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January 20, 2020

Livestreams: All Eyes On Virginia As Antifa, Militarized Police Face Off Against Second Amendment Supporters While Demonizing Legal Gun Owners

- Bear Witness To What VA Gun-Grabbing Democrats Wrought On January 20th


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Last week Stefan Stanford warned ANP readers of a "dark state trap" being set up in Virginia this week as the Democrat governor, Ralph Northam, attempts to demonize legal guns owners, then using fake claims of "threats" to ban weapons during an annual Second Amendment rally.

On Sunday ANP reported on a Republican Virginia Senator that issued the same type of dire warning, saying "we are being set up." 

On January 17, 2020, President Trump has also warned about Virginia Democrats attacking the Second Amendment in a tweet:


Also on Sunday, Infowars provided a screen shot and article of an announcement from a Virginia Antifa group called Seven Hills, of a "hit list" as Infowars call it, claiming these people are "known Fascists and Sympathizers," listing people like Mike Adams, Owen Shroyer, Joe Biggs, and many, many others on their website


So with the hostility of the Democrat governor trying to demonize legal gun owners, Antifa groups targeting journalists and others they call "fascist," which to Antifa is anyone that disagrees with them, and the militarized law enforcement under Northam, facing off with the pro-Second Amendment groups that show up almost every year, like Virginia Citizens Defense League, Gun Owners of America, Oath Keepers, Lynchburg’s Safeside Tactical, and the Three Percenter Movement, one can see the potential for a very explosive day.

(Images from ABC13, local news)

Further fanning the flames is the liberal establishment media, as evidenced by NBC’s Ben Collins, who declared the Second Amendment rally to actually be a "white nationalist rally in Virginia." Collins was dragged so badly on Twitter for lying to his followers that he eventually deleted that tweet, implying he wasn't clear enough in the first tweet.

While we at ANP hope and pray that everyone keeps their cool and violence doesn't occur, all eyes should be on Virginia today to bear witness to what happens either way.

With that said, we have embedded as many different livestreams as we could find, from different sources, covering different locations and readers are of course welcome to provide more in the comment section as well as offer updates on any news they find about what is happening on the ground in Virginia.


Should things get out of control, we will update this piece as the day wears on. Updates will be added under this bullet point above the livestream videos.

[Update] Images are already coming out about what the scene looks like outside the Capitol, where the gun ban is not in place. Images via Alissa Skelton, The Virginian-Pilot.




[Update] YouTube is already messing with livestreams by conservatives and shut the Breitbart one down with the claim that it violated their terms of service.

[Update] Crowd outside the Capitol were heard chanting "Northam Out!." (Short video here

[Update] 8News Basil John is providing live updates via his Twitter account, from the VA rally.

[Update] More images coming, this next one is a portion of the crowd, armed and outside the fence. If Northam thought banning guns on the Capitol grounds would suppress turnout, he was mistaken... BIGLY. 


[Update] Below is an image taken outside the Pocahontas Building at 8:05 Monday morning, via NBC12.


[Update] Once again VA Democrats, by trying to violate Americans' Second Amendment rights, have caused gun sales to soar ahead of session. One wonders if they ever learn from their mistakes.

[Update] Supposedly, gun rights activists at the VA rally are chanting "We will not comply," in reference to any gun control measures by VA gun-grabbing Dems. The NBC Correspondent that shared the short video either has VERY bad hearing or published the wrong video because in the one he tweeted they were reciting the pledge of allegiance. Twitter link to short video here.

[Update] The rally outside the Capitol is still isstill going strong. Image shown below via Delaney Hall, 8NEWS. To see enlarged images, see her post on Twitter.


The livestreams all are set to start at different times, including 8:00 am, multiple ones at 9:00 am, and 9:30 am, so far. Others will be added below those as they become available.

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Note: Breitbart has started another livestream, lets hope YouTube doesn't mess with this one. Breitbart's shown first.

Livestream that was here has been removed by YouTube, with the claim it violated terms of service. Replacing it with the one below.

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Thank you and God Bless. Susan and Stefan.


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