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November 10, 2020

With America In The Midst Of The Biggest PSYOP Of All Time, Joe Biden Once Again Claiming America Faces A 'Dark Winter' Ahead Is A Hidden Warning To Us All

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Back on October 26th, we published a story on ANP titled "Globalists, Including Joe Biden, Keep Pushing This Nightmare Scenario, Bio-Warfare Simulation 'Codeword' - Nearly 20-Year-Old Blueprint To Engineer The Destruction Of America Is Playing Out Before Our Eyes" within which we pointed out how frequently globalists, including Joe Biden, and the msm had recently been using the phrase 'dark winter'

Warning within that story that we should all be on the lookout whenever the mainstream news media or US politicians used that phrase because the 'deep state' had previously carried out bio-terror exercises called “Operation Dark Winter”, as we pointed out in that story, those exercises predicted not only mass deaths from a 'vaccine' created, but massive threats to civil liberties here in America, including all-out martial law.  

And right on time, we learn in this new story over at ABC News that was also splattered all across countless other mainstream news media outlets that none other than Joe Biden has once again warned of a 'dark winter' ahead for America due to Covid-19. With Biden once again imploring that Americans wear masks (as if wearing masks will protect anyone at all from what may be a 'deep state bioweapon' unleashed upon America to help rig the election), everybody should get prepared for what the globalists have planned for America.  

Because with Biden once again babbling "We still face a very dark winter" despite reports of the development of an experimental Covid-19 vaccine allegedly with a 90% 'success rate', we'll be taking another look within this story at 'Operation Dark Winter' and the democrats/globalists plans to use this 'planned-demic' to cement their own brand of totalitarianism upon America. 

As we had pointed out within our October 26th story, according to author Gary D. Barnett in this story over at Lew titled "The Coronavirus ‘Dark Winter’ PSYOP: Question Everything and Do Not Comply With Any Government Order" (written nearly 6 months ago!), he expected the phrase 'dark winter' to become the new globalists 'buzzword'. And now 6 months later, with Joe Biden using it with regularity, we can say that Barnett hit the nail right on the head. From that May Lew Rockwell story.: 

Operation Dark Winter was the code name for a senior-level bio-terrorist attack simulation conducted from June 22–23, 2001, which was designed to carry out a mock version of a covert bio-weapon’s attack on the United States. The players involved in this were the Johns Hopkins Center for Civilian Biodefense Strategies (CCBS) and Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), and the project designers were Randy Larsen and Mark DeMier of Analytic Services. It is very interesting that the same Johns Hopkins along with the evil Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation conducted Event 201, a coronavirus “simulation” just this past October, on the verge of this so-called pandemic. The same players, same objectives, but now it is real. 

I would expect the term “dark winter” to become a new buzzword, as this new term the second time around, is strictly tied to the original scenario, but applied to today’s panic. None of this is coincidence, none of it is accidental, but it is sinister. If things continue as they have been, and this lockdown remains in place, whether fully or partially, the anticipation of this “dark winter” will be on the minds of most all American sheep, especially if it is continually used as the threat of things to come. With that in the minds of the people, they will be expecting the worst, and will probably get exactly what they expect; another planned pandemic

We are definitely facing a horrible pandemic, but it is not due to any virus. The real pandemic is that the United States government and the enforcers for the controlling ruling class, are waging war on American citizens, and will not relent until the people themselves stop it. This totalitarian takeover will never cease by using the political system, as that corrupt system is why we are in this mess in the first place. A belief in nation instead of self led to nationalistic pride where none was deserved, and has brought complacency, weakness, and dependence on government, and left the people without the will to self rule. The result is obvious, but more than that, it is now fatally dangerous. As I said earlier this year here: 

"No vibrant society can exist in a state of obedience. While many great minds have discussed the natural desire of man to obey authority, including Sigmund Freud, this trait in man does not allow the capability to seek or claim freedom. The obedient are bound to a life of rule, as that is their nature.”

The only real defense that is valid during this exercise in mass tyranny is total refusal to comply with any and all government mandates. We are in the midst of the largest psychological operation (PSYOP) in the history of mankind. By questioning everything concerning this manufactured “virus pandemic,” the resulting attitude cannot leave anything other than extreme doubt, and doubt is what can bring the masses out of the dark and into the light. The newest term being targeted toward the masses is the coming of the “Dark Winter,” which is nothing more than propaganda based lies meant to prepare the sheep for a planned continuation and escalation of this fake pandemic in order to bring about world domination.

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So with Biden once again claiming that America faces a dark winter ahead while the entire election drama continues to play out on the world's stage, with no signs yet of President Trump conceding this election hinting of a huge fight ahead, what if the entire 'purpose' of Covid-19 was to rig this election for Joe Biden via mail-in voting fraud as Mike Adams reported in this November 8th story

It’s now abundantly clear that the real purpose of the engineered COVID-19 bioweapon was to allow Democrats to steal the election via mail-in ballot fraud. 

By deploying the coronavirus weapon in China and allowing it to spread globally (thanks to the WHO and left-wing media calling Trump a “racist” for trying to close flights from China), the globalists were able to engineer long-duration lockdowns across America in defiance of medical or scientific justification. 

The real purpose of these lockdowns was three-fold: 

Crush the domestic economy and blame Trump for poor economic performance. 

Cancel in-person voting and justify mail-in ballots, allowing massive election fraud by Democrats

Keep children home from school, allowing them to vote by using the mail-in ballots that were sent to them by the Dems. (Yes, children were filling out ballots and voting for Biden.) 

The fake news media’s role in all this was to counter the truth at every level with lies and propaganda

To falsely claim the Wuhan coronavirus was “natural” and came from bats rather than being engineered as a weapon. 

To push for lockdowns all the way through the election by dishonestly reporting positive coronavirus tests as “cases” in order to claim the pandemic was still a huge threat. (Have you noticed how quickly the pandemic disappeared once the media proclaimed Joe Biden the winner?) 

Run fake polls in favor of Joe Biden to support the election rigging that they knew was about to take place. The fake polls were necessary to align with the rigged results which required Dems to manufacture hundreds of thousands of Joe Biden votes in key swing states. 

Call for Big Tech to censor all pro-Trump channels, voices and news organizations in order to control the narrative and silence any criticism of the Biden crime family. 

Big Tech’s role in all this, of course, was to carry out the censorship and do the bidding of communist China, making sure Biden — whose entire family is on China’s payroll — “wins” the election no matter what. Even now, anyone who posts truthful, factual information about voting irregularities is silenced by Twitter and Facebook.

With the mainstream media and the democratic party continuing to lie to the American people while 'big tech' continues to cover up their lying, we'll completely agree with this Washington Standard story which reported of this 'pandemic', "this not about health and hasn’t been from the beginning. This is about control and they are trying to use fear to manufacture your consent to enslavement. DO NOT FALL FOR IT."

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Thank you and God Bless. Susan and Stefan.


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