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April 16, 2020

'Death Camps' Now Await Residents Of Michigan Merely Suspected Of Being Sick As America Is Transformed Into Nazi Germany

- All Hands On Deck! Signs Globalists Have 'Declared War' Upon The American People 

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Several stories out over the past few days alone might lead one to believe that they had awoken in a totally different country with a new one over at WND kicking it off. As WND reports, a Judge in Michigan has granted authority to Kent County Health Officer Adam London (contact info here) to arrest or have arrested anyone merely SUSPECTED of having coronavirus. Thus handing potential death sentences without a trial or conviction to innocent people who may have simply sneezed in public as under this order, such a person could be thrown away into what amounts to a 'death camp' with other truly sick or only 'perceived to be sick' people.

While Adam London of that Health Department will surely never tell you that as a member of the Kent County, Michigan Health Department, he is at a much higher risk of contacting the disease, as well as the entire health department due to their own exposure to sick people, and should therefore under their own logic, all be involuntarily lined up and tossed away into one of their own 'death camps', as the WND story reports, this stuff is straight out of 'freedom's worst nightmares'. And it gives Americans all across the country another reason to be thankful for the wisdom of our Founding Fathers and the 2nd Amendment.

With Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer (contact info here) the new 'face of tyranny' in America as was reported in this story over at Law Enforcement Today, and now 4 Michigan Sheriff's showing much more common sense than this Joe Biden Vice President-wannabe ever could by claiming they won't be enforcing the tyrant's un-Constitutional orders barring people from visiting their nextdoor neighbors, even if they are family members, Americans have about had it up to here with overreaching government tyranny. And as even Politico reports, 'the shutdown order backlash is coming soon, and with a vengeance'.

And while we pray that 'the vengeance' the Politico story speaks of remains peaceful, hungry people are known to do almost anything to get food and with even food banks now running out of it, all bets are off about what unfolds in the days ahead. So, are you ready for a report showing just how quickly some government's are using this 'crisis' as an 'opportunity' to throw away their own citizens into what amounts to 'death camps'? The WND story also helps explain why so many Michigan residents have taken to the streets, and very well armed, as reported in this story and seen in the photograph at the top of our story. From WND before we continue.:

A Michigan judge has issued an order authorizing a county health officer and police to arrest and jail anyone they suspect of being sick with the coronavirus.

The order includes a blank line for the names of anyone arrested to be filled out later, said the Great Lakes Justice Center, which called the order unconstitutional.

Judge Mark Trusock of the 17th Circuit Court issued the order in response to a request by Kent County Health Officer Adam London.

The judge ruled that any "carrier and health threat" presented with a copy of his order "may be involuntarily detained by a peace officer, transported to and detained in an Involuntary Isolation Facility selected by the Health Officer for observation, testing, and/or treatment."

The judge further allows London to "instruct the Involuntary Isolation Facility to detain an individual until the CHT has been confirmed by a physician and the health officer to be without a fever of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit for at least 72 consecutive hours (without use of fever reducing medication) and/or is otherwise non-symptomatic and meets the CDC criteria for release from isolation."

The judge wrote that the "facility" where people are jailed and "all peace officers" can rely on a copy of his order to detain anyone "at the instruction of the health officer."

With such an order reminding us here at ANP of what we witnessed in China, where people were ripped off the streets and thrown into vans and hauled away to 'death camps' while others were being welded into their own homes, what's happening in Michigan is a loud and clear warning that tyranny has arrived on America's shores via 'medical martial law'. It's also a warning of why Americans should be absolutely on guard and all hands on deck and prepared for anything at all in the days, weeks and months ahead.  

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And if you think the stories out of China and elsewhere of drones barking orders out of the sky to people who were walking down the sidewalk the wrong direction could only happen in a Communist nations, you haven't read this new story over at the Organic Prepper yet about what's happening in Baltimore, Maryland. 

Titled "Baltimore PD Wants 24-Hour HD Surveillance Drones to Enforce Social Distancing", we see more evidence of a crisis being used as an opportunity to crack down upon the civil rights of law abiding Americans with what's happening in Baltimore now a loud and clear warning to cities across the country. 

The Baltimore Police Department and “Persistent Surveillance,” an Ohio-based company, signed a deal together to spy on the residents of Baltimore, Maryland with drones. In Nazi Germany, fascism was characterized by the fusion between corporate and government power.

Will your city be next? Common sense tells us that if one American city is under totalitarian drone surveillance, more will follow. The ACLU recognized that possibility as well. A staff attorney with the ACLU stated that they are concerned if the drones are deployed in Baltimore, police across America will try to use police drones.

This month, in April 2020 the drones are set to launch, and this “trial period” of their use will last 180 days. A decision will be made by April 24, regarding the ACLU lawsuit against the Baltimore Police Department. If the police drones are deployed, it will probably happen around the end of April. If the trial comes to an end and the drone use is discontinued, according to their promises, the drones will be out of the sky around 6 months from their launch: the end of October.

