that has allegedly 'wowed viewers' at the ATX Television Festival in Austin, Texas over the weekend. The description of the movie sounds as though they're trying to send us a message about the world we're now living within that will hit us like a ton of bricks and stick around as we're being pummeled with more 'mind-altering' technology as men are turned into monsters and secret technologies are used against us, planning our demise.:

The sizzle reel opens with very picturesque landscape shots of what appears to be the Old West. Evan Rachel Wood's Dolores lives a romantic frontier life, riding horses and watching sunsets. "I choose to see the beauty, to believe that there's an order to the chaos, a purpose," she says, never questioning the nature of her existence - until we see a little boy tell her she's not real.

We then hear her say, "This world... I think there may be something wrong with it. Something hiding underneath."

Scheduled to premiere on HBO this fall, "Westworld" is based upon the 1973 Michael Crichton movie about a theme park where the guests there spend their time interacting with lifelike robots, before the robots begin slaughtering them
As the screenshot below from the Drudge-linked story tells us, it's also a very real attempt to get human beings to sympathize with machines that not only appear to be 'alive' but will put us in their 'human zoos' or kill us in a heartbeat.

Why is Hollywood attempting to get humanity to sympathize with 'things' that may one day slaughter us? And with political correctness now totally out of control, is this an attempt to give robots rights? As we learn more below, we're suddenly watching the widespread proliferation of this 'technology of the damned', much of it already proven not to have humanity's best interests in mind.

Is there any reason that we should trust anything that the 'nwo' is unveling now or has planned for us? Every day now we're seeing more and more signs this 'council of the damned' is carrying out their long-planned culling of humanity and since they're obviously too weak to do it themselves, and have allegedly recently had their criminal orders rebuffed, have enlisted the aid of future technology to do their dirty work. We also take a look below at a new alert from the website of Steve Quayle concerning the 'black knight satellite' and alleged 'alien technology' as well as a bizarre claim that we don't 'really exist,' at all, but if we do, we may not for much longer. 


According to former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, concerns recently voiced by some of the 'most brilliant' people on the planet at the Brilliant Minds Conference in Stockholm, Sweden that 'killer skynet AI' will wipe out humanity is 'sheer movie fantasy'. Schmidt tells us that the often-cited 'skynet' reference that got its roots in the 'Terminator' series won't see humans one day bowing down to our 'robot overlords' - sharing his opinion that the fears of Tesla founder Elon Musk and scientist Stephen Hawking are greatly overexaggerated.

However, Schmidt's reasoning for humanity NOT being destroyed by AI is deeply flawed we see - he's counting upon humans to notice what's going on around us and 'start turning off the computers'. As we know from this 'cell-phone-to-face-24-7' generation, that's not likely to happen any time soon. When it does, will it already be too late?

Hawking's of the opinion that if left unchecked, A.I. could destroy the human race, while Musk views A.I. as a more dangerous threat than nuclear weapons.

A team of researchers at Google-owned DeepMind, the same team that built Alpha Go, along with University of Oxford scientists are developing a sort of kill switch for A.I. In a paper titled "Safely Interruptible Agents," the researchers note that "now and then it may be necesary for a human operator to press the big red button" to prevent a Skynet scenario.

Nevertheless, Schmidt isn't buying the scenario where computers one day try to wipe out humans, whether it's due to technological evolution or a bug.

"My question to you is: don't you think the humans would notice this, and start turning off the computers?," Schmidt said.

Should that ever come to play out, Schmidt notes it would be a "mad race" between humans turning off computers and A.I. systems relocating themselves. To Schmidt, that's nothing more than a Hollywood movie plot. (OR IS IT ALREADY HAPPENING NOW?)


Every day we hear more and more about Americans living within a matrix-like 'new world order' and with war criminals at the Bilderberg meetings now taking place in Germany, the talk of global government has never been greater. As the globalists continue to unveil more new technology to our world, we should keep in mind this recent story from Jeremiah Johnson over at SHTFPlan in which he reminds us that the only thing humanity will get out of global government is the enslavement of mankind. Should we expect anything more from much of their technology? We already see the walls of our enslavement being built up all around us. 

While Bill Clinton allegedly used to call wife Hillary 'the Warden' in their family according to this recent story from the Daily Mail, the 'warden' in a global government future will be the technology that has been created all around us, watching us, recording our every conversation and now 'brilliant minds' warn, as shared much more below next video, 'wants to destroy us'.

From robots that mate and procreate as shared in the next video below to warnings that we are now living in a computer simulation, a world where none of us really exist, and if we're not in that simulation, we're barrelling towards destruction. Is 'reality' so difficult for these people in this 'real world' they're constantly destroying that they have to create something 'existent', yet totally non-existent, all around them? Why would so many 'brilliant minds' argue that humanity is at risk? 


