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April 17, 2017

America Remains Unprepared At The Most Dangerous Point in History As Hawaii Nuke Prep Proposal Is Too Little, Too Late


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

With the huge news that the Hawaii†House Public Safety Committee†unanimously passed a resolution aimed at getting state funding to re-equip Cold War-era fallout shelters in response to the threat of nuclear attack coming from North Korea, where Hawaii would be the most likely to be first hit, it is possibly a case of doing too little, too late.

Considering the time it takes to get these types of proposals passed through the appropriate channels, then to update their response plan that hasn't been updated since 1985, as well as work to re-equip the hundreds of fallout shelters already in existence, if the proposal even makes it far enough to be approved by the finance committee, it is quite possible given North Korea's aggression and threats, that Hawaiians will not be prepared in time for a worst case scenario.

With that said, at least the Hawaiian lawmakers that passed this proposal are aware of the threat and taking it seriously, which is more than can be said for the rest of the American states.


With tensions high between Russia and The U.S., as well as China's allying itself with Russia, in conjunction to the threat posed not to just Hawaii via a nuclear strike by North Korea, but to the country as a whole by way of an EMP attack, where our nations power grids are exceptionally vulnerable, as we have been warned time and again by experts, that a hit against us could ultimately wipe out 9 out of 10 Americans, it is astounding that other states and the government, are not actively making preparations to protect their citizenry.

In the Cold War-era, President Kennedy endorsed the construction of fall-out shelters when it became apparent that there was a likelihood of a nuclear war, and by 1962, knowing that evacuation was unrealistic, began putting heavy emphasis on public shelters, but by the mid-60s amidst†arms-control talks and a limited nuclear test ban, plans for more shelters were scrapped and many of the existing shelters were converted for other purposes, while some simply became Cold-War relics.

The point being, back then, when the danger seemed imminent, the U.S. government and states actively worked to provide shelter to their people, to protect them, encouraged them to stock up on , food, water, medical basics even in their own basements, yet now, when technology has expanded into even more dangerous weapons, with countries such as North Korea and Iran actively creating nuclear materials and weapons, actors that will not be hindered by MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) as Russia and the U.S. were, no state other than Hawaii at the moment is doing anything to protect their people.



Compare America's lack of preparation to the fact that Russians have never stopped preparing for nuclear war, with a massive underground facility at Yamantau mountain, as well as building underground nuclear command bunkers to withstand atomic blasts, and thousands of nuclear bomb shelters for their populace. Then in 2016, Russia also conducted†civil-defense exercises all across the country with 40 million people participating.

With heightened tensions between nuclear powers such as the U.S and Russia, direct threats of a nuclear strike by North Korea warning that "nuclear war could break out at any moment, and vowing "weekly" missile tests, dire warnings of EMP and grid vulnerabilities by experts in that field, Iran marching towards the creation of their own nuclear weapons that to the "deal" Obama made with them, we are at the most dangerous point in history, and yet Hawaii lawmakers are the only ones even attempting to prepare.


While millions of Americans have become "preppers" over the last decade, many Americans go on about their day-to-day lives without even the most basic of preparations for something as simple as a major winter storm, where "panic shoppers" strip store shelves at the last moment, most of them buying items that wouldn't even last a full week if they were without electricity. Much of the blame lays squarely at the feet of state and federal officials, as well the mainstream media that report of "events" yet downplay the need for some serious discussions on why we all should be preparing for a world changing event, which a world war would surely be.

Why are state lawmakers across the U.S. not preparing to protect their citizens in the event of a nuclear strike or an EMP? Why are the intelliegence communities not encouraging the President to at least update, restore and/or build more bomb and fall-out shelters for the nations populace? Why are the mainstream media outlets not reporting the scope of the dangers facing us and treating each case as an individual problem, rather than looking at the whole and showing the entire picture?

Many would argue that the lawmakers, the federal government and the media doesn't wish to create a panic, but a look at history shows us, that Americans, when informed, take actions themselves, as they built their own shelters in their back yards back in the 1960s, filled their own basements and shelters with supplies to survive, and more, rather than panicking.

It is unacceptable that Russia is preparing to protect their citizens and the U.S. is not even offering Americans the truth of the dangers that face us, nor are they taking any actions to protect us.

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