A line into totalitarianism is being crossed. Baltimore is threatened with becoming the location of a new paradigm of totalitarian surveillance, a fork in the road in history that we can either fight now or be subject to for who knows how many years.

It will definitely take more than civil liberties organizations and lawsuits to shut down a movement like this, directly aimed at the civilian class. This could be considered equal to a declaration of war against the common people: a very clear line being crossed that could usher in true totalitarianism.

What scenarios might people see if these drones were deployed throughout America?

Jails and prisons might fill up with people charged with new crimes, destruction of surveillance drones and things like that. Your every move could be watched when you’re outside your home. Where you go who you go there with…and yes, even if you aren’t doing anything wrong, you do have something to worry about: your complete invasion of privacy. It’s difficult to believe people will be accepting of this. Either way, this moment of the line being crossed is extremely important to recognize. Whatever social power we have, it should be utilized to oppose the persistent advances of totalitarianism and the surveillance state.

So before we continue we have to take a quick look at a line directly from the Organic Prepper story and compare it to remarks recently made by President Donald Trump. As the Organic Prepper story points out, "this could be considered equal to a declaration of war against the common people, a very clear line being cross that could usher in true totalitarianism". President Trump's December, post-impeachment remarks: "In Reality, They're Not After Me, They're After You! I'm Just In The Way". In the way of what?  

With 'protesting' deemed 'non-essential' in Raleigh, North Carolina showing the devils are coming after the 1st Amendment as Susan Duclos had reported in this April 16th ANP story and 'extreme measures' now part of the 'new America', Steve Quayle warned us long ago of a 'great deception' coming to America and the world and we may be witnessing it now with what amounts to a war upon Christianity and the 'common man' with coronavirus used as their 'vector of attack'

We had warned all the way back in November of 2018 of the war upon Christianity and Western civilization that was unfolding and as we had sadly reported then, US government agencies, including the US military and the Pentagon, had been highly infiltrated by satanists. Reported on by the Independent all the way back in 1999 in this story titled "Satanists Are In The Army Now"the group of American Conservative religious organizations who demanded the US army stop recognizing satanism as a religion was shot down.

And as we had also reported in that story, it wasn't just the US Army that had declared war upon Christianity but other military branches as well including the US Air Force, and in a huge way. From our 2018 story.

As Bob Unruh reported over at WND on February 24th of 2016, the US Air Force actually paid to have cadets learn witchcraft, encouraging airmen to 'dance with ecstasy around a maypole'. And with the Air Force encouraging such behavior, should we really be surprised that in October of 2017, 4 members of the Air Force were arrested in South Carolina for painting satanic imagery on a historic Christian church?

And as this September of 2017 story over at Newsweeks reports, according to one Air Force Chaplain, Christians within the US military are serving satan if they tolerate the rights of their co-workers to practice their non-Christian beliefs, especially when their so-called 'religion' outright embraces satan.

And while the Air Force has been busy trying to show 'tolerance' to other religious beliefs, even embracing satanism, this July story over at AFA reports that one Air Force Commander has banned the Bible from base display with Fox News' Todd Starnes reporting July 28th of this year that Colonel Stacy Jo Huser, the 90th Missile Wing commander of Warren Air Force Base, "is refusing to back down after she surrendered to the demands of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation and removed a Bible from a POW-MIA table."

Does a look at Ephesians 2:2 actually hint to us that the Air Force was the first to embrace 'the prince of power of the air'? As Steve Quayle has mentioned to us, "the anti-Christ will call down fire from Heaven using secret space based weapons administered by the Air Force to deceive the whole world".

"Wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience." Ephesians 2:2

With God-hating globalists all across the country wasting no time to use covid-19 to declare war upon Christianity as perfectly exemplified by Kentucky's tyrannical governor Andy Beshear announcing the state would enforce stay at home orders during Easter, with nails on the road at one church greeting those who decided to go to church anyways, we get a look at the next thing that may unfold here and we shouldn't be surprised. China has ordered the removal of Crosses from churches in China because they were 'higher than the country's flag'

And with Democrats using this crisis as an attempt to steal the 2020 election from President Trump while now they're warning us that life will not return to normal for the foreseeable future, possibly 18 months to 2 years, how many Americans will die from starvation, riots, and social unrest in the days, weeks, months and years ahead? If GOP Rep Thomas Massie is correct, America may be only weeks away from major, major problems with Massie warning of major food shortages within weeks and all of us needing food to survive. 

As JD Heyes had reported in this April 14th story at Natural News titled "Crazy long food lines across America reveal the total LACK of preparedness that now characterizes our just-in-time society", due partly to the coronavirus illnesses here in America and largely due to the 'shutdown', food shortages are just beginning to materialize here. And as has long been warned, only 9 meals, 3 days, separate a civilized society from total anarchy. So please be prepared for anything, and join us in praying for America in the days ahead

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