According to tech giant Elon Musk, the chance that we ARE NOT living within a 'computer simulation' at this very moment is 'one in billions'. Let's read that again...according to one of the richest men on the face of the planet who has made his fortune largely through technology, the chance that we ARE NOT living within a computer simulation is 1 in BILLIONS! To take it one step further, Musk tells us that on the off chance that we are now living within 'reality', the world may be about to end. Is Musk totally off his rocker or does he know something that we don't know? You can hear Musk himself in the video directly below. Is the 'nwo' prepping technology to bring about the final end of humanity? From the story on the Independent:

Our lives are almost certainly being conducted within an artificial world powered by AI and highly-powered computers, like in The Matrix, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO suggested at a tech conference in California.

Mr Musk, who has donated huge amounts of money to research into the dangers of artificial intelligence, said that he hopes his prediction is true because otherwise it means the world will end.

Asked whether he was saying that the answer to the question of whether we are in a simulated computer game was “yes”, he said the answer is “probably”.

He said that arguably we should hope that it’s true that we live in a simulation. “Otherwise, if civilisation stops advancing, then that may be due to some calamitous event that stops civilisation.”

He said that either we will make simulations that we can’t tell apart from the real world, “or civilisation will cease to exist”.

The question of whether what we see is real or simulated has perplexed humans since at least the Ancient philosophers. But it has been given a new and different edge in recent years with the development of powerful computers and artificial intelligence, which some have argued shows how easily such a simulation could be created.

Why are those who have the power to use such technology seemingly using it against the betterment of the human condition? Another story pointed the direction that we're now heading tells us about the weapons that are now being created that can 'autonomously' wipe us out. 'Skynet' come to life, how can former Google CEO Schmidt be serious when he says humanity shouldn't worry about such a scenario when weapons systems such as the Darpa Forester, which can track personnel and vehicles while they are on the ground covered up via tree foliage and/or wearing camo, can already track survivalists and wildnerness enthusiasts on their own?

While we strongly believe that such technology should be used to track down terrorists such as the cowardly killer recently in Orlando, Florida, employing such tech against law-abiding American citizens due to their support of the US Constitution, the 2nd Amendment or Christianity should forever be outlawed and condemned. As we see in the next video below, the list of 'terrifying weapons' that the US military has accumulated over the years recently is mind-boggling. For once, Barack Obama hit the nail right on the head when he said he's really good at killing people. We'll close below video with some new info on possible alien technology being used right now and an interesting 'black knight satellite' update. 


The new alert below comes to us from the website of Steve Quayle and discusses the highly secretive 'black knight satellite' and alleged alien technology and the logo that we also see above. Are we now witnessing 'fallen mankind' playing with 'toys of the fallen angels'? In the final video below, our videographer takes a look at this highly classified government launch of NROL-37 that was in support of the US Department of Defense. Is there really something huge going on behind the scenes right now involving alien technology? What do they know that we don't know? As human beings securely grounded upon our planet Earth, we prefer to keep it that way - who knows what monsters they'll create in the coming days. 


The logo is real, it is the one used for this mission, and they do tend to use various
Telltales in such if a person notices it and meanings. The black knight satellite or
Orbiter has been talked about, but it is kept quiet mostly. Strange things going on of
Late. And yes, have seen that odd shaped “craft” that has operated near WPAFB.
As the time for the anti Christ and his shenanigans of magic to lure believers come,
More of the demonic crafts and such will be seen. It is their method to transport from
One dimension to another. Man is playing with fire when it comes to opening “gates”
And welcoming such for the elite’s supposed gain and control of their “subjects”.
All in the Holy Bible is coming to pass, yet folks do not want to believe for the correct
Reason, thus they will be deceived and accept evil as “good”. As for the “alien treaty” ,
Actually it is the elite keeping the tech for themselves for false powers, as they befriend
The fallen angels, a very stupid thing to do. Long ago, Dr. Teller, Einstein, etc all had
Obtained knowledge but knew that some men wanted it for evil purposes, not to the
Benefit of all mankind, but for themselves only. They decided not to make it known,
But knew that someday others would and the outcome would not be good at all.
Once again, in the great sin of pride, man wants to partake of the forbidden fruit.
A bad horrible choice, as we are already seeing the evil chaos it creates, the hate,
All the evil that is unleashed. Man, just like lucifer, wants to be “as God “ with all the
See all know all crap. This only brings about pure evil.
“As in the days of Noah” is happening, and once again it WILL be stopped, this time permanently.
As man plays with his new “toys”, the results only lead to chaos, death, and destruction.
As for the aircraft downs, both sides are seeing the fruits of power seeking, as another makes
The parts thus “controls” the others, deciding who comes out on top.
When is man going to finally realize that neither lucifer nor his followers is his friend. They
Hate humans, all. Jesus, the Second Person of the Trinity, Loves fully, and out of Love, has
Given man freedom of choice and honors it. So shall it be. Dr. Teller said he could not in good conscience make known
The full knowledge because he knew he would one day have to stand before
Almighty God and answer for it, so, he and the others also did not give it all up
To their captors. Sure, they were “rescued” by the Americans from the Nazis, but,
They also of evil wanted the “knowledge” to use for evil purpose.


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