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October 19, 2015

13,000+ Walking Talking Ebola Time Bombs Has Terrifying Implications And Catches Entire World By Surprise


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

"If there's anything that this outbreak has taught me, it's that I'm often wrong" Dr. Daniel Bausch, one of the world's leading experts on Ebola. 

Less than two weeks after a Sept 30th Guardian story proclaimed "Ebola is all but over", Susan Duclos told us what none of us really wanted to hear - Ebola was back in the news again - after a nurse who had previously been 'cured' of the disease fell deadly ill with Ebola once again. Pauline Cafferkey's 'ebola relapse' has stunned ebola experts as shared in this Guardian story and on October 16th, the Guardian dropped this Ebola bombshell upon us all.:

"Doctors and scientists are amazed and appalled at the Scottish nurse’s relapse, which has worrying implications for the thousands of survivors in west Africa." 

They forgot to mention the Ebola survivors in America and elsewhere around the world. 


How could Ebola go from 'all but over' to 'back in the news with a vengeance' in less than two weeks? We're also told in the Guardian story that everything doctors thought they previously knew about Ebola has been quite literally thrown out the window. As videographer Mary Greeley tells us in the 2nd video below, we now have 13,000+ potential 'ebola time bombs' walking the streets of this planet. As Mary also points out, who knows how many 'refugees' flooding the streets of Europe (and America) might have been from Ebola-stricken nations? All we need to do is look back to a October 2014 story from Shoebat in which he warned us that ISIS had already threatened to bring Ebola infected Muslims into America to kill Americans

The Ebola 'relapse' has caught the entire world by surprise as shared in the 1st video below from Gary Franchi from the The Next News Network and immediately leads us to ask, are we now witnessing a highly weaponized version of Ebola that has been modified to be more difficult to detect, more easily transmittable and more deadly? What concerns us is the lengthy time period in between a patient being cured and the re-infection - since we're told the virus can survive in areas of the body including eyes, spinal fluid and the brain, can a victim still be contagious during that time period?  Even if experts tell us "NO", can we even trust their 'opinion' since they now tell us they are often wrong and are stunned by this 'Ebola relapse'?

The announcement shocked medical experts. While it is recognized that the virus can linger in parts of the body after a patient has recovered, it has never before been known to trigger potentially lethal disease months after the initial illness.

Jonathan Ball, a professor of molecular virology at the University of Nottingham, said it was “frankly staggering”. He said: “I am not aware from the scientific literature of a case where Ebola has been associated with what we can only assume as life-threatening complications after someone has initially recovered, and certainly not so many months after.”

While there have been reports of the virus lingering in the eyes, spinal fluid and brain of survivors and of transmission through semen, Cafferkey is the first person known to have a life-threatening illness caused by a resurgence of Ebola from some reservoir in her body. It is possible other survivors in west Africa may have fallen ill in the same way without coming to public attention.


 We learned during the 2014 Ebola outbreak that many African scientists in Ebola-stricken countries strongly believe that both Ebola and AIDS are bio-weapons being tested upon Africans in their poverty stricken countries which already suffer very poor medical conditions. The Liberian Daily Observer published a story outlining their suspicions. Is this latest 'relapse' another sign that their suspicions had merit and we're watching something much more sinister at play here?  

As videographer Charles Walton proves to us in the 3rd video, once someone is infected with Ebola, it may never go away and as Dr. Ian Crozier has found out after 'surviving Ebola', his normally blue left eye has turned green as seen in the photographs below, his eye now teeming with the Ebola virus despite the fact that he initially was deemed to have survived the disease. 

Has Ebola been weaponized into something that could be used to cull up to 90% of the planet's population? We certainly don't know the answer to that question and of course pray that this 'relapse' is only that, an isolated case that will have no significant impact upon the world. However, as always, we need to pay very close attention to what is going on in the world around us, especially things that the MSM refuses to pay enough attention to and experts tell us they're clueless about, and as Charles Walton tells us in the 3rd video below, there are terrifying implications in this latest news.

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